Youth of today

Should face tame the person with monstrous traits

Head on

And not fear this brute of a person

The one who pull you down.

We avoid conflicting situation

With a person

With unethical traits

With whom no persuasion

Or rational thinking works

We fear taking on such a person

Head on

Since its  consequences

May prove to be counter-productive

Since taking head on such a person

Surely  generate stern response

From the person of suspicious antecedents

Which may may be ruinous in the short run

That is why we want to avoid such a person

Meaning,  we do not want to face

The ire of our adversary

Known for his ill-temper

Along with ill-manners

A hot headed oneindeed

Who is always suffused

With anger at every step

With traits of picking up quarrel

On flimsy grounds even

Including being argumentive traits

With or without any sound reason

Without thinking two hoots for others response

To whom everybody wants to avoid

For his behavior so unprincipled

Or may be immoral to say the least.

In reality such a person is insecure

Indeed a psycho

A negative oriented one

With no positive emotions

That is why everybody wants

To keep at arm’s length

Because such a person

Is past-master in craftiness

Of highest order.

I think avoidance of conflicting situation

Is a temporary purchase of peace

Which is short lived indeed

And not for our overall benefit

Because there is always a limit

To our tolerance

So best course is to face the fact

Factually head-on

And handle conflicting situations

With determination

Since peace is possible

When you are unyielding

In facing the truth

You’ll earn peace of permanent value

Since you have not purchased peace

Keeping quite

But earned

It by facing challenges

Thrown at you

By a scrupulous person.

This way you will also earn for yourself

A satiety and firm determination

To take the brute head on

And not run away from ill-bred person

Youth of today should face the facts

And challenges coming in their lives

With persistence

And with patience

And with sufficient perseverance.

Youth of today should always face the situations and condition with firm determination and not fear the challenges thrown by any unethical person.

Taking on every eventuality with firmness means not keeping away of running from the conflicting situations and conditions since how long we can keep these unethical brutes away by buying peace. One day the youth of today have to inculcate resoluteness and and tame that brute of a person. Nobody else will help the youth of today, you will have to exploit your inner potentialities.

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  1. Ethics and oversight are what one eliminates when one wants absolute power. They feed their ego with our souls. Intelligence and courage go a long way in such situations.

    1. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It generates in us a feeling of egocentric tendencies and we are not able to use even our faculties optimally. Thank you so very much for your inspiring comments. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Chauhan sahib, the youth of today would be the leaders and they will have to learn the philosophy of taking on unethical adversary. Thank you so very much for your inspiring comments. πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Very well said, and a true reality. But with the right upbringing, all of us young or older can learn to face life, things, feelings, and events. Or so it’s my experience in life.

    1. Thanks you so very much for your invaluable comments. Thanks stands out that till such time we asserrt ourselves and utilize our inner potentials for warding off any assaults on us, since nobody will come forward in our defense. Even a small ant reacts when its life is at stake!!!πŸ˜₯πŸ™ πŸ˜₯πŸ™

  3. This is true, everyone has the right to defend their space, life, family… What is the cause that no one steps up to help with?

    1. Thank you so very much for your invaluable comments.

      Fact stands out that we all have to fight our own battles without fear after getting our past experience. Therefore, the best course is to be self-reliant and assertive.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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