Loneliness does not simply mean
 You are alone, it means more than this
Since everybody has come alone
To this earth, so very beautiful
Loneliness is a sentiment
That you are not connected with the people
Or may not be liked by the people around.

There may be people around in majority of number
With a variety of relationships including friends in plenty
Yet feeling of hurt is felt in the heart
That you are still lonely
Since you don’t belong to any even in the midst of people around.

The main cause of disconnect
Happens when we are not in touch with our own self
Despite in the company of so a lot of so many
You consider your own but not connected with our inner self
Then you’ll feel disconnected from all
Meaning lonely in plenty
We spend more of our time and energy
By remaining in public glare
Yet fail to look within, inner recesses of ourselves
And become self-realized
Bereft of self awareness gives a tinge of indifference
And we feel alone even in the company of so many of our own
Since they are not connected with our anybody of our own.

We ought to be conscious
That all of us are connected with a spirit
When we connect within then it means
We are connected with everybody which lies around us
By so doing, we transform our relationship
With others based on love
With its centre at the core of our heart.

When we connect with our spirit
We’re able to connect
With the fountainhead of ocean of love
That lies dormant there
Which thence flows into every aspect of our lives
Since love is cohesive link which units us all
Then everything that we experience
Is full of connectivity with everybody around
Which is the fountainhead of the happiness
In the process evaporating our loneliness.

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10 thoughts on “LONELINESS”

  1. Our feeling of loneliness could well be eliminated if we delve into our own self and become self aware. Knowing our own self is knowing everybody else.

    Do appraise and comment. I love your comments.



    1. You are absolutely right. It all an individual choice but when it comes to feeling lonely despite of people around us. But one whoi remains connected with inner self never remain alonr. Thanks and regards.

  2. Dear Harbans,

    Once I found a word that has some secrete in it, it is the word alone. We can be alone and we can be al(l)one – all one, means: we are alone and at the same time one with all or all with the One, al(l)-one. In many words there are hidden messages, they have different levels of understanding.

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend 🙂
    Warm regards

    1. Thank you so very much ma’am for visiting my site and offering your invaluable comments – an inspirational one. WARM REGARDS.

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