We shall be celebrating our 72nd Republic Day
In the best spirit we hold dear
With full delight and huge excitement.

Whilst India got its independence
From the bondage – the most authoritarian one
On 15th August 1947 with efforts incessant
The sovereignty of ours is not easily attained
Since for our self-government
Countless people made their supreme sacrifices for its attainment
Besides some suffered hugely in the dark dungeons.

When India got right of self-determination
We were not having our own Constitution
A drafting committee was constituted with consensus
Which gave its first draft report on 4th November1947
Consisting men of impeccable integrity and track-record
The National Assembly put their indelible stamp
On the Constitution so meticulously prepared
On 24th January, 1950
Which came into inception on 26 January 1950.

Merging with the spirit of the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day
26th January 1930,
Which is considered as a historic day
We doubtlessly proclaims clearly
Representing the true spirit of independence
Conferring power to its people to elect their own Government of choice
And many more rights were conferred on its citizenry
Including right to freely express their opinion
Freedom to follow the faith of their choice

Along with their duties also
Thus indirectly govern the country
Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath
As the first President of free India/Bharat
Unfurled the National Flag at Irwin Stadium.

Military might of the land is showcased at Rajpath
Here our Para-military forces also participte
In their smartly dressed parade.

Gallantry awards are conferred on the bravest of braves
For their exemplary acts of valor
For defending their mother-land
Some fortunate get the same on their own
While others get these posthumous
For their Supreme Sacrifice
From the President of India
Their Supreme Commander.

The cultural diversity of different regions
Are showcased by different states
And Union territories
These are the other attractions
A rainbow of diversity indeed!

The other States of the Union too are not left behind
Indeed this is the real beauty of our Republic

My wish-list for the next Republics is listed below:-


Every Indian should Respect Constitution without any reservation. Not understanding the spirit of constitution and interpret the various provisions given in the construction as per their convenience, will not serve any purpose. We have got our independence after giving a lot of sacrifices, therefore, we have to protect its unity and sovereignty. For this, we have to keep a close watch on internal and external forces which are inimical to the growth and development of India. 


We all are aware how Covid-19 pandemic has adversely imbalanced not only their lives but also their economic condition due to lockdown situation. For our peoplw to be healthy, it is important that the health and wellness of all countrymen is ensured. This could be done by having a jab of Covid-19 jab when our turn comes.  It is a fact that Indian Vaccine has proven its efficacy and has not produced much adverse symptoms on those who had their jabs. There should not be any hesitation or politics in taking vaccine’s jabs since it has shown its efficacy without perceptible adverse symptoms.

India has also earned goodwill internationally by sending the Covid-19 Vaccine to other countries. Besides, ninety-two countries have approached India for Covid-10 vaccine which proves our credentials for Covid-19 vaccine hub.  We should feel proud of our scientists who made it possible and earned a name and fame for India internationally.


As the situation develops on  our borders in LAC and LOC, the situation is not conducive for contributing to peace. We have to keep a strict guard so that our country remains secure. Although we have had military level talks on several times (Ninth times), the last one was held on 24th January 2021 between India and China yet situation remains unpredictable. There is unprovoked firing from one of our neighboring country and now it is digging tunnels to send terrorists to India to disrupt peace and tranquility. Although, our  Government is in the process of developing the needed infra on LAC yet more needs to be done for remain ever ready for any eventuality both on LAC and LOC.


The several meetings between Govt and farmers unions (protesting for revocation of three farm laws passed by our Parliament in September) have not made any head way. Although Govt. has assured that they are willing to keep these laws on-hold for one and half years yet the farmers want nothing but repealing of the farm laws. It should be kept in mind that the agitation has been spearheaded by farmers from Punjab and Haryana. Almost all other farmers, especially those states which produce cash crops are happy with these laws.

It is hoped that all the contentious points are discussed threadbare (Point by point) and a consensus reached so that the further stalemate is prevented since prevention of free flow of traffic to Delhi indefinitely will adversely affect the life and economic activities in and around our capital. It has been estimated that there is a loss of Rs. 3500/- Crore per day to the country. Cumulatively, the economic loss is gigantic. All concerned should join hands in finding a solution to this pestering problem. It should be kept in mind that the state of affairs should not go out of hand consequently disrupting the law and order situation.


