Guru Granth Sahib is one of the most sacred of the scriptures
Construed as the revealed words in religious studies
Spoken factually by the Gurus & other most revered Saints
Known for their wisdom of highest order
The holy impactful one is termed as Gurbani
Meaning spoken from the mouth of Gurus & sacred saints
The most revered ones indeed
We’ve firm conviction that these holy words
Are the words of Waheguru Ji (God).

Guru Arjan Dev Ji the Fifth Guru
Laid the solid foundation
To bring together and facilitated in its compilation
Which contained Mool Mantar, Japji and Sohila
Composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji
The First Guru – the most revered one
As a collection of his Holy hymns
The scripture was known
Thence this Holy Book was termed as the Adi Granth
Installed in Harminder Sahib
On 16th October 1604 by Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Subsequently in 1706 the Adi Granth
Became Guru Granth Sahib Ji
The supreme and Eternal Living Guru of Sikhs
Which was declared by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji added 1 Sloka
In Mahala 9th  Aug 1429
Enriched by the teachings
Of Indian saints of repute
Such as Ravidas, Ramananda, Bhagat Bhikhan,
Kabir and Namdev
Besides Muslim Sufi saint Sheikh Farid.

Every word and phrase of Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Is based on the society and its wellbeing for practical utility
Including the Justice of our Waheguruji (God)
Which bestows enlightenment to us all
The Holy Granth is revered as Gurbani
The holy words of Gurus
The voice of sanity and wisdom which shows us the path how best to live our life
Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the spiritual authority of Sikhs.

To dispel doubts of Mughal Emperor Akbar
He undertook a random checking
And found his doubt as false alarm
By the vested interests
He too found the Holy Granth as treasure house of spiritual knowledge (gyan).

Guru Granth Sahib ji is revered
And termed as the eternal living Guru
The most respected spiritual guide and Guru
Which inspires all the communities of the world
With its sagacity and wisdom
Written in Gurmukhi
Meaning coming from the mouth of the Gurus
The revered ones opined
That through reciting His Naam
Through Shabad Kirtan
Could bestow the human
With bliss – an eternal joy.
Then compositions by the Sikh Gurus
Added scriptural richness to the Eleventh Living Eternal Guru.

May the teachings of Eleventh Eternal Living Guru Ji
Remain enlightening the humanity as a whole
For eternity with the blessings of our Guru Jis.

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  1. Happy Prakash Divas to one & all !Guru Granth Sahib ji is revered
    And termed as the eternal living
    & the most respected spiritual guide and Guru who inspires all the communities of the world! Let’s all soak in the light of his teachings 🙏🏾Thanks Harbans for your enlightening post!🙏🏾💕

    1. +Chauhan sahib, thanks a million for your insightful comments. Fact remains, Guru Granth Sahib provides us all the practical know-how that an individual ought to know for having a purposeful life. Regards. 🙏🏾T🙏🏾T

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