There are high and low tides
In the sea
There are Tsunamis
Of high intensity
Generating tides of highest intensity
But after taking it all
Enduring it all
While remaining calm within
It exhibits its staying prowess
The sea adjusts
Becomes serene
After huge disturbance
As though
There were no high tides
Which the sea usually withstands
Its waves are at the lowest ebb
After every storm
Of high and low intensity.
A huge lesson for us humans
There would be biases
There would be
There would be
Of low
And of highest order
We too have to
Either put up with everything
Or fight it out
With will power
We can muster
Or ignore it all
But never
Take this bias
To the inner recesses of our heart
And get disturbed
And resort to some ultimate
Which is neither good for us individually
Nor collectively.  


It pains me immensely when I find bias or discrimination at every step of our lives. This discrimination may be on the basis of caste, creed, colour, origin, region, language, culture, traditions; you take and think in any sphere of activity and you will find this hydra-hooded lurking in nook and corner. No society is immune to this malaise. No country can pride itself of not having this ill-conceived, morally bad, unkind, humiliating, and degrading disease. This is despite the fact that in the eyes of our All Knowing Being, we are humans first and then anything else. This malevolence or wickedness prevalent in our societies around the world divide the humans into different groups and, sorry to say, then stigmatized n- labeled as socially undesirable, persecuted and in some cases looked down upon as scum of the society to be ostracized at every step. I am sorry to use some tough words but is so.

This discrimination continues even after evolution of man from stone-age to the modern era of freedom of speech, freedom to choose our profession, freedom to choose our business, freedom to follow our faiths and belief we cherish etc. Still there are people amongst us who do not even think twice in differentiating others and tagging others the way they want. Some people just tolerate the excesses peacefully, some react with violence and fight this out besides still there are the ones who cannot take in any longer and take ultimate step of committing suicide and finish this all once and for all. The last 

The subject nepotism is really on the lips of everybody owing to what happened to the budding Indian actor – Sushank Singh Rajput who started his career in television serials. He committed suicide (at the age of 34 years) due to the pulls and pressures of his profession created by nepotism or any other reason – although the case is under investigation, whether it was a suicide or murder by somebody is yet to be come to light. But one thing stands out, there is nepotism in some organizations or industries. In the instant case, the film industry with some hits to his credit. May be, he took the ultimate step because of disease called nepotism which is rampant in any society. It is there in workplaces even at our formal and informal institutions too.

There may be pulls and pressures, stresses and stra9ins or discrimination or bias in any profession or career but it is also a plain fact that, nobody has the right to take his/her life which is a gift by our Almighty God. If one finds that there is a bias or favoritism or discrimination of any sort, one can fight it out and if need be come clean out of the mess created by others. But to commit suicide is no solution to any problem rather it makes others around especially our blood relations shattered!? Those who think that suicide is the solution for solving any problem then, i am sure, it is one of the retrograde step and must not be taken in any situation or condition.

I shall touch upon my professional lifespan. After my retirement from a Central Government job, after 39+ years of unblemished service, frankly I did not face any bias or discrimination. My education and family background were not so rosy so as to command admiration. Initially, we all have to work hard in order to get on-the-job-experience and subsequently we can get adjusted in any environs in which we are placed. While in this service, I have worked at different places and with different people. My superiors were very considerate and i felt no discrimination or bias even due to fact that in our organization we had people from different family background, with excellent track record of service experience, with excellence in educational qualifications etc. I learned from each one with whom I worked.. Then after my retirement, i have got opportunity of working in two-three organizations wherein i found not even an iota of bias-feeling in any. Everybody, my superiors, my colleagues still like me and I get along with anyone and everyone with whom I work. In  other words, I  have not faced any nepotism in my public service of spanning around 44 years as on today. To be frank, if I was discriminated, I did not take it all seriously and took everything in my stride with the dictum: Let the sleeping dog lie, if you awake it, he will bark and may be bite you.

 If experience is any guide, we get bias tag due to the following:-


In an organization, we are not always fortunate to get good superiors, colleagues and others. Sometimes, we have to work under fastidious ones too, under whom we have to make adjustments since in any organization we ourselves have to change, nobody will change for us. Our ego should not come in our adjustment in the organization we are presently working. This is also true in case of any society. In the society, we have to command respect by giving respect5 first. Nobody cares for a ‘dead horse’ should never be forgotten.


There are occasions when we are not able to cope with the situations and conditions in the organisation, especially so after our transfer from one place to another wherein we have to learn new things about the job. We have to be adaptive to change. If sometimes we get undue remark from your superiors or may be from our colleagues, we have to take these in our stride and learn from our mistakes and not resort to reaction – to pay in the same coin. If we do so, then, God knows what will follow thereafter. Reactions create more reactions and living in the surcharged atmospheric is not that easy.


It should always be remembered that we have to have know-how about the organisation in which we are working and always keep in mind what we can contribute for its growth and development. We may not be in the position of POLICY MAKING yet whatever job is assigned to us should be done with optimum care and caution. Never forget even a single nut in a running vehicle can make the vehicle unfit to move. Everybody has his/her job cut out and should give his/her optimum. Then there will not be any ill-feeling for any one.

If at all you are feeling pinch, just have patience, TIME is a great healer. Everything and everybody is impermanent here on this earth. Even discrimination against us too will pass. Tolerance, patience, persistence, and perseverance make huge difference in our lives.

 We should, therefore, keep in mind, bias or discrimination or favoritism persists and cannot be wished away. It ingrained in human nature, in some it may be lesser than others but it is there but we have to live with all these negative and positive forces.

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7 thoughts on “ON SPECTRE OF NEPOTISM”

  1. It seems as though NEPOTISM has become new norm. It may be at home, workplace, formal or informal institutions, its intensity has been increasing. We have become immune to others. We want to browbeat others, put them under severe pressures. This continues in all the societies.

    Please appraise the blog and offer your kind comments.

    With warm regards


  2. General and Institutional nepotism might be tolerated when times are good. However, setbacks can become crises when there is incompetence in key positions at crucial moments. That is the time one realizes the importance of real talent. We face nepotism in so many forms and almost every day in our life.

    1. Thank you so very much for your invaluable response. Certainly, nepotism in any form is bad and if it happens on regular basis then it is bad. It is also essential that we should acquire the right efficacy in our skill in our profession along with adjustment techniques. 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Affirmative, how you are treated – good or bad depends on us individually. If we are good, let anybody be of any nature, no problem, we can adjust, if need be change according to situation and condition.🙏🙏🙏

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