IN MAHABHARTA BHISHMA said: The mother is the panacea for all kinds of calamities. The existence of the mother invests one with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection.

In Bhagwad Gita, I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grandsire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the syllable Om, the creator of Vedas. In other words, everything including our parents are created by Omnipotent God.

Bible says“Honor your father and your mother, and Every one of you shall revere his mother and his father.



My warm salutations to thee my biological mother
Due to whom, I am here on this Mother Earth
And offering my warm reverence to Mother Divine
The Primal Creator of the universe
Who ignited the spiritual spark of all life
She is the Goddess Supreme
By names of Bhagavati Maa or Adi Para Shakti or Amba Maa.

Our mother is akin to Mother Nature
Who takes care of all her creations
On whose cradle all living beings get life-force for their existence
Grow and enjoy all the bounties of Mother Nature
Notably; air, water and sun’s energy without any bias
Providing succor to all birds and animals aplenty
From her bosom springs the life-giving crops
Which feed us and give us energy
Which sustains life on MOTHER EARTH.

The most esteemed of all the relationships
A relationship which harmonizes all other noteworthy relations
Endures all sorts of pains
Without even a slightest demur or objection
Mother, whose love for her offspring
Is in essence all encompassing
She is the one of the most priceless gifts of God, so benevolent.
We are aware how much pain she endures
From the time egg gets fertilized
Then the egg acquires different forms
From an embryo to a fetus
Then goes its steady growth in stages
All this development happens
Inside the womb of a pregnant woman.

Whilst the baby makes the first movement
In fact the first baby’s kick inside her womb
She takes it as a blessing from our Creator
Then she puts up with every pain
With a fond hope and aspiration
Till the baby is finally born.

Imagine her ecstasy finally
A feeling so heavenly
When she makes her endeavor to smooth growth of the baby
Imparts the child the first lesson
On which the edifice of lessons stands
And proves to the world at large his/her mettle
Mind you, the foundation of it all starts
From the lap of a mother
Her first breast feeding provides her protection from the viruses.



Mother Nature graces all mammals
With the natural traits of motherhood
A squirrel collecting its early morning feed
A crow collecting feed for its young one who cannot fly
A bitch feeding its pups even remaining without food itself
That is the strangest and most wonderful truth of Mother.

Then the mothers of all the mammals – animals, birds, ants etc
Are exceptional examples of motherhood
If you care to observe their way of living
Feeding their young ones and defending them from the predators
I was obviously inspired by the unique life of a queen ant
Which although does not have more life-span on this earth
But the Mother Nature has graced her with fine blend of motherhood
After her nuptial flight and mating get completed.
The queen ant finds a nesting place
Seals the entrance for laying the eggs
Lays eggs for food of growing larvae also
These healthy eggs grow to be active workers
And bring food from outside for the queen (mother) ant
Wherein the mother ant is in total control
For taking care of everything that goes inside the nest
That should also inspire us humans
As to how a MOTHER of any creations
Takes care of its broods.

I shall give example of my mother
Who had a deep impact on my life and those of my love ones
She, though has already left for her heavenly abode
But I reminisce clearly the days whilst she tended me as a small kid
Showering all the care that she could extend
Like all other mothers – who take pains in bringing up their offspring
What to feed and when not
With limited recourses at the disposal
She slept on the side
Where bed-spread was moist
But protected me from getting wet
So as to bestow interrupted care and protection as a kid!

Provided me her warmth of the heavenly lap
Cuddled me with her lovely hands
I grew up in her care and protections
Brimming with the everlasting love – so Godly indeed.

My mother gave me rock-solid protection on me day and night
With no complaints at any point in time.

A smile from me was a blissful gift for her
My cries used to fill her heart with the deepest agony
Calming of her heartaches came
When my sobbing came to an end finally
Childish prattle of mine amused her immensely
Whilst I crawled and learned to walk
Or talk first incoherently
She felt herself on the ‘seventh-heaven, factually.

Once I was down with the severest fever
I ;was in the coma for days on end
Medical help could hardly make any difference
Everyone in the family knew
Her sincere prayers came to my rescue.

Then came the time of my schooling
I was a reluctant customer, a foot-dragger for going to school
My Mom knew how best to handle me in this too!
Cajoled me with eatables as the enticement or bait when required
Reprimanded me sternly whence its necessity was felt
As though she knew when a particular dose to be administered
For drawing out the ills & putting the best traits
School and then college went on smoothly under her supervision
Worth mentioning, she was not well-read, so to say
But knew all fine-points of life and how to live it with sincerity!
t confession, all the traits in me are due to my loving mother
All negativism are earned by me from my own mistakes
Although she is mixed with (Five Gross physical elements) PANCH BHUTAS
Yet she resides in my heart for good with the grace of Almighty God.
And guides me when hugely required
Through her value system which she has imparted.



