Before delving on as to why we celebrate Ganesh Chatruthi, it is essential that we should know the circumstances and how life was infused in a lifeless creation by Goddess Parvti – the Shakti with unlimited power. This lifeless creation was the residue obtained/scrubbing of dead cells of the remains of sandalwood paste applied on her body of Maa Parvati after her bath.


In essence, it is customary to invocake Lord Ganesha before initiation of any project or work or prayer or important rituals. The mention of Lord Ganesha is found in Rig Veda. He is called as the Chief of Ganas (Divine beings) which symbolizes desires, thoughts and impulses. If these impulses are misdirected these may lead to greed, jealousy and anger and become a cause for internal and external disturbance. There is also mention of Lord Ganesha in epics Ramayana and  Mahabharata. He is termed as the remover of obstacles. He personifies purity, piety and knowledge. The mind is the master of five organs of perception and five organs of action. Lord Ganesha dwells in every individual in the form of intellect and wisdom.


Revered as Vinayaka, Ganesha or Ganapati
Possessing all encompassing potencies
He is most easily identified
With elephant head.
Ganesha is born out of the dirt
Rubbed out of the body of Adi Shakti
Goes to prove without even an iota of doubt
That even the dirt or worthless matter
Could matter the most
with boundless prowess when properly harnessed
Power which is mystic in nature to say the least.

Lord Ganesha is the one who is the first deities to be venerated
Whenever any business or any venture is to be initiated
Since He is bountiful and benevolent of all the deities.

Factually when a new venture has to see the light of the day
Lord Ganesha is worshipped for getting His graces
For self and for our dear ones
And also for getting peace and prosperity for us all
Along with good wishes for smooth sailing in anything we undertake.

Ganesha has two consorts
Named Ridhi and Sidhi
Ridhi is for our prosperity
Whereas Sidhi is for getting spiritual orientation in our existence
Including increasing positive thoughts for actionable results.

Lord Ganesha is also worshipped
For ensuring protection
From the ill-omens
Along with increasing the power of recreation
Whilst removing obstacles from our path
Because Lord Ganesha is considered as the patron
Of sagacity and intellect in abundance
He is both Veghanaharta
The one who removes the obstructions from amongst us all
And a Vegana Karta an obstacle creator for the evil doers.

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha – which falls between 19th August to 20th September every year. This year, His birthday falls on 31st August 2022. Ganesha is the most loved son of Lord Shiva and Goddess  Parvati. The devotees’ firm belief is that on this most auspicious day, He bestows his supreme blessings on us with His presence and showers His bounties (shuvta) on us as He is the Lord of prosperity, unlimited wisdom, and a trouble shooter to the core.


The Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar month of Bhaadrapada starting with the Shukla Chaturthi – 4th day of the waxing moon period till 14th day of waxing of moon. There is a celebration of ten days for which full preparations are made before hand. This includes; procuring lovely idol of Lord Ganesha, preparation of eatable, especially modaks for friends and relatives, some install Ganesha Idol on this day at their homes for getting His graces. This festival is celebrated in almost all the parts of India. Even in foreign countries like Canada, USA, UK etc where Indians are there, this festival is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm. It has special relevance in Maharashtra.


Legend has it that Goddess Parvati created Ganesha out of sandalwood paste which was applied on Her body before taking bath. She was impressed by her own creation which ignited her curiosity of breathing/infusing life into that creation. Low and behold, the creation of Maa Parvati came to life!

Subsequently, Maa Parvati told him to guard the entrance of the bathroom and ordered him not to allow anybody enter it while she was taking bath and attending to other rituals. All this transpired when Lord Shiva had gone somewhere. When He returned back, Ganesha, standing guard at the entrance, did not allow Him to enter. When questioned, who he was. Ganesha replied that he was Ganesha the son of Maa Parvati!

Lord Shiva sent His Ganas including powerful Nandi to teach the child a lesson in mannerism. As Ganesha was created by Shakti, he was very powerful besides being obedient to the core. Indira and his army of demigods too used their power to overpower Ganesha but in vain.

Now it was the turn of Narda with Saptarishis who tried to persuade the child for allowing Lord Shiva but it was also a futile exercise. All this infuriated Lord Shiva still further. Out of anger, He cut the head of Ganesha with His Trident.

