HAPPY EID : Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid


Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid

Give this day by any name thee may prefer to call


Or Eid-Ul-Adha

Or Eid-Ul-Adha
Or Bakr-Eid simply for us all
Calling this auspicious day
With any name
Makes hardly any difference
Factually it is a festival of sacrifice
The festival of giving
Anything considered most precious
Which one has for giving
Thereby solidifying our faith in Almighty God.
The custom that started
When most venerable Abraham
Offered his only son named Ismail
At the command of Allah
Without even the slightest demur of any sort
A reality check or test
Which God wanted
From devout Abraham
And also his son Ismail
Lo and behold!
After actually offering
Supreme sacrifice
Surprise of surprises
Found a slaughtered lamb!
Meaning the most Bbenevolent God
Tested the love and willpower of Abraham
For Him – the benevolent One
While Abraham was obeying
The commandments of God
Satan made attempts to prevent Abraham
From scarifying his only son
But he did not care to listen to satan
The diverter of our attention from Him and His Commandments
Instead obeyed the commands of Allah
And left for us all
A message so enduring
God loves those who obey Him
And are ready to sacrifice anything
On His bidding
May this day brings a feeling of self-sacrifice
So that needs of all are met
By distributing love amongst all
Let’s all pray and sacrifice our ego
Which divides humanity from each other


Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid – A Holiest Muslim Festival

There are auspicious days occasioned due to some renowned events connected either with religions occasions or any other events of importance or connected with events of international or national importance. Eid-al-Adha or Bakr-Eid is connected with event of religious prominence and has gives us message of giving without any expectations, a message which could change our destinies and lifestyle. A positive oriented existence with complete faith on Allah.

Eid means festival and Eid-al-Adha means Festival of sacrifice or it is termed as Bakr-Eid meaning celebration with the sacrifice of a goat. This festival is celebrated with great solemnity and reverence across the world as a tribute to Prophet Ibrahim’s rock-solid belief in God. He willingly agreed to sacrifice his beloved son Abraham as ordained by God.

Here, Abraham’s love and reverence are of prime importance. Legend has it that Abraham agreed without even the slightest doubt to sacrifice his only promised son named Ismail on the express command of God. God wanted to test the love of Abraham for the general masses. Subsequently, before it could be done, Allah intervened and instead provided Abraham a lamb for the sacrifice that is why this day of sacrifice is also termed as Bakr’Eid. At that time the age of Abraham was 99 years and his son only 13 years.

This was also a test of Ismail’s maturity and faith in Allah. He himself offered to be sacrificed. When his father mentioned his (son’s) impending sacrifice, without any reservation the son offered himself. All this is evidence that it was not merely father Abraham but also Ismail was having faith in Allah commandments. It was really unprecedented. Willingness on the part of both father and son to accept the will of God is dear to both besides being dear to our     God


There are high and low tides
In the sea
There are Tsunamis
Of high intensity
Generating tides of highest intensity
But after taking it all
Enduring it all
While remaining calm within
It exhibits its staying prowess
The sea adjusts
Becomes serene
After huge disturbance
As though
There were no high tides
Which the sea usually withstands
Its waves are at the lowest ebb
After every storm
Of high and low intensity.
A huge lesson for us humans
There would be biases
There would be
There would be
Of low
And of highest order
We too have to
Either put up with everything
Or fight it out
With will power
We can muster
Or ignore it all
But never
Take this bias
To the inner recesses of our heart
And get disturbed
And resort to some ultimate
Which is neither good for us individually
Nor collectively.  


It pains me immensely when I find bias or discrimination at every step of our lives. This discrimination may be on the basis of caste, creed, colour, origin, region, language, culture, traditions; you take and think in any sphere of activity and you will find this hydra-hooded lurking in nook and corner. No society is immune to this malaise. No country can pride itself of not having this ill-conceived, morally bad, unkind, humiliating, and degrading disease. This is despite the fact that in the eyes of our All Knowing Being, we are humans first and then anything else. This malevolence or wickedness prevalent in our societies around the world divide the humans into different groups and, sorry to say, then stigmatized n- labeled as socially undesirable, persecuted and in some cases looked down upon as scum of the society to be ostracized at every step. I am sorry to use some tough words but is so.

