A love that remains lustrous
A love that sprouts without bias
A love that gives strength to all.

A love which is symphonic in nature as a means to an end
A love that could be expressed in writing or thru any other medium
A love that is sacrosanct with an implicit meaning.

A love that cares not for caste, color or creed
A love that surpasses in every way we feel
A love that obviously is for real.

A love that remains unchanged as time passes doubtlessly
A love that puts its indelible stamp of its immortality
A love that provides relationship’s solidarity.

A love that instills a feeling of simplicity ultimately
A love that solves our off-putting problems finally
A love that cleanses our body, mind and heart eventually.

A love which is without expectations
A love that removes all pervading discriminations
A love that waters-down all bitterness thus cementing relations.

A love that removes a feeling of jealousy
A love that produces goodwill for all to see
A love that could inculcate positivity in our over-views.

A love that teaches the feeling of being humane
A love that takes for granted our mistakes sometimes
A love that knows how to forget and forgive others mistakes with passage of time.

A love that paints everyone with humane brush
A love that gives a sublime affection a gentle push
A love that generates inner peace & purity.

A love that is eternal and magical
A love that is not theatrical
A love that works with the belief of not to showcase.

A love that asks nothing in return
A love that burns all suspicions in turn
A love that eventually provides helping hand when required.

A love that knows only giving
A love that teaches all the spot-on ways of living
A love that leads us to a path of piety for all living beings.

A love that cares not, even if the ultimate result is supreme sacrifice
A love that showers only fragrance
A love that engenders grace.

A love that removes ill-will prevailing around
A love that spreads goodwill for all without doubt
A love that makes us in every way stout.

A love when facing troubled moments
Produces synergy to our efforts at all times
No negativity like greed, rancor, jealousy can shake its base.




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One thought on “A TRUE LOVE”

  1. LOVE NEEDS NO LANGUAGE, IT ENHANCES AS WE TRY UNDERSTANDING IT. I have penned down the poem. It is all encompassing and gains currency as we reciprocate.

    Do appraise the same and offer your invaluable comments. I truly love your comments.

    I shall be writing a write-up on prose form which will follow.



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