When Maa Parvati came out after Her bath, she found the severed head from the body of her creation. This scene enraged her immensely. Observing her state of mind, Lord Shiva promised to bring back to life their son. The Demigods went in search of the person facing north but could not find any humans. However, they could find only bring the elephant’s head which was fixed on the headless body.

Ganesha came back to life instantly through the supernatural powers of Lord Shiva. He was graced with several bounties by Lord Shiva and other Demigods.

The purpose of this creation was to remove egocentric tendencies based in small head of Ganesha and replacing with bigger Gajhead with immense wisdom and sagacity with no ego at all. The intention was to bring about change from negative to positive orientation by Lord Shiva. This infusion of positivity in Lord Ganesha; with immense wisdom and intelligence is beneficial to us devotees. And that is why we all worship Lord Ganesha to get all the bounties with our sincere prayers onto Him.


In the past, only Hindus used to participate in the festivities but presently there is a community participatio. There is enactment of concerts; discourses based on intellectual/spirituality related topics, skits, folk dances etc. Dahi Handi competition is another interesting and much awaited by the participants. Here prizes are also awarded to the winners. People of all castes, religions and colour participate in these festivities and this becomes a fertile ground for national integration and engenders understanding between different communities. All these activities have twofold benefits. Firstly, it enhances unity in diversity and secondly it ensures competitive fervor between people.

As Lord Ganesha is embodiment of good tidings, people start their new businesses on this most auspicious day so as to have His blessings for the success.


He is the one who penned down Mahabharta dictated by Sage Vyasa at one sitting itself. This shows his wisdom, patience and persistence.

Lord Ganesha is known by 108 names but the following are its prominent ones:


Vighna means problems or troubles whereas harta means to remove. It goes to show that Lord Ganesha has the power to remove the impediments or troubles from our midst.


Vinayaka is similar to Vighanaharta; the one who removes troubles from our midst.


Gaurisuta means son of Gauri (another name of Goddest Parvati). She is possessing all the powers to remove any hurdles which comes in our way.


Balchandra; Bala means child and Chandra is associated with moon. Lord Ganesha carries the moon as a holy sign (Tilk) on his forehead.


Eka signifies single or one danta means tooth oor tusk. When Parashuram got very angry with child Ganesha, when he came in his way when he wanted to meet Lord Shiva, Parashuram chipped one of Ganesha teeth.


It means Ganesha is the first incarnation. VAKRA means curved and TUNDA means trunk. He is known to have regained the kingdom of Gods by overpowering demon Matsara with his power and intelligence. Chanting OM BAKRATUNDA AHE NAMON will make us a candidate for Lord Ganesha’s graces.


It means the one who has a huge belly. According to Mudgala Purana, Lord Ganesha is Lambodara Avtara. He helped in protecting the Gods from Krodasura.


It is said that Lord Ganesha is known to have the characteristic of seeing everything from anywhere and anywhere. It also shows that he has the same traits as Lord Krishna (The Avtara of Lord Vishnu).


My earnest prayers to our Lord Ganesha is to grace the humankind with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom so as to bring about peace and prosperity. As He has the power to ensure success of our businesses, we pray for His graces and remove all obstacles from our midst.



 The forests, the trees, the flora and the fauna housing in and Coleridge around us are all our kinsmen, these do deserve protection and preservation. Indian sub-continent is having a multifaceted religion, cultural, linguistic and ethnic ethos where various festivals are being celebrated. And amongst those, Vanamahostava, a festival of tree culture and planting is most reverentially celebrated annually with the onset of monsoon to protect and preserve the degrading environment over this only bio-sustaining planet – the mother Earth. Elsewhere across the world, this is also celebrated enthusiastically for greening the globe. Some 65 (Sixty-five) years back, first Vanamahostava was celebrated with much fan and fair to awake and sensitize public masses in general and younger generations in particular about the importance of forests and all other forms of bio life and to dedicate this day for environmental protection for its stability and sustainability.

The concept of forest preservation and conservation has over the millennia past been honoured with utmost regard in almost all our religious scripts, the Vedas Purans and Upanisads, the Ramayana and the Mahabharta. The Quran, the Guru Granth Saheb the Bible speak volumes of the importance of the forests and its surroundings. Thus, as such Mr. J.Evenly rightly remarked, “we had better be without gold then our forests”. But it is dismally to say that this invaluable asset is going to be driven to the verge of extinction so to say towards death Knell. The axe and the gun had over the years been the only tools in hands of mad civilized man to eke out living not only for his need but more so for greed. Still sad is the careless handling of cigarette bit which may spell the doom forestry business and destroy the wildlife housing in and around the forests.

