In weal and woe of our lives
Whence we perform our karmic deeds
We experience umpteen experiences
Through ongoing practices
And persistence in our varied experiences
Some polluted and some holiest ones
Adding up unpolluted experiences
We develop a feeling of difference
Which experience we have to surrender
And which one to be absorbed for and till our existence
Through dedicated practice
Sometimes with trial and error
With it all, our understanding gets fillip
And we become self-aware
To perform the journey of our life
With more confidence
Which helps us to perform our multifarious tasks
Tasks and responsibilities without any obscurity
Bereft of any inside and outside pressures
Thus enable us to navigate our pathways
With ease and with peace
After having acquired skills
Gained over a period of time
By so doing
Develop reservoir of expertise
To handle more challenges
Which come in our lives

Based on principles of Yoga
Practicing of which
Helps break the bonds of Karma
Which makes us Yogi of Karmic deeds
By so doing
We can gain ocean of information
Thence a little of our sincere effort
Can help us gain our coveted goal
By surmounting pitfalls
That may come in the way
Of our life’s journey
And the experiences gained
Over a period of time
Will create situation and condition
Created through repeated practices
And uncontaminated experiences
And rich and deep knowledge
And enlightenment gained
Through these fine-tuned experiences
Bereft of any negative feelings
Key for success in any venture
Is to keep our effort going
Principles being keep trying
Keep on going
Never retreating
Till the final goal is attained
Or till the added up familiarity
With the variety of actions
Under variety of situations and conditions
Till the final goal is accomplished
With know-how attained
With untainted experiences of lifetime
Successful surely we shall be because of confidence gained
With tons of experiences we gain over a period of time.

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Similar is the case of establishing full connectivity
We have to undergo severest tests
With utter precision
With endurance
Till acceptance is attained
For the result of our persistence
We have to experience plenty of our experiences
Emulate the good experiences
And get rid of the awful ones
Like sieving the chaff
With trials and pains
And eventually
Our sincerest prayers
Are answered, for sure
By our benevolent God
Thence afterwards
Our path to our most beloved Lord
Is narrowed and eventually connectivity established
Thence He attends to our calls
Anytime and anywhere
When we sincerely call Him
Depending on the deepest desire we nurture
For His presence
Wherein our sincerity
And honesty
Of our prayers does not fritter away
Meaning in both our usual actions
And spiritual realization
For seeking our Creator
Key to attainment in both is purity in our actions
And when we have attained all these things
There is supreme joy and ecstasy in our existence
A state of Seventh Heaven indeed.

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  1. The poem captioned EXPERIENCING OUR EXPERIENCES is a poem which tells us about variety of experiences we have in our lives. It may be for any job and also experiencing Spiritual experiences for establishing our connect with God.

    Do appraise the poem and comment. I really love your comments while getting inspirations from your invaluable comments.



    1. Derrick sir, thanks a ton for your invaluable comments, as always. Our experiences in life just continue while we are traversing from one stage of life to another and every stage of life gives us rich knowledge about what to continue and what to be discontinued. All we gain is enlightenment bestowed by our Lord by way of showing us path; depending on our sincerity.😍😍

  2. I find it to be a brilliant take on spirituality. The tenets of dharma, karma and moksha are reflected in the journey of life experienced by a human being in the poem.

    1. Thanks a lot for your invaluable comments – indeed an inspiring one. Yes, the journey of life starts from the time we are born and continues giving us experiences from which we get knowledge how best to proceed next till our end. This also gives us opportunity to travel on spiritual path for connectivity with our Lord and finally LIBERATION or MOKSHA. 😍

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