May be an image of flower and nature


Van Mohtasa or tree plantation
Factually, a forest week inception
From 20th to 27th July 1947
As national tree plantation
As a sacred mission
Wherein trees were planted in great number to realize the vision
Of fructifying the operation of tree plantation.


Literally Van Mohtasav means tree plantation
As a festival of highest significance
In fact a sacred obligation of all humans
The need of which is felt because of critical position
Owing to disafforestation
Will have on the climate change
And the adverse impact of environment around
Turning lush green tree covers
Into deserts – putting the ecology in huge danger
With rains so sparse at some places
A dry spell of highest order
Just parching the earth crust
But there are too much of rains in many of the places
Excessive rains without expectation resulting in deluges
Resulting in deaths and destruction
Of highest proportion
Destroying standing crops
Including destruction of men and materials
As has been happening
Not merely in Indian states
But also in other countries too
And making the lives of people intricate
Soaring the atmospheric temperatures due to dry spell
Due to heat-waves of highest order
Consequence of which is forest fires
In many countries round the globe
Due to which glaciers have been melting
Thus changing the Eco-system in general
Making the lives of general masses unsustainable
Then who is not aware
About the tsunamis and strong storm so destructive
In different parts of the world.


Cure for all the woes
Is planting of trees in great number
Including reduction of pollution
We should make the Van Mohatasav a tradition
Which started in 1950 as an activity as national week
Encouraging the general population
Not merely tree plantation
But also giving protection
To the plants already planted
Giving Van Mohatasav special significance
Since it coincides with onset of monsoon season
To plant more trees, in fact in great number
Which in future
Will create forest cover
Which will prove useful for shade, shelter for birds
And other living beings
Source of food, fuel, households, furniture and many other usages.
It will reduce droughts
Prevent soil erosion
Maintain the fertility of land.
Unfortunately, trees are being cut
For industrialization and urbanization
Which though a necessity but should be done with absolute discretion.

Message should go to one and all
That Van Mohatasav is a crying need of time
And for this festival to be effective and beneficial for all
It is necessary to plant more trees
And afford protection to ensure protection to the trees so planted
Useful not merely for current generation
But also for the survival of our next generations
May our Omnipotent and Omniscient
Come to our succour
In securing our future
So Van Mahotasav should be taken as a National Duty
To put an indelible stamp of security!



Shravan month (Maas) is the fifth month of Hindu Calendar which is dedicated to Lord Shiva wherein we pray for His bounties. He is known to as The Destroyer and subsequently to be recreated. In the hierarchy of Trinity – Lord Vishnu (Responsible for evolution which is created), Lord Mahesh (The destroyer for recreation) and Lord Brahma (The creator)

The Lord Shiva creates, protects and changes the universe for the benefit of His creations. Goddess Parvati is the partner of Lord Shiva. She is the SHAKTI (Nature). She is SHIV SHAKTI and together they are temd as ARDHNIRASHWARA.Therefore, it would not be wrong to infer both SHIVA and SHAKTI as the combined force who together come to the succour of their devotees.

Lord Shivaa is the One who is pleased easily and blesses his devotees. He could be pleased with simple bel leave. On this month, the people worship Lord Shiva for the entire month besides observing fast too. Various rituals like Holy Havan too is performed to please Him and get His blessings. In fact, His benevolencce and compassionate nature is known to everybody and that is why He is also termed as the BHOLE JI too.

Lord Shiva is the Param Atma (SUPER SOUL) of the universe. He is described as most fearful and most benevolent too. He is the simple Yogi who lives a ascetic life on Mount Kailash with His consort Parvati and his two children Lord Ganesha and Kartikaya. In his ascetic form He is described as the Bhola Ji (Very simple) and in His destructive nature He is responsible for killing the most ferocious demons. He is known as Adi Yogi Shiva. He remains in Yoga Mudra or meditative trace;  seems detached from the outer world but is alive to everything which is happening around the world.

One of the best attributes of Lord Shiva are some of the icons like serpent around His neck, the crescent on the head, the holy river Ganga flowing from his hair which are matted. Then the third eye on his forehead is indicative of the depiction of anger. The Trident or trishula is his weapon of destruction and the drumaru or drum which indicates that He is music loving. Furthermore He is worshipped in the aniconic form of Longam.