This discrimination continues even after evolution of man from stone-age to the modern era of freedom of speech, freedom to choose our profession, freedom to choose our business, freedom to follow our faiths and belief we cherish etc. Still there are people amongst us who do not even think twice in differentiating others and tagging others the way they want. Some people just tolerate the excesses peacefully, some react with violence and fight this out besides still there are the ones who cannot take in any longer and take ultimate step of committing suicide and finish this all once and for all. The last 

The subject nepotism is really on the lips of everybody owing to what happened to the budding Indian actor – Sushank Singh Rajput who started his career in television serials. He committed suicide (at the age of 34 years) due to the pulls and pressures of his profession created by nepotism or any other reason – although the case is under investigation, whether it was a suicide or murder by somebody is yet to be come to light. But one thing stands out, there is nepotism in some organizations or industries. In the instant case, the film industry with some hits to his credit. May be, he took the ultimate step because of disease called nepotism which is rampant in any society. It is there in workplaces even at our formal and informal institutions too.

There may be pulls and pressures, stresses and stra9ins or discrimination or bias in any profession or career but it is also a plain fact that, nobody has the right to take his/her life which is a gift by our Almighty God. If one finds that there is a bias or favoritism or discrimination of any sort, one can fight it out and if need be come clean out of the mess created by others. But to commit suicide is no solution to any problem rather it makes others around especially our blood relations shattered!? Those who think that suicide is the solution for solving any problem then, i am sure, it is one of the retrograde step and must not be taken in any situation or condition.

I shall touch upon my professional lifespan. After my retirement from a Central Government job, after 39+ years of unblemished service, frankly I did not face any bias or discrimination. My education and family background were not so rosy so as to command admiration. Initially, we all have to work hard in order to get on-the-job-experience and subsequently we can get adjusted in any environs in which we are placed. While in this service, I have worked at different places and with different people. My superiors were very considerate and i felt no discrimination or bias even due to fact that in our organization we had people from different family background, with excellent track record of service experience, with excellence in educational qualifications etc. I learned from each one with whom I worked.. Then after my retirement, i have got opportunity of working in two-three organizations wherein i found not even an iota of bias-feeling in any. Everybody, my superiors, my colleagues still like me and I get along with anyone and everyone with whom I work. In  other words, I  have not faced any nepotism in my public service of spanning around 44 years as on today. To be frank, if I was discriminated, I did not take it all seriously and took everything in my stride with the dictum: Let the sleeping dog lie, if you awake it, he will bark and may be bite you.

 If experience is any guide, we get bias tag due to the following:-


In an organization, we are not always fortunate to get good superiors, colleagues and others. Sometimes, we have to work under fastidious ones too, under whom we have to make adjustments since in any organization we ourselves have to change, nobody will change for us. Our ego should not come in our adjustment in the organization we are presently working. This is also true in case of any society. In the society, we have to command respect by giving respect5 first. Nobody cares for a ‘dead horse’ should never be forgotten.


There are occasions when we are not able to cope with the situations and conditions in the organisation, especially so after our transfer from one place to another wherein we have to learn new things about the job. We have to be adaptive to change. If sometimes we get undue remark from your superiors or may be from our colleagues, we have to take these in our stride and learn from our mistakes and not resort to reaction – to pay in the same coin. If we do so, then, God knows what will follow thereafter. Reactions create more reactions and living in the surcharged atmospheric is not that easy.


It should always be remembered that we have to have know-how about the organisation in which we are working and always keep in mind what we can contribute for its growth and development. We may not be in the position of POLICY MAKING yet whatever job is assigned to us should be done with optimum care and caution. Never forget even a single nut in a running vehicle can make the vehicle unfit to move. Everybody has his/her job cut out and should give his/her optimum. Then there will not be any ill-feeling for any one.

If at all you are feeling pinch, just have patience, TIME is a great healer. Everything and everybody is impermanent here on this earth. Even discrimination against us too will pass. Tolerance, patience, persistence, and perseverance make huge difference in our lives.

 We should, therefore, keep in mind, bias or discrimination or favoritism persists and cannot be wished away. It ingrained in human nature, in some it may be lesser than others but it is there but we have to live with all these negative and positive forces.