It is my fond hope that there should a dawn of corruption free society and those assigned the task of governance, in whatever capacity they are working should perform their job assigned/chosen with impeccable commitment and with sagacity while upholding the integrity of the country. There should also be zero tolerance to corruption and also corrupts get quick justice for their nefarious designs. No status or material possessions should come in the way of corruption free society. Here Lok Pal Bill/Lok Ayukta’s dictum should be the guiding dictate for dealing with corrupts who are eating into the vitals of our society.


Unless until we give due respect to women as mother/sister/daughter/wife or friend, we cannot call ourselves as civilized society. It should be without consideration to nationality (I want my country respect women without consideration to any bias as we have seen in many instances. My wish is that my country respect all women without any discrimination whatsoever;


It has been observed that Covid-19 pandemic has adversely impacted the economic condition globally and in that India too has been impacted severely. Although the overall death rate (1%) and cure rate (about 98%) are one of the best globally yet the adverse economic affects and rise of unemployment which the lockdown has produced is  really perceptible and gigantic. It will take sometimes to bring back normalcy.

In the international arena, those societies which have got economic clout are held in high esteem and their say is always respected even in renowned world forums. This economic growth does not just come about without concerted efforts on the part of the Government and the general masses. I wish that the next Republic comes when the Government fulfills its vision and mission to upgrade our economy globally first by coming out of near recessionary condition and then stablising since all the parameters of growth are still there in Indian economy. Growth and development should be all inclusive one. All the sectors of economy i.e. industrial; agricultural; infra etc should grow side by side for an overall pump-priming effect on the people in general.


We are proud of our Republic since 65% of the people are below 35 years of age. This work force/human resource should be exploited to the hilt and should not be left to be frittered away by a few corrupt individuals. For this to happen, it is a must that this huge segment of our society gets opportunity for better training/skill and help lift the country from the present stature to the stature of high growth. This is possible with growth in Research & Development for better results in all sphere especially technological development and Information Technological Sector which could go north-ward wherein merit and talent are given more credence.


Over and above the above cited subjects, I am sanguine that our development cannot be so inclusive without our spiritual growth and development. Whatever course we adopt, of whatever religion we follow, we should try to seek God for our liberation besides performing our daily day to day routines.


I wish to see my mother land to have all inclusive development without any bias whatsoever. Religion, caste, region or any other ulterior consideration should not come in the way of holistic development of the country.


In order to get our day to day jobs done, we resort o excessive reliance on our computer system/network for getting our things done. It may be e-e-commerce, net-banking and all other sundry communication related functions. But there are unscrupulous elements with inimical design who are on the lookout for unauthorized access to the computer system or network for getting classified information illicitly. Not to speak of theft of restricted information, such people could cleanup or siphon off our cash by breaching banking security. Government should make strict laws for those nefarious elements so avoid recurrence. Impregnable Computer security for important sectors should also be ensured.

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  1. My wishes for 72nd REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATIONS on 26th JANUARY 2021.

    Do appraise and offer your invaluable comments.




  2. Thankyou for this valuable insights about our Country.
    I hope this message will reach to more and more people around the globe.

    It’s our responsibility to enrich and preserve our heritage
    Our ethos and our treasure.

    Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳

    1. While wishing your the best on our REPUBLIC DAY, my heartfelt thanks to you for your most inspiring comments. Needless to say, we are really proud of our country’s thrust for progress and our people of all hues are responsible for all what is happening in our country. My prayer is that our country should come forward in showing the path as shown by our revered ones from all religions. Thanks and regards.

      1. I hope things will get better again. I know things and our thinking have changed from couple of years but I also know one thing that we will rise again because that’s what we are doing from ages.

      2. Seemingly so. There are pinpricks – some self-created and some created by our adversaries. These could be tackled if we unitedly face the facts and work for betterment of the lots. This will result when all of us contribute in whatever capacity one can contribute for the growth and development of our country. Thanks and regards.

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