Guru Arjan Dev Ji is one of the noblest gifts of Wahe Guru Ji
He was the embodiment of devotion of highest order to Akalpurakh Ji
Who rendered selfless services (Seva) to the society in general
For this noblest deeds and excellence, he is the Fifth Guru Ji
The one who is understood and loved by his general masses hugely
Indeed a messenger of Supernatural Being with traits so saintly.

Along with it
He was an apostle of peace
Who stood firm, rock-solid indeed
When we speak about principles
For which he made supreme sacrifice
And attained martyrdom
For which we call this day as the Shaheedi Divas
With the avowed words, so sacred
‘Thine doings seem sweet unto me’.

While remaining firm in his convictions
And beliefs he held dear till end
When he was ordered to sit on the hot-sheet of iron
While hot sand was poured onto his body
For three days continuously.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji immortalized himself
Owing to his faith and noblest deeds
He held dear as his shining standard
Which will remain shining example till the stars shine in the sky above.

Guru Arjun Dev Ji collated the sacred collection of the Hymns
Of Sikh Gurus Jis’ which is construed as the
Groundwork of present day Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Known with immense reverence as the Tenth Guru
Himself contributed a total of 2218 hymns
Of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

Along with Sukhmani Sahib Bani
Which gives us joy and eternal peace
While we pay focused attention with utmost reverence
Each words and phrases contained
In these sacred verses give us inner strength
For removing worries and anxieties from our midst
It helpps dispel the fear of death
By remembering God
We remain eternally connected with our Supreme Being
By remembering God we gain inner strength

His major achievements are far too many
He became instrumental in installation
Of Sikh Holy Book – Adi Granth
Also in the construction of Golden Temple
Then developed Amritsar as a Centre of excellence
Enhanced the role of Sikh Society
By Introduction of Masand System
His motto was to be compassionate to all
He advised all Sikhs to donate a tenth
Of their earnings in charity
For the wellbeing of the society – a noble cause
For which Sikhs are known the world over.

The principles of Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Are more relevant today than ever
In these most difficult days of Covid-19 pandemic
When each one of us has been adversely affected
In one way or other.
Guru Ji’s message will keep reminding us
That there exists one
The Noblest one.


Guru Arjan Dev Ji was born in Goindval Sahib, Tarn Taran (Punjb). He is fifth Guru known for this sagacity and wisdom. His maternal grandfatherr Guru Amardas (Third Guru) and father Guru Ramdas (Fourth Guru) are also known for their love and wee instrumental in helping the masses.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s is somberly remembered as the Martyrdom Day (Shaheedi Divas) and occurs on 14th June. This supreme sacrifice was due to his expansive influence on the general masses among other reasons which was not taken kindly by Emperor.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji is the fifth Guru of Sikhs. In fact, the first of the two Gurus martyred. He was captured by Mughal  Emperior Jahangir in 1608 in Larhore in put in the prison for his influence amongst the masses. It is a well known fact that Guru Arjan Dev Ji blessed his rebellious son named Khusrau due to which Jahangir ordered his execution.

The execution was really heartrending since he was made to sit on burning hot sheet-plalte besides hot sand was poured on to him too. Such a heartless act! He was subjected to three days’ of extreme torture and subsequently taken for a bath in the river. He entered the river but was never seen thereafter.  

He was instrumental in prepaing the map and also laid the foundation of Golden Temple besides helping in its construtruction in Amritsar.

Guru Ji is known for his wisdom and intellect of highest order. He compiled Adi Granth, a treasure trove of literary work in spiritual poetry and musical ragas (The religious scripture of the Sikhs). Adi Granth was installed in Hamandir Sahib. This sacred scripture was afterwards  changed to  Guru Granth Sahib.

The Shaheedi Divas of Guru Arjan Dev Ji is remembered annually in order to keep in mind the supreme sacrifice for the masses who revered him immensely.

Lessons from Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Shaheedi Divas and his principles he held dear:

  • Understand your people and standby them in thick and thin. When we do such things then people remember us for our noble causes thus creating a space in the hearts of the general masses. This is more relevant now because of Covid19 pandemic  than ever.
  • It is though sacrifices for good causes with which you can be known.
  • Stand firm in your conviction and principles even in the face of sure death.
  • A personage who contributes for the society in general is on of the most precious gifts of Akalpurakh and codifies his place in the annals of history.
  • We are known for the worthwhile contribution to the society in general and not for the years we have lived on this earth.
  • The ones who suffer for general masses are not only dear to the people but also to the Omnipotent and Omniscient God.
  • The example set by Gurru Ji will remain reminding us that Supreme Sacrifice for good causes immortalize us.
  • Our creative work of highest order will be remembered by the society in general and will earn us pride of a place for us.
  • Our impermanent body will have to perish one day but our soul and good Karmic Deeds remain permanent in the psyche of the people and they remain remembering the same with utmost reverence.

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