What we desire deep-down manifests
While it is desired
With full dose of emotions
With the active participation
Of our mind and heart with these emotions
But we have to be carefully in choosing our desire
To be manifested
Since Universe is always
Observe the charged vibrations
Originated from our heart
And fulfils these
Whence these vibrations
Reach a threshold so critical
Desires originating from our deepest down us
With charge given continuously
Then there is sure intervention
Of the Universe
For manifestation of desire
Whether the desire is rational
Or irrational
Depends on our own wisdom or otherwise
And the strength of the charge
Which we give to its vibrations.
What we want
Or do not want
Depends solely on our choice
These choices could be exercised
Either with the intervention of others
Around us
But if nobody comes to our succor
Then we can exercise our own freewill
If our freewill too fails
Due to some unexplained reasons
But the severity of our desire just continues
To hang around us
In such a case
The change in vibrations goes unabated
Then comes the intervention of
The Universe
Which anyhow manifests
It fructifies our deepest desires
That deepest desire
May or may not have any utility
With diminishing returns
Due to passage of time
Therefore, what we desire
Or do not desire
Should be in consonance
With our heart and mind
Within time
We need that desire to be manifested
Otherwise the job of the Universe
Will go waste.
Similar is the case with our relationships
If emotions and sentiments
Of both the spouses are in sync
And are adaptive to change
With the change of time and space
Or as situation demands
Then there is cohesion
And complete cooperation
Between the spouses
But if one spouse
Pulls northward
And the other one southward
When deep down
There is no emotional link
Thence Universe intervenes
And the relationship just goes bust.
So before desiring something
Just introspect seriously
Break your desire
Analyze – break it down logically
Its pros and cons
Of your desire fulfillment
But within the timeframe
When you have choice
To change your desire
Whether you want a particular desire
Or just rescind
Or else it would be too late
With the intervention of the Universe
You have your desire fulfilled
Good or bad desire
That is based on your own choice
And you have to suffer or enjoy \
The fruits of your choice.
life brings in its wake
Umpteen choices
We have to be very selective
And do our Karmic deeds thus
With severity of our emotional vibrations
So that the Universe grants our desire manifestation.



Within the timeframe we want.It has rightly been said, what we eat,, we become. In the same way, what we intensely desire, we attain. In essence, it is in the fitness of things to remember what we intensely desire and what we should desist from having should be kept in mind. We should not rely more on our sense objects while aspiring and pursuing desires. What we desire intensely, manifests when the vibration of our desire reaches a threshold after it is charged with vibrations of highest intensity. If we develop attachment to our sense objects then we give more credence to impermanent things. Attraction towards such things which has outer beauty and we develop a desire to attain them will not be of much value in the long run.

In Bible it has been rightly said: So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.


This apart, essentially, we should always be judicious and careful in making the choice of our desires after fully analyzing the pros and cons i.e. desire chosen has to be introspected closely and then intense emotion charged with the participation of heart and mind. When threshold in emotion is reached, the function of the Universe starts. But in all these, our inner self or heart’s participation should be more than our senses.

In Holy Quran it has been said: Have you seen him who takes his low desires for his god? Are you a guardian over them? Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are but as the cattle; nay, they are farther astray from the path.


The desires which are based on the positive thoughts and actions thereof results in positive outcomes albeit with our intense surcharged emotions. Care ought to be exercised that our desires should never be delusive in nature  but realistic in its standpoint. We are aware that negative desires are based on sense appeasement which generate negative thoughts and actions.

Having fixed our desire after going through all the angles and parameters including the intensity of our emotions, the function of the Universe starts for fructification of our desire so chosen.


There are certain stages in choice of our desire. First of all, it is choice of our desire wherein we have our free-will in choosing our desire after introspecting pros and cons of our desire so chosen. Subsequently, the intensity of our choice of our desire is enhanced and action too followed. With the severity of our desire along with participation of our heart and mind, the vibrations of our emotions are surcharged. At this stage, the function of the Universe starts.

While affirming or choosing our desire finally, we should never have too much reliance or attachment to worldly possessions or follow corrupt practices as a means to get our desire manifested or fructified otherwise we shall be falling into the quagmire of ku-karma.    

In Guru Granth Sahib, it has been mentioned that we all should have desires based on righteousness. It is every Sikh’s duty to defeat the Five vices: Kam (Lust), Krodh (Rage), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) and Ahankar (Ego).


The Song of Gita gives us a moral lesson; that we should not have too much attachment or reliance on the fruits of our Karma. We should take into consideration the dictum, we had not brought anything while we came to this earth and would not be taking anything while we depart after our death. Whatever we got is obtained from here only. Therefore, whatever choices we have during our life-time, we should exercise them judiciously. Our desires are not chosen randomly but after analyzing thoroughly with special emphasis on spiritual orientation. Living spiritually means following positive orientation in our life. This also in case of choosing our desires for manifestation.

It has rightly been said in Bhagwad Gita: While contemplating on the objects of the senses, one develops attachment to them. Attachment leads to desire, and from desire arises anger.