It has been observed that Samundra Manthan or churning of the seas was the momentous event which was done by the Gods and the demons with a pupose of extracting some most precious things of immense utility amongs which was nectar. This was partly to showcase the superiority of Gods over Demons and also to obtain most important things which were to come out of the churning of the sea.

  • This month holds significance since this churning exercise was done in the month of SHRAVAN MAAS.
  •  This was also done to please the Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wellness and fortune.
  • Chuurning was  also done to get nectar as a reward from churning of sea.
  • Initially, the Gods and Demons had agreed to share the nectar amongst each other.
  • The sea chrning was done by Snake Vasuki (which adores Lord Shiva’s neck) while Sumeru Parvat was the used on which Vasuki was fastened to help churning by the Gods and the Demons.
  • After churning there came 14 types of things of immense utility. These included most precious stones
  • Halahal (the most virulent poison). Both the Gods and Demons did not know how to get rid of the poison since it could destroy every living being on the earth.
  • Here too Lord Shiva came to the succour of both the Gods and the Demons. He took hold of the poison pot containing dangerous poison and did not drink this dangerous poison but kept it in his throat which became blue due to which Lord Shiva too is termed as Neelkanth.
  •  By so doing, Lord Shiva delivered the world off the sure destruction with the Halahal.
  •  This is the reason why we call Him as the saviour of the living world of ours.
  •  In essence, this is the reason why we consider this month as the most auspicious one since our LORD SHIVA saved the living world from sure death in the month of SHRAVAN MAAS.
  •  In order to control the bad effect of poison, he had to wear crescent moon for its cool effect on His head along with holy water of Ganges in order to cool in order to reduce the effect of poison. All these events showcases to us all that for saving the living world from sure death He could even take any step.
Churning Of The Ocean Of Milk High Resolution Stock Photography and Images  - Alamy

The CHURNING OF SEA took place in the month of Shravan  and particularly on Shravan Shukrawar (Friday) and Shaniwar (Saturday), these are considered as the most auspicious. Today being the first Monday of this most significant event, we consider this month as the most important for the entire humanity.

As Monday is most auspicious day, the devouts keep fast for keeping the body and mind pure besides worshipping the Lord Shiva for getting his bountiful blessings. On this day, the newly married girls perform Mangala Gauri Vrata on Tuesdays during this month. The chanting of OM NAMON SHIVAYE with sincerity will earn us His blessings for us. Even repeatedly chanting of AUM or OM will be of immense value for the devotees. Therefore, this month is construed as the most auspicious of all the months put together since our it is the month on which our BHOLA JI blesses His devotees. Even Lord Vishnu too is worshipped in this month with the Mantra OM NAMON BHAGWATE VASU DEVAYE NAMON; so much is the importance of this month.





Guru Purnima is the day so sacred of special significance
Which is celebrated by us with immense reverence
In the memory of our most revered one
Termed as Guru or teacher or preacher
Who ensures our spiritual orientation
Thus show us the path of illumination
So that we may always follow righteous path
And not move away from the path of truth
And how best to follow the ethical and moral instructions
Given by our Gurus, the most venerable ones.

Guru, has two syllables
Gu and Ru
Gu stands for darkness or ignorance (Agyanta)
Which engulfs us when we’ve no control over our mind
Ru means remover of darkness or ignorance
Thus bestow us Love & Light of immense value.

Firstly Guru enters our psyche
Thoroughly understands
Our potentials and weaker areas
Thence through suggestions
And enlightened guidance
Makes suggestion to make amendments needed
For effecting transformation
With heavy dose of love and affection
After guidance in abundance
At every step in our lives
The Guru controls the oars of our boat
And steers clear our boat
And saves us from the incoming bad omens
Which may come without prior warning.

When we are utterly confused
When there is no way out
When everywhere we see dark clouds
When we’re in the state of immobility
When we need somebody
Who could provide us mobility
And thus remove the prevailing inactivity
From our midst
And provide us much needed succour
Assist us provide self-realization
Thus save us from the lurking foe
Which is around the horizon
Who can this bestow us guidance?
Except our most venerable one, o Thee Guru Ji.