On the occasion of the celebration of the first Vanamahostava, our late President Dr.Rajinder Prasad rightfully remarked, “I wonder sometimes if there is any source which gives us so much and of which we know so little as forest”. In the same vein Mr.K.M.Munshi, the then food and agriculture minister said, “May the Gods, the Water, the Plants and the Forest trees accept our prayers and protect us forever and ever”. And he also further emphasized that if the nation has to be survive, the philosophy of life must be understood not only in ideas, words and deeds but in terms which would replant us firmly on earth and under a shady tree. The trees are the poems mother earth writes upon the sky, we fell them down and turn into paper that we may record our emptiness. The present day scenario is perfectly like that and the nature warns us to be forestry conscious and save the planet at all costs. Add to it, the appealing of Sheikh Nur-u-Din Wali who says,“Ann Paoshi tele Paoshi Van” which means food will last so long as forests.

 It would, therefore, be most pertinent to note that our forest unlike other natural resources are ever renewable and their protection and preservation is of far greater importance than we have our life to us. Our life is wholly solely dependent upon forests and of bereft of these, our life would be a dull dying desert.

 Let us think over as to what our revered Brhadarenyaka Upanisad enlighten us, “As a mighty tree is so indeed a man, his hair are leaves and the skin outer bark and its nerves are tough like inner fibre. His bones are wood within and marrow resembling pith. A tree when it is felled springs up from its root in a newer form, form what root does a man spring forth when he is cut off by death?

 Undoubtedly, therefore, it is nature (Pakriti) and the process of her laws which are to be revered and going against those shall obliterate the entire ecosystem. As a result, therefore, we are subject to multihued problems e.g. mounting pollution, global warming tantamount to melting of snows and glaciers. There is over flooding of rivers resulting into uprising of water in seas and islands, apart from abrupt climatic changes and water crisis etc. Though the list is as long as unending.

 The forest department commemorated 131 foundation day in Srinagar the other day on 24th June to mark 131 years of dedicated service.

Around 100 officers and officials of different ranks including retired officers participated in oath online and offline. Department acknowledge landmark achievement of planting 1.37 crores saplings last year. And this year the target are likely to be enhanced to provide green cover. This shall boost preservation and conversation of forest and wildlife and ecosystem. Going It is most prudent for all nations of the world to launch a gigantic programmed for extensive / intensive afforestation so that all barren and denuded areas are well clothes by trees cover to avert the fragile soil of its being eroded. The denuded mountainous tops are to be prioritized as the landslides and erosions shoot off from there and unless our mountains are safe, the low lying areas shall always be in peril. A man mountain relationship needs to be established. The policy makers on the environment shall have to pick up the thread in the orientation of new policies for all safeguards.

On the occasions of this year’s Vanamahostava celebration, let us all irrespective of gender or age plant at least ten plants as the saying goes; equal to ten wells is a tank, equal to ten tanks is a son and equal to ten sons is a tree (Agni Puran). After planting, our job is not over but thence after it becomes our bounden duty for the cares and upbringing of these plants like our progeny with love and affection. It is only then that these plants shall behold us with due regards.

As a corollary, therefore, let us pledge to protect and preserve our natural resources-the forest, its flora and fauna, its soil and minerals for the posterity otherwise they will be blaming us forever and ever. Let us learn to love nature as she loves us and without of her being with us we are no longer sustainable. If we do not protect nature and its surroundings, we as well do not deserve the right to protect ourselves at nature’s cost. All the developments we are doing and of which we are the most boastful are at the cost of nature which warrants to be replenished. Let nature and the process of her laws coexists and are honored alongside our developmental activities harmoniously.

Once this process is judiciously put in a place, only then we can claim to be the pride of nation and the most revered – “Mother earth”. Plant, protect and safeguard the planet, mother earth on all occasion, at all costs.