I am learning to be of some value to others in any situation and condition
I am learning to keep distance & put on face mask during lockdown situation
I am learning to rely more on my own decisions rather than be under the mercy of others
I am learning not to forget the impermanence of life
I am learning to live with my limitations rather than be perfectionist
I am learning to accept my mistakes and change my attitude and behavior
I am learning to thank God everyday for His graces
I am learning to confess my faults or guilt-related emotions whenever there are traces of it in my behavior
I am learning to remain positive under all circumstances.
I am learning not to fear competition with fear of losing
I am learning to do my karmic deeds without fear of result of my Karma
I am learning to stay calm or cool on all occasions
I am learning to act tough so that nobody takes undue advantage
I am learning to take one step at a time while keeping clarity at every step
I am learning to be patience to face the facts of life
I am learning to improve myself on day to day basis
I am learning to believe in my own self while believing in God’s existence
I am learning to keep balance at every moment of my life
I am learning not to have any expectations from anybody
I am learning to be free from rancor and lust
I am learning to have do my karma without caring for result of my action
I am learning to be compassionate with others
I am learning to live with my what I have got
I am learning to be simple and humble at all times
I am learning to be self-assertive when there is a need to do so
I am learning to know that I should compete with my own self than competing with others
I am learning to be the master of my senses and mind
I am learning to not to be fearful of anybody or anything under the sun
I am learning to defend my self-esteem since it is the only thing which I have earned in my life
I am learning to take a balanced diet to maintain good health
I am learning to adopt an attitude of forget and forgive others
I am learning to rely more on this moment than the dead past or unpredictable future
I am learning to adopt the trait ‘if thy want to get respect from others then respect others’
I am learning to feel pain and others around me are feeling so
I am learning to be balanced both in happy and unhappy situations
I am learning to respect others’ privacy at all times
I am learning to learn new things from any source available
I am learning to be of use to others as and when required
I am learning to keep myself and my surrounding neat and clean
I am learning to stay cool at any situation and condition
I am learning not to be reactive in any situation.
I am learning to love myself.
I am learning to always remember that I am a human therefore not infallible.
I am learning to try again if I fail.
I am learning to face any challenges which may come at any time.



Nobody can dispute that we all want peaceful existence. But there is a caveat; conflict resolution should not be at any cost including our self-esteem. It should never be forgotten that when self-esteem is lost then will to live with respect evaporates. I opine, fighting conflicting situations doggedly, when it is essential, is better than living a dog-like existence.  Rather dying with respect is better after fighting like a lion is suitable than living on somebody terms? If possible, we should unite to take on a conflicting situation head-on,  in order to resolve it. United we stand, divided we fall should never be forgotten.


The subject chosen by me was the question ‘IS AVOIDANCE OF CONFLICT ESSENTIAL OR NOT?’ I chose this subject since while dealing with day to day, we come across several scenarios wherein conflict of interest comes to fore. My personal experience on this aspect is; if we try to avoid conflicting situations every time, means we compromise against the wrongs against us. Alternative is to face hard realities of life resolutely while agreeing to disagree on certain aspects where some meeting ground could emerge after persuasion and discussions.  Importantly, we should never be rigid in any aspect, otherwise, we would have disharmony in our relationship with others. a disrespect tag which will be harmful for our further growth and development.


In the workplace, there are times when we face some piquant situation wherein we cannot easily decide whether we should  face the hard realities or just avoid the conflicting situation. In the former case, we may have to experience ignominy many a time since the person concerned may get encouraged to create such situations afterwards too. The best way to avoid future conflicting situations is to nip the evil in the bud. Here avoidance of conflicting tantamount to creating more conflicts in future too. These conflicting situations may be creation of our own colleagues or sometimes our superiors due to enviousness in the former case and keep somebody under his thumb in the latter case. Although it is a bit tricky, but it is an disputed fact we have to live with. We should always face realities in our lives. Keeping away from conflicting situations is not a healthy way of conducting ourselves in workplace.


In our homes too sometimes we feel pinch. It may be differences between spouses. If one of the spouses just tolerates the conflicting situation or sweeps the same under the carpet to buy momentary peace will face persistent problems. But this scenario cannot be continued indefinitely. Some line has to be drawn – this far and no further. Conflict resolution with discussions on the basis of give and take or may be through the intervention of some trustworthy individual.


It has been observed that if simmering/festering conflict goes on in the party and not resolved within timeframe permissible, then, one day such a party will lose its credibility. Such parties will face the ire of the voters. This is happening in Indian National Congress presently. Therefore, intra-party discipline is a must and this could be done with mutual discussions on the basis of give and take. Thus avoidance of conflict in political parties and sweep difference under the carpet would be counter-productive in the long run. Internal party democracy is a must and so is the freedom of expression.


