The maxim: NEVER PUT OFF TILL TOMORROW WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY should always be kept in mind. If we postpone anything which we can do at the present moment then, sure enough, the time lost is lost forever. Especially so in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, it is most relevant. If we have initial any or all the symptoms of sneezing, bad cold, headache, dry cough, loose motion, difficulty in breathing, we should not waste time but get ourselves tested in an authorized lab under controlled conditions without wastage of time otherwise the virus may complicate the matters. We should never forget that procrastination on the matters hinging on our health issues may complicate matters.

Then postponing important issues impinging on the national security like timely defence related procurement or raising requisite necessary infrastructure for will cost a country concerned dearly. It should never be forgotten that no country should forget if you want peace you should prepare yourself for war. And for this, procrastination in any way may prove counter-productive.

In essence, t should always be remembered that the time and tide waits for none. Present moment is only our precious possession which we should never lose; losing this precious gift means losing the opportunity to do something tangible which will stand us in good stead. We should, therefore, never forget, past is dead which will never come back except for its memories and scars which it leaves and future is uncertain; nobody has ever seen tomorrow.

The maxim ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ should always be kept in mind. If we keep on putting off things then a time will dawn when the work which could be accomplished with ease may become most complex or may become intractable.  

There is a fable of a lazy merchant who went from town to town with his merchandise on his horseback. The merchant was lazy since he did not check that his horse was perfectly travel-worthy. Knowing fully well that his horse was limping hugely due to iron horse-shoe guard in one of the hooves had gotten loose. Only a nail was required to fixed  but the lazy merchant did not do that while he was travelling in the town where he could have got it fixed.

His next destination was through a thick jungle which was infested with dacoits; and it was getting dark too. He continued his journey and in the process the iron shoe-guard fell off due to which the horse could not move any further. The merchant was forced to walk and as a result all the remaining merchandise including the cash was looted by them. He lost everything which he had earned from the sale of his merchandise due to his habit of procrastination. This should serve us a lesson for all those who put off things.

The following should be kept in mind always:-

Avail the present moment. It is our asset which could be meaningfully exploited to its maximum. Whatever you can, do it now, presently. It is the golden opportunity. Never lose it.

Past is dead. It can only give us experiences which could be utilised presently but never forget that it will not come come back. But if we do not transact a thing presently, the present will become past and will remain haunting us.

The future is unpredictable. Nobody had anticipated or thought that the world would be facing a most trying situation as has been created by Covid-19 pandemic.

Self Belief. Belief that this moment which is ours should never be lost in unnecessary and unproductive pursuits but utilized to make our life sublime besides doing something for others so that others may remember for our good deeds. While self-belief is good but belief in Almighty will prove to be beneficial.

CONCLUSIVELY, importantly, it should always be kept in mind that the NOW & PRESENT MOMENT is the precious gift given to us by our CREATOR, therefore, should never be forgotten. Postponing things is a negative trait and should be overcome with sincere efforts.

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3 thoughts on “ON PUTTING OFF THINGS”

  1. Postponing any event or decision or work at hand could prove to be counter-productive, therefore, it is in the fitness of things to avail the present moment or otherwise it will get frittered away leaving us high and dry.

    Do appraise the blog and offer your invaluable comments.

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    1. Excellent words Harbans very inspiring. Procrastination in any form invites negative load in our mind. What needs to be done must be done at the right time. However there are occasions where allowing nature to takes its own course is alright too. “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” ~ Lao Tsu.

      1. Dilip sahib, thanks a lot for your invaluable comment on my write-up. Procrastination is the result of our lazy mindedness and should be controlled otherwise we shall have to repent afterwards.

        You are right in your assessment that there are things which we should leave to ‘time’ which provdes a sort of assistance to us for fructification but here too we have not to leave everything entirely to NATURE since man has to intervene where nature leaves.


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