Thus Guru is the One
Who helps us in removing darkness of ignorance
And infuses knowledge of immense importance
And bestows enlightenment (Prabodhann)
He has ocean of knowledge (Gyan)
Acquired through severe penance
For days, months and years on ends
Thence becomes a reservoir of knowledge (Gyan)
From whom even a drop of water
From His reservoir
Can change our fortune
Thus enlivening our lives
Thus making it more purposeful
Guru thus could be termed as a spiritual preacher
Who possesses awareness of highest order
Acquired with focused meditation and prayers.

Guru is a true Karma Yogi
Which He imbibes on the principles of Karma Yoga
Thus earned for Himself the category of most evolved
And enlightened soul
The purpose of whom is to enlighten His disciples
By transferring knowhow of highest order
Either through Yogic postures
Or through spiritual teachings
Bestow the traits of positive thinking
While following our spiritual oriented existence
While we are filled with sorrow and grief
With discontent writ large
He infuses spiritual longings of highest order
Along with making their disciples aware
About eternal reality or truth about God
Along with teaching what actually is the purpose of our existence
On this beautiful planet.


Guru Purnima or Poornima which is a sacred day and has special significance since it is celebrated to remember our Guru who changes our destinies by imparting ighteous knowledge.  It is celebrated on the occasion of Poornima (when the moon is full). This day is commemorated on the name of our most revered one;  our Guru or the Master who helps us acquire knowledge by removing ignorance. He inculcates in us the traits of forbearance, patience, enlightenment besides teaches us how best to remain balanced in any situation and condition. These traits are beneficial for us when we are facing the onslaught of COVID19 pandemic. It is the time when many of us are facing jobs or suffering business losses. It is now that we require the qualities of patience and tolerance since loss of our dear ones is irreplaceable while loss in business could be recompensated as time passes. Here our Guru’s insightful knowledge can deliver us from the difficult time and show us the correct path of enlightenment. We can also learn how best to transform our lives by caring and sharing what we have – i.e. to be compassionate to others and fulfill the needs of needy ones. All these positive traits can only be taught by our Guru. He is the one who is aware about our potentials and drawbacks and focuses how best to remove our weaker areas through persuations and suggestions.

Guru is the one who imparts us knowledge and through the medium of knowledge we can remove our ignorance. It is also a truth that Absolute Truth cannot be known merely through penance or contemplation. There should be a Master, the one who could understand us ins and outs and make it possible to inculcate changes in us for our holistic growth and development. It is simply because we ourselves inculcate the traits of self-awareness wholly without the active assistance of our Spiritual Guru.
Even Vedic scriptures tell us about the significance of our Guru. It tells us that we should service our Guru with purity of mind, remove doubts where there are the ones and ensure happiness by the knowledge imparted by the scriptures and for this our Guru could be of immense utility. But this knowledge comes to us only when we surrender to our Guru. By so doing, we can be liberated from the drawbacks and attachments we have cultivated in our life.

Bhagwad Gita has rightly said: Learn the Truth by approaching a spiritual master – the one who assists you in enlightening us. We can inquire from him with reverence and render service unto him. Such an enlightened Saint can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the Truth.

It is a fact that spiritual knowledge can make a world of difference. For acquiring knowledge, we have to puy in sincere work  and even sacrifice our comforts. For acquiring knowhow in order to remove ignorance, we have to leave so many things to gain  knowledge, the natural question that follows is, how can we obtain spiritual knowledge? Shree Krishna gives the answer in this verse. He says:

  1. Approach a spiritual master.
  2. Inquire from him submissively.
  3.  Render service to him as and when needed.

A true Guru or a True Master, transfers the spiritual knowledge to remove ignorance or darkness which engulfs us. It should always be remembered that spiritual knowledge cannot be obtained through mechanical teaching which we learn from formal institutions. It is obtained through changing the mindset of an individual through the sincere efforts of a Guru or a preaccher or a teacher who is knowledgeable and knows how best to impart the knowledge to the disciple in order to effect holistic growth in them. The disciplies too were disciplined and used to have respect for their Gurus. Mother is considered to be the first Guru who helps his disciples to attain necessary knowledge and gain spiritual orientation in order to know the Absolute Truth.