It is worth its while to avoid conflict between countries otherwise peace will not be there between the concerned countries. If we want peace and tranquility between the countries, it is essential that countries concerned should resolve their differences through discussions, détente, agreements etc. and sort out differences. On the other hand, if one country remains tolerating the transgressions with impunity from the other country with the intention of avoidance of conflicting situation without realizing its long term implications, then its results would be disastrous for the tolerating country. It should always be realized that a line should be drawn; this far and no further. The maxim; ‘if you want peace, remain prepared for war’ should always be kept in mind’ and ‘nobody flogs a dead horse’ – meaning nobody respects a weak; this is true of individual or a country. The present example of one of the neighbors occupying some territory of Ladakh is a case in point. If India had accepted the occupation and not taken action of bolstering its defense capabilities, the country concerned must not have retreated from the illegally occupied areas. India positioned its defense forces with necessary weaponry which made the adversary to take recourse to discussions and a sure war was averted for sometime!? This happened because India matched its adversary’s transgression.


Recently, I observed a video how the wild animals take on their prey. A wild stag (with long sharp horns) was pursued by two tigers. The stag ran hard for saving its life but could not match the fast pace of tigers. One of tigers lunged at the stag with all the fury. At first the stag was very fearful and did not defend itself. This encouraged the tigers to take on their docile prey. But surprise of all surprises, suddenly, the stag started taking on tigers with its sharp horns. Seeing the encouraging and ferocious response of the stag, both the tigers just retreated. From this, we can get a lesson; if we have a meek response in a conflicting situation, then, our adversary will take it as our weakness and may prove to be counterproductive. Therefore, best course of action is to face the situation head on.

Firstly we adopt conflict avoidance in case of certain ill-tempered and fastidious persons who habitually are prone to creating piquant situation – with such persons the best way is to agree to disagree but never be argumentive with such people. Secondly, there are the people who flow with the current, they could be easily persuaded to change their mindset.

There are three scenarios in conflicting avoidance or facing the situation head on./

  • We want to avoid conflict so as to purchase momentary peace but this momentary peace will prove to be counter-productive in the long run since we have to live in accordance with others’ terms and biddings. An exercise replete with disrespectful existence.
  • Facing the conflicting situation will not be easy but it paves the way for earning self-respect albeit with some bruises, physical and mental. But living with self-esteem is better than living with somebody’s mercies with attached strings.
  • In a conflicting situations, when we are not able to resolve anything tangible with our adversary going hammer and tongs then agreeing to disagree is the only course of action open for us – a middle ground.
  • In Bhagwad Gita  the performance of duty from the point of view of gain is considered essential in any situation. Inaction is suicidal. Meeting the challenge is the glory of life. Success need not be the ultimate goal. The spirit with which we act is more important. Act, act and act. Otherwise one will be benumbed by frustration and sorrow.



Youth of today

Should face tame the person with monstrous traits

Head on

And not fear this brute of a person

The one who pull you down.

We avoid conflicting situation

With a person

With unethical traits

With whom no persuasion

Or rational thinking works

We fear taking on such a person

Head on

Since its  consequences

May prove to be counter-productive

Since taking head on such a person

Surely  generate stern response

From the person of suspicious antecedents

Which may may be ruinous in the short run

That is why we want to avoid such a person

Meaning,  we do not want to face

The ire of our adversary

Known for his ill-temper

Along with ill-manners

A hot headed oneindeed

Who is always suffused

With anger at every step

With traits of picking up quarrel

On flimsy grounds even

Including being argumentive traits

With or without any sound reason

Without thinking two hoots for others response

To whom everybody wants to avoid

For his behavior so unprincipled

Or may be immoral to say the least.

In reality such a person is insecure

Indeed a psycho

A negative oriented one

With no positive emotions

That is why everybody wants

To keep at arm’s length

Because such a person

Is past-master in craftiness

Of highest order.

I think avoidance of conflicting situation

Is a temporary purchase of peace

Which is short lived indeed

And not for our overall benefit

Because there is always a limit

To our tolerance

So best course is to face the fact

Factually head-on

And handle conflicting situations

With determination

Since peace is possible

When you are unyielding

In facing the truth

You’ll earn peace of permanent value

Since you have not purchased peace

Keeping quite

But earned

It by facing challenges

Thrown at you

By a scrupulous person.

This way you will also earn for yourself

A satiety and firm determination

To take the brute head on

And not run away from ill-bred person

Youth of today should face the facts

And challenges coming in their lives

With persistence

And with patience

And with sufficient perseverance.

Youth of today should always face the situations and condition with firm determination and not fear the challenges thrown by any unethical person.

