May be an image of sky, tree and nature


There exists, out of the ordinary urge within
Termed as animal instinct
An urge, kept as hidden secret
Even the bearer may not accept
About the presence of this instinct.

This animal ego manifests itself
Which we all may disregard at first
May hide or let this negative instinct
Allowed to fester and perpetuate
In the form of huge sense-of-self
Which, if allowed to go out of control
Manifests and takes a gigantic form
Thus sapping the reserve of positive strength
Of the person concerned.

In our day to day dealings with others
In our behavior and attitude
Which not only adversely impacts
Outer lookout
But also sullies our inner recesses of our heart.

When awareness dawns
Thru our sincere self-introspection
Then an urge from within us emerges
To get rid of this animal instinct.

But first of all we’ve to have sincere acceptance
Of animal-ego existence
And then try earnestly
To get rid of this ego-instinct
By our self efforts with utter sincerity.

An honest effort from our inner-self
To uproot and erase the last traces of this negative instinct
From our system which has taken root
Then pure-consciousness emerges from within.

Then a realization should dawn within
That nothing ever happens
Without experiencing these unique experiences.

We should bear in mind
We cannot have total transformation
From negative animal instinct
To a refined and detached one
From body, mind and intellect
Till such time we make honest effort.

For this to be reality in real sense of terms
Our mind has to be integrated
With our being with a reckoning most astute
That there exists a permanent soul.

It should be understood that for a higher consciousness
We’ve to be fair-minded and far-sighted
Always ready to be integrated
Into all-understanding domain
Thus transcending animal instinct
Thereby transforming ourselves into all-comprehending
And all-encompassing LOVE
And amalgamate our Soul with Absolute Being.

ANIMAL INSTINCT               

May be an image of tree, sky and nature


In essence, It is a fact that there exists an animal instinct in all of us in one form or other. This animal instinct or animal–ego tendency accentuates as we placate and grease it still further rather than keeping ourselves free from this negative urge as and when we are under its influence. For example, whenever somebody provokes us, ethically or unethically, we want to pay in the same coin. Contrarily, if we just introspect and keep cool and be patient the results would be rather positive and constructive one,  Getting excited and in our excitement going off the tangent may bring in misery impacting our composure and wellness.

We should always keep in mind that  negative urge could be one or mix of  anger, greed, bitterness, lust for power and pelf etc. All these lower our persona in the eyes of others. All these negative traits in one form or other could spell our downfall.

We should try to introspect and see how best to get rid of the animal ego dormant in ourselves.  For this, timely action has to be done otherwise its adverse affects will multiply and may give us sleepless nights. It is because under the influence of the animal-ego, we tend to lose control over our mind. Losing control over our mind means losing control over the realities of our life. Losing control over our lives means losing sight of the very purpose of our existence. These realities of  lives have to be experienced and lived with.

Although periodical self-awareness  is a must yet it cannot be eradicated just by wishful thinking only. We’ve to therefore deliberate seriously and then attack the very roots of negative traits so that nothing comes in our way for our holistic growth and development.

Need  is to enhance our self-consciousness by our righteous thoughts, righteous Karmic deeds with full application of spiritual orientation in our lives. By doing so, we shall be having a all-understanding, all-comprehending and all-encompassing LOVE.

The end result should be to efface and wipe out the ANIMAL INSTINCT from within our own self so that our SOUL becomes in sync with SUPREME LORD.

From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that although all of us are having animal ego yet need is to keep this elusive animal instinct under tight sheath so that it does not go out of control when cool mental composure is the need of hour. God willing, everything has got its price-tag. Here the price-tag is in the form of tolerance, patience, composure, sense of purpose in our endeavour, staying cool despite provocation etc. Let’s see how much we can change ourselves for a PURPOSEFUL LIVING bereft of ANIMAL INSTINCT for a refined and positively oriented KARMIC PATH.

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  1. It is a travesty of fact that everybody is having some modicum of ANIMAL INSTINCT which if not identified and then refined then these animal instincts will multiply. When these will not be allowed to be appeased and greased then these could be stalled.

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      1. When we do not understand the true motive of somebody then our mind is not able to react correctly as it should therefore it could react without resort of rational thinking. Thanks for your commentary. Regards.

  2. Very insightful piece of write up on animal instinct and the ways it could be refined and managed preventing any adverse effects! Thanks for sharing such an invaluable post sir 💕🙏

    1. Chauhan sahib thanks a ton for appraising the write-up and offering your invaluable commentary on the topic. An inspiring one at that, 💕🙏💕🙏

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