We tend to get anxious about one thing or other. There are various reasons for our anxieties. These are due to job losses or business losses due to Covid-19 pandemic. In fact everybody and every country have suffered due to this infection which is mutating without prior warning. Let’s hope everything stabilizes in the days to come as hope lingers with life. When Prince Arjuna was filled with anxiety and caught in moral dilemma on the battleground of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna came to his succor. Arjuna was in moral dilemma that he has to fight his own blood relations in the battlefield. Lord Krishna gave him enlightening and wisdom filled discourse to allay his anxieties and prevailing confusions. He advised him that it was his sacred duty as a Kashtriya to fight Kaurvas who represented evil. This discourse calmed his mind and his anxieties got evaporated in thin air. One who controls over his mind is tranquil and balance at all situations. We attain tranquility of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in Self while performing our duty. We should take lesson from Lord Krishana’s sagacious advice and perform our actions without being concerned about the result of our action then everything will fall in place. No anxieties will haunt us.

In life, the commonplace anxieties are about the health and wellness of our love ones and also financial stringency looming large due to job losses with uncertain future along with lingering thoughts of contraction of infection from any source. In fact there are many stresses and strains experienced from the multiple quarters.

Having reached to the conclusion as to where we stand presently, it is essential that we candidly introspect our own problems and think how best we can come out of the present dilemmas partly due to our own efforts and partly with the help of our well-wishers.

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When a stressful thought knocks our door without any warning, the best way out is to avoid it by adopting some positive distraction. Keep the problem at the back-burner of our mind, for some opportune moments to solve the same. Solution, in fact, lies in solving the rampant problem which has created a stressful situation. Our approach should be just to postpone anxiety syndrome, remembering TIME is a greatest healer.

Many stressful situations could just be taken care as we approach life with positive disposition. But procrastination indefinitely is also not a healthy way of tackling marauding problem. Tackle the problem with cool mindset. If it is within our capacity to tide over the situation, well, it is excellent but if it is not then we can take somebody else’s help. This way, we can surmount many a stressful situations. But in all these we have to be calm, and have positive frame of mind; things will improve. Indecisiveness or putting off things indefinitely will make the problem more complex.


The persisting problem could be divided into different parts and each part solved using our experience but without being overawed. The problems could be divided into the following parts:

(a) Problems we can solve using our own resources. The problems which are within our control to be solved using our inner potentials along with using our past experiences.

(b) Problems we can solve by taking the assistance of others. There are problems which we cannot solved by our own selves. We should try solving them by taking the cues of their solution from our well wishers. For this to be possible, we’ve to have cooperative and supportive mindset. We should keep in mind that nothing happens in vacuum.

(c) Problems which could be left unsolved; let the element of TIME solve it as time is a great healer.

(d) Then, where nothing works, God’s will works wonders and should never be forgotten. Here nobody asks ifs and whats. We’ve only to put in our sincere efforts, ultimate result is in His Hands. So no worries or anxieties. Our task is confined to putting in sincere efforts. Keep in mind in His domain, everything works wonders.

(e) Pen down the difficulties you faced in the past and how best your personal initiative helped in solving the same, the same yardsticks or even more evolved ways could employed. This will make our future accomplishments more simplistic and seemingly look like a cakewalk.


It should always be kept in mind that our desires are endless. If we have one thing fructified, we would like to have more desires. Subsequently comparison with those who have got everything begins thus it becomes an endless game. Anxiety comes when we are not able to get what we desire the most. Then when we have more than what we require, it becomes a poison since we want to have everything even by adopting unethical ways. Suffice to say that if we have more than what we require, we should fulfill somebody else’s needs. It will earn us Karmic credit and would become a cause of eliminating our anxieties.


Those people who are not able to solve their problems on their own by adopting different strategies as given above should be empathized so that such people are delivered off their anxieties. Chipping in at right time and place helps.


Whatever time we have at our disposal, we should utilize the same purposefully. We should create something beautiful so that people remember us for our creative zeal as the dictum shows: ‘thing of beauty is joy forever’. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men BIBLE.


It has been seen that most of our problems get multiplied by not taking appropriate decisions at the most appropriate time. It should always be remembered that putting off things can make the problem intractable after a period of time. We should always keep in mind the dictum; Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


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When our mind is in our control then we can solve any problem which we face. Further, the mind should always be kept occupied otherwise it will become unwieldy then it will behave like the dictums: Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.


We should devote sometime to ourselves by closing our eyes, and use deep and regular breathing to reach a settled state inside. If we are patient enough to practice regular meditation, do that. It will make a world of difference in our life. Make it a habit to do something which makes you smile and laugh. In Bible it has rightly been said: The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.


There are easy way of doing things and there are not easy ones too. Which path is suitable depending on the time and space should be undertaken.As you can see, none of these things are mysterious. They are available to everyone, and if we seriously undertake it, the project of settling your mind can be very effective. This is also a good time to return to our meditative practice to enhance our focus on the mission in hand. A simple breath meditation twice a day would be most effective. By so doing, even a most daunting task would seem easy – a spiritual path, a way of life wherein we associate ourselves with our Supreme Source.



A feeling of hurt by accident or due to somebody’s cruel design,
Inflicting hurt in emotion and consequent pain,
Ointment of time helps in healing the existing wound,
But leaves a visible scar open,
A grim reminder of incident in the past that happened,
This scar is a boon, since it keeps reminding us,
That we were subjected to hurtful emotions,
Whence our soft emotions are punctured by our own relations,
By the pricking of unsolicited taunts or when ditched,
By our own relatives and friends we hold dearest.

It causes overwhelming internal tremors,
With its predictable epicenter exists at the centre of our heart,
After effects or aftershocks of these hurtful emotions are breathtaking
The reverberations of which are really overwhelming,
Pain of which is seemingly unforgettable,
And dies only with the death of start crossed victim,
Our feeling get toss-over by the whims,
Of those we hold very close to your bosom,
The prevalent hurt has anger as manifestation,
Which turns into depletion of energy and resultant depression,
When redirected inwards in frustration.

Some repulse the blistering attack on their impulses,
By paying the giver of pain in the same coin,
Hurt-proof, some become, by the consistency
Of hurt they experience ultimately,
That the perpetrators themselves become shame-proof,
Of their futility of using their blunted weapon with no effect at all.

Many a times, we tend to get hurt by others but when we get hurt due our own relatives and friends to whom you trust much, the pain gets too severe. We can forget others indiscretions snce we have not much in common with them  no expections whatsoever.

We feel much offended and feel let down when we are duped by our own people to whom you believed them the most and never expected them to have given us wounds. These wounds and hurts remain with us and continue hurting us till proper redressal is undertaken by sitting across with candid discussions but on the basis of give and take with emotions running deep.

While it is a considdered fact that the insults which remain in our being produce bitterness tilll such time proper healing touch is made. Otherwise, these hurts and bitterness tend to remain pulling us down and produce untenable feelings and we remain on the shaky ground. More the bitterness caused by our own, more the adverse on our psyche.

If the feeling of hurt is intense owing to intensity of reason then it produces a feeling of shame and other times embarrass us too   since we have been atabbed on the back by our own.

Need is to heal the wounds which remain festering inside our being. We do not forget the insults which are due to our dear ones nd remain troubling us continually though we may try to heal these hurts.

Need is to introspect about these wounds and reasons due to which we have been put to undue insults. But instead of seeking reasons for our let downs from inside our own selves, we seek solutions from outside our being. If our hurts or instulting wounds are too severe, then, these hurtful feelings  remain pestering us indefinitely.

