EGO –The Dire Enemy

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It has been our common experience that more often than not, people have great attachment to their material possessions. The more they have, the more they crave for. This never ending pursuit for ‘more’ goes on and in its wake brings misery and ill-will.  This pursuit has far reaching repercussions on the family relationships. Even the relationship between even the closed relationships has been ruined by the greed for material possessions. The instances of sibling killing their parents for getting rich soon are shocking, to say the least. This has put to dire shame the blood relations.

People with a particular educational background; make much ado about their acquired knowledge. It is because with knowledge gained about the particular subject but lesson wisdom scale are also to be egoist.  They may talk big about their attainments in particular field, putting a question mark on the knowledge acquired by others in other fields.

Then there are the people who do not have any knowledge base but are connected with big family background. They are prone to have ego not because of their standings based on their hard work in any field but family leanings which they boast of day in and day out. This, occasionally, leads to an unusual situation. More of the material possession and less level-headedness is always appalling. 

There are the people who are temperamentally very aggressive. If they are at the helm of affairs, they resort to highhandedness and create bad blood in the company they are heading. This company, more often than not, would be heading for a trouble in the long run. The employees would be facing trust deficit and every other malady which over stressed people may face.

A person with less ego and more knowledge-based-wisdom will attract more friends and well wishers than a person with sufficient material possessions. The latter is loner and finally is afflicted with different debilitating diseases. Besides adversely affecting the onward march of the organization which that person is heading, they become a virtual liability in place of facilitator.

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4 thoughts on “EGO –The Dire Enemy”

  1. Fantastic write-up, Harbans. I agree with almost all the points. But sometimes knowledge may give rise to ego. For example, in Hinduism, God can be achieved in four ways- Gyan, Seva, Bhakti, and Dhyan. The Gyan is the lowest and Dhyan is the highest form. Why do they say that Gyan is the lowest form? Because Gyan gives rise to the ego, and ego may send a person astray.

    1. You are absolutely right mere gyan is not enough, sagacity to implement that acquired knowledge is a must. Demon King Ravana was having sufficient knowledge and he did not use that knowledge to the best of his capacities thus undid everything what he acquired with his egocentric tendencies. Therefore, need is to use our knowledge practically and get experience then only our know-how gained is useful.

      Thanks a lot for your invaluable comments.

      Warm Regards


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