The Mother obviously. is one of the noblest relationships, the one who understands her offspring and teaches the child how best to take the correct path because she is graced with soft emotions by God.

The showering of soft emotions could attract even persons with brute mentality thus could have far-reaching influence on the lives of her progenies. It is the soft emotions which solidifies the foundations of the children in facing challenges while they faces life. Therefore, pure soft emotions are, in essence, ‘pure springs make rivers with pure water ’. Hence the source of purity of heart and mind start with the value system which the mother imparts to the child.

HOLY BIBLE mentions about mothers: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.


Mother is the reservoir of patience, resilience, tolerance, perseverance besides the traits of forgiving and forgiving. Her quality of adjustment in any environs set her apart. This has been evidently clear since she leaves the hearth and home of her parents and becomes adaptive to the customs and traditions of her in-laws, which is the rarest of the rare attribute.


It is a gospel truth that in the household husband is the head and the mother the heart and when head and heart combine they make the huge difference both to the children and the home as a whole. Eternal peace and tranquility in the household happen when emotions of the heart are respected by all in the family.


All the important decisions which have far-reaching implications for the future of the children should be taken with an active participation of mother and father. By so doing, not only the natural say of the mother will be respected but also there would be peace and harmony in the household. The training in value system imparted by the mother remains with us throughout our life.

It should never be forgotten that mother provides the first lesson to her child – what to be done and what to be shunned. This first lesson is the foundation on which the edifice of future education of the child is built. Profuse praise of the child along with necessary punishment commensurate with fault will do a lot of good to the child.


An important note: excessive indulgence (Mou Mamta) by the mother can also spoil the balanced development in the child. Meaning, if a mother sweeps the mistakes of the child under the carpet then, sure enough, the child will grow up to be a spoilt one. So an objective approach is: admonishing when required and shower love, when called for, will do a lot of good for the all-round development of the child.


There are many mothers who are not adequately educated but they understand their children better because they use their instinct rather than knowledge. Mere rebuking children will not do – a soft approach can deliver much. If nothing works then a pep-talk on the need of education by the mother can also do wonders. If this also does not work then the help of the experts in the field could be attained. This should be done after a thorough research. The purpose is to follow all norms which may help the child in acquiring knowledge besides character building.

SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB says: A mother does not keep note of the transgressions of her son. O God, I am Your son. Why don’t You destroy my sins?

The mother should keep track of following aspects in mind in order to know and adopt remedial measures /take corrective steps for child’s improvement:-

• The company the child is following while schooling. It should be done with discretion without letting the child know.

• The progress of the child to be recorded. The mother should keep a tab of the child’s progress in all fields.

• Progress and innovative idea: health, education, mixing with other children, respect for all, curbing egoistic tendencies (words or sentences usage like I did it, it is due to me, my contribution made it possible etc), how to face diverse situation with courage, infusing feeling of commitment, spiritual bent of mind, games and sports, positive habit building, learning to obey the orders of elders including teachers etc.

Holy Quran enunciates: We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth.

• Best use of internet facilities. Whenever a child is sitting on the computer, the mother should monitor as to what the child is browsing. Corrective steps to be initiated if the child is lead astray.

• How best to keep a healthy balance between the household chores and the monitoring child’s progress.

• Sometimes what is learned has to be unlearned. Here care and caution are required.

• Kindle a spirit of understanding and respecting others’ privacy in the child.

• Appropriate appreciation and punishment whenever required should be made for growth of the child.

Finally, from the above, it is evident that to look after a child is a whole-time job. If quality time is not given by the mother, the child may be lead astray and lose the moorings for a healthy and upward march in life and a MOTHER knows it all.

• The mother’s love is all-encompassing.

• The mother teaches us the first lesson in the value system.
• Her first breast feeding provides us immense immunity from the germs and viruses.

• The mother ‘s graces save us from all the ill-omens.

• The mother is the embodiment of suffering.

• The mother mothers us when we are not able to do anything on our own.

• The mother gives us what other relations cannot.

• We are part and parcel of our mother. Mother lays solid foundation of our growth and development.

• Those people who abandon their mothers at her old-age are uncivilized and will get punishment for their bad Karmic deeds.

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