Taking on every eventuality with firmness means not keeping away of running from the conflicting situations and conditions since how long we can keep these unethical brutes away by buying peace. One day the youth of today have to inculcate resoluteness and and tame that brute of a person. Nobody else will help the youth of today, you will have to exploit your inner potentialities.





We are in good health when we are physically fit and can transact all our assigned tasks with focused mindset. Having good health (Swasth) means no disease at all, no ailment at all, physically and mentally.This happens when we feel positively oriented in our thoughts and actions thereof. Good health helps in creating situations and conditions to put long hours of work continuously A person with good health, while performing their tasks, we do not get tired or get bored but feel agile or lively and that too  with joy abandon. Success or failure does not make any difference to such a person because a person with good health, vigor or strength remains balance in all situations and conditions. No fear or qualms of any sort  to weather the storm and face the challenges of our lives with determination and with singleness of purpose. This is possible only when we enjoy sound health.


In Shaloka 2.11 of Bhagwad Gita, it has been rightly said that those who are wise do not grieve for the living nor for the dead – meaning any sadness was of no consequence. Contentment is the result of natural state of one’s being which leads to good health and happy life which is everybody’s right.



We are in good health and wellbeing when we enjoy with no disease. In Bhagwad Gita it has been said that what we eat we become. If we eat nourishing and balanced diet meeting the requirement of our body in terms of provision of necessary salts, minerals, needed fats etc.

Good health generates a feeling of contentment which a person enjoys which results from intake of nourishing and wholesome which gives us satiety. Such foods are suitable for persons with Satvic traits.Thus satiety and good health are correlated. Such a person wants to enhance his knowledge from any source he/she can lay his hands on.

The ones who eat pungent and burning foods, with condiments with more salt and  which results in producing heat in the body, pain and sometimes disease; this sort of food is liked by persons with Rajsvic traits. Such persons would like to follow an active oriented lifestyle such as taking up military as a career etc.

On the other hand, foods taken half-cooked, tasteless with unpleasant smell and tastes etc. is Tamsic in nature and results in getting all the negative traits with no aspirations to get enlightenment.


It would not be relevant to mention the stress level resulting in mental health problems of the students who are following online studies which they had never followed till the adverse situation created by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.


In the Covid-19 pandemic situation the students perforce have to follow online studies sitting at home thus missing the formal lesson in classroom environment, with hectic, with lessons from their teachers wherein they can queries clarified what they are not able to understand instantly. They are also missing the morning assembly, tete-a-tete with their peer group besides physical exercise period etc. All this is the unique situation created owing to Covid-19 situation. All this is telling on the students in a big way since holistic growth and development of a child could only be possible in the formal schooling environment.


It is also pertinent to mention here that all the students are not able to pursue online courses because of their parents’ hard financial background. The students from poor family background can ill-afford the necessary connecting equipment such as computer/laptop, suitable mobile,  microphone, speakers et to communicate with full net-connectivity. It goes to show that all students cannot follow the modern method of education. Thus digital divide between haves and have-nots is appalling indeed and a cause for concern.  The authorities concerned should come forward in bridging this gap so that all without exception get education in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. Care ought to be paid that the students from the poor family background should not be the losers and get unnecessary stressed thereby impacting not only their studies but also their health and wellbeing. This pressure tells badly on the students of poor families who though are intelligent but cannot afford the costly phones and other equipment.


We are healthy (swasthya) when we are intrinsically strong. We are intrinsically strong when we follow spiritually oriented existence. In Bible it has rightly been said: A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


Spirituality is something that’s talked about a lot but is often misunderstood. Many people think that spirituality and religion are the same thing, and so they bring their beliefs and prejudices about religion to discussions about spirituality. Though all religions emphasise spiritualism as being part of faith, you can be ‘spiritual’ without being religious or a member of an organised religion.

Following a life of spirituality is individualist in nature. It means, we have freedom to follow a course of action which has honesty and sincerity as its two hallmarks. Spiritual oriented way of life may or may not have specific or particular type of faiths, beliefs and practices thereof which are being followed by a person or group of people. Spiritual way of life thus includes how best we fulfill our obligations, trust others and perform our duties with sincerity etc. When specific way of beliefs (in case of religion) and individual freedom merge, it becomes all the more beneficial for an individual and the society. It follows that spiritual way of existence includes purity of thoughts and actions. When we talk of purity of thoughts, we connect it with heart and with our eternal soul or rather intrinsic in nature which gives us peace, contentment and happiness ultimately.


It should always be realized that the physical health of an individual could be cured with medical intervention based on physical symptoms and ailment but inner peace could be realized by connecting with God and following positive oriented way of life thereby solving our problems which beset us. In Guru Granth Sahib it has rightly been said: He is Everything. He is the one who will listen to all your problems and sorrows and he will heal the pain of yours.All you need is trust and faith.  