Till such time we remove the existing hurts, insults, erase or get rid of these hurtful thoughts, we should try to eliminate such a feeling rather than remain having injured feelings. Rather than holding on to our grudges and hurtful feelings, we should go inside the inner recesses of our own heart and should try to forgive the wrongdoings of our own dear ones. By so doing, we shall not only remove the victim emotions from ou midst but also be free from wrong feelings prevailing and troubling us.

There are times, we want to pay back in the same coin or take revenge for our insults. There could be a possibility but not without unpredictable consequences.  Yes, taking revenge on our own people who you trusted the most! By so doing, a feeling of still more hurt will be resulted.  This double whammy hurtful feeling will exacerbate as time passes if these hurtful feelings are not sorted out and wounds healed since these are infliected by our own close friends and relatives.

Need is to forgive the person concerned and the grudges too since these hurtful feelings become cause of our sufferings and may impact us physically and mentally.  We may lose faith not merely on own kiths and kins but also our own self.

It should never be forgotten that most of out emotional upheavals arise because of our existing hurtful thoughts. These untenable thoughts remain troubling us till we forget and forgive the person behind the wounds and injury to the feelings.

In essence, the best course of action is to sort things out and forget that such a thing ever happened. This way, we can solidify the foundations of relationship with our own people to whom we love.




Today is the Nirjal Ekadashi day. It is the most pious day. NIRJALEKADASHI is known to have immense pominence of all the Ekadshis put together. It is said that keeping fast today with penance and prayers which accompany with the fast gives the bounties of Lord Vishnu. Keeping fast today is equivalent to 24 fasts. Today we worship the God of evolution; Lord Vishnu. If we fast on this by doing all the good Karmic deeds including charities to the needy people, then, the graces of Lord Vishnu remain on us.


Legend have it that all the four bothers of Pandavas (Yudhrishtra, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul and Sehdeva) including their mother Kunti were instructed by Rishi Ved Vayasa (The author of Epic Mahabharta) to keep fast today by observance of all the rituations. Rishi Vayasa mentioned that those who fast on this day get the privileges and bounties of LORD VISHNU AND LORDESS LAKSHMI. The fast could also make them the candidate for Heaven at the Lotus Feet of LORD VISHNU. All could resist the temptation of eating except Bhima (with his big bulk). He could not resist his hunger and keeping fast was not possible for him. But Rishi Vayasa prevailed upon Bhima to keep fast on this particula day; which he did and thus got the blessings of LORD VISHNU and Lordess Lakshmi. Bhima kept fast by observing all the conditions for the fast today and got the blessings of the benevolent Lord VISHNU  SHRI HARI. IT IS ALSO TERMED AS BHIM SENI EKADASHI.


Vishnu Gyatri Mantri could also be recited for getting the bounties of the Lord. Or OM NAMON BHAGWATE VASU DEV AYE NAMON. Including the following Mantra

Om jaya Jagadīśha hare

Swami Jai Jagdish hare

Bhakta janoṅ ke saṅkat

Dās janoṅ ke saṅkat

Kṣaṇa meṅ dūr kare

Om jai Jagadīśh hare

Jo dhyāve phal  pāve

Dukh binase mana kā

Swāmī dukh binase man kā

Sukha samptī ghara āve

Sukha sampatī ghara āve

Kaṣṭa miṭe tana kā

Om jaya Jagadīśa hare……………….

In Ekadashi, a devotee does not take food. Takes fruits and milk that too in a limited quantity. Food habits differ from one area to another. I and my wife endeavoured to keep purity in thoughts and deeds. The purpose is to keep purity  in thoughts,  body and soul. The next day on 6th June 2017, there was a Preeti Bhoj or Lungar or community feast which was the culmination of Ekadashi Fast.

Nirjal (without intake of water) Ekadshi is the day when the devotees observe  fast without taking not even a drop of water for the entire day. It is the day when the devotees go the temples and worship Lord Vishnu with purity in mind and body. Observance of fast is accompanied with giving charities in the form of food items and juices to the people. As this fast falls in summer season, people distribute cold drinks.


Relevance of  Ekadashi occurs on the eleventh day of the lunar cycle (both full and new moon)  It happens twice in a month according to Hindu Calendar – the waxing phase or Shukla Paksha and fading moon called Krishna Paksha. There are 24 Ekadashis in a Calendar year and there are two more Ekadashis that take place in a lunar leap year. Ekdashi Day is considered as the most spiritual event when strict fasting is observed from early morning to the next day morning.

Ekadashi is one of the prominent occasions which if observed with detachment and as per prescribed rituals helps in cleansing our sins as well as the sins of our nears and dears. Ekadashi Moksha (Moksha means liberation) is a most special and most auspicious occasion. On this day Lord Krishna (Vishu’s  Incarnation – Avtara) delivered His Bhagwad Gita recital to Dhanushdhari Arjuna when both the armies of Pandvas and Kauravas were facing each others in Kurukeshtra battle field. Every specific activities performed on this day has its own significance and benefits accrued to us provided the fasting is observed strictly in accordance with scriptural norms.



In Satya Yuga, Lord Vishnu had a long-drawn-out battle with demon named Mura. Due to the protracted battle, Lond Vishnu got tired as a result of which He tiredness he went to sleep. Mura was waiting for this occasion. He pounced on Lord Vishnu for killing Him. Then a damsel appeared from the body of Lord Vishnu who fought a pitched battle with Mura and killed him. She was actually Mahashakti who appeared  on 11th day of fading moon thus Lord Vishnu named her Ekadashi.  He also bestowed her the boon that whosoever fasts on this day would be free off the sins and also will have moksha  finally.


The religious rituals, given in the sacred Pranas / Vedic scriptures, and also referred to as Hari’s Day. their strict observance thereof helps the devotees in many ways than body, one. 

  • Observance of fast cleanses our body, mind and soul.
  • It helps alleviating us in spiritual ladder.
  • Its strict observance can help us attain Moksha or Liberation from pangs of birth and deaths.
  • It can transform our Kukarma (Bad Karma) into good Karmas thus paving the way for an aspirant to attain the traits of detachment, the mention of which has been amply made in Bhagwad Gita. Action performed without consideration the fruits or results of that action could help us attain Liberation.
  • Anybody observing the Ekadashi with all the focus at his/her command could remove that person’s sufferings.
  • As this day is termed as the Lord Hari’s day, its observance could alleviate the sufferings of an individual.
  • While the body and mind is cleansed, it is possible to ward off from the three sins: lust, greed and anger.
  • Fasting on this auspicious day is bereft of any external pressures. This day passes both in peace and harmony including inculcation of good habits.
  • As the people who fast keep away from solid grain foods and take light diet consisting of milk products, dry fruits and fruits, we feel light and our digestive system too works wonders as it provides due rest to our system thus keeps our health in fine fettle. Healthy eating even for a day fortnightly can repair our system.
  • As we are aware, the gravitational pull of the moon influences the oceans in the form of high and low tides hence Intake of less food items and more of liquid Ekadashi Day helps in influencing us biologically too. It has been practically observed by the proponents who fast sincerely – the diseases like blood pressure, insomnia, depression, gastric problems etc could be cured with fasting. Observance of such fasts have obviously helped me in maintaining good health and wellness.
  • While we fast on this day, we also meditate thus not only helping us spiritually but also enhancing the chances of connectivity with God.
  • It has also been felt that the benefits of Ekadashi fasting and all the purity and sincerity observed on this day to the individual concerned but also to his/her family members.
  • Ekadashi fasting helps in self awareness simply because of individual observance of fast strictly in accordance with scriptures since self realization results from self-disciplinary efforts.
  • Self awareness resulting from strict observing converts conviction into practical experience.
  • We learn how to control our unethical desires and lead a life full of compassion.
  • Canvas of our spirituality enhances with the observance of Ekadashi Fast.




