Addiction is an obsession, passion, craze, compulsive trait, mania and fixation of an individual which impacts the character adversely since this sort of behaviour pattern is obsessive in nature.  Addiction is, in other words; unconventional behavior  and acentric behaviour pattern which impacts a person concerned psychological and physiologically. For example, when an individual is addicted to drugs or drinking or gambling or smoking or compulsive behaviour or any other behaviour pattern which once gets seeped into the system, it is difficult to get rid without sincere efforts. Then craze for more power, or overindulgence in use of abusive/or profane or  toxic  language,  obsession for worldly possessions by adopting ulterior means etc.


The compulsive behaviour for anything happens when we practice a pattern habit most passionately till such time the person concerned is over powered by the craze of following such habit. First of all the pattern of habit starts when somebody initiates us with such a habit. For instance, when one of ourtrusted friends offers us drinks or drug without payment till such time it becomes compulsive habit. We become single-mindedly inclined to follow such a habit without realizing its consequences. Care should be talen that we have to nip the habit in the  but otherwise such a habit becomes a huge burden or a huge drag for the person concerned. In other words, it becomes uncontrollable habit which is termed as addiction.


The following should always be kept in mind for ridding ourselves from addiction:

  • We should have total control over our mind since uncontrolled mind and senses are responsible for our habit formation. Therefore, controlling our mind is a must.
  • When somebody initiates us with some bad habit of drinking or smoking or drug, we should first of all introspect why such person wants to spend money on us. Reason for such a thought is not far to see if we use our faculties.
  • Even after addiction, we can get rid of the bad habit with self effort and strong determination.
  • We should seek medical care within the shortest timeframe. There are so many rehabilitation centre from where help could be had for ridding this bad habit. But again, sincere efforts for recovery have to start from our within.
  • Self belief and belief on our God can deliver us from this bad habit. This could be done by following spiritually oriented existence.



Some have addiction for drugs
Knowing fully well that it saps the internal energy.

Some have addiction for drinks
Even knowing it is bad for their health.

Some have addiction for sex
They’ll over indulge in it even at the cost of health.

Some have addiction for gambling
Thus losing everything in they are possessing.

Some have addiction for shopping
Even spending the hard money to satisfy this crazy habit.

Some have addiction for shoplifting
They will do it even after being caught red handed.

Some have addiction for backbiting
Even putting their honour at stake.

Some have addiction for acquiring authority
For following it they’ll even stoop so low that we can see.

Some have addiction for taking risks
Thus putting their own lives at a huge risk.

Some have addiction for taking fast foods
Even if it has worst effect on their health and wellness.

Some have addiction for playing cards
Thus wasting their precious time on unproductive pursuits.

Some have addiction for power
For getting it, they’ll take recourse to anything under the sun.

Some have addiction for telling lies
Thus putting their honour at stake in a big way.

Some have addiction for over sleeping
Even at the cost of physical conditioning.

Some have addiction for procrastination
Even putting off things which could be done instantly.

Some have addiction for picking holes in others pockets
Without realizing, there are so many holes in their own pockets.

Some have addiction for internet
Thus wasting precious time to satisfy their passion.

Some have addiction for worldly possessions
Even adopting corrupt practices for fulfilling his obsession.

Some have addiction for video games
Thus wasting the time for unproductive pursuits.

Some have addiction for using abusive language
Overindulgence of which spoils their reputation.

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  1. Centricity in behaviour or a habit which affects a person concerned physically and mentally.

    Do appraise and offer your comments.



  2. Greatly insightful writeup on one of the “Curses” of our society -the addiction to anything & everything to an undesired limit!Your invaluable post not only describes the various addictions in life and how to control our mind to keep ourselves de-addicted for which we have got to be very strong mentally because its so easy getting trapped into attractions & enjoyments!Thank you so much sir for enlightening the one & all who are aware & health concious💕

    1. Chauhan sir, thanks a million for your motivational words.

      Yes, some of us get trapped into the habit and then that habit becomes a pestering wound. Those who are addicted know not in which state they are and the the methods to come out out of that slush and quagmire.

      Families are being ruined due to various addictions. Societies has to wake up otherwise it would be too late for the nextgen.


      1. Having conversation with you Chauhan Sir, it seems as though every word you pen down has its deep meaning – resulting in my motivation ultimately. THANKS & REGARDS.

      2. I really do not exaggerate at all. I never desist from praising where it is due and in your case it is hugely deserving one. 💕🙏🏾💕🙏🏾Thanks and regards.

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