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Today is the birthday anniversary of a great Seer Shri Ramakrishana Paramahansa. He was born on 18th February 1836, his Jyanti is being celebrated today according to based on Hindu lunar calendar. If we follow his philosophy of life, then, there will not be any strife between people of diverse religions, castes, colour, region, language etc since he considered all the creations of our Common Creator.

His childhood name was Gadadhar Chattopadhyay. His father’s name was Khudiram Chattopahyay and that of mother Chandramani Devi. He belonged to a poor Brahmin family. His early formal education was not so rosy but everybody appreciated about his spiritual orientation. He used to go into trance in the childhood itself.  He was a devout Bhakta of Kali Maa and that is why he became a priest at Dakshineshwar Kali temple.

Subsequently he was married to Saradamoni Mukhopadhyay, termed as Maa Sarada there after. When he married her, she was merely five years old. Thereafter, when she turned 23 years, she joined Shri Ramakrishna.

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Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa considered men and women with the same respect though considered women with high esteem. For him, his wife was the embodiment of the Divine Mothers and paid her respect in every way. He said; Women are, all of them, the veritable images of Shakti.

Though he himself did not claim to be a great (Considered himself as a common man) yet for him every creation of God were equal and should  be respected as such.  

He was of the opinion that God could be achieved by following a righteous course by following practical orientated lifestyle rather than based on any other considerations.

Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa  was the one who was respected for his kindness. He  is still the most celebrated mystic in Bengal, respected for his devotion, loved for his kindness and adored for his simplicity. His followers included highs and lows who respected him equally.

Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa died on 16th August 1886 after suffering from throat cancer. Thus the innings of a virtuous, kind, righteous to the core, one who respect other religions as he respected his own, spiritual to the core besides the one who considered women great esteem.   

His spiritual life started at an early age. He made sincere efforts in seeking God and showed to his people how best to reveal the mysteries and Truth about God with persistence and sincerest efforts. The truth is the one which could be tested and attested at any place and time. We may call God by any name but reality about Him does not change. This has also been enunciated in the Upanishadic sages. Different religions are the pathways of attaining God but Truth about Him remains the same.

Ramakrishna believed in the convention and tradition of Guru Shishya Parampara (Guru and Disciple Tradition). His teachings inspired one all.

Shri Ramakrishna was the Guru of Swami Vivekananda because of his simple way of teaching in the simplest language and style. Swami Vivekananda while pursuing his philosophy of spiritualism wanted his curiosity of God assuaged. For this, Swami Vivekananda asked whether he believed in the existence of God and how, to which Shri Ramakrishna simply mentioned that he saw God as he saw him (Vivekananda).  After knowing about the answer, Swami Vivekananda was very impressed. The following are the philosophy of religion of Shri Ramakrishna:-

  • He believed in the existence of God since according to him, he saw God as he say anybody else – which showcases the intensity of his belief.
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  • He firmly believed that God is one and we can call Him by any name.
  • He considered different religions as different pathways to reach to the same destination – Supreme God. To understand different religious philosophies, he followed the principles and lived as per the beliefs of different religions. It could he construed religion as a reality and respected all the religions as a mean to achieve the end – to seek God with highest intensity.
  • He opined that the knowledge attained by us leads to unity and ignorance leads us to diversity. He laid emphasizes acquiring knowledge for enlightenment.
  • He was the one who excelled in religious know-how of all religions and excelled in Hindu philosophy too. Swami Vivekananda considered his master as the living commentary on Veda and  Vedanta. He opined that lovers of God are universal in their attitude and do not belong to any religion or caste. In his view nobody should consider his faith alone is true and every other’s false. According to him, God without form or with form are real.
  • He lived a life of a spiritualist with difference by practically following the principles and experienced the truth. Truth for him is the way of life to be followed.
  • He followed the life a sage who experienced truth rather than believing blindly the religious scriptures. He opined that we should live a selfless life which also helps us to imbibe God in our heart. Subsequently we can realize God after seeking Him sincerely.
  • The essence of his teachings were simple which could be understood by even anybody and everybody. In other words, even children can understand the Vedanta Philosophy. No intricate enunciation while giving his discourses. He conveyed his ideas very simply.
  • According to him, when we are humble, simple and kind, we can attain God’s mercies. He opined that as the rain water never stands on the high ground but runs down to the lowest level. Similarly God dwells in the hearts of the lowly. God does not connect with the person with egocentric tendencies.
  • He opined that we should try to follow truth, follow righteous course. While following a life based on truth, we should not find fault with anyone.
  •  He had God realization by practically following  the essence of religious principles. There was charm and simplicity in his discourses and interactions. It is surprising as to how he could relate even the intricate philosophies with ease.
  • It should never be forgotten that Divine Being lives in all of us; irrespective of us being of any religion, caste, creed or colour, good person or bad. The purpose is to seek Him within us by following simple lifestyle in our lives.
  • We should always reign in our mind since it is the mind tht makes us wise or ignorant, bound or emancipated.
  • The attainment of goal according to his viewpoint is to go deep into the intricacies of the religious principle and convey the same to the people in general with most polished and with utmost ease.
  • It has been seen that most of his teachings were so simple that he presented them in such a way that even children could understand the same. He opined that truth is to be realized through spiritual striving.
  • He attained spiritual goal with ease simply by following simple manner without much wastage of time which others took years to attain.

Conclusively, it could be construed that Shri Ramakrishna followed his practical philosophy in simple, with ease, practically following each step with precision thus reach to goal without much wastage of time an energy. In other words, a complete surrender is the only way forward for achieving a spiritual orientation in our life.

If we appraise his philosophy of life and follow the same, I  can say with authority that there will not be any bad-blood, ill-feelings/ill-will, misunderstanding between people of any religions based on narrow and parochial thinking. May his teachings remain relevant and followed by people of all hues! Adopting his eternal philosophies means adopting righteousness in our lives.

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  1. TODAY IS THE BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF A GREAT VISIONARY AND RELIGIOUS PREACHER OF REPUTE. By imbibing his philosophy we can rid the world of its strife prevalent today..



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      Shri Ramakrishana Paramhansa was seer with a difference who gave spiritual orientation a new meaning and practical utilitity.

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