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A relationship most reverential
Who comes to the succor of his offspring every time it is needed!
Even surmounting all constraints
Which may come on the path to tide over the situations
In whatever ethical way he can provide support to his children.

With abundance in parental love and affection
A male biological contributor of the infant’s creation
Possessing with it, all legal and social relationships
Besides, male parent carries certain rights and with it huge obligations
Even the step-father or adoptive father too has definite compulsions
To bestow upon the children the right kind of upbringing and value system
Under any circumstances

Care the child as his own continually till the children attain their goal
It is a pious duty of a father to render a helping hand to his children
Give the the right dose of upbringing which is hugely required
Including all support system which is needed
For upbringing the offspring in the best possible way wanted
For which paternal and maternal love is paramount
For overall evolution, growth and development of the child
Thus taking care of physical and mental health
So that the child adjusts well in the society in which the child is living
Thus helping the children steering clear
Off the difficult situations which may arise without much warning.


It is a known fact that fatherly pat quenches
The analytical thirst of their children
And the children come to know about the world around
Father’s guidance brings our journey back on track
And save children from going astray
And save them from sure off-the-track passage
Father’s soft touch is as good as the hard one
Since these help the children’s wellbeing in the long run.
I had all the attention from my parents
Those years were really very impressionable indeed
When both of them were there with us.

My father, a World War 1st Veteran
Who donned his army uniform
In his lifetime had seen many ups and downs
During his active service tenure in armed forces
He gave credence to the idea of ‘duty first’
With utmost dedication and devotion which were the hallmark
The traits of which were transferred to me in plenty
My father too faced many a tragedies
Three of his brothers had accidental deaths
But faced every difficulty with resilience and courage
Determined that such tragedies should not put us in fear
He taught us that fear should not make us weak
But faced with courage and strong will
He practiced Ayurveda to cure his rural patients as a social service
So that cure could be bestowed to the ones who needed it the most

He actively participated in many a social causes
In whatever manner it was possible for him
With the limited resources he had that time
He nurtured us with the best diet he could afford
Inculcated positive outlook on life
And taught us how best to adjust with the time and space
As to how to face challenges
Which may visit without much warning
Infuse positive outlook on life in us
Even at the discouraging irritants
Which may visit us without any prior inklings
He taught us how to face up to any situation
Which he himself followed assiduously till his last day
While on his death bed at the ripe of age of Ninety SEVEN
When I was studying only in class SEVEN
Whilst he anticipated that his end was so near
He called all of us near him with a smile
Gave four gems of advices which we still follow most conscientiously
Never interfere in others’ affairs unreasonably
Never be afraid of life’s challenges which may visit suddenly
Never be reactive to anything that may happen with much warning.
And finally always follow the dictum
The winner is the one who follows the Absolute Truth.

Subsequently, he breathed his last
With two tears flowing from his eyes
And God’s names on his tongue
Which I vividly remember even now
AND may be to every father.



Tasmad asaktah satatam karyam karma samacara asakto hy acaran karma param apnoti purushah” BHAGWAD GITA

Meaning, one should simply focus on Karma and leave everything onto God. It also goes to show that a Yogi should be focused on the action but not the outcome of that action. It should also be in line with our spiritually orientative way of living.


Yogic practices have special significance since Yoga provides necessay inner strength to fight external infections which impact body metabolism. The world at large is impacted adversely by Covid-19 pandemic infection. This infection has not only taken human toll but also adversely resulted in economic slowdown.

Those infected by this infection and are even declared as negative by the medical tests, surprisingly their immunity has been adversely impacted, their digestive system their internal body organs especially lungs, heart, lever, intestine, kidneys etc. have been impaired.

The decrease in the oxygen level even below 90 has taken many a lives and sudden requirement of oxygen had put our medical system under huge stress. If we would have enhanced our immunnity level by taking proper nutrional value diet, maintained body functionality by proper Yogic exercises etc. we would have not have suffered so much.

 It has been experienced that those who do regularly do Yogic exercises remain agile, their oxygen level remains within acceptable level and are less skeptible to infections. Therefore, the best way to escape from Coronavirus pandemic is to have immunity from infections besides it is also essential to observe Covid—19 pandemic norms like putting on face mark, obseerve social distancing etc.


Yoga is one of the most precious gifts to the world at large significantly
By father of Yoga Maharishi Patanjali
Yoga is for unity
Yoga is for harmony of man and the mother nature
Yoga is for living healthy
Yoga is for ensuring body immunity
Yoga is for ensuring balance in our mind and body
Yoga is for ensuring staying power to a Yogi
Yoga is for inculcultion of discipline in our routines – on daily basis
Ensuring functional internal body organs’ efficacy
Enhancing lung functionality
Improving the sleep quality daily
Paryanayama ensures rejuvination of our body
Enhances our awareness of SELF while we focus on our mind and body
Ensures sound metabolic process of our body
For a sound circulation in our veins of our body.

Yoga gives the traits of tolerance, patience and endurance to the Yogi
International Day of Yoga has a special significance
Being celebrated annually on 21st June
Yoga inculcates holistic growth of body, mind and soul
Through physical, mental and spiritual practices
In order to create harmony between man and nature.

The literal word Yoga
Originates from the Sanskrit word Yuja
meaning to unite or align or align
All the organs of our body to work as a cohesive unit
For ensuring integration
of body, mind and soul in unison
for ensuring holistic growth and development
of body, mind and soul
By regulation of breathing exercises
With a absolute regularity
And complete alacrity
With an emphasis on focused attention
To get maximum benefit that could be attained
With Yogic postures so varied
And instill discipline in the Yogi
Along with enhancing our concentration
Through focused attention
Thereby controlling the function
of our body and mind
Along with ensuring
Total control over our emotions
Which helps in self-realization
By knowing our innate potentials
By regulated breathing
For our good health and wellbeing.

Thence we have Karma Yoga
Meaning performing our functions or duties
With utmost sincerity and honestly
While having no attachment
with the result of our action or Karmic deeds
Thus following spiritual orientation
Along with performing meditation
And ensuring enhancement of our Karmic credit account
And realise the purpose of our life of connectivity with Almighty God
And ensure merger
Of soul with Super Soul
For our liberation from biths and deaths Moksha.


The word YOGA has been originated from the Sanskrit word ‘yuja’ meaning to integrate or bind or to align to unite to act or to discipline oneself to act in a natural way to seek complete self-realization or self-awareness. It means the unity or integration of an individual’s consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness.

The International Day of Yoga is being celebrated annually since 21st June 2015. The purpose of this day is to inculcate physical, mental and spiritual development. Since it is inception, this day has a special significance since many countries celebrate this day by participating in the Yogic exercises.

We know that Yoga is a gift of ou country to the international community. It embodies thought, body, mind and action in order to create harmony between man and nature. In Yogic practice, we adopt scientific approach in order to have sound mind and sound body.

It is relevant to mention that Yoga Sutras is the theory and practice collated and propagated by Maharishi Patanjali. The Yoga Sutras has a collection of 198 Sutras in number. These were compiled between 500 BCE and 200 BCE. These contain indepth knowledge about Yoga being followed from olden times. His contribution has been recognized as the best for the benefit of humanity. It provided harmony between man and the nature.

The origin of Yoga is mystic in nature. by 5th Century BC, Yoga was very popular. It also finds its place in Vedic Scriptures. But it cannot be disputed that Lord Shiva was the father of ancient Yoga; as His posture shows Him in Yogic mode.

The ancient Rishis believed that our body, mind and the soul have to join together or integrate with the environment in which a person is living. For this to happen meaningfully, it is essential that an individual’s emotions, thinking, actions and intelligence have to be work cohesively in order to realize the purpose of our life.

