It has been observed that sometimes life becomes a burden for us due to variety of reasons. This may be due to constraints of terminal disease resulting in poor health condition, disability due to severe injuries due to accident, dire financial stringency constraints due to loss of business or loss of job due to Covid-19 pandemic or due to some other reason etc. This is felt more now than ever.


Life also becomes a burden when our own people betray us and neglect us – leaving us in the lurch. We must have observed the pathetic condition of the old people languishing in old-age homes to whom their own children have sent them there. Such people feel cheated by their own offspring. In their desperation and hopeless condition, such people may take any extreme step.


Essentially, feeling neglected by our own close relatives leaves a scar on our mind and may drive us to extreme anxiety and depression leading to physical and mental ailments. When our mindset remains uncontrolled, we are not able to contribute anything tangible, not merely for ourselves but also people depending on us. In such a predicament, we become mentally unstable. In one of the discourses between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Arjuna asks Lord Krishna: O Krishna, the mind is very restless, turbulent, strong and obstinate. It appears to me that it is more difficult to control than the wind.” Those who keep the mind in total control of themselves succeed.



The easiest way for the constrained people is to follow a spiritual way of living. If possible meditation and medication could go together in order to mitigate their frame of mind, Also, if these are combined together these could provide us modicum of hope and a needed tonic to revive hope. Then, detached lifestyle with less expectation could steer clear of any problem which may creep in our life.
In Bible it has been rightly said: The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.


In a situation where we have lost much, hope is a propelling force to live and when hope dies everything else starts dying. We ought to live around for something which gives us a ray of hope even a little spark can create a big fire of enthusiasm. Therefore, as long as hope is alive, we succeed in tiding over any constraint or burden which befall on us. It has also been observed that even if we have good health, possessions, power and pelf, fame etc. if hope gets lost everything else becomes irrelevant. Therefore, a feel of having hope in even hopeless situation will steer us clear off any hurdle or the feeling of life as a burden.


When we are in huge depression due to various reasons, we’ve to fight our own battle, nobody will come to our succour. Without expectation from any quarter, we’ve to analyze our problems, seek answers to these problems with optimism and hopefulness along with resolute belief on Almighty God then we can come out of any negative thought and life will become joyous and worth living.

Some of the suggestions for amelioration of conditions of the people in pain are mentioned below:-

(a) We should ourselves help the person in pain. It indirectly helps us to reduce our own pain in the bargain.

(b) We should be-friend with such people through regular interaction. This will, in turn, infuse a feeling that such a person is wanted and not neglected in any way. Our regular interaction will also assist in making them determined and mentally agile to face the situations and conditions besides accepting the harsh realities and will to survive after facing all diverse odds.

(c) Financial succor should be provided to such people both by the Government and the NGOs engaged for well-being of such people.

(d) Meditation and meditation should go hand in hand so that such people become physically and mentally strong.

(e) Infuse positive thoughts in them such as it is bad but it could have been worst if you had not faced the situation head-on!

(f) Teach them the traits of having hope even in hopeless situations and conditions. Belief in oneself and God will always add to our blessings.  
lying within us  cure us in its totality. It could be termed as self-healing or self -repairing (outside and inside of our body).

(g) Meditation is needed for repairing the inside of our body (Soul), our own self effort can work wonders to train our mind to work according to our commands since: ‘Calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restraint, and purity: these are the disciplines of the mind’. (Bhagwad Gita). The medicines could heal our body. Having done these, we can acquire a balance in life. By so doing, we can perform all the functions of body, mind and soul without trauma or anxiety of death.

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    1. Derrick sir, we all have our share of ups and downs and despairing moments in our life. Some incidents, we forget but there are the ones which leave a deep scar on our SELF. These scars remain with us but the balm of TIME and graces of our LORD could bestow us hope and strength to put up with the loss and go on in life. THANKS AND REGARDS.