The author is Former Dy. Conservator of forest, J&Kglkhajuriafor@gmail.com Mob: 9797683140  




Living the present moment

Means to be realistic about the factor time

And knowing what is happening now evidently

Is known to us crystal clearly

We can change the gears of our action

At this moment without much complication

Because presently, we are alive to the situation

Which is unfolding right before our eyes now

‘Now’ has immense power of its own

Since our mind has almost negligible role in ‘now’

It can totally change our responses

And sincerity of purpose we espouse

Thence this ‘now’ will transform into then

Then it will not be in our hands

To retrieve what we’ve  lost

Willy-nilly with our own efforts

Or not keeping the ‘now’ with tight sheath

What we gained is our gain for the coming moments

And what we’ve  lost is lost  for all time to come

Coming time depends on what we’ve done presently

That too with full awareness – knowingly

And also what is destined partly

That which is not within our control entirely

Our mind works for past and  future profusely.


In essence, many a times we tend to forget our past mistakes, incidents and mishaps. For some of these events and incidents partly we are responsible or may be  partly

others too are responsible. But common thread in all these is that all these past events or incidents leave an indelible impression on us.  In all these, we have not to take a dramatic view of it all. We’ve to be rational in our thoughts and actions. Our commitment to the present moment should be final arbiter with the total belief in self  and God. With this, God’s love will flow. In Bible it has rightly been said:

Let Him lead me to the banquet hall

And let His banner over me be love.


Evidently, it has been rightly said that our past is dead thus should be forgotten as such as a bad dream. But in real life, we do not run away from the past events and incidents since everything which we experience leave indelible impression on us; we realize it or not, that is bit different. A recent research has revealed that the human brain stays 15 seconds in the past and this visual lag gives stability to the world at large. Therefore, some of  the past experiences could serve us well.
When we commit a mistake unintentionally; without realizing that we’re mistaken, such a commission of mistake should provide us realization that we should not commit such a mistake again. Repetition of a mistake is irrational. It is not that we shall not commit any mistake since the one who transacts something commits mistake naturally.


Those who sit only day dreaming hardly can make difference. We have to exert hard in realization of our dream into reality. We should follow the theory of ‘Trial and error method’ of learning new things. Taking cues of the renowned inventors and discoverers, their lives centered around unmatched focus on their projects. Such people with rare traits did not attain success in first attempt, there may be failings many a times but their persistence and perseverance paid dividends ultimately.  They performed their Karmic deeds for the attainment of a goal without being overly concerned about the results of their Karma which has been rightly enunciated in Bhagwad Gita.


A sound adult perspective of attainment of maturity after gaining umpteen experiences helps. When we speak of constant worry, this implies a present situation that needs handling with due diligence, and again, we need sympathetic sound advice if  needed. Otherwise, the residue of guilt, shame or anxiety from the past sordid remains impacting us psychologically as emotional debt. In other words, the past is coming back to haunt our present life. When such thoughts occur, we should not throw them away or, at the other extreme, allow them to fester. Sitting quietly with eyes closed for some time and introspect, take a few deep breath will make difference. When we feel calmer, breathe normally and let the thought be in our mind. Vividly see what the thought is, then quietly we should say to ourselves, ‘I am not going to remain stuck with the past event since past is dead and time is a great healer.’ If the unethical thought still persists, then, revisit the event and experience it again if at all you can. There is every possibility that you will realize the uselessness of its remembering an unethical event/incident.


Dealing the past legacy of  bad incidents, if we develop the habit of living in the present moment while keeping the past events in the backburner of our mind, then we can live with serenity and in peace. If we develop the habit of dealing with our past in this way, we shall bring ourselves back into the present after approximately 15  seconds of living in the past, which is the only real-time, the time where life takes place. This is the reality with which we can live and perform our day’s routines; bereft of too much attachment with past, which anyhow is dead.

In essence, there are people who suffer the most despite best efforts then there are some imponderables which cannot be swept under the carpet. Are these sufferings due to the consequence of their past Kukarma (Bad Karmic Deed) of their present and past lives put together? It may be since our thoughts and actions thereof determine our present state. Therefore, it should be our endeavor to live spiritually oriented life, perform our respective duties sincerely and never think ill of others while living with detached mindset bereft of any expectations from others.




‘Yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamyaham


’Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an increase in unrighteousness, O Arjun, at that time I manifest myself on earth.
The birthday of Sri Krishna is celebrated every year. As per the astrological calculations and scriptural details, the date of Krishna’s birth, which is known as Janamashtami is 18 July 3228 BCE. Lord Krishna lived up to 18th February 3102 BCE. He is the 8th  Avtar of Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated on the 8th day of Krishna Paksha (dark night) between the months of August – September every year.