For integration of the three (body, mind and soul) with environment in which a Yogi is living, various well-coordinated exercises with regular breathing, experienced over a period of time for their applicability; besides meditation are undertaken ultimately for deriving maximum benefits.

For deriving optimum benefit from the Yogic exercises, discipline in the conduct of various exercises, coordination with the various parts of the body especially control of mind and mind cohesiveness is of optimum importance.

The Yogis who are disciplines in conduct of Yogic postures with focused attention will get maximum benefits. Yoga exercises also help a Yogi in focused meditation and other daily functions as a disciplined Yogi and lead a spiritual oriented lifestyle to realize the purpose of life – to establish connectivity with Almighty God.


It is understood that our body works as a entire unit, integrating the task of various organs, for carrying out different functions and if it is hale and hearty and possessing energy and synergy, we can transact more functions with our body. For this to happen, we’ve to have balanced diet besides proper exercises or Yoga exercises to keep it hale and hearty. It is also in sync with the saying: sound mind dwells in sound body.


We have to control our mind so that the senses (sense of sight, sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of hearing) which it possess coordinate all the functions of our body eloquently and works in sync with the requirement of a Yogi. Wavering of senses from one object to another just makes our task of focusing more difficult. That is why we have to mind our mind if we want to have complete benefit from Yoga exercises. This is easier said than done since we have to take the assistance of all the organs of our body including internal resolve along with making the environment conducive, so as to make the Yogic exercise a fruitful exercise.


The soul is self which lives in the body and does its functions through it. When there is no soul in our body our body becomes lifeless and becomes a purposeless for any functions. It is just like a rudderless boat floating aimlessly in the vast ocean without destination. Or it is like a bulb without electricity to give energy to give light to us. Hence, we are living, having emotions and perceiving things intelligently or our mind is functional because we’ve got a soul which gives our body life. A soulless body is a lifeless body. When body and mind are in fine fettle then our soul too functions accordingly. It is also well said that our soul or spirit is not apart from the Super Soul (Parm Atama) who is the creator, evolution/preserver and destroyer for reproduction.


Breathing in O2 (Oxygen) and breathing out CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is one of the most important requirements of our body and if it is closely regimented and systematically done then it proves to be divinely provided sustenance to our body and Yoga bestows us opportunity to enhance breathing methodically which could be proved scientifically. When breathing control is ensured meticulously then we proceed with the next step focused meditation or prayer. While doing so, our mind’s quietness or stillness state is termed as passive activism.


In Chapter two of Bhagwad Gita, it has been very emphatically mentioned that our responsibility is only to perform our prescribed duty, but we never are entitled to its fruits. It is because our results would be in our favour if there is sincerity in our actions. We should not be motivated by results of our thoughts and actions but we should not be overly attached to the results of our actions. For performing our duty, we should remain balanced minded both in success and failure – no heightened emotions at all. Such a calm temperament and our expertness in performing our task is called YOGA.

Only detached actions (selfless actions) and performing that action with best of our capability will make our pursuit purposeful and meaningful in the long run. We can choose the various duties but it is not in our hands to choose results as we desire. But practically, it has been found that if our pursuit of action is sincere and done with cool temperament then result cannot be disappointing. In this state of mind, even if the results are not good, we shall not be disappointed.The Yogic exercises or Asnas done persistently makes it possible to regulate our breathing thus making it possible to improve the entire metabolic system of our body; in that blood circulation, abdominal organs function perfectly besides keeping all the organs of the body function wonderfully well because every limb of body is benefited with the regulated exercises. When our body is functionally healthy then we can perform various tasks cohesively.


Karma Yoga is relation to our action that we transact. Before any action is undertaken, it has to be based on some sound thought. The thoughts for action ought to be positive in nature besides being selfless and detachment from the fruits of that action. Karma Yoga has been amply mentioned in Bhagwad Gita stresses that we should transact our actions and detach from the fruits of those actions. Meaning when our actions are based on sound and rational thoughts then their results will have to be good. Also by detaching ourselves from the fruits, we’re able to concentrate/focus on out actions besides offering those actions to God rather than frittering our energies by attaching ourselves with result of our action.


In this branch of Yoga, the Yogis use physical pose or asana with proper breathing exercises or pranayama and subsequent meditation in a focused manner for ensuring good health besides ensuring our spiritual forward march.



Bhakti word originated from Sanskrit word Bhaja meaning to contemplate, pray, love, worship etc. Here a Yoga meditate persistently thus integrates heart and body functions wherein body, mind and soul just combine for integrating with Super Soul. Yoga of Bhakti makes us aware of ONE DIVINE by undivided concentration and thus helps us see ONE DIVINE in everyone and everything. While Karma-yoga becomes Bhakti-yoga, it is done with God consciousness.


Raja means associated with royalty. In other words, it is KING OF YOGA. It is based on teachings of the EIGHT LIMBS OF Yoga which is based on YOGA SUTRAS. In this, A Yogi considers self as a central to all and thus considers animate and inanimate the same – no difference in living and non-living things. If you wish to learn discipline, then Raja Yoga would perfectly suit that need.


Jnana Yoga is related with the mind and therefore its focus is on intelligence of a person. Here Yogis lay more emphasis on wisdom and intellect and try integrate the two so that it works for the self optimally. Also Jnana Yogis are after knowledge, they acquire the knowledge from any source or religions because they work on the principle that knowledge could be gleaned from any sources – religions and philosophies. It is universal in nature. Jnana Yoga proponents are rational in their approach for getting knowledge and thus believe that in order to get connectivity with a SINGLE ONE any path or any religion could be followed. Religion or caste or creed is not limiting factor in acquiring knowledge.


Tantra yoga deals with head and heart. While pursuing tantra yoga one has to have the quality of purity of mind, devotion, humility, love etc. Here some rituals are observed for obtaining benefit for the body, mind and spirit.
There are still a lot of misconceptions about yoga, for instance, yoga being a religion. Yoga is not a religion. It is more of a set of techniques for us to find spirituality. In fact, yoga is being practiced by a lot of people from different religions and benefiting from doing this.

Another misconception is that yoga is merely an exercise, a way for us to keep fit. It is partly true, but if you think that yoga is just that then you are greatly mistaken. Yoga develops the body since a weak one is a hindrance to spiritual growth. It does not simply focus on the physical but on the mental and spiritual aspects as well.


Ban Ki-moon has rightly said:

“Yoga does not discriminate…all people can practise, regardless of their relative strength, age or ability.”

•It ensures the structural balance of our body.

• Regularly performing Yogic exercises can provide us immunity to our body and can keep us resistant against germs and viruses since it brings our body in harmony with Nature. It gives balance of body, mind and soul.

• Yoga enhances our memory since we undertake Yogic exercises with huge concentration.

• Yoga instills discipline in the Yogi.

• Yoga ensures harmoney between man and Mother Nature.

• Yoga is a scientific method which unites soul with the Super Soul (God) – we rise above delusion and reunite with our Creator.

• It enhances our concentration through focus on the omniscient spiritual eye (between the two eyebrows) thereby memory.

• It controls our stress and strain thus we can function perfectly since we learn how to keep our mind under control besides controlling our emotions which keep us adversely affected.

• As in Yoga, we give more credence to ‘self’, we can thereby can attain self realization first and subsequently God-realization.

• Breathing control ensures sound metabolic process of our body thus we have proper circulation of blood besides all the internal organs like heart, liver, lungs including all abdominal organs of our body function in fine fettle because of this regulated breathing and exercises.

• Meditation in rigorous and with focused manner ensures that we move forward spiritually with a view to connect with our Lord/Creator in a disciplined way. It should always be remembered that systematic meditation makes a true Yogi.

• Yoga helps us in facing challenges of life boldly and with equanimity.

• Yoga helps us to imbibe the trait of love and acceptance for everything and everybody.