The significance of Guru is felt more since Lord Shiva is considered to be the first Guru (Aadi Guru). It is also important to say that His disciples were Seven Rishis of Sapta Rishis. It is also a considered fact that if we want to consider Lord Shiva as our Guru, we can perform the following:We can perform Prana Prathishta on the Shiva Linga then we offer sincere prayer to Shiva to reside in that particula LINGA after performing Abhisekha to the Linga with water and then with milk and honey.

  • Then we can offer Prasadam to the Linga.
  • Then we can offer our with sincereest prayers to Lord Shiva after requesting Him to be your Guru with a promise that you will be the best disciple to Him.

By so doing, we can consider Lord Shiva to be our TRUE GURU and follow all the good traits which are to be followed; a disciplined life, be kind and have compassion to the requirements of others, be humble to the core and follow spiritual lifestyle bereft of anger, greed, lust, bitterness, envy and other negative traits. This so doing, it is not only Lord Shiva to be our GURU. Subsequently, we can be our own GURU by following all good things in words and deeds.

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid  :  EID MUBARAK TO ALL

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid  :  EID MUBARAK TO ALL

Eid-Al-Adha or Eid-Ul-Adha
Or Eid-Ul-Adha
Or Bakr-Eid simply for us all
Calling this auspicious day
With any name
Makes hardly any difference
Factually, it is a festival of sacrifice
The festival of giving to the needy
Anything considered most costly
Which one has for giving
Thereby solidifying our faith in Almighty God.

Give this day by any name thee may prefer to call

The custom that started
When most venerable Abraham
Offered his only son named Ismail
At the command of Allah
Without even the slightest demur of any sort
A reality check or test
Which God wanted
From devout Abraham
And also his son Ismail
Lo and behold!
After actually offering
Supreme sacrifice
Surprise of surprises
Found a slaughtered lamb!

Meaning the most benevolent God
Tested the love and willpower of Abraham
For Him – the benevolent One
While Abraham was obeying
The commandments of God
Satan made attempts to prevent Abraham
From scarifying his only son
But he did not care to listen to satan
The diverter of our attention from Him and His Commandments.

Instead obeyed the commands of Allah
And left for us all
A message so enduring
God loves those who obey Him
And are ready to sacrifice anything
On His bidding
May this day brings a feeling of self-sacrifice
So that needs of all are met
By distributing love amongst all
Let’s all pray and sacrifice our ego
Which divides humanity from each other

For the overall wellbeing of humankind around the world.


Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid

Thoughts on Eid-al-Adha / Eid-ul-Zuha / Bakr-Eid – A Holiest Muslim Festival

There are auspicious days occasioned due to some renowned events connected either with religions occasions or any other events of importance or connected with events of international or national importance. This day is the day of sacrifice wherein those who have something to give, share the same with those who do not have much and showcase  empathy.

Eid-al-Adha or Bakr-Eid is connected with event of religious prominence and has gives us message of giving without any expectations, a message which could change our destinies and lifestyle. A positive oriented existence with complete faith on Allah.

Eid means festival and Eid-al-Adha means Festival of Sacrifice or it is termed as Bakr-Eid meaning celebration with the sacrifice of a goat. This festival is celebrated with great solemnity and reverence across the world as a tribute to Prophet Ibrahim’s rock-solid belief in God. He willingly agreed to sacrifice his beloved son Abraham as ordained by God.

Here, Abraham’s love and reverence are of prime importance. Legend has it that Abraham agreed without even the slightest doubt to sacrifice his only promised son named Ismail on the express command of God. God wanted to test the love of Abraham for the general masses. Subsequently, before it could be done, Allah intervened and instead provided Abraham a lamb for the sacrifice that is why this day of sacrifice is also termed as Bakr’Eid. At that time the age of Abraham was 99 years and his son only 13 years.

This was also a test of Ismail’s maturity and faith in Allah. He himself offered to be sacrificed. When his father mentioned his (son’s) impending sacrifice, without any reservation the son offered himself. All this is evidence that it was not merely father Abraham but also Ismail was having faith in Allah commandments. It was really unprecedented. Willingness on the part of both father and son to accept the will of God is dear to both,  besides being dear to our God.

