An urge arisen so sudden
Born out of outer hunch
A feeling generated due to change in mood
An abrupt one
Or itch for action on conjecture
A feeling, so fanciful
Or a crazy state of mind
Bereft of any wisdom
A feeling coming all of a sudden
A unbelievable thought which is found on introspection
An unsound inclination
May be nonconstructive one
Not based on any of our premonition
But based on reaction
When somebody punctures our emotions
In other words, an outburst of emotions
It is a temporary occurrence
In other words
It is part of our egocentric tendency
Based on selfish tendency
With attachment
With the fruits of our action
Thereby earning for ourself
The tag of quickness
In thinking and action
Bereft of sound thoughts
In other words a thoughtless action
Based purely on conjuctures
And not on sound self-awareness.


An intuition is not based on sudden emotion
It is based on acquired warm emotions
Over a period of time
Acquired on the basis of experiences
Gained through trial and error
Thereby getting sometimes failures
And on other times successes
But there springs a feeling from within
To tap the inner potential and succeed
Thereby gain intuition
A feeling so insightful
In fact a perceptive mindset
Based on sensitive frame of mind
Cool inner emotions
A feeling so detached
From the egocentric tendency
Or not get attached to the fruits of our actions
But doing our duties to the best of our competence
As a spiritual duty.
It is also based on our premonition
On intuition
Or sixth sense
Or acquired wisdom
Got by facing the hard realities of our existence
Which come to our succour
When we are stuck in the quagmire of our own creation
A dawn of anticipation
Results from our own positive actions
Repeated many a times
And get understanding or wisdom
To distinguish between right and wrong.
Intuitive feelings spring from inner recesses of our mind
And get cemented
With its use all the times.

Everybody is insightful
But the quality of it all
Depends on the Karmic deeds of a person
We’ve to be cultivate it
Through trial and error method
Sometimes failings
And other times success knocks our door
But ultimately goodness prevails.
With the onset of intuition
Which is acquired by doing sound Karmic deeds
Thereby earning huge Karmic credit
Or focusing on our meditation
Then there springs out purity in our thoughts and actions
Besides purity in our consciousness
With deeper emotion
Coming out of our heart
A thinking mind
In fact a cool mind
In other words a balance acquired with time
Wherein highs and lows of our life does not count
The trait of quality of which comes
With cool mind
And insightful mind.

Everybody is insightful
But the quality of it all
Depends on the Karmic deeds of a person
We’ve to be cultivate it
Through trial and error method
Sometimes failing
And other times success
But ultimately goodness prevails.


Sometimes we act impulsively, without much introspection and an act transacted without introspection brings negative results ultimately for ourselves. We must have seen how sudden burst of reaction on anything and everything bring about sad tidings for us.

The sudden burst of thought, without due consideration and bereft of understanding can bring disappointment for us since the sudden thought and action thereof is fundamentally based on egocentric tendency. since whatever comes to our mind with abruptness bereft of past experiences may be deceptive in the long run.  Therefore, we should avoid acting impulsively since it is not based on our premonition but based on the spur when we do not have control over our mind. Anything said and done impulsively, carries with it ego and bereft of insightful thoughts, therefore, should be avoided.


Intuition on the other hand is gained over a period of time, fundamentally, after experiences in which we may sometimes fail and other times we may succeed by trial and action. Here, it has inner connect and whatsoever has got inner connection, is without egocentric tendency and a detached from the result of our action.

Intuition is the result of positive thought and action on the positive thought which brings about good results ultimately. As intuitive thoughts are based on our experiences and not on sudden burst of thoughts or hunch or sudden urge, therefore, we should try gaining intuitive power which could be gained through focused  meditation and detached actions.

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5 thoughts on “OUR IMPULSE & INTUITION”

  1. An urge which just comes on the spur is sudden and whatever comes suddenly is not based on our considered opinion. Therefore, we should avoid action on the thought which based on reaction.

    Intuitive thinking does not involve ego and is based on our experiences and is an acquired trait positively oriented.

    With warm regards


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