• Yogic exercises through various postures enhances our self control thus self confidence because of opening the door of intuitive consciousness – sixth sense which makes it possible to anticipate the coming events!

• While highlight is on self (as is done in Raja Yoga), it enhances the Yogi’s self esteem and self control besides enhancing self reliance in everything a Yogi ventures.


A wise man…….

A wise man is detached from greed, malice, anger, lust, jealousy
And ego-centric tendencies
For he does not have any expectations from others in any way
Only expectations he has from the Omnipotent and Omniscient One
For His graces so bountiful.

A wise man remains contented until the end of his time
With what he possesses or don’t possess much
An earning with his own sincere efforts
In all circumstances
Highs and lows of existence
Hardly makes any difference to such a man.

A wise man practically uses the knowledge so attained
By using mind and intellect
Thru genuine introspection
For enhancing his self-realization
To cleanse his body, mind, soul for liberation
From births and deaths
Thus attain the purpose of his life while living on this planet.

A wise man stays cool and composed
In whatever environs he is placed
And does not become edgy and reactive
At somebody else’s instigation
Being fully aware that whenever anybody makes him angry
Then he is in total control of such buddy.

A wise may remembers not the injuries caused to him by others
But never forgets the good deeds of others
So that he too makes it a habit to pay back
Such a person learns from mistakes he willy-nilly commits
Makes amends sooner he notices his mistake
But repeats not the mistake he makes.

A wise man respects others privacy
Never intruding in other’s private territory in any way
Since he is wholly aware of his functional boundary.

A wise man is humble to the core
Neither opulence make him egoist
Nor scarcity of things affects him much
Since he knows in his heart of hearts
That whatever he has is attained here
And would be leaving everything here
When saying final adieu to this beautiful earth.

A wise man is the master of his mind and senses
Which he has attained through absolute patience and tolerance
Since he knows that a wavering mind
Remains uneasy and difficult to be reined
Thus is never in peace with self or with others around him.


First of all, it is essential to know who is a wise person. Such a person keeps in mind that a person with knowledge may or may not be wise person as merely having knowledge is not enough till it is made applicable practically. DEMON KING RAVANA was very knowledgeable. He was well-versed in scriptures and was the most lovable worshiper of LORD SHIVA but lacked wisdom since he was filled with egocentric tendencies. He was immersed with pride with a great sense of self that is the reason why he abducted SITA MAA the consort of LORD RAMA. If he were having any modicum of wisdom and understanding, he must have used his sagacity, due to which the entire FAMILY got vanquished at the hands of LORD RAMA.

A man filled with wisdom uses the knowledge gained over a period of time sensibly with sincere efforts, acts with full carefulness, sensitive to the needs of others, does not react or restrains himself when silence could solve any problem. A wisdom filled person does not procrastinate and acts without wastage of time and energy. He never deceives others in order to get something in his favour. He A wisdom filled person does not make promises till such time he know that he can fulfill the same and promise ones made is fulfilled at all costs.

When we use our mind and intellect to get knowledge and utilise acquired knowledge practically while remaining totally surrendering to the will of God. By so doing while following a spiritually oriented existence, thereby cleansing the negativity which pervades in our body, mind and soul just evaporates in thin air. Lord Krishna tells Arjuna the true definition of: When one’s intelligence, Mind, Faith and refuge are all fixed in the God, then one becomes fully cleansed of misgivings through complete knowledge and thus proceeds straight on the path of liberation. Such a person is really called a wise man.


When you get worldly possessions, it generates two types of emotions. Firstly, it creates a self-confidence and self-assurance. Secondly, it may also generate ego-centric tendencies in an individual. With ego, we create a sort of negative cicle around us. Here we appreciate our self-image – a high-opinion of one-self which amounts to self-exaggeration in everything. I created this or that. It is due to me and nobody else has assisted me in my advancement. This way, you’ve opulence or sufficiency of everything thereby everybody at your beck and call but do you possess inner peace too.


A person with discernment got with self-experience and practical oriented existence will attract constructive/productive ideas in our heart and mind thereby creating a reserve of staying power in all situations and conditions. This could be termed as a sense of balance or stability which encourages the individual concerned to take step forward till holistic growth and development is attained. It is worthwhile to understand the meaning of holistic development. It is the process of self-actualization and learning including a person’s physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual growth. Person with holistic growth knows fully the purpose for which he/she has been on this earth. Such a person is totally self-aware and knows his limitations and potentials with complete knowledge about the human values.


humble to the core which he exhibits in his thoughts and deeds. He prefers simple living and high thinking with pragmatic approach in any situation and condition.


A wise person always finds his way out of any situation he is placed by dint of his down-to-earth approach including remaining within the confines of his boundaries in which he is placed.


A person who knows his limitations, never thinks himself as perfectionist to the core but would like to play his part well while fructifying anything and everything within the constraints he is placed.


It could be said, a wise man is the one who does wise things in day to day routines. He/she does not come with problems but comes with solutions of the problems being confronted. He/she does not aspire for self-praise but self-appraise and is amenable to the change.


A wisdom filled person is categorical/uncompromising in his stand in any given situation and does not change his stance time and again when the question of patriotism and self-esteem/self-worth arise.


A person filled with wisdom leads a joyous life by remaining contented with his sincere earnings. Whatever he wants within the resources he is placed, he remains contented. He puts in sincere works hard in order to earn his living and even fulfills the needs of others too within the resource he has got. A wise man remains balanced in lows and highs of life.


A wisdom filled personage remains aware of what he does and if and when transformation is required, he does that. He lives his own life and does not change his principles or choices and goals according to others requirements. He does course correction whenever there is need not when others demand. He stays mindful through conscious efforts by focused meditation in order to enhance self-realization.


A wise man works hard in order to fructify his dreams. He does not change goal post every time but utilizes his inner potentials to realise his ambition staying focused on the aim fixed after due diligence.


A wise man shares with others what he/she has without much excitement about it all. Such a person adaptive to change in the environment he is placed without much difficulty. Such a person understands others’ predicaments in which others are placed.


When somebody insults such a person, he/she never itches to pay back in the same coin but introspects about the reason of somebody’s insinuation against him thus mends his/her ways, without much wastage of time and energy.


A wisdom filled person stays cool and balanced and solves the gnawing problem without much difficulty. Be that as it may, a wisdom sufficing person is spiritually oriented and considers Dharma as the foundation of righteous Karma and righteous Karma includes everything that is good. Such a person is remembered even after his/her death and attains Moksha.



Guru Arjan Dev Ji is one of the noblest gifts of Wahe Guru Ji
He was the embodiment of devotion of highest order to Akalpurakh Ji
Who rendered selfless services (Seva) to the society in general
For this noblest deeds and excellence, he is the Fifth Guru
The one who understood and loved by his general masses hugely
Indeed a messenger of Supernatural Being with traits so saintly
Along with it all put together
He was an apostle of peace
Who stood firm, rock-solid indeed
When we speak about principles
For which he made supreme sacrifice
And attained martyrdom
For which we call this day as the Shaheedi Divas
With the avowed words, so sacred
‘Thine doings seem sweet unto me’.

While remaining firm in his convictions
And beliefs he held dear till end
When he was ordered to sit on the hot-sheet of iron
While hot sand was poured onto his body
For three days continuously.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji immortalized himself
Owing to his faith and noble deeds
He held dear as his shining standard
Which will remain shining example till the stars shine in the sky above.

