Human body is the chariot

Individual self is the owner of the chariot

Intelligence (Buddhi) is the charioteer

Mind is the reins

The five senses are the horses

World experienced by the senses are the tracks on which the horses tread.

The Individual self associated with the senses and the mind is the enjoyer.

In essence, we have physical body which is termed as gross body (Sthula shariram). This body of ours is formed by the combination of five elements (Tatavas) namely earth, water fire, space and air in different proportion

As  these elements are essential for all the living beings, it is important that we become aware about the characteristics of these constituents:


Permeating the earth, I nourish all living beings with My energy. Becoming the moon, I nourish all plants with the juice of life. BHAGWAD GITA

The following are the traits of EARTH (Prithvi):-

(a)  Earth gives us needed resources (Sathan). We extract so many things from earth, mineral oil, coal, precious stones and minerals (Stone, sandstone lime-stones, granites, marble etc.) for meeting our needs. Need is to not to over-extract the earth resources in order to satisfy our greed since these resources are not renewable inside the earth crust.

(b)  Food for living beings (Jeevat Praanyon). On sowing seeds in the earth, the seeds grow into plants and then it gives us food which we consume to sustain our body. The plants on the earth coverts carbon into oxygen thus keep the atmosphere pollution free. Plants become helpful in rainfall through the medium of photosynthesis.

(c)  Earth is forgiving like mother (Maa). The humans over-exploit the natural bounties found on the earth crust but earth satisfies the needs of all living beings. It forgives all those who resort to over-exploitation of its resources to satisfy their personal greed. That is why Earth has been given the SANGYA of MOTHER EARTH. Mother who always forgives her progenies and goes on to provide more care to its children.

(d)  Earth teaches us the feeling of LOVE (Prem). As Earth has been given the objective (Sangya) of Mother Earth, so it gives us love like a mother without any sort of expectations from its progenies and we learn how best we can transfer love with others.

(e)  Earth teaches us tolerance and patience.  All of us are aware about the sins and crimes which are happening on the planet earth but the Earth tolerates all our sins and crimes. This way, it teaches us the lesson of tolerance and patience.

           (f) On earth living being can be habitable to sustain life.

EARTH  ATMOSPHERE. It consists mostly nitrogen and oxygen.


 I am the taste in water, O son of Kunti, and the radiance of the sun and the moon. I am the sacred syllable Om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether, and the ability in humans. BHAGWAD GITA.

  • Water is transparent, inorganic, tasteless, odourless and colourless chemical substance.
  • It is the main constituent of the earth  covers 71 % og earth surface.
  • It contains hydrogen and oxygen in solid, liquid and gaseous states.
  • Water is there in blood and digestive juices.
  • Water teaches us the trait of adjustment as it takes the shape in which the water is poured.


Air is mixture of gases with almost in the constant concentrations.

The following are its properties:-

  • In essence, air is one of the important constituents without which the living beings cannot survive even for a shortest spell of time.
  • It occupies the space in which it is contained.
  • Air has mass.
  • Air is affected by the temperature in which it is contained. In cold climate it becomes cold and in hot climate it becomes hot.
  • Air exerts pressure on the surface of the container in which it is contained.
  • Air could be compressed or packed together.
  • It has also been learned that the density of air or decreased air pressure means less oxygen available for breathing at the altitude or elevation.


BHAGWADD GITA rightly proclaims:  As a kindled fire reduces wood to ashes, O Arjun, so does the fire of knowledge burn to ashes all reactions and ignorance.

When a material gets ignited and combines with oxygen which results in combustion.

In addition, the fire has the following characteristics:

  • Fire requires three ingredients: heat, material to burn and the oxygen to burn the material.
  • Fire is the mixture of hot gases. It consumes the material which is on fire.
  • We use fire as metaphorically; as passion or intensity or intensity in emotion or feeling.
  • The fire of getting know-how removes ignorance and spreads enlightenment.
  • Fire in the belly means strong determination to succeed. When we have ‘fire in our belly’ we can be successful in any mission we undertake in life.

The mixing of all the five elements is termed as quintuplification (Panchikaranam). The elements divide themselves into two parts each – one part retains its natural state and the other half divides itself into four parts. This way, each one assists the other elements in ensuring complete body function.

Our body is sustained by the actions (Karma) we perform. When actions just stop then the body too cease to exist – it dissolves into the elements from which it was created on birth. When our actions (Karmic deeds) are divine the body is also divine. Contrarily, when our actions are based on selfishness and greed we are termed as demonic in nature (Asuras).


The body is like a machine or a fan. It is switched on at birth and it continues to function until the time when the engine is on and there is power supply. At the allotted time when the power is turned off, the body ceases to function.The function of our body is perform our action (Karma), get experience (Both joyful and sorrowful).


This part of the body is not seen or nothing is visible to the naked eye but when we can realize it on spiritual awakening. When we have self-realization, it is joyous feeling for us. In fact knowing about the subtle body is equivalent to knowing about our Soul which we come to know when we go deeper into our self-awareness. In other words, this part of body is termed as the experimental container or bag.


It is the cause of our effect. This happens in our day to day existence. That is why it is termed as the existential container or bag  

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