In essence, fact  remains
That we are passing through a most trying moments
When we are fighting a battle so real
With the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic so cruel
A hidden foe which attacks
Without bias of any kind
Yet, we have to keep in mind; hope lingers with life
And we should not forget our renowned historical festivals and events
Which we usually celebrate with joy so abundant
Owing to one sound reason or other
Though this time over, there will not be any fair or gathering
Yet we can at least keep remembering
About the historical and traditional values we think endearing
We attach with the festival as Baisakhi
Which marks ushering in of New Year – Vaisakh
While wishing all Happy New Year
Of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.
A lunar calendar based on ancient Hindu tradition of yore
Falling, surprising on 13th April on every year!
When new resolutions are made by the general masses
This year, though, the resolutions
Are of different sorts
These are for prayers to Almighty God
To keep the humanity in general immune
From the virulence of the Covid-19
A prayer for our children and the old ones
For their good health and wellness.

Basaikhi is celebrated variously in different regions
Whilst the farmers toil in the fields on months on ends
Tilling their lands from morning till late in the evening
Occasionally forgetting even their meal,
Sow seeds and water the crop that grows
Taking care for the crop in the fields
Observes its growth with keenness
So that his crop’s yield may increase
Like he observes the growth of his dear ones at home.

On this auspicious day the farmers
Having collected all the harvested crops
I also pray for the farmers and their love ones
For their good health and wellness
Because if the yields in the fields is good
Then we shall be able to get the required food
At the cheaper rates.

The farmers in their normal times
Join together in singing and merrymaking with full gusto,
Celebrate Baisakhi with Bhangra by the males
And Gidha by females at full throttle
In their colourful mesmeric folk attires
Distributing sweets and good wishes in delight
At the holy monuments of ‘pirs’ and ‘fakirs’
Known for their sacredness across all religions
Offer prayers for the prosperity all around
And also for their crop yield to grow, years after years.

The nature too is at its colorful bes,
With flowers giving out fragrance all around,
The blanket of greenery spreading far and wide
Everywhere our eyes could see, all across
Making the environs invigorating and joyous indeed
Surprisingly, without even intoxicating agent!

This day too has a history of its own
Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa Panth
On this day in 1699
To bestow security to the hapless
Along with meeting the needs of the needy
People too gather in various Gurudwaras
And offer prayers
Shri Golden Temple emits its splendour as ever
Devout take a dip in the holy tank
And pray for wellbeing of the nears and dears.


Although, Baisakhi which is on 13th April 2021, would not be held in the form of fair or large congregation but it is fitness of things to remember about this festival and the importance of this day. It is the start of Baisakh, The New Year which bestows us opportunity of passing new resolution for the year ahead; as is usually done after 1st of January every year. Therefore, though, no fair or gathering would be held because of Covid-19 conditions.


India is a land of festivals. All festivals are in commemoration of certain historical events, change of season, cultural and religious events, traditional based et al. The well-known amongst several ones are Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Gurpurbh, Lohri, Holi and others having regional leanings. In all these festivals, people of all hues celebrate with gaiety and religious fervour. Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th OR 14th April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.

In India, there are fairs and festivals which are celebrated on the occasion of season change and on the occasion of name of some religious festivals or national festivals. Vaisaikhi is celebrated on the Vikrami Samvat; the start of the new year. Factually this is a spring harvest festival.

The Baisakhi festival too is celebrated in connection with the formation of Khalsa Panth of warriors under the stewardship of Gurru Gobind Singh in 1699. This festival has a special significance for Sikhs, marking the birth of Sikh Order (Order of the Pure Ones) after the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur who refused to convert himself to Islam on the orders of Mughal Emperior Aurangzeb. Alsom Ranjit Singh was also proclaimed as the Maharaja of the Sikh Empire on 12th April. 1801 which also has its eonnection with Vaisakhi. On this day the Gurdwaras are tastefully decorated and hymens from Shri Granth Sahib are recited with fervor and reverence.

People also bath in holy rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri etc and the devout too visit temples for prayers for seeking wellness of their love ones.

Nagar Kirtan

On this day, Sikh communities Nagar Kirtan in the form of congregations are celebrated.  These are lead by the Five Khalsa termed as Panj Pyaaras. This procession goes from street to street singing prayers from the Sikh Scriptures.

Baisakhi  It is celebrated due to the following reasons:-

  • It is celebrated on the occasion of 1st day of Vaisakh month of Vikrami Calendar (samat) 2078 : WISHING YOU ALL HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • BAISAKHI is a seasonal festival and it is especially celebrated in Punjab region and in Jammu province.
  • After harvesting the wheat crop the farmers feel joyous and to express their joy they celebrate it by staging Bhangra in different groups, Bhangra competitions are also held and award presented to the one which wins this competition. This is in the form of fairs (melas) wherein people gather in majority and make merry. Different stalls selling wooden crafts and other household earthen wares are sold there at reasonable prices. Then there are the stalls selling the seasonal fruits like water melon, musk melon etc make brisk sales. All age group people including children enjoy Baisakhi fair.
  • Vaisakhi also affords an opportunity or an occasion to thank God for bestowing the formers with bountiful crops besides praying for more crops in future too.
  • Vaisakhi has special significance for Sikhs since on this day, Khalsa Panth was established by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. On this day Sadh Sangat take organise religious congregations and sing prayers and rhymes from Sri Granth Sahib.
  • Hindus and Budhists too worship Baisakhi with zeal and jest. Hindus take sacred bath in River Ganges The  devouts pray to God for His grace. Even in parts of South India this day is celebrated but with different name.

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  1. WISHING YOU ALL HAPPY BAISAKHI & HAPPY NEW YEARS – 2078 VIKRAMI CALENDAR SAMAT. May this year gives us happiness, peace and prosperity.



    1. I heartily thank you for your good wishes and pray to the Almighty God for His bountiful graces for all the humanity. 🙂🙂

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