Conclusively, it could be said that good health and well-being is essential for us but for this to be reality, we have to follow some basic requisites for a holistic growth and development. Here good health is precursor for every other aspects because if we enjoy good health, we are physically and mentally agile and if we are physically and mentally sound then we can follow positive oriented existence including spiritual way of life to realize the purpose of life for liberation from births and deaths (Moksha) ultimately.



Learn the Truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him with reverence and render service unto him. Such an enlightened Saint can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the Truth. BHAGWAD GITA


In essence, in our lives, from our childhood period to all the stages of our lives, we gain knowledge thereby remove our ignorance which pervades. Gurus are the Enlightened Souls who have acquired their Knowledge (Gyan) over a period of time with complete dedication, severe penance, self-discipline, with oneness of purpose, focus meditation or prayers, etc. As our Gurus are the ones who transform our lives, we should always be very grateful to our parents (as the first Guru), teachers, religious preachers, all the knowledge given in religious texts of different religions. Anybody who helps to remove our ignorance is  our Guru.

We commemorate different days with various names; such as Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Sister’s Day, The Earth Day, etc. Guru Purnima is the GURU DAY (An annual feature) in which we showcase our thanks to various Gurus we come across in our lives who help us remove our ignorance, darkness which pervades in us, clear the smut from our midst, thus show us the righteous path for our self-realization and enlightenment.

I am of the view that whosoever changes our lives are our Guru. This is because our lack of knowledge or unawareness on any subject can pull us down anywhere in the society – in our workplace, in our formal and informal institutions and any other forum we are exchanging our viewpoints or ideas. A person with well-polished, based on empirical truth can raise our real status and standing in the community in which we are living. All this know-how is learned from a person who is knowledgeable, enlightened soul. He/she may be a teachers, religious preachers or any other esteemed personage.

The various Gurus who transform our lives are mentioned below:-


In our childhood, our parents are our Gurus who teach us a variety of things which stand us in good stead in our lives. The first Guru or teacher is our mother, from whom we learn much, which we all are aware. Father’s pat relieves our fear and makes us courageous to face any difficulty in our lives. It is in the environment of our homes only from where we learn the first lesson of value system besides transferring of traditional modes of behaviour along with knowledge about our ancestors, family Devtas, etc. It is well said that the know-how we attain from the LAP OF OUR MOTHER cannot be learnt from anywhere else.


During our schooling, we inculcate holistic knowledge that is physical and mental growth and development. We also learn how best to adjust with our peer group with different temperament with different background (rich and poor alike). The true discipline and fellow-feelings are learned in the schools, colleges, universities or any professional institutions.


While we come out of our schools/colleges, we are ready to take on the society wherein our efficacy would be recognized. It should also not be forgotten that our society too influences us. If the environment in the society in which we are living is appropriate then we can learn a lot from each other. A sense of accommodation, cooperation and fellow-feeling could be learned from the society in which we are living. I have learned much from everybody I interact with because I am ever a student. The know-how I am possessing is not sufficient. It could be added from anybody and from anywhere. Anybody could, therefore, be my Guru.


Our religious places such as Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras etc. are the places from where we can learn a great deal from our Gurus as Preachers or Pandits etc. They are the ones who have acquired their knowledge undergoing penance over a period of time and know what influence the spirituality can augur on the lives of general masses. They are the ones who know much about the best of knowledge contained in various religious texts and thus can remove our ignorance and change our outlook on life. It should never be forgotten that our religious texts contain the whole truth, therefore,  should be followed in letter and spirit.


Our Guru who whispers a Mantra in our ear, the one which is most suited for us. The Mantra, our Guru has given us should be recited with regularity while performing our duties or Karmic deeds with sincerity and honestly. We should adopt compassion and humility as two pillars of our lives.


Today being Guru Purnima, we should thank anybody and everybody from whom we have leaned anything and everything. One who transforms our life, removes our darkness and takes us to enlightenment, infuses knowledge in us is our REAL GURU. Here age, gender, religion, caste, creed,colour or any other consideration should not be any impediment. My Guru could be anybody because I am a student, not knowing much since I have to learn much STILL.

The best Guru is the one who teaches us:-

  1. A feeling of Compassion.
  2. Self-belief and belief on our God.
  3. Sincerity and honesty.
  4. Fellow feeling.
  5. Enlightenment for leading a balanced life.
  6. Righteousness.
  7. Follow a disciplined spiritual oriented lifestyle.
  8. Adjustment in any environment
  9. Learning from anybody and anywhere for better living.
  10. The best Guru who teaches me to live for present while learning from the experiences of the past.