    As we all know that the mind is very restless, turbulent, strong and obstinate. It appears to us that it is more difficult to control than the wind. Those who can keep the mind in total control of themselves always succeed. Hope is a propelling force to live and when hope dies everything else starts dying. We’ve to analyze our problems, seek answers to these problems with optimism and hopefulness along with resolute belief on Almighty God & only then we can come out of negative thoughts,if any, and life will become enjoyable and worth living.
    A RAY OF HOPE ALWAYS SAVES US AT ANY CRITICAL MOMENT !Harbansji you have come up with an issue of paramount importance in our lives1Mental health is a critical issue and a healthy mind is essential for the well being of our physique! I am greatly benefitted by your great writeup! Thanks for sharing💕 ,Sir

    1. CHAUHAN SIR, thanks a million for your invaluable comments,

      We are our own enemies when we do something which may tarnish our own image and also affect us physically and mentally.

      Uncontrolleld mindset is our own undoing and enemy umber one. A controlled mind stands us in stead at every step of our life.

      Besides, other factors such as environment in which we are brought up, the way we live, the value system we imbibe from our parents and teachers along with the company we keep. All these are contributing factors for our adaptability and compatibility.💕 💕


      1. I am an ordinary and simple person who pens down something which the circumstances teach me besides learning from friends like you give me further zeal and jest to go on. 🌷♥️💕🙏🏾

        Thanks and regards

  2. I’m doing the typesetting for the Large Print format of my book “Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It”, and The section I’m working on seems to perfectly resonate with this post! Let me share some paragraphs:

    Can someone who has been deeply damaged and hurt develop happiness?
    Find the love you seek,
    by first finding the love within yourself.
    Learn to rest in that place within you that is
    your true home.”
    – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

    How is it possible to get from where we are today to where we want to be?
    Even if you fall on your face,
    you’re still moving forward.” – Victor Kiam

    I wanted to find positive and gentle things I could do which would help me with the very difficult inner work I was doing, as it was dredging up buried emotions which were making me feel worse!

    Living with the reality of the rawness of my emotions, the pain I felt physically and emotionally, the lack of family guidance, the unhealthy early input, had all combined inside of my head to make me think that happiness was for other people who weren’t damaged like I was!

    I wondered if it was possible for deeply damaged people such as myself to develop more than fleeting moments of happiness, or if we’d just have to accept living with anxiety and depression as part of our daily lives.

    I undertook that long process solo, without a mentor, counselor, guide, or teacher, because my life experiences had shown me that people would judge me and treat me horribly for going through and having gone through difficult events.

    As I struggled with my emotions, I found I clung to whatever life-raft of encouragement and solace I could find and so was relying on what the universe sent me.

    I didn’t even label myself as damaged.

    I was so down on myself and raw, that I just called myself a “loser” and said I was cursed to “be shafted” by life.

    It seemed to get a lot worse before it even showed a glimmer of getting better!

    I wanted to give up on myself many times. The struggle was at times overwhelming.
    “When you get to the end
    of the rope, tie a knot
    and hang on.”
    – Franklin D Roosevelt

    I despaired that I could ever be happy!

    Was this only for a fortunate few, while the rest of us would be doomed to suffer? Were we too damaged? Did we suffer so that others could be happy?

    I struggled with these thoughts.

    They tormented and hounded me, dragging me down further because I feared those thoughts were right.

    My mind found every way to make those fears seem very real and reasonable. I reached a point that I felt I needed to give in to accept them as fact, that happiness just wasn’t to be mine in this life.

    My inner healing was gut-wrenching. It was very hard to look inwards and see the pain, the inner damage, the guilt, the shame, the self-blame, and then to be able to learn to heal!

    It was a long process because there was a lifetime of issues to deal with, where over the years more got piled on!
    “In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”
    – Deepak Chopra
    Only after I had learned to give myself grace did I realize on a deep level that my labels towards myself were a symptom of my damage.

    Symptoms of damage are our barriers to happiness

    It was kind of a relief to learn that I was damaged from my past and that I wasn’t some kind of freak!

    When we’ve been so negatively affected, we internalize the abuse we’ve received and pull from that because we really don’t have an inner library of positive things to pull from!

    I had heard all my life that happiness was to be found inside of ourselves, not via an outside source, so I started to read about different schools of thought about healing and happiness.
    Slowly it dawned on me that the reason why I wasn’t just “finding” happiness inside of myself was because I didn’t have the positive inner resources, so it would be something I needed to develop!

    As a result, it turns out that the first step towards developing happiness is helping ourselves to heal from the damage we’ve absorbed because those things have become our inner barriers!

    This is where it’s important to start to drip good messages into our souls, so our spirits will feel it and start to become whole!