Krishna belonged to the Yadu dynasty descending from Soma. He was the 8th son of Princess Devaki and Vasudeva (son of Surasena). Krishna was carried across the River Yamuna by Vasudeva after his birth in the confinement of Kamsa.


Krishna Janmashtami has been variously described as: Krishnashtami, Saatam Aatham, Gokulashtami, Ashtami Rohini, Shrikrishna Jayanti, Sri Jayanti, Krishna Janma, Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Jayanti, etc.

Lord Vishnu is the cause of creation and He incarnated as Krishna to eliminate demonic forces prevalent in the society at large at that time. It has rightly been said that God is omnipotent and omniscient besides He could be called by any name we love to call Him.But Truly speaking; He is the ONE.

He has personal and impersonal aspects. To exemplify this; a drop of water has the same chemical and physical properties as water from huge reservoir of water. One or Many hardly makes any difference. Our body which we love the most is impermanent. Our soul and the Super Soul are permanent. It does not die with the death of the body.

God incarnations and saints’ lives which have been given in different scriptures have made it amply clear about the importance of God Consciousness through their discourses and other mystic actions, remain inspiring us humans.

Such is the importance of incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Krishna. As per scriptural knowledge, whenever there is prevalence of evil, the Lord Vishnu incarnates to destroy the evil doers and establishes the natural law with peace and tranquility and to establish the prevalence of Dharma and eliminate Adharam

Whenever there is a decline in righteousness and an increase in unrighteousness, O Arjun, at that time I manifest myself on earth.



whilst prevalence of evil is at its worst
When irreligious & immoral rule the roost
When there is no respect
For upholding the principles of natural justice
When voices of virtuous souls are suppressed by force
When human rights and values are overlooked woefully
When ill-mannered are rewarded only
When people with wisdom are ignored willfully
When people are disgruntled immensely
When people without moral conduct are cherished unjustifiably
When egocentric tendencies are pampered entirely.

When even blood relations are imprisoned by their own offspring unjustly
When divinity and spirituality lose its sheen
When saintly advises are not paid any heed
When arrogance is allowed to prosper
When commoners are put to shame by their masters
And forced to submit to their whims
And forced not to pray the Creator
When seers’ Yajna are defiled
By throwing rubbish and filth on the fires so sacred
When sages and opposition voices are subdued arrogantly
When even just-born kids are done to death mindlessly
Because of fear of these children
Growing and becoming a cause of their own death.

When general masses are not cared
And left at the mercy of evil doers
Thence our Lord Vishnu descends from His Abode Vaikuntha
And incarnates to wipe out the evil from the world at large
In order to deliver the pious and the virtuous
Thus He destroys the evil which has made a residency
As irreligious and unreasonable ones; wolves in the sheep’s clothing
Thus re-establish the principles, of probity and fairness.

This most auspicious event of incarnation happened at the stroke of midnight
At Ashtami Tithi with Rohini Nakshtra that night
Something quite mystic happened
There appeared Lord Vishnu dressed in shining attire
Carrying His weapons including Sudharshan Chakra
In the incarceration of evil King Kamsa
On request from mother – Devaki & father – Vasudeva
He turned Himself as a baby to be hidden from evil Kamsa
This way, the birth of Krishna took place in Yadu dynasty
Kamsa knew in his heart of hearts, really
That nobody can undo the purpose of Lord Vishu incarnation
Since the will of God always prevails at all occasions.

Lo and behold, the violent and vigilant guards remained in deep sleep
Oblivious what happened in the guarded dungeon just nearby
Whilst heavy downpour made the Yamuna fully swollen
Vasudeva put the baby Krishna in a basket on his head
With Sheshnag providing a shelter from rain
Yamuna swelled still further on
Wishing to touch the feet of the Supreme Lord
Then Krishna offered His Divine Feet for Yamuna’s touch.

After reaching Nandgaon
Vasudeva exchanged the baby Krishna
Brought back Yashoda’s daughter named Yogmaya
He was back to his prison cell without being noticed by anyone.

At Nandagaon, Krishna performed many of His Mystic plays of Leelas – unique ones
Showcased His mystical prowess at Mathura
He mesmerized Gopis with His flute play– at the musical best
Attracting even the cows herds in hoards.

Gayatri Mantra was initiated to the Krishna by Guru Gargamuni
And Vedic arts and sciences by Guru Sandipanimuni.

At Mathura He killed many a demons
To ward off the demons threats
Thus stopping threat looming large
Of many a ferocious demons.


