Worshipped as Vinayaka, Ganesha or Ganapati
Possessing all encompassing potencies
He is most easily identified
With elephant head
Ganesha is born out of the dirt
Rubbed out of the body of Adi Shakti
Goes to prove without even a shred of doubt
That even the dirt or worthless matter could have boundless prowess when properly harnessed
Power which is mystic in nature  to say the least.

Lord Ganesha is the one who is the first deities to be venerated
Whenever any business or any venture is to be initiated
Since He is bountiful and venevolent of all the dieties.

Factually when a new venture has to see the light of the day
Lord Ganesha is worshipped for getting His graces
For self and for our dear ones
And also for getting peace and prosperity for us all
Along with good wishes for smooth sailing in anything we undertake.

Ganesha has two consorts
Named Ridhi and Sidhi
Ridhi is for our prosperity
Sidhi is for getting spiritual orientation in our existence
Including increasing positive thoughts for actionable results.

Lord Ganesha is also worshipped
For ensuring protection
From the ill-omens
Along with increasing the power of recreation
Whilst removing obstacles from our path
Because Lord Ganesha
Is considered as the patron
Of sagacity and intellect in abundance
He is both Veghanaharta
The one who removes the obstructions from amongst us all
And a Vegana Karta an obstacle creator for the evil doers.



Ganesha Chaturithi – The Birth Day Of Veghana-Harta (Obstacle-Averter) & Vegana-Karta (Obstacle-Creator For Evil Doers). In other words, Lord Ganesha bestows His graces to the ones who are sincere in their words and deeds but He showcases His hostility to those who are evil doers.

Before delving on as to why we celebrate Ganesh Chatruthi, it is essential that we should know the circumstances and how life was infused in a lifeless creation by Goddess Parvti – the Shakti with unlimited power. This lifeless creation was the smut obtained after scrapping the remains of sandalwood paste applied on her body or dead cells scrubbed out out the body of Maa Parvati.

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha – which falls between 19th August to 20th September every year. This year, His birthday falls on 10th of September. He is the most loved son of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvati. The devotees’ firm belief is that on this most auspicious day, He bestows his supreme blessings on us with His presence and showers His bounties (shuvta) on us as He is the Lord of prosperity, unlimited wisdom, and a trouble shooter to the core.



The Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar month of Bhaadrapada starting with the Shukla Chaturthi – 4th day of the waxing moon period till 14th day of waxing of moon. There is a celebration of ten days for which comprehensive preparations are made before hand. This includes; procuring lovely idol of Lord Ganesha, preparation of eatable, especially modaks for friends and relatives, some install Ganesha Idol on this day at their homes for getting His graces. This festival is celebrated in almost all the parts of India. Even in foreign countries like Canada, USA, UK etc where Indians are there, this festival is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm. It has special relevance in Maharashtra.


Legend has it that Lordess Parvati created Ganesha out of sandalwood paste which was applied on Her body before taking bath. She was impressed by her own creation which ignited her curiosity of breathing/infusing life into that creation. Low and behold, the creation of Maa Parvati came to life!

Subsequently, Maa  Parvati told him to guard the entrance of the bathroom and ordered him not to allow anybody enter it while she was taking bath and attending to other rituals. All this transpired when Lord Shiva had gone somewhere. When He returned back, Ganesha, standing guard at the entrance, did not allow Him to enter. When he was asked as to  who he was. Ganesha replied that he was Ganesha the son of Maa Parvati!

Lord Shiva sent His Ganas including powerful Nandi to teach the child a lesson in mannerism. As Ganesha was created by Shakti, he was very powerful besides being obedient to the core. Indira and his army of demigods too used their power to overpower Ganesha but in vain.