    Feeding ourselves positive and inspiring messages is a very important part of the process, for we need to start building a positive foundation.

    My studies and my own work have shown that yes, this is doable!

    Depending on what we learned about ourselves throughout our lives, the abuse we’ve been through, and the support (or lack of) we’ve received, each of us has different timelines for this healing, but we all have the possibility of healing and developing happiness because this is actually the natural state our spirits crave to be in!

    I hope this is encouraging and inspiring for anyone struggling with anxiety and depression!


    1. Thank a million times for sharing your thoughts vide your input. I am deeply impressed by the tone and tenor besides the expression of your thoughts touch the heart straight. There are no platitudes, deviation from the topic, penned down every word and phrase with open mind and open heart. Such writings, stem and originate from the inner recesses of our heart.

      If you are in the process of authoring a book then your INNER THOUGHTS can positively impact your readers. It is simply because nobody likes to appraise the writers who just go on ranting cliches and confusing innuendos just to make their book sale-worthy earning them name and fame. There are the ones who write as a passion and not for enhancing the weight of their purse or bank balance.

      While I appreciate your straight talk, if you also pen down how best to come out of the disappointing situations and conditions besides predicaments with positive thoughts in the light of your experiences and not based on other writers then you will transform others too who are facing similar or more worst predicament in their lifespan.

      Wish you best of luck in every endeaour you put. God bless.



      1. Thanks so very much for your wonderful feedback!

        Since I have been leaving my book sales entirely up to the universe (for the past couple of years), I feel the freedom and the liberty to simply share from my heart!

        I have a small following, make only a few sales per month, and no matter how much money I put into advertising the sale of my first book (this one is the second) I never became a bestseller! I felt the universe was telling me to just focus on helping the smaller circle of people I come in control with, to share sincerely and not to worry about sales, for if I’m called to write and to share then the higher purpose brings the rewards of knowing that I am touching people’s hearts.

        Yes I do offer other positive input regarding healing from past damage and barriers to moving forward. This book has already been published as a paperback and as an audio book, so now I’m typesetting for the large print layout, after feeling strongly that I needed to do this.

        I found it quite serendipitous to read your post at the time I was working on this chapter, so I wanted to share it as I get it spoke to what you wrote!

        Have a wonderful day!

      2. Your commentary is really very relevant.
        It is really a good feeling to learn about the efforts put in by you in increasing the sale of your books though I have not made any effort in enhancing the sale of my own books. Since every topic I write is in public glare thru my blog, that may be the reason for the books not giving sufficient dividends.

        My purpose of authoring books is not merely increasing salability but just to see my name in the print. No problem for finances. In the stage of my life and the simple life I lead, I have very little or virtually very limited aspiration. Money is not the priority of mine, it is needed for sustenance. My purpose in life is entirely different, following a spiritual oriented life and how best to pursue my part of Karmic deeds.



      3. I totally agree with you! I’m not seeking the millionnaire lifestyle for that just doesn’t seem to be me, but instead I seek to fulfill my life mission! I have a full time job so my bills get paid.

        This is how I express myself and how my soul shares its lessons with others. Years ago I had a couple of people tell me I needed to write. First one was the publisher of my illustrated children’s book who told me that I needed to put down my philosophical thoughts in a book (I think he really became my internal permission and planted a massive seed), while the second person I worked with who said she’s a psychic, told me my books would help people. I was still struggling to write my first book when she told me that, so I was very surprised and stunned, but she encouraged me to keep going through the difficult process.

        If we were motivated by money or fame I suppose we might have given up, but when our soul pushes us to write because we are supposed to, we just listen, right?!

      4. A word of deep appreciation and a profuse thanks for penning down your ideas about your vision and mission of writing. There are very few people who have this missionary zeal of sharing their ideas and life-experiences so that people having Mental Health issues get solace and peace. I can imagine the feeling you get when somebody changes his/her negative thoughts into positive after going through the write-ups. It is a sort of blessings from our Creator. Just a cool feeling in the inner recesses of our mind indeed.

        For a motivated writer, money is a secondary thing. Sorry, my intention of writing was not that. Money or worldly possessions are not permanent, these will come and go but the purpose of our living here on this beautiful world with all the happy and sad occasions with a balanced mindset counts a lot.




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