HAPPY HARYALI TEEJ TO ALL IN THE HOLY MONTHS OF Shravan and Bhadrapada of Hindu Calendar

HAPPY HARYALI TEEJ TO ALL IN THE HOLY MONTHS OF Shravan and Bhadrapada of Hindu Calendar

HARYALI TEEJA: The festival Haryali Teej are celebrated and is chiefly celebrated by women folks when they sing songs in praise of Goddess Parvati and her consort Lord Shiva. It is a monsoon festival;  when the sky is overcast with clouds and occasional rains. There is greenery all around with birds too enjoy the climate change. Women folks distribute sweets especially Ghevar and other sweets

Women generally keep a strict fast on this day while celebrating this festival. This festival is celebrated in western and Northern  India including Nepal during the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada of Hindu Calendar. The women folks pray to Goddess Parvati and Lord Bhole Ji during Teej festival in their best attires of orange, red or green colours with the best bangles . There is air of festivity all around the temples and other places. Their union too is celebrated by all.

It also refers to the third day which falls on every month after the new moon termed as Amavasya and after the full moon night of every lunar month. This Teej  too is termed as HARYALI TEEJ since there is greenery or haryali around which makes the ambiance celebratory in every way.

Shravan month (Maas) is the fifth month of Hindu Calendar which is dedicated to Lord Shiva wherein we pray for His bounties. He is known to as The Destroyer and subsequently to be recreated. In the hierarchy of Trinity – Lord Vishnu (Responsible for evolution which is created), Lord Mahesh (The destroyer for recreation) and Lord Brahma (The creator).

The Lord Shiva creates, protects and changes the universe for the benefit of His creations. Goddess Parvati is the partner of Lord Shiva. She is the SHAKTI (Nature). She is SHIV SHAKTI and together they are temd as ARDHNIRASHWARA.Therefore, it would not be wrong to infer both SHIVA and SHAKTI as the combined force who together come to the succour of their devotees.

Lord Shivaa is the One who is pleased easily and blesses his devotees. He could be pleased with simple bel leave. On this month, the people worship Lord Shiva for the entire month besides observing fast too. Various rituals like Holy Havan too is performed to please Him and get His blessings. In fact, His benevolencce and compassionate nature is known to everybody and that is why He is also termed as the BHOLE JI too.

Lord Shiva is the Param Atma (SUPER SOUL) of the universe. He is described as most fearful and most benevolent too. He is the simple Yogi who lives a ascetic life on Mount Kailash with His consort Parvati and his two children Lord Ganesha and Kartikaya. In his ascetic form He is described as the Bhola Ji (Very simple) and in His destructive nature He is responsible for killing the most ferocious demons. He is known as Adi Yogi Shiva. He remains in Yoga Mudra or meditative trace;  seems detached from the outer world but is alive to everything which is happening around the world.

One of the best attributes of Lord Shiva are some of the icons like serpent around His neck, the crescent on the head, the holy river Ganga flowing from his hair which are matted. Then the third eye on his forehead is indicative of the depiction of anger. The Trident or trishula is his weapon of destruction and the drumaru or drum which indicates that He is music loving. Furthermore He is worshipped in the aniconic form of Longam.

It has been observed that Samundra Manthan or churning of the seas was the momentous event which was done by the Gods and the demons with a pupose of extracting some most precious things of immense utility amongs which was nectar. This was partly to showcase the superiority of Gods over Demons and also to obtain most important things which were to come out of the churning of the sea.

  • This month holds significance since this churning exercise was done in the month of SHRAVAN MAAS.
  •  This was also done to please the Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wellness and fortune.
  • Chuurning was  also done to get nectar as a reward from churning of sea.
  • Initially, the Gods and Demons had agreed to share the nectar amongst each other.
  • The sea churning was done by Snake Vasuki (which adores Lord Shiva’s neck) while Sumeru Parvat was the used on which Vasuki was fastened to help churning by the Gods and the Demons.
  • After churning there came 14 types of things of immense utility. These included most precious stones.
  • Halahal (the most virulent poison). Both the Gods and Demons did not know how to get rid of the poison since it could destroy every living being on the earth.
  • Here too Lord Shiva came to the succour of both the Gods and the Demons. He took hold of the poison pot containing dangerous poison and did not drink this dangerous poison but kept it in his throat which became blue due to which Lord Shiva too is termed as Neelkanth.
  •  By so doing, Lord Shiva delivered the world off the sure destruction with the Halahal.
  •  This is the reason why we call Him as the saviour of the living world of ours.
  •  In essence, this is the reason why we consider this month as the most auspicious one since our LORD SHIVA saved the living world from sure death in the month of SHRAVAN MAAS.
  •  In order to control the bad effect of poison, he had to wear crescent moon for its cool effect on His head along with holy water of Ganges in order to cool in order to reduce the effect of poison. All these events showcases to us all that for saving the living world from sure death He could even take any step.

The CHURNING OF SEA took place in the month of Shravan  and particularly on Shravan Shukrawar (Friday) and Shaniwar (Saturday), these are considered as the most auspicious. Today being the first Monday of this most significant event, we consider this month as the most important for the entire humanity.

As Monday is most auspicious day, the devouts keep fast for keeping the body and mind pure besides worshipping the Lord Shiva for getting his bountiful blessings. On this day, the newly married girls perform Mangala Gauri Vrata on Tuesdays during this month. The chanting of OM NAMON SHIVAYE with sincerity will earn us His blessings for us. Even repeatedly chanting of AUM or OM will be of immense value for the devotees. Therefore, this month is construed as the most auspicious of all the months put together since our it is the month on which our BHOLA JI blesses His devotees. Even Lord Vishnu too is worshipped in this month with the Mantra OM NAMON BHAGWATE VASU DEVAYE NAMON; so much is the importance of this month.

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