During His childhood days
And thereafter during his life time
Lord Krishan’s role as destroyer of evil is well-known to everybody
Mahabharta epic provides us the entire testimony.

He married many queens
Rukimni being the most beautiful one
Love of Radha & Krishna is etched in
And will remain in our memories till ages
As the pious Love of Divine.

Lord Krishna acted as a Charioteer of Arjuna in Mahabharta
To the supreme Archer (Dhanushdhari) of all times
Thus played a stellar role of His in the Kurukshtra War
Between Pandavas and Kaurvas!

Where Lord Krishna displayed His stupendous Universal Form
When Arjuna was in doubt to fight war
Against kith and kin of his own
Then the Supreme Lord delivered His renowned Bhagavad Gita
“The Song of God”
Containing essence of Jnana
All encompassing knowledge – wisdom and Gyana.

In the war that ensued
Evil doers were doomed
Thus got justice for their wicked karmic deeds
Proving that bad Karma leads to bad end
And with them the wickedness that pervaded,

Thus Kamsa met his death at the hands of Lord Krishna
A victory of good over evil was ensured
A lasting lesson for us mortals to follow indeed
May Lord Krishna’s blessings be showered on all of us
By gracing us with wisdom
And spread the message of goodness for us mortals.



Lord Krishna Himself has enunciated in Bhagwad Gita that whenever there is excessive evil/sin in the society; when there is prominence of repressive and regressive forces besides prevalence of irreligious practices, He appears on this planet to eliminate evil thus minimize the curse of evil from the society besides protecting the pious and righteous people. His form may be different in different ages but He takes birth or incarnates and shows the right course to the people at large with His thoughts and actions.


After the marriage ceremonies, while Kamsa was taking his sister Devaki and brother-in-law Vasudeva in the cheriat, he felt very happy. There is a custom of brother accompanying the married sister to her in-laws home. The procession was passing merrily while Kamsa was driving the chariot. The atmosphere was surcharged with joyous/ecstasy.

As ill luck would have it, there was a prophecy from the sky: “Kamsa, you are such a fool! You are driving the chariot of your sister and your brother-in-law, but you do not know that the 8th child of your sister will kill you.“.

King Kamsa could not control his anger and therefore wanted to kill Devaki (the daughter of Devaka) but Vasudeva intervened and promised that they will give all their newborn children to Kamsa after their births and agreed to stay in his jail cell. They were thus imprisoned under the supervision of guards. Vasudeva also commented that Kamsa being a great warrior should not kill his own sister. Further, he also told Kamsa that we are dying every moment that passes and death is inevitable for the one who is born. Thus he pacified Kamsa through his flattery.

Afterwards, Kamsa imprisoned his own father (Ugrasena) and declared himself as the King besides usurping the power of King Surasena (Vasudeva’s father). He expanded his power to other parts too through his prowess.

Subsequently, first six children of Devaki and Vasudeva were killed by King Kamsa sooner they were born after the news of their birth was conveyed to him. While Kamsa’s relatives and friends tried to dissuade him from doing so but he did not listen to anyone. Then there was a news of miscarriage of seventh child but actually seventh child was transferred to Rohini as Balarama – just secretly – a Mystical potency of God.




When Krishna was born, there was an atmosphere of peace, auspicious stars were visible in the sky besides there were all positive signs. The Demigods were very pleased and began to shower flowers. Then Lord Vishnu appeared before Devaki and she felt very elated. Vasudeva was also very happy after seeing the shine on the face of the newborn –
such opulence and effulgence. The demigods had already informed them that Supreme Personality of Godhead would be born from the womb of Devaki. He was really convinced that the newborn was the Godhead Himself. Vasudeva began to offer prayers. He was of the firm belief that now Kamsa will get justice for his sinful acts. He thus prayed and requested Him to save them from the hands of Kamsa. Devaki requested Him to take the form of an ordinary child so that no harm is done to him.


Afterwards, a mystic thing happened, all the prison locks got opened, all the guards slept and there was a heavy rain. On the birth of eighth child, Lord Vishnu ordained that the child be taken to Gokula to Nanda and Yashoda. There upon, Vasudeva took infant Krishna with him, crossed the river Yamuna and reached Gokul. After leaving infant child at Gokula, he brought back Yashoda’s daughter named Yogmaya back to his prison cell. Due to the grace of Lord Vishnu, nothing went amiss. The birth of Krishna, and activities are all transcendental and one who understands it is spiritually rich person. His birth is according to His time and place besides the need of such an eventuality. Even the planetary systems were adjusted auspiciously at the time of Krishna’s birth.

