We’ve insatiable hunger for more clout
For which underhand approaches are adopted
The trigger for it all is comparing us with others
Since we ourselves are not aware
Of our own self fully
In so doing we nurture different complexes about ourselves
Since we imagine there is affluence
At the other side of horizon
Rationale held being
We prefer comparing
Ourselves with others around us
Without any insight about our own selves
That each one of us is uniquely created
By our most compassionate Creator
Which we do not understand at all
Thus prefer comparing ourselves with others
Which though is woefully wrong
Reason for all this being
Our mind wanders from here
There and everywhere
But never delves deeper
Into the inner recesses of our own selves
For self-realization – our own self
What we actually are!
Thereby tending to be inferior to others.

If somebody is taller than others
This delusive charm remain haunting us
We tend to think why it is so?
If somebody is more intelligent
Then why feel zealous rather working hard to be intelligent?

If somebody is more righteous
Then we tend to have own alibi for not being so.

If somebody is more handsome than us
Then we develop inferior complex in us.

While comparing ourselves with others
We tend not to connect our true spirit inside
We can access the foundation of love which lies within
Thus allowing the eternal love to flow into every aspect of our lives
So that every experience of our lives
Helps remove our ignorance which pervades in our lives
Since disconnection with our own selves
Can disconnect us both from ourselves
And from outside ourselves.

We should never forget
That everybody is having his own unique trait
We can learn from others a thing or two
If we have willingness to do so
Without making comparisons.
Only thing which comparing will give us
is a feeling of jealousy
ill-will and disharmony.

We cannot be the mountain
But can adopt the traits of the mountain
Of withstanding adverse elements of Nature
Of remaining steadfast despite hurdles.

We cannot be a Buddha
Yet we can adopt all principles of Lord Buddha
And live our life with equanimity
Peace, prosperity and satiety.

We cannot be like a deep sea
But we can adopt deeper insight
Into our own selves for a balanced living.

We cannot be a rose with fragrance, so sweet
The petals of which endure
The fury of wind and rain
Till its petals wither away
Petal by petal till its end
But its fragrance remains till the end
We can also give out our fragrance
With our credible deeds to our end
So that others remember us for our good deeds
Even after we are no longer there in physical form on this earth.

We certainly cannot be as useful as a tree
All parts of which are useful for the living beings
From our birth to death
But we can at least fulfill the needs of needy amongst us.

We cannot be river banks
Which take on the ferocity
Of flood fury
But we could endure and get experience
From turns and twists of journey of our existence
Which bedevil our paths
And get lessons from the experiences
As to how to face the challenges.

We cannot be a bird which flies in the blue boundless sky
Boldly and fearlessly
We cannot fly like flying of birds in the sky
But we can give wings to our dreams in reality
With hard work and determination so steely
For realization of our dreams.

We cannot be like mother earth
Which gives us food to eat
Air to breath
Water to drink
For our sustenance
And which absorbs our dead bodies into its elements
But we can be thankful to the Mother Earth
For giving us everything for our existence
By not spoiling the earth’s balance
By not polluting the water, air and environs.



It is a travesty of fact that we tend to compare ourselves with others rather than delving deep into our spirit. By so doing, we can connect our inner self and be self-aware thereby knowing our potentials and drawbacks. Rather than comparing ourselves with others, we can compare ourselves with the  Earth, Nature, phenomenon of Nature (Living and non-living things). For this, we cannot remain fixated (Sithr) about the problems at hand but do something substantial in order to get experience and then lesson in enlightenment (Gyanoddipti) and virtuous thoughts.


Nature (PRAKARTI) is the phenomena (Ghatna) of the physical world – both living and non-living things. It is in the state of matter and possesses energy. Everything that man does is part of physical phenomena. Nature does not do anything unnatural by itself. It is the we humans who spoil the balance of nature by our omissions and commissions. We humans should maintain the balance of nature by remaining within the confines of natural laws and maintain balance for a healthy living. It is a proven fact that Nature (Parkarti) on its own does not do any harm but when its balance is spoiled, the Prakriti does not pardon us for our indiscretions, It defies logic why still we are spoiling Nature’s balance and do not learn from this underlying universal truth, the sooner we realize this the better it would be for the humanity. It has been said in Bhagwad Gita that change is the chief attribute of Nature, therefore, we humans also will have to change accordingly.


We should never forget that everything and everybody are created uniquely by our Creator with different mental and physical state. The more we master our sense organs, the more detached we become. More detached means we would be remaining within the confines of our own sphere of phenomenon.  Meaning, we shall not compare ourselves with others but rather exploit our eternal/latent energy dormant inside us for a holistic growth and development.

If at all we want to compare ourselves, we should take glimpses of reality and positive cues from the Mother Nature and live in sync with Nature.


Though we cannot be a tree which serves us by providing us food, cleans our air through the process of photosynthesis, provides us shade, firewood for warming us and cooking food, wood for furniture and for building our houses, helps in providing barrier for wind, gives shelter to the birds and even wood is used for making pyre for cremation after death. Why cannot we humans who have been bestowed with the special trait of discrimination by our Lord to be useful for spreading peace and prosperity which is hugely needed presently?



We cannot be a rose which spreads its fragrance from its petals which withstands cold, heat and other elements of Mother Nature till each of its petals peter out but after the rose as a whole has completed its function of spreading fragrance without asking anything in return. Though we cannot be like a rose yet we can spread our fragrance too with our sound Karmic deeds so that people may remember us for our good Karma even after we leave the worn-out boat of bodies of ours.


We cannot be Mother Earth, which provides us all the essentials of our lives without which we cannot survive at all. It provides air, food and water besides shelters for all living beings. But for getting air, water and food in their purest forms, it is essential that we keep our environment neat and clean, do not throw dirty wastes coming out our industries and houses into the water sources and for keeping air pollution free, it is important that we do not spew smoke into the air. Though we take everything from the Mother Earth for our survival, it is important that we do not spoil the environmental balance on the surface of earth. We can have traits of Mother Earth and make ourselves useful for the humans and living beings for their survival in a way we are capable.


We can hardly fly like winged birds in the boundless sky but we can give wings to our dreams with our head work and persistence till our dreams are fulfilled. We can not only fulfill our dreams but also help others too in meaningful way for realizing their goals in life. Besides, we can imbibe all the traits for a joyful living while spreading smiles with joy unlimited – as free as a sky-lark flying in the blue sky.

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  1. It is a travesty of our life that we tend to make comparison with others and seek and follow different means for attaining the same. This comparison is far-fetched and not worthy for our living peacefully and with equanimity.

    Do appraise the blog and comment. I always love and get inspiration from your comments.



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