Wishing you all Happy & Prosperous New Year; Twenty-Twenty-One
My sincerest prayers to Omnipotent & Omniscient
To grace us with God’s Speed, self-realization & God-realization
For the achievement of our mission.

In the year 2021, my sincerest prayers to Almighty God – so benevolent
The plentiful elegance for enlightenment
Which the man groping in darkness in essence needs
For removal of all pervading ignorance.

The way the economic condition has got drubbing in the year passed by
If not stabilized in the year 2021 by easing the contagion so dodgy
Thence the life around the world at large
Would get enveloped in uncertainty and worsened by every passing day..

Whatever transpired, good or bad in the panorama of our existence
Man-made or with nature’s interference
Will to excel in the face of hardship will bestow our inner potential
To come out of the hopeless and helpless situation.

I pray to God for creation of a feeling of contentment
Thus turning situation of utter resentment
Which may be due to somebody’s design or due to our unwieldy mind
Thereby turning negative thoughts into constructive ones for righteous living.


Woefully, Year – 2020 brought-about
Some sweet but more-sour episodes
Reminding us that there is truth in the motto
Man proposes but God disposes; to be true.

I pray for inculcation of a feeling of satiety along with measure of self-awareness
By delving deeper into the inner recesses of our own self
For holistic growth based on spiritually oriented life
With connectivity with our Creator for eternal bliss.

One thing we should never ever forget though
That the past thoughts and Karmic deeds we’ve transacted
Should never come in our path of our onward journey for living a purposeful life
While getting experiences hereafter for sublime living should be our goal in life.

We all are constrained to say farewell to the year gone by
As the year 2020 has become a part of history
But the memories of the past deeds or misdeeds we did remain indelibly
As a silent reminder, good deeds brings good results and bad ones sadness – truly.

One thing we’ve to keep in mind Is to exercise total control of our mind
And transcend the plane of senses and becoming slave of our mind
So that we remain within the confines of modicum of decorum
And do not get berserk like a heady steed and run in the wilderness of our own creation.

We should gleefully partake our happiness
So as to alleviate the others pains
While facing pains and sufferings
Thereby earning for ourselves brownie points in the form of Karmic credit.

We should always learn from a full fledged tree
Whose every part is useful for living beings
Shade to the tired traveler, shelter to the birds
Helps maintain the balance in Nature by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Similar is the case with Mother Nature – the handiwork of God
For Him, it is one of his creations for sustaining life on this planet
With precious gifts in the form of air, water and source of energy the Sun.
In return, the man in general spoils its balance by resorting .to exploitation

Our efforts should be to cultivate good relationship with others
So that our relationship gets cemented with every passing day
The fellow-feelings and good-will get solidified still further and made sweeter
Even getting cues from the experiences of past and our well-wishers.

The experience gained in the year 2020 and the years preceding
Would be made applicable in the days, months and years proceeding
So that nothing is transacted that is derogatory
For future practical utility.

We also express our heartfelt condolences
For those who lost their lives with Covid-19 pandemic
Who were taken to their final burial or cremation
Without their near and dear to perform their last rites.

We tend to disapprove of others on silly pretexts
By being entirety judgmental and hypocritical
Thinking their own-selves to be ‘holier than thou’ and superior
While considering others inferiors.

We should trust others as much as possible and as much as required
Since trust deficit derails success of any task that we take in hand
So for success of any mission execution, use of inner strength is a must
Also, when we’ve faith and firm belief on our fellow beings we interact.

My sincerest prayer for our Omniscient and Omnipotent
To grace us all with His graces and bounties
A Peace and Prosperous One.


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  1. MAY 2021 GRACE US WITH PEACE & PROSPERITY. Yesterday, I took some photographs, which I have added with the poem – the light of the SUN is an indication that MOTHER NATURE is always for our wellness, it depends on us how best to explore it all.

    Do appraise the write-up and offer your comments. I have also penned down elaborate article on NEW YEAR which I shall be publishing tomorrow. In the meanwhile, kindly go through the POEM.



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