It is the day, so sacred, dedicated
To the Gurus or teachers or preachers
Who act as a vehicle of change for us
Firstly Guru enters our psyche
Then thoroughly understands
Our potentials and weaker areas
Thence through suggestions
And enlightened guidance
Makes amendments required
For effecting changes
With heavy dose of love and affection

After guidance so galore
At every step in our lives
The Guru controls the oars of our boat
And steers clear our boat
And save us from the storm
Which may come without prior warning.

When we are utterly confused
When there is no way out
When everywhere we see dark clouds
When we’re in the state of immobility
When we need somebody
Who could provide us mobility
And thus remove the inertia
From our midst
And help us
Acquire self-realisation
Who can this bestow us guidance
Except our venerable Guru.
Guru, with two syllables
Gu and Ru
Guru stands for darkness or ignorance
Ru means remover of darkness or ignorance
Thus Guru is the One
Who helps us remove ignorance
And darkness that pervades in us

From our midst
And bestows enlightenment
He has the ocean of knowledge (Gyan)
Acquired through severe penance
For days, months and years on ends
Thru a lot of perseverance
From whom even a drop of water
From His reservoir
Can change our destiny
Thus enlivening our lives

And makes it more purposeful
Guru thus could be termed as a spiritual preacher
Who possesses awareness of highest order
Acquired with focused meditation and prayers
Guru is a true Karma Yogi
Based and got purely on the principles of Karma Yoga
Thus earned for Himself the category of most evolved
And enlightened soul
The Guru transfers the knowhow
Either through Yogic postures
Or through spiritual teachings

Provide us guidance
While we are engulfed
In sorrow and discontent or discomfort
By infusing spiritual longings of highest order
Along with making their disciples aware
About eternal reality or truth about God.


On this day Lord Shiva
Termed as the Adiyogi or First Guru
The first Guru of great repute
Who transferred the Mantra
To Saptarishis – the seven Rishis
Which became the seven basic forms of Yoga of a Yogi.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji is most revered one
Who transformed the thoughts and actions
Of the multitudes by His preaching
His beliefs and teachings
Given in Sri Granth Sahib Ji obviously
Touch our heart, mind and soul immensely.


The Sage Ved Vyasa
Was the greatest of all Gurus
Who had penned the great epic Mahabharta
Was not only born on this day
But also started writing Brahma Sutra on this day
Recitation of which is also done on this day
That is the why
This day is also called as Vyasa Purnima too.
The Buddhists celebrate this day
And remember Lord Buddha
For his teachings.
The Jains celebrate this day

And remember Lord Mahavira
For enlightening them
With his teachings.
This festival is celebrated
On the full moon day (Purnima)
In the month of June-July (Ashadha)
On this day we offer special prayers to our Guru Ji
And thank him
For enriching our life
By making us aware about the essence of life
By whispering in our ears the Mantra
The most appropriate one
Reciting of which

Makes us turn inwards.
On this day, people celebrate this day as teacher’s day
The students thank them for removing ignorance from their midst
This helps in consolidating their bond of relationship.
On this day the students organize
Various competitions by reciting poetry and hold debates
Finally show their sincere gratitude to their teachers.
We know Acharya Chanakya
The all encompassing Guru of King Chandergupt Mauriya
The renowned author of Arthashastra
Who with his wisdom changed the rulers so tyrannical
With his philosophy and sagacity.

As the parents are the first Gurus
For the children
Because of their guidance
Thus they show their special respect
And thank them for what they have done for them
Without which they could not have moved any further

The most revered one
Had changed my outlook on life
By infusing self-belief in me
By whispering a Beej Mantra
The most suitable for me
The recitation of which makes me feel elated
By engendering warmth in my heart
With which I cultivate empathy
Along with deepest understanding
Of others’ needs
And pains

Which others experience.


The One Guru
The most renowned One
Who has infused enlightenment
Through His teaching and preaching
His Autography

The Autography of a Yogi
Has obviously changed many a lives
For it is a treasure house of knowledge
Gained by our Guru – Paramahansa Yogananda
Born on 5th January 1893
Who changed many a lives
Through his teachings
Of meditation and Kriya Yoga
And united the East and the West

Marriage of Eastern spirituality and Western material growth
Through his preaching
He was the disciple of Guru Swami Sri Yukeswar Giri
One of the most revered One.
Thence there are umpteenth of Gurus
But the best one is the One
Who exerts to change our mental outlook
And helps us attain Moksha or liberation
By disciplining our lives.