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Literally, attitude (Ravaiya) includes means our behavior (Acharan),  formed through amalgamation of habits (Adatat) besides our conduct (Charitr) which are formed to make us a composite character (Kirdhar) and personality (Sakshyat).


Our attitude could be positive and negative too. While we direct our habits, behavior patterns, senses mind, an to transact our Karmic deeds with positive orientation. This happens when thoughts and actions are totally in sync.  An individual with positivity oriented attitude and behavior is a accommodating human-being.


Our negative emotions, in the form of anger, greed, lust, negative attributes, reactive to a stimulus, attitude when we become temperamental, resort to appeasement of our desires, become more touchy or emotional on small things which could otherwise could be ignored, become moody and unpredictable in behavior thus become prisoner of our senses and mind.  A person characterized with such attributes grows up to be a person with lop-sided or split personality.


Significantly, it is a matter of great significance that we can change our attitude from bad to exemplary one if we intend to. The case in point is that of heartless and ruthless Bandit, one named Ratnakra living in jungle, used to loot their belongings and kill the merchants who passed his way. The general masses, particularly the hapless travelers who their merchandise used to passed that way. One day, Narada Muni, a sage in his own right who had bestowed vast knowledge, in the guise of a simple person. When Ratnakra wanted to loot him, the sage in very suave and gentle demeanor asked the bandit to first of all understand why he was looting the general people. Ratnakra told that he was doing this atrocious sin to feed his family. The sage asked him to ask his family members whether they would be sharing the sin which he continue to commit.

In order to test the authenticity, he agreed and went to his house after tying the sage with a rope lest he escaped from the custody. The replies of family members including his wife and parents were baffling to say the least. Their curt reply was that it was the responsibility of Ratnakara to feed them, also they cannot share any sin committed by him.

He went to the sage in the jungle, untied him and asked him to forgive him for his lapses. Thereupon, the sage came to his original form.  Ratnakara requested the sage to apprise him about a Mantra so that he could chant to connect with God for his entire lifespan.

This shows the change of his attitude in its entirety whenever we have determination to do so. The sage advised him to chant MARAN which ultimately changed to RAMA RAMA when chanted repeatedly umpteen number of times. The intensity of this Bhakti was obviously very severe. He chanted this Mantra; season after season without even taking anything finally he turned into an ant hill but his chanting of Mantra did not stop.

Finally, Ratnatra was bestowed with knowledge and enlightenment by God Almighty; so much so that he penned down the great epic RAMAYANA with name SAGE VALMIKI RAMAYANA. This goes to prove that we can change our attitude and outlook on life if and when we have will to do so. Nothing can come in our way if we want to change our attitude from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE ONE.


Importantly, it depends solely on us whether to imbibe an attitude of gratitude (Kirtigya) or negative attitude of dissatisfaction filled with complaining mentality. At any given time, we all have something to be thankful for, and something to be unhappy or upset about. This depends on the nature of a particular person whether he/she wants to be thankful or to be indebted for a good thing done to us. There are also individuals who do not showcase any modicum of gratitude for a job well done for them. Though such people are rare yet there are cases of children who do not care for their parents at their old-age. This is an attitude of gravest moral turpitude which nobody in his senses should nurture.


Truly, a person with complaining mentality on anything and everything turns out to be unpopular. Fundamentally, such a person cannot adjust with the environs in which he/she is living. Such a person showcases the negative mental orientation, wherever, he/she puts his/her footprints. Most people can sense those negative energies and often choose to keep away from such individual. The individual concerned may or may not  fathom his/her attitude. And with repulsive attitude we can hardly develop any friend circle around us.

In the long run, it may leave such person confounded as to why people do not like him/her but fault is not far to seek. The fault lies in his/her attitude only. It should always be borne in mind that people do not have time and energy to waste for an individual who does not knows fully about his/her own attitude! A person with complaining mental approach may finally be forsaken by his own kith and kin. We must have observed how a person with positive mental attitude has got natural magnetism of his/her own and is liked by others.


One thing for which we have to be hugely concerned is to imbibe an attitude for being gratitude to Almighty God for bestowing us the gift of  Nature and all his creations (living and non-living) with all its bounties such as air, water, fire, sky, land, sea and other water bodies, change in seasons, etc.  We should also be thankful for His Divine Love. His Love should make us realize that we should pass on this love to our fellow beings. By so doing, His Love for us will multiply manifolds.


The discernible maxim: Fortune favors bold. Those who have belief in himself and God always weather all storms or misfortune. There is a case in point how a hapless family could adjust after they were thrown out of the family fold.  There were two sons both of whom were married. The elder son and daughter-in-law who were driven out of the house by her in-laws along with their child while giving everything to their younger son who earlier on did nothing to support the family. This was a big jolt for the couple. The contentious point was the monthly salary of the elder son was inadequate to meet the expenses which included house rent, groceries, tuition fees for the child. The couple was in huge quandary. The daughter-in-law tried her hand in tuition work as she was a trained teacher. The number of students increased thus the family income too increased. Presently, with the grace of God, the family is able to meet all family expenses and other obligations. This proves that misfortunes do visit us sometimes but those who are having positive attitude and belief on God can come out unscathed. This proves that   when we are with positive attitude, we can weather any storm which may befall any time.

Conclusively, it could be rightly construed that we can overcome any misfortune which may befall on us without any inkling provided we have positive attitude – even when we are in overwhelming circumstances. We can transform from hopeless situation to hopeful one by taking on adverse situation to attain  success and ultimately by showcasing gratitude to Omnipotent and Omniscient God, for fructifying our sincere effort. Turning liability or unlikelihood into viability or feasibility by our POSITIVE ATTITUDE indeed. 

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  1. The type of attitude we have depends on us only Positive attitude makes us and Negative Attitude unmakes us.

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