Guru Arjun Dev Ji collated the sacred collection of the Hymns
Of Sikh Gurus Jis’ which is construed as the
Groundwork of present day Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Known with immense reverence as the Tenth Guru
Himself contributed a total of 2218 hymns
Of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Along with Sukhmani Sahib Bani
Which gives us joy and eternal peace
While we pay focused attention with utmost reverence
Each words and phrases contained
In these sacred verses give us inner strength
For removing worries and anxieties from our midst
It helpps dispel the fear of death
By remembering God
We remain eternally connected with our Supreme Being
By remembering God we gain inner strength

His major achievements are far too many
He became instrumental in installation
Of Sikh Holy Book – Adi Granth
Also in the construction of Golden Temple
Then developed Amritsar as a Centre of excellence
Enhanced the role of Sikh Society
By Introduction of Masand System
His motto was to be compassionate to all
He advised all Sikhs to donate a tenth
Of their earnings in charity
For the wellbeing of the society – a noble cause
For which Sikhs are known the world over.

The principles of Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Are more relevant today than ever
In these most difficult days of Covid-19 pandemic
When each one of us has been adversely affected
In one way or other.
Guru Ji’s message will keep reminding us
That there exists one
The Noblest one.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji was born in Goindval Sahib, Tarn Taran (Punjb). He is fifth Guru knowm for this sagacity and wisdom. His maternal grandfatherr Guru Amardas (Third Guru) and father Guru Ramdas (Fourth Guru) are also known for their love and wee instrumental in helping the masses.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s is somberly remembered as the Martyrdom Day (Shaheedi Divas) and occurs on 14th June. This supreme sacrifice was due to his expansive influence on the general masses among other reasons which was not taken kindly by Emperor.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji is the fifth Guru of Sikhs. In fact, the first of the two Gurus martyred. He was captured by Mughal Emperior Jahangir in 1608 in Larhore in put in the prison for his influence amongst the masses. It is a well known fact that Guru Arjan Dev Ji blessed his rebellious son named Khusrau due to which Jahangir ordered his execution.

The execution was really heartrending since he was made to sit on burning hot sheet-plalte besides hot sand was poured on to him too. Such a heartless act! He was subjected to three days’ of extreme torture and subsequently taken for a bath in the river. He entered the river but was never seen thereafter.  

He was instrumental in prepaing the map and also laid the foundation of Golden Temple besides helping in its construtruction in Amritsar.

Guru Ji is known for his wisdom and intellect of highest order. He compiled Adi Granth, a treasure trove of literary work in spiritual poetry and musical ragas (The religious scripture of the Sikhs). Adi Granth was installed in Hamandir Sahib. This sacred scripture was afterwards  changed to  Guru Granth Sahib.

The Shaheedi Divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji is remembered annually in order to keep in mind the supreme sacrifice for the masses who revered him immensely.

Lessons from Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Shaheedi Divas and his principles he held dear:

  • Understand your people and standby them in thick and thin. When we do such things then people remember us for our noble causes thus creating a space in the hearts of the general masses. This is more relevant now because of Covid19 pandemic  than ever.
  • It is though sacrifices for good causes with which you can be known.
  • Stand firm in your conviction and principles even in the face of sure death.
  • A personage who contributes for the society in general is on of the most precious gifts of Akalpurakh and codifies his place in the annals of history.
  • We are known for the worthwhile contribution to the society in general and not for the years we have lived on this earth.
  • The ones who suffer for general masses are not only dear to the people but also to the Omnipotent and Omniscient God.
  • The example set by Gurru Ji will remain reminding us that Supreme Sacrifice for good causes immortalize us.
  • Our creative work of highest order will be remembered by the society in general and will earn us pride of a place for us.
  • Our impermanent body will have to perish one day but our soul and good Karmic Deeds remain permanent in the psyche of the people and they remain remembering the same with utmost reverence.


Shani Yantra Wallpapers & Images for Desktop Download | Shani dev,  Wallpaper gallery, Wallpaper free download


Today is the most pious day of LORD SHANI DEV’S JYANTI. Shani Dev Ji is considered to be the Lord of providing justice for our good and bad Karmas. He is the Lord of Karma or Justice. He keeps tab on all our deeds. Nobody can escape His justice bestowing Nature. Even Trinity (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma) could not escape His justice giving Nature. It is also termed as the Shani Amavasya. Shani Jyanti is the most important day when special prayers and Havans (Sanctified Fire ) to invoke Him, are conducted to earn His blessings.

Shani Dev Ji is the son of Sun God (Surya Dev Ji) and mother Chhaya Devi. He is the personification of Planet Saturn. We celebrate Shani Jayanti on Jyeshtha Amayasya Titi which fall on today itself.

Lord Shani Dev is estranged son of Sun God. He embodies the planet (Graha). He plays a significant role in the lives of people. Nobody can escape from the Karmic deeds he/she performs – it is said, he keeps his (tedi eye – tilted eye) a sharp eye on everybody’s deeds or misdeeds. He is the deity who favours those are empathetic towards others needs.

He punishes for the sins without discrimination. For his rich or poor are same in this respect.

Vedic Mahamantra for Shanidev is given below:-

‘Om nilanjan samabhasam, Raviputram Yamagrajan.
Chhaya martand Sambhutum
Tamn namami shanishwaram.’

It emphasizes that those who suffer for a prolonged period of time should pray sincerely; keeping our body and mind pure. They could be relieved of all the problems persisting in an individual’s life.

It is on every Saturdays that the devotees worship Him, of course with some rituals, but with full fondest love and devotion – with purity in the body and mind. His sincere prayers cannot go unanswered. It is the day specially dedicated for Lord Shani Dev Ji.


Lord Shani Dev Ji’s bounties are required more at the present times than ever since everybody is facing hardship due to Covid-19 pandemic. The continuous lockdowns has resulted in job losses and business losses. There is anxieties about the health and wellness of everybody. Therefore, His blessings are of special significance.
While negotiating the ups and downs of our lives, we come across problems, these problems could be due to our own mistakes or partly destined. When we are unable to solve those problems, we have to believe on faith healing. If nothing works, our Creator’s healing touch works wonders.

Amongst the trinities; Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are assigned the duties of Creation, Operation/Evolution and Destruction respectively. Lord Shanidev is responsible for punishing for our sins in this life itself. He does not pardon for our faults. Not only the humans even the Gods cannot escape His wrath. He is one of the 9 sons of Lord Sun (Surya). He also gives us rewards for our good deeds. His blessings are sought after. He is black in colour and even the colour of his robe is black. The other son is Yama whose responsibility is to take the Souls to their proper place after death in accordance with their Karma.


May be an image of flower and nature

There is verifiable legend about the existence of Lord Shani Dev. It is said that about 350 years back, there was a heavy rain. Pananala was flooded. Villagers saw a huge stone like thing, made up of iron and stone entangled with the berry tree. This had come in the floods. The villagers, out of curiosity, poked a stick at the stone. To their utter surprise, blood started oozing from the rock hard stone.

At night one of a village devotee had a dream. Shanidev told him to pick the idol from the place but it should be done only by those who are related as maternal uncle and nephew. People tried their level best to lift the idol of Shanidev but in vain. Finally, it was decided that it ought to be installed at the place where it was found after floods. A quadrangular terrace was made since it was observed that buried portion of the idol was more than the exposed one. No shelter was made because of Shanidev’s wishes.

Sometimes back I had the privilege of visiting Shinganapur Shani Dham. It is 70 Kms away from Shirdi in Maharashtra. It is located on Highway No. 60 in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The scenery on both the sides of the road is really enchanting from Shirdi to Shingnapur. The pomegranate gardens, the rose gardens, and sugarcane fields enliven our body, mind and soul. Almost two hours journey from Shirdi is indeed refreshing.

This village covers an area of 160 hectors. In olden times, the population of the village was very less only 20-30 huts but this village has increased manifold. There used to be only 20-30 kacha houses but now pucca houses, besides school, hotels, banks, imposing bus stand are also there. But one thing I have personally seen is that residents do not lock their houses because there is no thievery. Really surprising! It was also mentioned by the people that up till now there is no police complaint. People of this village are both spiritual and helpful and to cap it all hospitable.

