We’ve the choice to make our choices
Whether we want to remain cool, as cool as cucumber
Or become hot like fire lyrics.

We’ve the choice to have positive attitude
Or move around in circle with off-putting one
Which changes like a chimera changes its colour.

We’ve the choice to be God loving
Or God fearing
Anyway both both these choices are in our hand
With former we love God and his creations
With later, we don’t do anything which is bad in nature
Thus escape payback in the long run.

We’ve the choice to be reactive
Or put up with and tolerate everything cool headedly
Which really makes huge difference
Choice remains with us only
Since we’ve to suffer the pangs of being reactive
If we tend to be more reactive like lithium metal
Then we’ll lose our mental peace in the bargain.

We’ve the choice to work sincerely and honestly
Rather than working with perplexity
Indeed a directionless and purposeless journey
Thereby losing our focus on the subject matter
Thus facing the ignominy of failure
In the long run.

We’ve the choice to have complaining mindset
Or the one with level-headedness
A person with complaining mindset
Becomes a prisoner of his own mental state
Resulting in loss of face
Thereby becoming unpopular in the copany of friends
Since having constant complaining nature
Will put people off from us
Thus moving them away from us
As one complaint follow another one
Thus increasing the tally manifold
With blame and criticism pilling will sap the latent energy
Off the complainants’ mentality.

We’ve the choice to be thankful for others
Which works on the basis of Divine Law
Which is the Law of Attraction
Where like attracts like
We showcase gratitude towards others
Who has done something good for us
By doing so
We multiply our friends circle.

We’ve the choice of helping the needy
And earn our kindness from in the process
Thereby adding to the tally of Karmic credit
Which helps us to seek God’s connectivity with
Thus help gain Moksha ultimately.

We’ve the choice of finding fault
We know that what we seek with utter sincerity
The universe too starts infusing fault finding quality in us
So, our universe grants our wish with open hand
Freewill is ours
If we want to have fault finding mindset
It will be granted to us anyhow.

Then if we want fault redressal mindset
Here too universe comes to our rescue
Therefore, what we want principally choice remains with us ultimately.

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  1. OUR CHOICES are unlimited and what we want and do not want is our choice depends on us only.

    Do appraise the poem and offer your comments.



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