We journey far and wide
To seek our dearest God
Sometimes visiting holy shrines
Other times go on a pilgrimage to a place
Considered sacred by us
As an abode of our dearest One
But still our quest remains unfulfilled


Then we hanker after con-artists – the impostors
Who show us green pastures
Promise us the glimpses of Absolute Being
Of course with price-tag of their own choosing
That too, sorry to add, proves a futile exercise
Leaving us high and dry, an exercise with no purpose
Neither we get God
Nor anything in return till end
Finally we leave this material world, just bewildered & broken
Empty handed as we had come to this world after our birth.

We resort to futile exercise in locating God
At one place to other we visit
But forget the pearls of wisdom of scriptures
That our God is more near to us than we can imagine
He exists inside us
We’ve only to peep into our inner-self
He is there to receive us with open hand.

Thus bestow us with answers to all our queries clouding our mind
This way, we become fully conscious
That God’s power is & was with us all the times
Through the activities of mind and senses
Even breathing and expression of our emotions
Is due to the power of GOD within.

While we have deep desire for anything
Thence, we the conditioned souls !
Get the connectivity of the Super Soul.

Though there are occasions
When we are in deep confusion
Owing the suspicions of our own creation
Then we need the assistance
Of some venerable person
With profound spiritual orientation
Who handholds us for quality guidance
Ensures needful course correction
And makes our path easier
For God’s connectivity, for sure.

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  1. We seek God somewhere else, but He is there in everybody. Do appraise the poem and offer your comments.

    With warm regards,


    1. Even thinking about our GOD give us courage to move on despite hurdles, bestows us with strength to withstand anything and everything which comes in our path. And, we’ve just to have belief in Him, that is all. He demands nothing but LOVE, which He reciprocates and fills us with mystic warmth. Thanks and regards.

  2. Good evening my dearest Brahminic teacher across the vast Oceans of Life. Even though it could be one of your briefest articles so far, I do believe it is one of your most important ones, dear Master. First of all you warn us against paying too much attention to all those shady MERCHANTS OF VAINLY POPOSITIONS cloaked in a quasi-religious discourse meant to confuse the spirits of so many wandering spirits in these terrible times of the pandemic. Even us physicians and nurses, are so battered and tired after months of fighting this terrible disease, that sometimes we look like the miserly aspirants for the casting of the upcoming new season of THE WALKING DEAD. so pitifully trodden we look nowadays. So much that we dare not look into the mirror for fear of not recognizing “that face.” JESUS, HAVE PITY ON US.
    You are absolutely right. they show us some idyllic pastures, that look almost “too perfect” and they always put their price tag, which always comes with follow-up payments.
    We must understand that WE WILL LEAVE AS NAKED AS WE CAME INTO THIS WORLD. But for us, practicing Roman Catholics, there is a very important caveat that I had the pleasure to discuss with my dear Uncle Jose Maria (a Capuchin priest and later a laic member of the Church) the very same day that our dear Mother Gladys passed away (imagine our pain) We were waiting for her coffin to arrive to the cemetery when the conversation turned to what the end meant for us Catholics and I said it was a NEW BEGINNING. When we pass away we will walk in total nudity in a single line to face SAINT MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, one of the fiercest opponents of Satan and Keeper of the Scales of Souls. “So, Mario, aside from all your great diplomas, riches and possessions in the material world, what have you dine FOR YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS?” And then he will invite you to sit in THE SCALE OF VIRTUES. Your good deeds better outweigh the bad ones, because if not you will be staying in a rather torrid resort underground for a very, very long time.
    Yes, God Almighty exists inside of us and in any living being around us. That is the great Jewish Kabbalistic concept of THE IMMANENCE OF GOD ALMIGHTY. It is everywhere.
    Dear Master, you sweet accurate words inspire my mind and make me a better person.
    Thank you very much for our reconnection. My regards to your wife. A big hug. Arrivederci.

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