There were many true stories attached to Shanidev. There was an incident of taking away a pair of bullock. The thieves took them to more than 30 kms from the village. Having got tired, they wanted to take a nap. When they got up, they found themselves at Shinganapur itself. The villagers found them but forgave them as they confessed their fault.


• It is a place where no theft, robbery happens. No complaints to the police till date.
• Nobody ever have seen ghost etc in the area.
• There is a peace and harmony amongst the people of different castes/religions.
• No cheating at this place. Quick justice of anybody resorts to this.
• No one behaves with distrust here.
• People are cooperative, hospitable and kind.
• Maan Lakshmi temple is located near Shasni dham.


• On the new moon day, people come to Shanidham for prayers and get protection for the misfortunes. He protects all from the enemies.
• Shanidev could be pleased when people pray Him with pious heart.
• He is Justice Dispenser. He does not forgive the evil doers that is why people fear Him the most.
• He loves black colour.
• He protects those who are shunned by the society.
• He is the Lord of knowledge and helps in facultgies like business related to iron, transportation etc.
• Welfare of the general masses is His priority.
• Nothing to be kept on the head while having his dharshan.
• Shanidev is very kind hearted for troubled souls but purity is His important condition for his boon.




We’ve the choice to make our choices
Whether we want to remain cool, as cool as cucumber
Or become hot like fire lyrics.

We’ve the choice to have positive attitude
Or move around in circle with off-putting one
Which changes like a chimera changes its colour.

We’ve the choice to be God loving
Or God fearing
Anyway both both these choices are in our hand
With former we love God and his creations
With later, we don’t do anything which is bad in nature
Thus escape payback in the long run.

We’ve the choice to be reactive
Or put up with and tolerate everything cool headedly
Which really makes huge difference
Choice remains with us only
Since we’ve to suffer the pangs of being reactive
If we tend to be more reactive like lithium metal
Then we’ll lose our mental peace in the bargain.

We’ve the choice to work sincerely and honestly
Rather than working with perplexity
Indeed a directionless and purposeless journey
Thereby losing our focus on the subject matter
Thus facing the ignominy of failure
In the long run.

We’ve the choice to have complaining mindset
Or the one with level-headedness
A person with complaining mindset
Becomes a prisoner of his own mental state
Resulting in loss of face
Thereby becoming unpopular in the copany of friends
Since having constant complaining nature
Will put people off from us
Thus moving them away from us
As one complaint follow another one
Thus increasing the tally manifold
With blame and criticism pilling will sap the latent energy
Off the complainants’ mentality.

We’ve the choice to be thankful for others
Which works on the basis of Divine Law
Which is the Law of Attraction
Where like attracts like
We showcase gratitude towards others
Who has done something good for us
By doing so
We multiply our friends circle.

We’ve the choice of helping the needy
And earn our kindness from in the process
Thereby adding to the tally of Karmic credit
Which helps us to seek God’s connectivity with
Thus help gain Moksha ultimately.

We’ve the choice of finding fault
We know that what we seek with utter sincerity
The universe too starts infusing fault finding quality in us
So, our universe grants our wish with open hand
Freewill is ours
If we want to have fault finding mindset
It will be granted to us anyhow.

Then if we want fault redressal mindset
Here too universe comes to our rescue
Therefore, what we want principally choice remains with us ultimately.




Mother Nature by itself is pure
Spotless and beatific in every way
But we humans spoil its purity
By our own unethical activities so very strange
By not following the Laws of Nature.

The surrounding in which we live
In the atmosphere in which we exist
And subsist
The way we live
Our life at our homes
At our work places
All depends on the awareness
About how best to keep going
By cleansing the surrounding
We live and survive
Despite some manmade impediments
In the form of water pollution
Air pollution
Noise pollution
Adversely not merely humanity
But also plants, birds and marine life.

We’ve to cleanse the environment
Atmosphere and surrounding in which we live
Spoiling the surrounding means
Spoiling our chances of living in clean atmosphere
It happens when our greed takes precedence.

The environment encompasses all living beings
And the things which naturally exists
Not produced artificially with hands of humans
But originated by nature and natural phenomena
Inclusive of all eco-system naturally functioning
Along with microorganisms, land and what it has on it
Our environment is obviously boundless
It constitute all living beings and others things – just seamless
Along with natural resources contained inside the crust of land and over-ground
Resources like water, air, sun energy, weather, magnetism plus electric current
Then natural energy like radiation, electric current, eddy current and what not
Thus everything which has been created by Mother Nature
And maintained and run under the Natural Laws
We as humans should perfect the art of preservation of Nature and what it contains
Otherwise the Nature will have severe retribution onto the humans

When our mind gets polluted
We pollute the mother nature
By our own acts of omission and commission
Of exploiting the environment to meet our own selfish ends
By doing so, we spoil its balance
Which impacts our existence
Thus environment degradation
Degrades our own self more than usually
Therefore, we should try to learn how best to live naturally
In sync with natural laws.

Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June and helps us to remind us how best we should protect our environment from being polluted. The first environment day was held in 1974 to raise the environment issues confronting the mankind. This day has special significance since the world at large is experiencing extreme hardships related to health related and economic stringencies issues owing to Coronavirus pandemic. In order to inculcate awareness on protection of environment, it is necessary that all; individually and collectively make sincere effort in whatever way we can to contribute our mite in keeping the environment clean and  protect it from pollutants which presently  have multiplied manifold due to harmful viruses, germ and  microorganisms which are adversely impacting the environment thus impacting the health and wellness of humanity.

On this day, we take pledge in keeping the environment neat and clean, wherein Sawachchta is the main thrust of the proponents. If environment is kept neat and tidy, it will keep us away from germs and viruses which presently is infested with viruses (such as Covid—19 pandemic) which are mutating without any warning. Covid-19 virus has adversely impacted the lives globally.


In order to realize the aim of restoration of ecosystem, we should make it a social drive to plant more trees. This is not merely planting tree now and forgetting to maintain their growth. Our effort should be to ensure proper protection from storms and other elements – man made and natural ones.


It is not merely keeping our environment neat and clean but also cleanse our mind individually and collectively. By sanitization ourselves individually, we mean cleansing our mind off impurities dormant in us and spread it to outside our homes. We succeed when all of us realize that it is our prime responsibility to ensure holistic sanitation.

The environment is being adversely impacted by the following factors:

  1. Environmental pollution.
  2. Water pollution.
  3. Air pollution.
  4. Water pollution – water bodies including sea.
  5. Mental pollution.


When we talk about pollution, it means contamination of air, water, and sound pollution. How it is affecting our lives and the lives of all the living beings is known? The lives of general masses get affected by smog, the mixture of smoke and water droplets suspended in the air or fog. Smoke in the environment makes the fog harmful. Quality of air gets contaminated by the combination of poisonous gases, smoke and water vapors. It has the pungent smell and affects eyes and vision too besides other respiratory related diseases.

Evidently, air gets polluted basically due to smoke, poisonous gases coming out of the chimneys of industries and even from burning of coal, wood, vehicles and more so, particularly in capital Delhi wherein the pollution situation got accentuated due to burning of left-out stubs of rice crops including burning of other polluting agents by the farmers..

The smog, so created, was so severe and damaging that the Government had to take some urgent preventive measures to dissuade the farmers not to burn the left out of the crops, after Court’s strictures. Apex Court too intervened for not to burst crackers on Diwali festival. Bursting of crackers was there but in moderation thus limiting its effect. Last time, when the pollution was at its highest, the Government also ordered odd and even policy to regulate the plying of vehicles on the road thus helping to reduce the quantity of smoke.

