A love which is all all-inclusive
A love which has the Almighty God’s blessings
A love where we do not demand but would like giving
A love where suspicion has no place while giving
A love where we get extreme joy in sharing and caring
A love which solves more problems than creating
A love which teaches us values of living
A love is based on understanding
A love which flourishes with every passing day & have no chance of diminishing
A love which is most enlightening
A love which is energy giving while sharing
A love which increases by every day passing
A love which kindles feeling of trust among all creatures living
A love where we do not care for caste, creed, colour or race while expressing.

A love which has not got any limitation
A love which has its sweeping but sweet implication
A love where there is not even an iota of hesitation
A love for which any sacrifice could be given without much reservation
A love which does not care for any narrow consideration
A love which does not have a particular day for its commemoration
A love for which all days have the same connotation
A love which helps in natural progression
A love from which we get utmost satisfaction
A love which is full-blown like a beautiful flower on all occasions
A love which is broadest in its application
A love where there is no regression but enough progression
A love which does not have any expectation
A love nobody prefers even losing ourselves for its fruition.

A love with enriching experience
A love which surpasses all frontiers
A love which is eternal in nature
A love which takes us away from imaginary to a real one
A love whose fragrance spreads all around for others to emulate
A love which becomes an example and a model for change
A love which add to our knowledge about each other
A love which sets its own standards and agenda for others to follow
A love where losing or winning makes no difference
A love rooted in sublime and humane delicate touch
A love which broadens its base without an iota of bias
A love which spreads its heady scent for a wide
A love which is magical in nature
A love which is not theatrical in its character
A love which enlightens us and is not mechanical in nature
A love where we do not care for results
A love where every skepticism melts
A love which gives eternal peace
A love which takes our love to new heights
A love which erases all lingering riders.



A love which gives happiness in taking pain of others
It is similar to the  love of Saint Valentine
A Catholic Bishop of Terni
In Roman Empire
Who attained martyrdom for the sake of LOVE
For solemnizing a marriage secretly
Of condemned soldiers
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire’s law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry
Attracted the Saint’s imprisonment
And ultimately martyrdom
Which very year we commemorate.

While in the condemned cell of a prison
With his miraculous touch, he cured the daughter of the jail warden
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter
With words so eternal in nature
“From your Valentine”, These immortal words have become a grand brand
Presently for us all to express to our loved ones
With heart suffusing with delicate love
With a huge sprinkle of pride for such a love
Mixed with a huge smile write large on our faces
Lasting for good in our mind’s eye
And in real life too, we live with complete affirmation
That love binds us and bestows us God’s eternal satisfaction.




Truthfully, Love has many forms and manifestations. It multiplies as we divide it. Love, in essence, could be sacred, when we love our Creator. We warmly adore our parents and other relations. Then we love total stranger while we feel ‘empathetic pain’ for their pain and we would like to render helping to alleviate their pain. We express our love for our Gurus in the form of our devotion to them since they help us in our pursuit of seeking God. We care for our pets that also is a form of love.

What a warmth in our emotions emanates when one is immersed in love! While showering our love, we involve ourselves totally. A true lover does not care for his/her own comforts and well-being while immersed in this sacred emotion of loving. Love, I feel, is not a business transaction. It is giving and giving with no expectations in return.

While we take love as a God’s gift, love gifts us many things in return which cannot be exchanged for anything in life. This return gift is all encompassing – a saintly feeling for us all. It generates warmth in our heart and a nostalgic feel, a deep longing which we want to exchange with others so that it spreads from one to many.

Then, there is a special type of love – love for the country of our origin. So much so we are swayed by its love that we would like make supreme sacrifice for ensuring safety and security for protecting its integrity. There are umpteenth examples of the personages who immortalized themselves for protecting the independence of the land of his/her birth. That is also a form of love.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentinus performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.

Legend have it that before he was to be executed he wrote a letter finally signing as: YOUR VALETINE to bid adieu.

May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases.


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