The lesson learned from EID:

  • Sacrifice your most precious thing which you possess and the most benevolent Allah will always recompence us for our sacrifice that we make but this sacrifice should be without any expectation.
  • We should be compassionate towaards the needs of others. By providing succour to the needy, we actually are performing our duty towards our society.
  •  Those who love their fellow-beings are loved by our God.
  • While fulfilling the needs of others, we should first of all, have indomitable faith on God.  
  • God is very merciful and we all should have faith in Him.
  • We should all share our happiness and even bad moments and try to alleviate the condition of needy in whatever way we are able to do.



An urge arisen so sudden
Born out of outer hunch
A feeling generated due to change in mood
An abrupt one
Or itch for action on conjecture
A feeling, so fanciful
Or a crazy state of mind
Bereft of any wisdom
A feeling coming all of a sudden
A unbelievable thought which is found on introspection
An unsound inclination
May be nonconstructive one
Not based on any of our premonition
But based on reaction
When somebody punctures our emotions
In other words, an outburst of emotions
It is a temporary occurrence
In other words
It is part of our egocentric tendency
Based on selfish tendency
With attachment
With the fruits of our action
Thereby earning for ourself
The tag of quickness
In thinking and action
Bereft of sound thoughts
In other words a thoughtless action
Based purely on conjuctures
And not on sound self-awareness.


An intuition is not based on sudden emotion
It is based on acquired warm emotions
Over a period of time
Acquired on the basis of experiences
Gained through trial and error
Thereby getting sometimes failures
And on other times successes
But there springs a feeling from within
To tap the inner potential and succeed
Thereby gain intuition
A feeling so insightful
In fact a perceptive mindset
Based on sensitive frame of mind
Cool inner emotions
A feeling so detached
From the egocentric tendency
Or not get attached to the fruits of our actions
But doing our duties to the best of our competence
As a spiritual duty.
It is also based on our premonition
On intuition
Or sixth sense
Or acquired wisdom
Got by facing the hard realities of our existence
Which come to our succour
When we are stuck in the quagmire of our own creation
A dawn of anticipation
Results from our own positive actions
Repeated many a times
And get understanding or wisdom
To distinguish between right and wrong.
Intuitive feelings spring from inner recesses of our mind
And get cemented
With its use all the times.

Everybody is insightful
But the quality of it all
Depends on the Karmic deeds of a person
We’ve to be cultivate it
Through trial and error method
Sometimes failings
And other times success knocks our door
But ultimately goodness prevails.
With the onset of intuition
Which is acquired by doing sound Karmic deeds
Thereby earning huge Karmic credit
Or focusing on our meditation
Then there springs out purity in our thoughts and actions
Besides purity in our consciousness
With deeper emotion
Coming out of our heart
A thinking mind
In fact a cool mind
In other words a balance acquired with time
Wherein highs and lows of our life does not count
The trait of quality of which comes
With cool mind
And insightful mind.

Everybody is insightful
But the quality of it all
Depends on the Karmic deeds of a person
We’ve to be cultivate it
Through trial and error method
Sometimes failing
And other times success
But ultimately goodness prevails.


Sometimes we act impulsively, without much introspection and an act transacted without introspection brings negative results ultimately for ourselves. We must have seen how sudden burst of reaction on anything and everything bring about sad tidings for us.

The sudden burst of thought, without due consideration and bereft of understanding can bring disappointment for us since the sudden thought and action thereof is fundamentally based on egocentric tendency. since whatever comes to our mind with abruptness bereft of past experiences may be deceptive in the long run.  Therefore, we should avoid acting impulsively since it is not based on our premonition but based on the spur when we do not have control over our mind. Anything said and done impulsively, carries with it ego and bereft of insightful thoughts, therefore, should be avoided.


Intuition on the other hand is gained over a period of time, fundamentally, after experiences in which we may sometimes fail and other times we may succeed by trial and action. Here, it has inner connect and whatsoever has got inner connection, is without egocentric tendency and a detached from the result of our action.

Intuition is the result of positive thought and action on the positive thought which brings about good results ultimately. As intuitive thoughts are based on our experiences and not on sudden burst of thoughts or hunch or sudden urge, therefore, we should try gaining intuitive power which could be gained through focused  meditation and detached actions.



Our attitude changes the approach of our life
Our approach of our life changes our point of view on life
Our point of view when made applicable in daily life
Forms our pattern of our behaviour In life
Our behaviour pattern determines
What we are at the present moment
And what we should be in future too.

