A feeling of hurt by accident or due to somebody’s cruel design,
Inflicting hurt in emotion and consequent pain,
Ointment of time helps in healing the existing wound,
But leaves a visible scar open,
A grim reminder of incident in the past that happened,
This scar is a boon, since it keeps reminding us,
That we were subjected to hurtful emotions,
Whence our soft emotions are punctured by our own relations,
By the pricking of unsolicited taunts or when ditched,
By our own relatives and friends we hold dearest.

It causes overwhelming internal tremors,
With its predictable epicenter exists at the centre of our heart,
After effects or aftershocks of these hurtful emotions are breathtaking
The reverberations of which are really overwhelming,
Pain of which is seemingly unforgettable,
And dies only with the death of start crossed victim,
Our feeling get toss-over by the whims,
Of those we hold very close to your bosom,
The prevalent hurt has anger as manifestation,
Which turns into depletion of energy and resultant depression,
When redirected inwards in frustration.

Some repulse the blistering attack on their impulses,
By paying the giver of pain in the same coin,
Hurt-proof, some become, by the consistency
Of hurt they experience ultimately,
That the perpetrators themselves become shame-proof,
Of their futility of using their blunted weapon with no effect at all.

Many a times, we tend to get hurt by others but when we get hurt due our own relatives and friends to whom you trust much, the pain gets too severe. We can forget others indiscretions snce we have not much in common with them  no expections whatsoever.

We feel much offended and feel let down when we are duped by our own people to whom you believed them the most and never expected them to have given us wounds. These wounds and hurts remain with us and continue hurting us till proper redressal is undertaken by sitting across with candid discussions but on the basis of give and take with emotions running deep.

While it is a considdered fact that the insults which remain in our being produce bitterness tilll such time proper healing touch is made. Otherwise, these hurts and bitterness tend to remain pulling us down and produce untenable feelings and we remain on the shaky ground. More the bitterness caused by our own, more the adverse on our psyche.

If the feeling of hurt is intense owing to intensity of reason then it produces a feeling of shame and other times embarrass us too   since we have been atabbed on the back by our own.

Need is to heal the wounds which remain festering inside our being. We do not forget the insults which are due to our dear ones nd remain troubling us continually though we may try to heal these hurts.

Need is to introspect about these wounds and reasons due to which we have been put to undue insults. But instead of seeking reasons for our let downs from inside our own selves, we seek solutions from outside our being. If our hurts or instulting wounds are too severe, then, these hurtful feelings  remain pestering us indefinitely.

Till such time we remove the existing hurts, insults, erase or get rid of these hurtful thoughts, we should try to eliminate such a feeling rather than remain having injured feelings. Rather than holding on to our grudges and hurtful feelings, we should go inside the inner recesses of our own heart and should try to forgive the wrongdoings of our own dear ones. By so doing, we shall not only remove the victim emotions from ou midst but also be free from wrong feelings prevailing and troubling us.

There are times, we want to pay back in the same coin or take revenge for our insults. There could be a possibility but not without unpredictable consequences.  Yes, taking revenge on our own people who you trusted the most! By so doing, a feeling of still more hurt will be resulted.  This double whammy hurtful feeling will exacerbate as time passes if these hurtful feelings are not sorted out and wounds healed since these are infliected by our own close friends and relatives.

Need is to forgive the person concerned and the grudges too since these hurtful feelings become cause of our sufferings and may impact us physically and mentally.  We may lose faith not merely on own kiths and kins but also our own self.

It should never be forgotten that most of out emotional upheavals arise because of our existing hurtful thoughts. These untenable thoughts remain troubling us till we forget and forgive the person behind the wounds and injury to the feelings.

In essence, the best course of action is to sort things out and forget that such a thing ever happened. This way, we can solidify the foundations of relationship with our own people to whom we love.

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  1. We tend to get hurt if somebody hurts us emotionally and if these hurt wounds are inflected by our own relatives and friends it is more disturbing.

    Please appraise and comment since I love your comments and get inspiration out of this.



  2. A sound advocacy for forgiveness. To my mind forgetting is not so easy, and actually may not be helpful to our learning from what has happened

    1. Derrick sir, my gratitude for offering your invaluable comments.

      Forgiving is one of the best traits which our Lord has gifted us.

      As far as forgetting is concerned, if we keep latching on to the contentious issue of our hurts then, sure enough, our body and mind would remain in torments. But we have to get experience from such an incident. If we forget and the incident recurs, then, forgetting will have its consequence. Past incidences should serve as a guide. Thanks and regards.

  3. That’s so true…we are most hurt when people who are close to our hearts hurt us and the reality is most of the time only those people are able to make us cry…so we shouldn’t let anyone be so close that they can hurt us. I know it’s better said than done.😊

    1. You are absolutely right ma’am, the ones who are close to us and know us ins and outs remain seeking time to hurt us and by so doing some get satisfaction by doing so. Such people just forget that such a thing can boomerang on them too. We should just keep everything hurt at the back-burner of our mind but never give opportunity to others so as to repeat such acts of omissions and commissions. We should never forget that, we would be subjected to such hurts but best thing is to keep calm and go on with it all. Nothing can bother us if we do not permit others to bother us. For this, we should have inner strength to weather any storm which comes. Thanks and regards.

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