Foster father Nanda Baba and mother Yashoda of Lord Krishna were very happy while they were celebrating the birth of their newborn son with great pump and show. There was an atmosphere of joy everywhere. Yashoda always thought Krishna as her dear son and not anything else – they all enjoyed the childhood pastimes of Krishna thereafter.


Significantly, the celebration of birthdays for everybody is a must since it reminds us not only our self-worth but also we realize the purpose of our lives. It also gives us realization how much our friends, relatives and other well-wishers love us. We reciprocate in the same measure the wishes and wellness showered on this day for us. Therefore, it is not only the birthdays of Messengers of God we should celebrate but also of ourselves, friends and relatives.



The demons kings were very harsh in their behavior towards their subjects. They inflicted all sorts of punishments on them including not allowing them to worship their deities and carrying out various rituals as enshrined in the scriptures. The demon kings wanted that people should obey them, pray them and remain slave to them. All this and more hardships made the world at large troubled spot. This necessitated and impelled deity of earth – Mother Earth (Bhumi) to go to the Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka with tears in her eyes to reduce the burden of evil doers and the heinous sins being perpetrated by the demons from the earth. Lord Bhrahma, Lord Shiva along with all Demi Gods accompanied Mother Earth for invoking Lord Vishnu to come to their succor. All prevailed upon Lord Vishnu to appear as the son of Vasudeva and all other Demi Gods to appear on the Mother Earth in different forms to assist Lord Vishnu in His new Avtar in one form or the other.


Kamsa sent Putana who was known for killing small children by her sinful methods, to kill child Krishna. Krishna killed her after suckling her breast.
King Kamsa sent demon named Trnavarta with mystic powers. He was eliminated by Krishna without much difficulty.

• A demon named Bakasura attacked him and his cowherd friends. Krishna killed him.

• Serpent Aghasura was killed after playful acts of Krishna and his friends with him.

• Dhenukasura attacked Krishna and his gops. He killed the demon.

• Demon Pralambasura sent by King Kamsa was killed by Lord Krishna.

• Demon Kesi in the form of a horse was killed by Krishna.

• While visiting Mathura, Lord Krishna killed the wrestler named Canura by hurling him to the ground while wrestling.


• Finally Lord Krishna dragged the demoniac King Kamsa and threw him on the ground, struck him with His fist repeatedly and killed him. That was the end of the evil along with Demon King.


Devotees keep fast on this day and remain awake till midnight at the time when Krishna was believed to have born. The image of Krishna as an infant is kept on the cradle or swing both at homes and temples and everyone wants to have a dharshan makes the swing to move. This is considered an auspicious thing.

Devotees sing songs and make merry besides exchanging gifts and flowers. In temples satsang and puja is also held.

Janamashtmi is celebrated differently In different parts of India. In Maharashtra, Dehihandi is celebrated where buttermilk is kept in a pot and kept at a convenient height. Different parties try to break this earthen pot so as to win this contest. This event is undertaken to remember the event of stealing of buttermilk by Krishna in his childhood from Gopi’s homes. The participants in this event are called Govindas.

In Mathura (the birth place of Krishana), Gokul and Vrindavan the festival is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. People gather in large number and offer their prayers to Him. Even in Dwarka in Gujarat where Krishna established his kingdom, people visit Dwarkadish temple. Bhagavata Purana, the part dealing with the pastimes of Krishna are recited besides offerings of betel, fruits, flowers etc done by the devotees.

Gokulashtami is celebrated with great fervor in South India too. In Tamil Nadu, the people decorate the floor with kolams (decorative pattern drawn with rice batter).

Besides Lord Krishna’s mysticism and Leelas are always enjoyed by the devotees.

• Lord Krishna dance upon the heads of the serpent Kaliya thereafter Kaliya realized his mistake.

• Protected the people from the heavy rains on the village Vrindavan by lifting Govardhan hill on his little finger.

• Rasa Lila (Dance) with Gopis at Vrindavana to the tune of the flute.

It is very vividly mentioned in Bhaghwad Gita that those who know about the birth, His appearance and all activities of Lord Krishna become eligible to be transferred to spiritual world. JAI SHRI KRISHNA. For this to become reality we have to be Krishna Conscious.


