Guru Purnima is the day so sacred of special significance
Which is celebrated by us with immense reverence
In the memory of our most revered one
Termed as Guru or teacher or preacher
Who ensures our spiritual orientation
Thus show us the path of illumination
So that we may always follow righteous path
And not move away from the path of truth
And how best to follow the ethical and moral instructions
Given by our Gurus, the most venerable ones.

Guru, has two syllables
Gu and Ru
Gu stands for darkness or ignorance (Agyanta)
Which engulfs us when we’ve no control over our mind
Ru means remover of darkness or ignorance
Thus bestow us Love & Light of immense value.

Firstly Guru enters our psyche
Thoroughly understands
Our potentials and weaker areas
Thence through suggestions
And enlightened guidance
Makes suggestion to make amendments needed
For effecting transformation
With heavy dose of love and affection
After guidance in abundance
At every step in our lives
The Guru controls the oars of our boat
And steers clear our boat
And saves us from the incoming bad omens
Which may come without prior warning.

When we are utterly confused
When there is no way out
When everywhere we see dark clouds
When we’re in the state of immobility
When we need somebody
Who could provide us mobility
And thus remove the prevailing inactivity
From our midst
And provide us much needed succour
Assist us provide self-realization
Thus save us from the lurking foe
Which is around the horizon
Who can this bestow us guidance?
Except our most venerable one, o Thee Guru Ji.

Thus Guru is the One
Who helps us in removing darkness of ignorance
And infuses knowledge of immense importance
And bestows enlightenment (Prabodhann)
He has ocean of knowledge (Gyan)
Acquired through severe penance
For days, months and years on ends
Thence becomes a reservoir of knowledge (Gyan)
From whom even a drop of water
From His reservoir
Can change our fortune
Thus enlivening our lives
Thus making it more purposeful
Guru thus could be termed as a spiritual preacher
Who possesses awareness of highest order
Acquired with focused meditation and prayers.

Guru is a true Karma Yogi
Which He imbibes on the principles of Karma Yoga
Thus earned for Himself the category of most evolved
And enlightened soul
The purpose of whom is to enlighten His disciples
By transferring knowhow of highest order
Either through Yogic postures
Or through spiritual teachings
Bestow the traits of positive thinking
While following our spiritual oriented existence
While we are filled with sorrow and grief
With discontent writ large
He infuses spiritual longings of highest order
Along with making their disciples aware
About eternal reality or truth about God
Along with teaching what actually is the purpose of our existence
On this beautiful planet.


Guru Purnima or Poornima which is a sacred day and has special significance since it is celebrated to remember our Guru who changes our destinies by imparting ighteous knowledge.  It is celebrated on the occasion of Poornima (when the moon is full). This day is commemorated on the name of our most revered one;  our Guru or the Master who helps us acquire knowledge by removing ignorance. He inculcates in us the traits of forbearance, patience, enlightenment besides teaches us how best to remain balanced in any situation and condition. These traits are beneficial for us when we are facing the onslaught of COVID19 pandemic. It is the time when many of us are facing jobs or suffering business losses. It is now that we require the qualities of patience and tolerance since loss of our dear ones is irreplaceable while loss in business could be recompensated as time passes. Here our Guru’s insightful knowledge can deliver us from the difficult time and show us the correct path of enlightenment. We can also learn how best to transform our lives by caring and sharing what we have – i.e. to be compassionate to others and fulfill the needs of needy ones. All these positive traits can only be taught by our Guru. He is the one who is aware about our potentials and drawbacks and focuses how best to remove our weaker areas through persuations and suggestions.

Guru is the one who imparts us knowledge and through the medium of knowledge we can remove our ignorance. It is also a truth that Absolute Truth cannot be known merely through penance or contemplation. There should be a Master, the one who could understand us ins and outs and make it possible to inculcate changes in us for our holistic growth and development. It is simply because we ourselves inculcate the traits of self-awareness wholly without the active assistance of our Spiritual Guru.
Even Vedic scriptures tell us about the significance of our Guru. It tells us that we should service our Guru with purity of mind, remove doubts where there are the ones and ensure happiness by the knowledge imparted by the scriptures and for this our Guru could be of immense utility. But this knowledge comes to us only when we surrender to our Guru. By so doing, we can be liberated from the drawbacks and attachments we have cultivated in our life.

Bhagwad Gita has rightly said: Learn the Truth by approaching a spiritual master – the one who assists you in enlightening us. We can inquire from him with reverence and render service unto him. Such an enlightened Saint can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the Truth.

It is a fact that spiritual knowledge can make a world of difference. For acquiring knowledge, we have to puy in sincere work  and even sacrifice our comforts. For acquiring knowhow in order to remove ignorance, we have to leave so many things to gain  knowledge, the natural question that follows is, how can we obtain spiritual knowledge? Shree Krishna gives the answer in this verse. He says:

  1. Approach a spiritual master.
  2. Inquire from him submissively.
  3.  Render service to him as and when needed.

A true Guru or a True Master, transfers the spiritual knowledge to remove ignorance or darkness which engulfs us. It should always be remembered that spiritual knowledge cannot be obtained through mechanical teaching which we learn from formal institutions. It is obtained through changing the mindset of an individual through the sincere efforts of a Guru or a preaccher or a teacher who is knowledgeable and knows how best to impart the knowledge to the disciple in order to effect holistic growth in them. The disciplies too were disciplined and used to have respect for their Gurus. Mother is considered to be the first Guru who helps his disciples to attain necessary knowledge and gain spiritual orientation in order to know the Absolute Truth.


The significance of Guru is felt more since Lord Shiva is considered to be the first Guru (Aadi Guru). It is also important to say that His disciples were Seven Rishis of Sapta Rishis. It is also a considered fact that if we want to consider Lord Shiva as our Guru, we can perform the following:We can perform Prana Prathishta on the Shiva Linga then we offer sincere prayer to Shiva to reside in that particula LINGA after performing Abhisekha to the Linga with water and then with milk and honey.

  • Then we can offer Prasadam to the Linga.
  • Then we can offer our with sincereest prayers to Lord Shiva after requesting Him to be your Guru with a promise that you will be the best disciple to Him.

By so doing, we can consider Lord Shiva to be our TRUE GURU and follow all the good traits which are to be followed; a disciplined life, be kind and have compassion to the requirements of others, be humble to the core and follow spiritual lifestyle bereft of anger, greed, lust, bitterness, envy and other negative traits. This so doing, it is not only Lord Shiva to be our GURU. Subsequently, we can be our own GURU by following all good things in words and deeds.

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  1. CONGRATULATION to all for a memorable day GURU PURNIMA which we commemorate in the name of our most revered GURU. May our GURU JI inculcate good traits including patience, tolerance, perseverance and above all the trait of forgiving and forgetting.

    With warm regards


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