Our behaviour should be bereft of any pump and show
Be humble to the core
Since humility of ours
Puts an indelible stamp of sincerity
With it the badge of integrity
Onto the individual with behavioural positivity.

A man with good behaviour pattern
When he commits mistake, accepts the same
But comes clean about it all
With the notion
That error is human.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Stays cool in all situation and condition
Since losing himself in the bargain
Will not bring him any tangible dividends.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Becomes enthused in what he detemines
Gets keyed up to face challenges
And will not side-step under any condition.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Listens not only his brain but heart too
Since he is aware
That following former and ignoring later
Can lead him astry which he does not wish in any event.

A man with good behaviour pattern
Puts in his best
If he succeeds it is fine
If he meets failure despite best efforts
He know he can try again
Since he knows failure
Could be a stepping stone for success
Failure too gives him necessary experiences of life
Which removes all the lingering doubts and confusions
Which anyhow he eliminates with clear-thinking vision.

For a man with good behaviour pattern
It is better to try and meet failure
Rather than not to try and earn a badge of failure
In life without any real effort.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Smiles in all eventualities
Highs and lows of our his existence
Do not deter him in any event.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Knows the truth
That fear is the number one enemy of us all
He does not fear treading on untodden paths
No matter whatever the consequences
Even the basic fear of death
Does not deter him
Since he knows that a man who is born on this earth
Will die one day at last.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Knows that it is his goodness which is his ultimate weapon
He never barters this goodness for anything at all.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Is never reactive at any situation
But knows how best to be proactive in action.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Knows the truth
That present is the only time we anyway have
Which begins with the inception of a thought
And lasts till the action on that thought frucifies.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Fulfills others needs
And happily shares his possessions.

A person with good behaviour pattern
Sees a ray of light even in dark cloud
The light which transforms his life
And engenders love and light in his life.

A person with good behaviou pattern
Thanks God for giving him natural bounties
Or for not even giving him anything
Since having or not having
Depends only on His blessings.




Human body is the chariot

Individual self is the owner of the chariot

Intelligence (Buddhi) is the charioteer

Mind is the reins

The five senses are the horses

World experienced by the senses are the tracks on which the horses tread.

The Individual self associated with the senses and the mind is the enjoyer.

In essence, we have physical body which is termed as gross body (Sthula shariram). This body of ours is formed by the combination of five elements (Tatavas) namely earth, water fire, space and air in different proportion

As  these elements are essential for all the living beings, it is important that we become aware about the characteristics of these constituents:


Permeating the earth, I nourish all living beings with My energy. Becoming the moon, I nourish all plants with the juice of life. BHAGWAD GITA

The following are the traits of EARTH (Prithvi):-

(a)  Earth gives us needed resources (Sathan). We extract so many things from earth, mineral oil, coal, precious stones and minerals (Stone, sandstone lime-stones, granites, marble etc.) for meeting our needs. Need is to not to over-extract the earth resources in order to satisfy our greed since these resources are not renewable inside the earth crust.

(b)  Food for living beings (Jeevat Praanyon). On sowing seeds in the earth, the seeds grow into plants and then it gives us food which we consume to sustain our body. The plants on the earth coverts carbon into oxygen thus keep the atmosphere pollution free. Plants become helpful in rainfall through the medium of photosynthesis.

(c)  Earth is forgiving like mother (Maa). The humans over-exploit the natural bounties found on the earth crust but earth satisfies the needs of all living beings. It forgives all those who resort to over-exploitation of its resources to satisfy their personal greed. That is why Earth has been given the SANGYA of MOTHER EARTH. Mother who always forgives her progenies and goes on to provide more care to its children.

(d)  Earth teaches us the feeling of LOVE (Prem). As Earth has been given the objective (Sangya) of Mother Earth, so it gives us love like a mother without any sort of expectations from its progenies and we learn how best we can transfer love with others.

(e)  Earth teaches us tolerance and patience.  All of us are aware about the sins and crimes which are happening on the planet earth but the Earth tolerates all our sins and crimes. This way, it teaches us the lesson of tolerance and patience.

           (f) On earth living being can be habitable to sustain life.

EARTH  ATMOSPHERE. It consists mostly nitrogen and oxygen.


