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At times something happens
So suddenly that we’re taken aback by the occurrence
Since we are not ready
To take on the coming event  really
Which uncertain actually
This tentatively happening events
Compels us to manipulate things
And stage-manage the future events
So unpredictable and unknown
Then only thing which could come to our rescue
Is the pool of past experiences
And healthy practices
Gleaned over the past many years and with sufficient patience
If we’ve taken cues from the same
Or better still for us all
If we’ve some inkling of coming events
Due to our insight or intuition
The past planning too will lend a hand
In combating the sudden onslaught.
Though the past is dead, in real time, space and situation
But the experiences gained
And skill gained remains
From the past, if at all we care to take
Which pulls us through
Proving that dead is not dead completely
Since expertise gained in the past comes to our succor.
Future is unpredictable
Yet, it can’t be considered tentative in its entirety  
Since we’ve to make modicum of plan for days to come
It is true of performance of our journey
We’ve to make prior arrangement
Where to go, how to go and best to go about it all
It is not a journey to nowhere but everywhere
But also to a journey known and planned before hand.

Truly, future is uncertain
Only the present is certain and could be predicted
The moment we are here is definite
Whether we would be there to face the situation the next moment
But we’ve to be ready, if life remains in real sense
For facing any possible event
Taking the assistance of past record
Only option is to sketch the coming events
Not only for the present moment
But also for the days ahead
To be ready to consciously face the random occurrences head-on.
Krishna declares in Bhagwad Gita
Whenever there is rule of Adharma
Or when uncertainty or unpredictability of the future prevails
Or when unrighteousness increases in the society
Or when there is disruption in the society
Or when value systems get disrupted completely
Or when there is nobody is there for restoration presently
Or when there is no respect to the value system presently
Or there is prevalence of corruption presently
Then there is doubt and fear for the next generation
Getting usurped and swamped in different indulgences
Thence only option is to restoration of healthy balance
Thereupon, Almighty God manifests in one form or other
And help restore semblance of sanity and healthy balance
By removing the evil from the society & have the glimpses of reality
Thus cleaning it for our future generation
To live in an atmosphere of sanity; bereft of fear and animosity.


Significantly, we all are aware of the unpredictability of some situations and condition. There is a lesson in the randomness of any situation. This lesson is that we have to be fully prepared for any eventuality which may befall on us anytime and anywhere.

When we know that our future is unpredictable, then, we have to sincerity plan to meet any emergent condition. This is easily said than done since we do not know exactly what sort of unpredictable situation may befall from blues.

In essence, there are times when something happens suddenly. In such a scenario, we can either get-away or escape from the piquant or unexpected situation. Alternatively, we can also face up to the situation head-on with all the resources at our command. These resources may be our exploiting our inner potential, our resilience and flexibility besides our persistence to continue despite hard times.

Evidently, the coming events coming randomly may shake us for sometime but our inner belief and indomitable belief on our Creator will inculcate suitable opportunities to come out the precarious situations and conditions, But silver lining on the horizon is that hard times bestow us experiences of life time. These past experiences bring out the best from us and bestow us expertise and skills to face our unpredictable future events with aplomb without any slippages.

To be frank, I have experienced many of the hard times and it is during these hard times only which tested my nerves besides these provided me enough ammunition and spirit to face future head-on with full determination, courageously and resolutely full of confidence. Thus it is a proven fact that the present experiences give us knowledge and enlightenment to face the occurrences befalling us without any inkling.  Bereft of any experiences, through hard practices, we tend to float like a rudderless weed in the stream in the stormy current.

It is, therefore, in the fitness of things the correlation cited in the Bhagwad Gita as to why present should become a beacon of light to remove darkness from our midst. Lord Krishna reiterates the importance of removing evil from the society prevailing presently so that our next generation may live with virtuous thoughts and through the path of rectitude bereft of any evil and ill-will. For this to be reality, Lord Krishna highlighted that whenever there is prevalence of evil in the society, He incarnates, at different times differently, for removing evil prevailing in the society so that the future generation may live bereft of any fear of evil masquerading in one form or another.

It is evident that the experience that we glean over a period of time, gives us opportunity to face any future and unpredictable occurrences which may befall on us without any inkling about the events which may befall. Then the belief on our own SELF along with the indomitable belief on ALMIGHTY GOD will pull us through.

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  1. Our future is uncertain. We are confronted with problems of unpredictable dimension and for coming out of those unpredictable problems, our experiences and attained skills can only deliver us from the morass.

    Do appraise the blog and comments.



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