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A class apart from others,
Whose reflection in the life’s mirror,
Exhibit vividly classy image so clear,
Without any spot or blur,
With ease, we can grasp their selflessness,
Deeply ingrained in them is greatness,
They mix with the surrounding so easily,
That even the powerfully poised bestow them the coveted place so respectfully,
Will jump to action when others need – without demur,
Ever full of verve and dynamism,
To lead the battle of life from front,
Selflessness is the service they render for others,
Without exception bereft of expectation at all,
Not by exertion of pressure at command,
But by gentle persuasion,
Service with a smile with nothing in return,
They are responsible for facing any challenge of the day,
Together with his men they accomplish the job at hand,
Use heart and soul to lead their mind,
Selfless feel the people’s pulse fully,
What they actually need the most,
They take credit or discredit,
What their men do or not do,
They are where the action exist,
Not at a place where rewards are disbursed,
Listen to what your men want from them,
Not what you require from them,
Those who work for us honestly deserve our praise without pre-condition,
Heart and soul put together helps to lead from the front,
Being selfless is hardest task, tough call indeed,
Never say die for anything under the sun
O God, the Creator of all things
I beseech Thee to increase the tribes with self-less mindset

Because the selfish are weaklings and cannot stand any heats,
Of challenges thrown by life’s challenges,
Since they fear them and spurn challenges,
Such people want reward for doing even little things,
Deception is their hallmark,
To take credits for others laurels,
Without accepting any blame for wrong doings
Done willfully but not accepting for having done so.


In life we come across people who know how change in the changed environs annd how and where their bread could better be buttered. They may even steal / borrow / forcibly take the butter from somebody else to put on their bread thus leaving the hapless owner hungry! This though is a selfish trait – a negative one at that.

There are people who are bedeviled with excessive lust, greed and anger. These three negative traits come in the way of imbibing divine qualities like LOVE, TRUTH, GOODNESS et al. Nearness to these negative qualities takes us farthest from ULTIMATE TRUTH: GOD.

Whenever man is tempted to take something which legitimately is not his, it is called covetousness due to his selfish nature. He is carried away by his own impulses without caring for others. By doing so, he injures the society for his own wellbeing. In his views, his self-existence is more than the existence of others. A person with selfish motives always considers his interests uppermost and for getting those interests satisfied he would go all out, taking others’ lives even! Is this not happening every day? He transgresses codes of human behaviour, which regulates the behaviour of humans.

No power of reason can transform his self-centered approach for satisfaction/aggrandizement of his desires. He is carried away by his own impulses and temptations without carrying for the society at large. In other words, it could be said that for getting his selfish ends fulfilled, that persons adopts all sorts of means / stratagems in his command.

In our daily lives, we are witness to selfishness in our lives:-

Family Members working at cross purposes to garner cheap points bordering on selfish motives browbeating others in the bargain.

SOCIAL MEDIA working with the sole aim of enhancing TRP at any cost without thinking about the consequences of the scoops on the hapless victim if the story is incorrect.

SOME PRESENT DAY CRICKETERS spoiling the gentlemen’s game by their greed not just bordering on selfishness but immorality too; by indulging in cricket spotfixing – scandals which has tarnished the image of the cricket and the cricketers irretrievably!

• Some religious priests and present day Gurus following baser selfish methods to earn name and fame for themselves, sometimes going against the teachings of religious philosophy while teaching others to follow ethical and moral ways of life.

Need of the hour is to quaff the nectar of selflessness from Divine cup. Selflessness qualities which are good for self and for the society at large are to be adopted in our daily lives. Efforts should also be made to shun demon like, baser selfish qualities. It is the conscience which should be made responsible to be on the guard for maintaining and imbibing selfless attitudes for our personal gain spiritually.

While experiencing lives ups and downs and enjoying every moments, we should always remember that this life of ours is the most precious gift of Almighty God and we should always live a life of selflessness since it will earn us KARMIC CREDIT for us which will ultimately cleanse our SOUL thus would live a balanced life enjoying every moment of life.

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  1. Living selflessly has some advantages which cannot be exchanged for anything tangible in this world. Living a selfish life earns us KARMIC DEBIT which puts us in dire straits thereby our adversely impacting our mind.

    Do appraise and offer your your valuable comments.



  2. Thanks for sharing these precious words, my friend 🙂

    Duality can only cease to be when all is Onness, including all what we are, when the sunbeam returns to its source… Ego, Selfishness etc. this all is separaton – Service to man, service to soul, service to God, humility, love, compassion, consciousness is a way of Oneness, unification. In the end there can only be One and we have to free us, with the help of God, from us, as God is not there and we are not here – as everything is one, is the great Ocean in which the waves of lives, coming and going, in a dream is present.

    Waking up in Him – this is what is needed.

    Thank you very much, dear Harbhans 🙂
    Warm regards

  3. Leading a selfless life entails earning of karmic credits enabling us to cleanse our soul to lead a balanced & enjoyable life! Here you have successfully derived this precious conclusion Sir!

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