The environment in which we live consists of four major elements, land, water, air and living organism; such as plants, birds, and animals. It is the misfortune that we humans have shown gross disrespect for the very environment which sustains us. Industrialization, deforestation, and overpopulation have polluted the environment to such an extent that there is already a doubt if life on this planet will survive for long. The increase in earth’s temperature due to greenhouse gases coming out of the burning of coal and fuels will also be hazardous for the inhabitants of this earth.


Who is responsible for air pollution? Actually, we, all the population are responsible. There is not even an iota of doubt on this score.  While walking on the evening walk, I saw a shopkeeper burning the coal from which a huge plume of smoke was emanating, then still ahead, a diesel operated generator was on, this too was spewing the huge amount of smoke. I asked the shop owners whether he knew that he was polluting the air by burning the coal or by operating the diesel generating set. The hypocrisy of theirs was laced with hideous counter question. Is all this pollution in the city due to the burning of coal or by operating diesel generating set?

If we want pollution to be controlled, all have to genuinely contribute and first and foremost is me. If I set an example, everybody else will follow suit and make the dream of keeping our cities pollution free.


 If the quality of air is poor, it causes all sorts of breath related diseases like weakness of lungs due to inhaling of poor quality of air, respiratory problems, pneumonia due to infection of lungs, bronchitis (inflammation and swelling of passage from nose, to air passage to lungs, birth defects,  


As far as water pollution is concerned, we cannot hold others responsible. By our acts of omissions and commissions, we are throwing the dirt from our homes and also the pollutants or industrial wastes to rivers and other water-bodies thus polluting these. We know how the big rivers like the Ganges and the Yamuna including all other small rivers are being polluted by the affluent especially from leather-based industries and other waste products from other industries which are located near these rivers. The government has allocated several crores of rupees for cleaning Ganges and Yamuna but till such time all the inhabitants living on the banks of these rivers realize the importance of pollution-free Ganges and Yamuna besides other rivers along with all other water-bodies nothing concrete can happen. The cleaning and pollution-free rivers, lakes, ponds, tanks etc will remain a distant dream until such time we all know how much the polluted water can adversely impact our daily lives. We all are aware about the danger of polluted water of rivers flowing into the seas thus polluting the sea water too.

Then there is the problem of actions of some people throwing plastic items and mineral oil into the sea thus adversely impacting the marine lives there. It should be our responsibility not to throw used plastic items into the water bodies and seas.


The dirty water containing all sorts of pollutants such as lead, bacteria, wastes from leather industries, waste products from food processing industries, insecticides, and herbicides which could adversely affect the quality of water if not properly treated before falling into the river, it could have the harmful effect on the living beings.

With the consumption of polluted water; diseases like dysentery, typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, vomiting, liver infections, adversely affecting the immunity, malaria etc. will result.


Too much of noise created by the blaring of loudspeakers and blaring horns in a populated area could prove to be dangerous for the residents; especial the old, infirm and children.


Too much of exposure to noise pollution could create the impairment of hearing, lack of focus in studies, fatigue, abortion, anxiety, blood pressure etc.


When the soil is excessively exposed to chemicals such as lead, benzene, pesticide, herbicides (chemicals used for killing the unwanted plants)  and other pollutants, it causes soil pollution.


Exposing our fields to more pesticides and other chemicals could prove to be counterproductive. Kidney and liver diseases, cancer, brain and nerve damage due to infectious ridden pollutants. 

Conclusively, it could rightly be said that a person with polluted mind flourishes in the atmosphere of negativity. He creates situations and conditions which may pollute the environment in which he lives. Until such time such negative tendency is obliterated, we cannot expect much. Need is to turn his negativity into positivity.  How best we succeed in our endeavor, depends upon our resolve and positive attitude coupled with our belief in Almighty God.

In Bhagwad Gita Dhanushdhari Arjuna question Lord Krishna: The mind is very fickle indeed O Krishna, turbulent, strong and obstinate. I think it is as impossible to control the mind as the wind.”

To which Lord Krishna replies:

It is very difficult to control the ever moving mind. However, O son of Kunti, through sincere practice and dispassionate detachment (vairagya), it can be achieved.


It is in the fitness of things to understand that there are some ill-conceived notions, unethical thoughts, immoral and Karmic deeds which pollute our mind. These negatively oriented are kama (lust) or uncontrolled passion. Further, when the person concerned is not able to satisfy his lust, he feels anger taking over. Alternatively, if his passion is satiated, then that person is lured into more greed. This does not stop here, he is under the spell of egocentric tendencies. Further, when that person observes something more alluring and tempting, he feels still greedier and there arises competition for more. If this happens, then it will not only impact our intellect and wisdom. The ultimate result is mind pollution or mind contamination.

There are occasions when our mind or psyche gets adversely affected by the outer negative influences. Need is to let love and understanding flow freely thus creating an atmosphere of amity in all walks of our lives; in our homes, neighbourhood, communities etc. The egocentric tendencies pollute the mind and result in violence, insensibilities, insincerity in action, greed, rancor, being judgmental about any matter etc. These negative oriented traits have to be removed and goodwill and wellness to prevail for enhancing the creative zeal to fructify.

A person with pure mind will have purity in thoughts and action, feels no fear of anything, feels confident that there is no enemy who can harm him, would be inclined towards charity to satisfy others’ needs, there would be prevalence of goodwill, a feeling of getting things with positive attitude; when somebody commits some mistake, we shall be forgiving and be forgetting and proceed on, we shall be humble in our dealings with others. Such people, with purity of mind, are rare humans who live their lives in spirituality orientation and are very dear to our Creator.  

The crucial need is to keep away from all the negativities (Lust, anger, greed and jealousy, covetousness, rancor etc) by reining in our mind and senses by pure reason and rationality. If this happens, then there would be satiety, peace, and tranquility.

When the mind is contaminated with pollutants of negative thoughts like anger, lust, greed, and jealousy etc. then we cannot ensure our environment too pollution free because nothing can be expected from a person with the dirty/polluted mind. Such person thrives on negativity not only in his traits but also the environment around him would be teeming with dirt, filth, and pollutant.  Such people, for aggrandizing their desires, can go to any limits even killing their own parents for getting riches.

A man with polluted mind has the following negative traits:-

  • A polluted mind is a mind full of egotistic tendencies.
  • A polluted mind believes in violence to get things done.
  • A polluted mind is insincere and insensitive.
  • A polluted mind is rigid in his views and does not respect tolerate others’ opinion.
  • A polluted mind is a power hungry and to get this power such people can adopt any measures to get these.
  • A polluted mind is inimical to the country he lives.
  • A polluted mind cannot be trusted as he is attached to worldly possessions.
  • A polluted mind is restless in his disposition. 


  • By keeping the surrounding neat and clean so as to keep ourselves free from harmful germs and viruses such as Coronavirus pandemic which is haunting globally.
  • We should plant more trees so as to get pure air as the tree take in Carbon Dioxide during the day time and emit Oxygen. In other words, trees act as the purifier agent. And there are trees such as Peepal trees which give out Oxygen day and night and take in Carbon Dioxide.
  • Excessive effusion of smoke in the atmosphere which is creating excess temperature in the environment due to which the Antarctic ice-cover is melting including creation of glaciers increasing the level of oceans due to increase in temperature.
  • We should not pollute the water bodies including sea water by throwing plastic items and mineral oil which adversely affects the marine life adversely. We are aware about the huge leakage of oils in the sea from the big containers kept in large ships.
  • Our greed for exploitation the natural bounties; inside and outside the earth crust presents a critical situation and imbalances the natural balance which comes in the form of tsunamis, cyclones, storms, earthquakes and what not.