Now it was the turn of Narda with Saptarishis came for persuading the child for allowing Lord Shiva but it was also a futile exercise. All this infuriated Lord Shiva still further. Out of anger, He cut the head of Ganesha with His Trident. When Maa Parvati came out after Her bath, she found the severed head from the body of her creation. This scene enraged her immensely. Observing her state of mind, Lord Shiva promised to bring back to life their son. For this purpose, the Demigods went in search of the person facing north. They could not find any humans. They could find only bring the elephant’s head which was fixed on the headless body. Ganesha came back to life instantly through the supernatural powers of Lord Shiva. He was graced with several bounties by Lord Shiva and other Demigods.
The purpose of this creation by removing the egocentric tendencies based small head of Ganesha in the initial stage of creation and replacing with bigger Gajhead with immense wisdom and sagacity with no ego at all. The intention was to bring about change from negative to positive orientation by Lord Shiva. This infusion of positivity in Lord Ganesha; with immense wisdom and intelligence is beneficial to us devotees. And that is why we all worship Lord Ganesha to get all the bounties with our sincere prayers onto Him.

Modhak (dumpling made out of grinded rice, mixed with sugar, jugglery, fruits etc) is the choicest eatable of Lord Ganesha.


Previously, only Hindus used to participate in the festivities but presently there is a community participation in this festival. There is enactment of concerts; discourses based on intellectual/spirituality related topics, skits, folk dances etc. Dahi Handi competition is another interesting and much awaited by the participants. Here prizes are also given. People of all castes, religions and colour participate in these festivities and this becomes a fertile ground for national integration and engenders understanding between different communities. All these activities have twofold benefits. Firstly, it enhances unity in diversity and secondly it ensures competitive fervor between people.

As Lord Ganesha is embodiment of good tidings, people start their new businesses on this most auspicious day so as to have His blessings for the success.

From the above, it is evident that this auspicious day of Ganesh Chatruthi is celebrated for ensuring cohesion / unity between all the communities, encourage non-discriminatory ideas/ideals besides getting opportunity to celebrate the auspicious occasion imbibing spiritual onward march and finally to get Lord Ganesh’s bounties of unlimited intelligence and wisdom.


He is the one who penned down Mahabharta dictated by sage Vyasa at one sitting itself. This shows his wisdom, patience and persistence.

Lord Ganesha is known by 108 names but the following are its prominent ones:


Vighna means problems or troubles whereas harta means to remove. It goes to show that Lord Ganesha has the power to remove the impediments or troubles from our midst.


Vinayaka is similar to Vighanaharta; the one who removes troubles from our midst.


Gaurisuta means son of Gauri (another name of Goddest Parvati). She is possessing all the powers to remove any hurdles which comes in our way.


Balchandra; Bala means child and Chandra is associated with moon. Lord Ganesha carries the moon as a holy sign (Tilk) on his forehead.


Eka signifies single or one danta means tooth oor tusk.  When Parashuram got very angry with child Ganesha, when he came in his way when he wanted to meet Lord Shiva, Parashuram chipped one of Ganesha teeth.


It means Ganesha is the first incarnation. VAKRA means curved and TUNDA mwans trunk. He is known to have regain the kingdom of Gods by overpowering demon Matsara with his power and intelligence. Chanting OM BAKRATUNDA AHE NAMON will make us a candidate for Lord Ganesha’s graces.


It means the one who has a huge belly. According to Mudgala Purana, Lord Ganesha is Lambodara Avtara. He helped in protecting the Gods from Krodasura.


It is said that Lord Ganesha is known to have the characteristic of seeing everything from anywhere and anywhere. It also shows that he had the same traits as Lord Krishna (The Avtara of Lord Vishnu).


May Lord Ganesha, who is very benevolent and compassionate to His devotees may bring peace, prosperity and wellness to all the humanity. Also, my prayer to Lord Ganesha is to rid us all from the Coronavirus pandemic which has proved dangerous and caused deaths.  

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  1. WISH YOU ALL HAPPY GANESH CHATURITHI. MAY LORD GANESHA BRINGS US PEACE AND PROSPERITY.May Lord Ganesha, who is very benevolent and compassionate to His devotees may bring peace, prosperity and wellness to all the humanity.Thanks Harbansji for your prayers to Lord Ganesha for the well being of one & all !

    1. Thank you Chauhan sir, for your good wishes which I heartily reciprocate. I pray to the LORD GANESHA to give us wisdom to face any challenges which comes in our way. WITH REGARDS.

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