Every next moment demands from us all
That we become enlightened souls
With every passing moment
Come out of our false dilemmas
Till we reach to the still centre of our body
By traversing within our being
Since we’ve to change as time changes
Leaving some imprints
And some blemishes
Which do not part ways
Inevitably lasting ones
Despite our best efforts
To erase those indelible impressions
Which have seeped into our super-consciousness
These scars which time has given
Get erased only when we leave for good
This impermanent body and backdrop of our existence.

Experience teaches us that time is such a teacher
That it flies away turning moments into seconds
Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours
Hours into years together & century
And this process goes ceaselessly.

People who learn something good presently
Gain knowledge and familiarity
And when knowledge is used meaningfully
It turns into pearls of wisdom ultimately.

Those of us who lose this moment in daydreaming
Lose the most precious time
Without gaining anything substantial
That you can tell your own
Repent for the lost chances.

This awareness actually dawns
When we introspect and analyze our purpose of life
The pluses and minuses of our lives
This self-realization should dawn
Within shortest span of time
Otherwise it would be too late to mend.

Today on my birthday, I too realize
About the lost chances
Besides the frittered about opportunities deliberately
Or unknowingly
Based on suppressed evidence
Or false dilemmas or reaching false conclusions
Yet what I gained with the passage of time
Too remains indelibly into my psyche & mind
That, come what may
Change is a must – a positive change so to speak
Is to erase ignorance and imbibe knowledge-based lessons
And that change dawns on us
Only when we’re supra-mental awareness and God-consciousness
Away from mental traps and delusions but based on eternal truths.

The lasting impressions totally bereft of false biases & false alarms
In the realm of limitless; all pervading in Soul & Param-Atma
Of self-awareness and God-consciousness which dawns
Away from the bondage & attachments of senses and mind
This happens whence i traverse journey suffusing with spiritualism
With full awareness that I should not forget
The significance and very purpose of life on this beautiful planet
To seek connectivity with Omnipotent and Omniscient One
Till I travel untrodden path of God & make it tried and tested one
Till I realize the perpetual sway of Supreme God
After removal of perpetual fears haunting me
And realize self-existing God within me – totally fixed in Thee
Till the last breathe of my existence
After having understood the vast panorama of life
With the idea death is real in the unrealistic of life
Based on truth, I am merely a speck in the creation of our Creator
And attain ultimate Moksha – liberation based on my Karma.


My ultimate prayer to Thee my Almighty God
Is to rid me off the any shred of ego
If at all there in my being
Also rid me off the Attachments
With the fruits of my thoughts & actions
I bestow me with supreme contentment
Along with simplest lifestyle
With what I have or do not have with Thy Grace
Besides opportunities to get experiences
From the pros and cons of my existence.

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      1. Really? I am sure to be more chirpy and accommodative than ever before on my next birthday. Wiser – I really do not know for sure. 😇😇

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