Learn the Truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him with reverence and render service unto him. Such an enlightened Saint can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the Truth. BHAGWAD GITA


In essence, in our lives, from our childhood period to all the stages of our lives, we gain knowledge thereby remove our ignorance which pervades. Gurus are the Enlightened Souls who have acquired their Knowledge (Gyan) over a period of time with complete dedication, severe penance, self-discipline, with oneness of purpose, focus meditation or prayers, etc. As our Gurus are the ones who transform our lives, we should always be very grateful to our parents (as the first Guru), teachers, religious preachers, all the knowledge given in religious texts of different religions. Anybody who helps to remove our ignorance is  our Guru.

We commemorate different days with various names; such as Mothers Day, Father’s Day, Sister’s Day, The Earth Day, etc. Guru Purnima is the GURU DAY (An annual feature) in which we showcase our thanks to various Gurus we come across in our lives who help us remove our ignorance, darkness which pervades in us, clear the smut from our midst, thus show us the righteous path for our self-realization and enlightenment.

I am of the view that whosoever changes our lives are our Guru. This is because our lack of knowledge or unawareness on any subject can pull us down anywhere in the society – in our workplace, in our formal and informal institutions and any other forum we are exchanging our viewpoints or ideas. A person with well-polished, based on empirical truth can raise our real status and standing in the community in which we are living. All this know-how is learned from a person who is knowledgeable, enlightened soul. He/she may be a teachers, religious preachers or any other esteemed personage.

The various Gurus who transform our lives are mentioned below:-


In our childhood, our parents are our Gurus who teach us a variety of things which stand us in good stead in our lives. The first Guru or teacher is our mother, from whom we learn much, which we all are aware. Father’s pat relieves our fear and makes us courageous to face any difficulty in our lives. It is in the environment of our homes only from where we learn the first lesson of value system besides transferring of traditional modes of behaviour along with knowledge about our ancestors, family Devtas, etc. It is well said that the know-how we attain from the LAP OF OUR MOTHER cannot be learnt from anywhere else.


During our schooling, we inculcate holistic knowledge that is physical and mental growth and development. We also learn how best to adjust with our peer group with different temperament with different background (rich and poor alike). The true discipline and fellow-feelings are learned in the schools, colleges, universities or any professional institutions.


While we come out of our schools/colleges, we are ready to take on the society wherein our efficacy would be recognized. It should also not be forgotten that our society too influences us. If the environment in the society in which we are living is appropriate then we can learn a lot from each other. A sense of accommodation, cooperation and fellow-feeling could be learned from the society in which we are living. I have learned much from everybody I interact with because I am ever a student. The know-how I am possessing is not sufficient. It could be added from anybody and from anywhere. Anybody could, therefore, be my Guru.


Our religious places such as Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras etc. are the places from where we can learn a great deal from our Gurus as Preachers or Pandits etc. They are the ones who have acquired their knowledge undergoing penance over a period of time and know what influence the spirituality can augur on the lives of general masses. They are the ones who know much about the best of knowledge contained in various religious texts and thus can remove our ignorance and change our outlook on life. It should never be forgotten that our religious texts contain the whole truth, therefore,  should be followed in letter and spirit.


Our Guru who whispers a Mantra in our ear, the one which is most suited for us. The Mantra, our Guru has given us should be recited with regularity while performing our duties or Karmic deeds with sincerity and honestly. We should adopt compassion and humility as two pillars of our lives.


Today being Guru Purnima, we should thank anybody and everybody from whom we have leaned anything and everything. One who transforms our life, removes our darkness and takes us to enlightenment, infuses knowledge in us is our REAL GURU. Here age, gender, religion, caste, creed,colour or any other consideration should not be any impediment. My Guru could be anybody because I am a student, not knowing much since I have to learn much STILL.

The best Guru is the one who teaches us:-

  1. A feeling of Compassion.
  2. Self-belief and belief on our God.
  3. Sincerity and honesty.
  4. Fellow feeling.
  5. Enlightenment for leading a balanced life.
  6. Righteousness.
  7. Follow a disciplined spiritual oriented lifestyle.
  8. Adjustment in any environment
  9. Learning from anybody and anywhere for better living.
  10. The best Guru who teaches me to live for present while learning from the experiences of the past.

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  1. HAPPY GURU PURNIMA. May our Gurus remain removing our ignorance and take us to enlightenment.
    Our Guru could be any; the one who transforms our life is our GURU.

    With regards


    1. Derrick sir, thanks you so very much for your invaluable comments. Coming from you is an inspiration in itself. Regards.

  2. Thank you so much, Harbans, for this beautiful message. Unfortunately, we are losing respect for the teachers, and at the same time, teachers have also made this noble cause a business. I remember all teachers from my school days, though I don’t remember all my classmates. That is the kind of impression a teacher leaves on a pupil.

    1. In our times, teachers used to be respected by their students. Now it is other way round. I know the true nature of today’s teachers. All have pecuniary consideration in everything they do or do not do. Teachers as Guru molded their students’ destinies but lately neither the teachers nor the students are sincere in most of the cases.

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