 I am the taste in water, O son of Kunti, and the radiance of the sun and the moon. I am the sacred syllable Om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether, and the ability in humans. BHAGWAD GITA.

  • Water is transparent, inorganic, tasteless, odourless and colourless chemical substance.
  • It is the main constituent of the earth  covers 71 % og earth surface.
  • It contains hydrogen and oxygen in solid, liquid and gaseous states.
  • Water is there in blood and digestive juices.
  • Water teaches us the trait of adjustment as it takes the shape in which the water is poured.


Air is mixture of gases with almost in the constant concentrations.

The following are its properties:-

  • In essence, air is one of the important constituents without which the living beings cannot survive even for a shortest spell of time.
  • It occupies the space in which it is contained.
  • Air has mass.
  • Air is affected by the temperature in which it is contained. In cold climate it becomes cold and in hot climate it becomes hot.
  • Air exerts pressure on the surface of the container in which it is contained.
  • Air could be compressed or packed together.
  • It has also been learned that the density of air or decreased air pressure means less oxygen available for breathing at the altitude or elevation.


BHAGWADD GITA rightly proclaims:  As a kindled fire reduces wood to ashes, O Arjun, so does the fire of knowledge burn to ashes all reactions and ignorance.

When a material gets ignited and combines with oxygen which results in combustion.

In addition, the fire has the following characteristics:

  • Fire requires three ingredients: heat, material to burn and the oxygen to burn the material.
  • Fire is the mixture of hot gases. It consumes the material which is on fire.
  • We use fire as metaphorically; as passion or intensity or intensity in emotion or feeling.
  • The fire of getting know-how removes ignorance and spreads enlightenment.
  • Fire in the belly means strong determination to succeed. When we have ‘fire in our belly’ we can be successful in any mission we undertake in life.

The mixing of all the five elements is termed as quintuplification (Panchikaranam). The elements divide themselves into two parts each – one part retains its natural state and the other half divides itself into four parts. This way, each one assists the other elements in ensuring complete body function.

Our body is sustained by the actions (Karma) we perform. When actions just stop then the body too cease to exist – it dissolves into the elements from which it was created on birth. When our actions (Karmic deeds) are divine the body is also divine. Contrarily, when our actions are based on selfishness and greed we are termed as demonic in nature (Asuras).


The body is like a machine or a fan. It is switched on at birth and it continues to function until the time when the engine is on and there is power supply. At the allotted time when the power is turned off, the body ceases to function.The function of our body is perform our action (Karma), get experience (Both joyful and sorrowful).


This part of the body is not seen or nothing is visible to the naked eye but when we can realize it on spiritual awakening. When we have self-realization, it is joyous feeling for us. In fact knowing about the subtle body is equivalent to knowing about our Soul which we come to know when we go deeper into our self-awareness. In other words, this part of body is termed as the experimental container or bag.


It is the cause of our effect. This happens in our day to day existence. That is why it is termed as the existential container or bag  



Loneliness does not simply mean
 You are alone, it means more than this
Since everybody has come alone
To this earth, so very beautiful
Loneliness is a sentiment
That you are not connected with the people
Or may not be liked by the people around.

There may be people around in majority of number
With a variety of relationships including friends in plenty
Yet feeling of hurt is felt in the heart
That you are still lonely
Since you don’t belong to any even in the midst of people around.

The main cause of disconnect
Happens when we are not in touch with our own self
Despite in the company of so a lot of so many
You consider your own but not connected with our inner self
Then you’ll feel disconnected from all
Meaning lonely in plenty
We spend more of our time and energy
By remaining in public glare
Yet fail to look within, inner recesses of ourselves
And become self-realized
Bereft of self awareness gives a tinge of indifference
And we feel alone even in the company of so many of our own
Since they are not connected with our anybody of our own.

We ought to be conscious
That all of us are connected with a spirit
When we connect within then it means
We are connected with everybody which lies around us
By so doing, we transform our relationship
With others based on love
With its centre at the core of our heart.

When we connect with our spirit
We’re able to connect
With the fountainhead of ocean of love
That lies dormant there
Which thence flows into every aspect of our lives
Since love is cohesive link which units us all
Then everything that we experience
Is full of connectivity with everybody around
Which is the fountainhead of the happiness
In the process evaporating our loneliness.