What we desire deep-down manifests
While it is desired
With full dose of emotions
With the active participation
Of our mind and heart with these emotions
But we have to be carefully in choosing our desire
To be manifested
Since Universe is always
Observe the charged vibrations
Originated from our heart
And fulfils these
Whence these vibrations
Reach a threshold so critical
Desires originating from our deepest down us
With charge given continuously
Then there is sure intervention
Of the Universe
For manifestation of desire
Whether the desire is rational
Or irrational
Depends on our own wisdom or otherwise
And the strength of the charge
Which we give to its vibrations.
What we want
Or do not want
Depends solely on our choice
These choices could be exercised
Either with the intervention of others
Around us
But if nobody comes to our succor
Then we can exercise our own freewill
If our freewill too fails
Due to some unexplained reasons
But the severity of our desire just continues
To hang around us
In such a case
The change in vibrations goes unabated
Then comes the intervention of
The Universe
Which anyhow manifests
It fructifies our deepest desires
That deepest desire
May or may not have any utility
With diminishing returns
Due to passage of time
Therefore, what we desire
Or do not desire
Should be in consonance
With our heart and mind
Within time
We need that desire to be manifested
Otherwise the job of the Universe
Will go waste.
Similar is the case with our relationships
If emotions and sentiments
Of both the spouses are in sync
And are adaptive to change
With the change of time and space
Or as situation demands
Then there is cohesion
And complete cooperation
Between the spouses
But if one spouse
Pulls northward
And the other one southward
When deep down
There is no emotional link
Thence Universe intervenes
And the relationship just goes bust.
So before desiring something
Just introspect seriously
Break your desire
Analyze – break it down logically
Its pros and cons
Of your desire fulfillment
But within the timeframe
When you have choice
To change your desire
Whether you want a particular desire
Or just rescind
Or else it would be too late
With the intervention of the Universe
You have your desire fulfilled
Good or bad desire
That is based on your own choice
And you have to suffer or enjoy \
The fruits of your choice.
life brings in its wake
Umpteen choices
We have to be very selective
And do our Karmic deeds thus
With severity of our emotional vibrations
So that the Universe grants our desire manifestation.



Within the timeframe we want.It has rightly been said, what we eat,, we become. In the same way, what we intensely desire, we attain. In essence, it is in the fitness of things to remember what we intensely desire and what we should desist from having should be kept in mind. We should not rely more on our sense objects while aspiring and pursuing desires. What we desire intensely, manifests when the vibration of our desire reaches a threshold after it is charged with vibrations of highest intensity. If we develop attachment to our sense objects then we give more credence to impermanent things. Attraction towards such things which has outer beauty and we develop a desire to attain them will not be of much value in the long run.

In Bible it has been rightly said: So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.


This apart, essentially, we should always be judicious and careful in making the choice of our desires after fully analyzing the pros and cons i.e. desire chosen has to be introspected closely and then intense emotion charged with the participation of heart and mind. When threshold in emotion is reached, the function of the Universe starts. But in all these, our inner self or heart’s participation should be more than our senses.

In Holy Quran it has been said: Have you seen him who takes his low desires for his god? Are you a guardian over them? Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are but as the cattle; nay, they are farther astray from the path.


The desires which are based on the positive thoughts and actions thereof results in positive outcomes albeit with our intense surcharged emotions. Care ought to be exercised that our desires should never be delusive in nature  but realistic in its standpoint. We are aware that negative desires are based on sense appeasement which generate negative thoughts and actions.

Having fixed our desire after going through all the angles and parameters including the intensity of our emotions, the function of the Universe starts for fructification of our desire so chosen.


There are certain stages in choice of our desire. First of all, it is choice of our desire wherein we have our free-will in choosing our desire after introspecting pros and cons of our desire so chosen. Subsequently, the intensity of our choice of our desire is enhanced and action too followed. With the severity of our desire along with participation of our heart and mind, the vibrations of our emotions are surcharged. At this stage, the function of the Universe starts.

While affirming or choosing our desire finally, we should never have too much reliance or attachment to worldly possessions or follow corrupt practices as a means to get our desire manifested or fructified otherwise we shall be falling into the quagmire of ku-karma.    

In Guru Granth Sahib, it has been mentioned that we all should have desires based on righteousness. It is every Sikh’s duty to defeat the Five vices: Kam (Lust), Krodh (Rage), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) and Ahankar (Ego).


The Song of Gita gives us a moral lesson; that we should not have too much attachment or reliance on the fruits of our Karma. We should take into consideration the dictum, we had not brought anything while we came to this earth and would not be taking anything while we depart after our death. Whatever we got is obtained from here only. Therefore, whatever choices we have during our life-time, we should exercise them judiciously. Our desires are not chosen randomly but after analyzing thoroughly with special emphasis on spiritual orientation. Living spiritually means following positive orientation in our life. This also in case of choosing our desires for manifestation.

It has rightly been said in Bhagwad Gita: While contemplating on the objects of the senses, one develops attachment to them. Attachment leads to desire, and from desire arises anger.

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  1. Our desires should be chosen with care and caution. Desires chosen based on emotions and negative orientation in thoughts and actions lead us astray. Positive thought and action thereto should never be forgotten while choosing our desires.

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  2. Desire is the kind of thing that eats you and leaves you starving. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali also describes it beautifully. Another gem from your quiver, Harbans.

  3. Another masterpiece from you,Sir!You have advised to us choose our desires through positive thought orientation and actions based on spiritual contemplation!Thank you so much for the motivation to lead a truthful & meaningful life!

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