while Coronavirus is spreading its tentacles
In the absence of immunity
Causing deaths, destruction and untold misery
Along with it; Alas! all gloom, doom and mortality
People perforce are locking themselves at homes
Looking for medical community
For finding a vaccine for topping of vicious circle
Of the spread of this dangerous virus
Spreading without any bias
Leaving none which comes its way
Loves to attack people with obesity or hypertension
Especially people with low immune system
Kids, young men and people grown old
All this is creating a poser in our mind
Is there herd immunity to the spread?
Which is so widespread
And also creating a dread
As to when this virus will end.
The infection mutates faster
When our immune system is weaker
Damaging the functioning of our body
Including the lung tissues
While our immune system is stronger
Its response is limited or no effect at all
By bringing about a healthy balance to our body
Firstly on physical plane is keeping healthy
By taking proper exercises and also Yogic exercises
Also, by strict isolation, social distancing
Besides quarantine measures needed
Taking sufficient water quantity
And diet rich in necessary vitamins
With sufficiency of sunlight where we live
With fresh air and well ventilated place for living
All these provides healthy balance in our life
And with it makes our system resistant to any virus.
While our mind is hugely stressed
With too much thought of contracting infection
Along with financial stringency
Resulting from loss of job opportunity
Which throws our internal defenses awry
With thi, our immune system gets imbalanced
Keeping a healthy balance
Both in ups and downs in our lives is the answer
To the mental sturdiness which helps to fight virus.
We should not go overdrive
In expression of our emotions
Through reactions
In the form of frustration,
Fear, anger boredom, disharmony and depression
We ought to stop acting as victim in any situation
But rather should have a balanced approach
In seeing an opportunity in virus conditions too
And feel joy in the company of our love ones
Thereby consolidating our bonds in relations
By being in lockdown situations.
Bereft of any faith, self-belief and belief on God
Our immune system gets ruined
Thereby picking all sorts of viruses which comes our path
With belief in our system and our Almighty God
Makes a huge difference to our system
Thus rather than losing hope in any condition
We ought to have hope even in hopeless situation
And seek connect with Omnipotent and Omniscient One
With whose graces we can weather any storm
Thereby lead a life so happier
With a lot of immunity to fight any virus
Which may attack us.


Literally immunity means to offer resistance from the germs of a disease or to be invulnerability from ill-effects of some bad influences or to confront or fight bad influences. This is a positive influence on our system which keeps us away from divergent or contradictory situations and conditions.

While we relate immunity with our body system, we consider it a inbuilt defense mechanism which our body offers. The body immunity could be inbuilt in our body due to our DNA and also acquired too.

The acquired ones are due to the following aspects:-


A healthy diet starts from our childhood itself. Breastfeeding brings in its wake better growth of our body and have positive influence on our growth.

It is found that eating sufficient vegetable, fresh fruits and dry fruits along with milk products provides us vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and also provides antioxidants. Also, those who take diets rich in vegetables and fruits have lower rate of obesity, heart disease, diabetes. Besides, these also keep us away from viruses. Eating vegetable unsaturated oils help in building immunity. We should take less sugar and fat contents since these are responsible for creating obesity and hypertension.


Our emotions are caused due to our thoughts. It goes to show that two individuals can exhibit different reaction in the similar situation. One person may feel angry on a small pretext whereas other could have control over his emotions and have the traits of letting go. Therefore, those who have control over the senses and mind exhibit positive emotions.  Then there are emotions such as frustration, boredom, depression, anxiety and disgust etc. Those who have control over the mind weather all storm and stay cool in any situation and condition. A resolute and determined mindset give out positivity at all times and hence possess rock-solid immunity. Therefore, those who have control over the mind, possess better immunity. The anxieties related with Coronavirus could affect a person with weaker resolve.


Those people who are spiritually inclined, possess self-belief and belief in Almighty God. Such people have indomitable faith in God and seek connectivity with Him and perform all their Karmic deeds with positive disposition. They do not give too much credence to outcome but perform the action with complete focus. It has been observed that spiritual oriented people are self-determined and face the situations and conditions resolutely. Thus with meditations and prayers, we can enhance our immunity.

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  1. We should always make concerted efforts in consolidating our defenses by diet control, control of our senses and mind besides leading a spiritual oriented lifestyle.

    Do appraise the blog and offer your invaluable comments. i get huge inspirations from your comments.



    1. Affirmative, it is individualistic in nature. We should all care for our own body, mind and soul so that all these three are in sync.

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