Bhagwad Gita discourse which Lord Krishana had with Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra (A DHANUSHDHARI OF REPUTE) enlightens us with the following besides other things:

• You have the right to work but never to the fruit of the work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction.

• Whatever happened, happened for the good, whatever is happening is happening for the good and whatever will happen will happen for the good.

• Change is the law of universe, you can be millionaire in an instant or a pauper in an instant.

• The soul is eternal.

• You came empty handed and will leave empty handed when you die.

• Lust, anger and greed are the three the gates to self-destructive hell.

• Man is made by his belief, as he believes, so he becomes.

• When meditation is mastered the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.

• Doubts are our enemies.

• We are kept from our goal not by obstacles, but by a clear path to lower goal.

• We are all one since all are God’s creations.

• Let go off attachment – our attachment to the worldly possessions is the cause of miseries.
• Give without expecting anything in return.

• Man is his own friend or enemy by his karmic deed or misdeed.

• Steadiness equipped with Yoga one controls the mind.

• A person can attain supreme state of freedom from the karma by self-control, and disregard for the material possessions.

• It is better to do one’s own duty better, even though it may be below our merits which we actually deserve.

• The five factors of our actions are: place of action, the doer, the sense organs, numerous efforts and the divine law which govern all other factors.




Our forefathers got us freedom
After struggle so unmatched
Against the foreign rule
The rulers who ruled
India with iron hand
Handing out punishments severest
For the filmiest of reasons
The rulers destroyed the traditional industries
To popularize their brand of products.

Even education was devised in a manner
Which produced only chair-borne jobs.

The sordid massacre of Jallianwala-Bagh
Wherein thousands were gunned down/massacred
Amongst other such occurrences
Which left a trail of executions
And jails to many of the freedom fighters
Even in Cellular jail (Kala Pani) in Andaman and Nicobar.

Our freedom fighters withstood every trials and tribulations
Finally got freedom from foreign repressions
With a sacred pledge to create the good impression
Amongst diverse groups of people with diverse ideologies
Thereby to live in harmony
On the principles of unity in diversity
And assiduously maintain this hard-earned sovereignty
By removing the spectre of poverty
Hunger, differences based on regionalism and hostility
And narrow parochialism
And ultimately enjoy the fruits of freedom.




The campaign captioned HAR GHAR TIRANGA, under the aegis of Central Government, has urged all citizens to hoist the Tricolour in their respective houses from 13th August 2022 to 15 August 2022 on the occasion of 75th Independence Day (AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV). The Indian Flag is hoisted at every household and is fluttering majestically giving a heartwarming feel. The motor cycle rallies, the bicycle rallies and school children with flags in their hands present a magnificent sight. In essence, this 75th Independence Day is different in every way and is instilling a feeling of pride and inspiration, profuse with patriotism in every citizen.


We should always remember the supreme sacrifices made by our forefathers for the independence of our country, I offer my sincerest prayers to Almighty God that our country should have inclusive growth and development, of course, despite diversities in many respects.

My wish-list for this AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTASAV ‘Independence Day’ and the coming ones is a mix of inter-faith harmony, ensuring economic upward trend impacted by lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, hopeless politics which has really reached to Nidar, reflected by the rude behaviour of our Law Makers in the holy temple of our democracy;   probity in public discourse, while working within the ambit of our Constitution. We all should work for ensuring law & order besides facing the realities of our times including the specter of terrorism, extremism, violence and of course ensuring  protection against Covid-19 pandemic which is again raising its ugly head.  

My wish list is long but brevity should serve the purpose.


It has been observed that rapid climate change has impacted the eco-system to a maximum extent. The effects of rapid climatic change, especially rise in temperature due to carbon emissions and others factors has resulted in dry spells (droughts) in which there were scanty rains (as has been happening in UK, France, Romania, Spain, Portugal and other EU countries Then there more than average rains besides cloud bursts in many parts of India,  resulting in excessive inundations and landslides in which deaths and destruction has resulted.  If we do not act now to alleviate the situattion by reversing the trend in rise in temperature by reducing the carbon emissions otherwise we would be leaving a legacy of uncertain future for the nextgen. As we’ve got our freedom by sacrificing in men and materials, therefore, there is necessity for us to contribute for keeping our ecosystem neat and clean  by planting more trees as they become agent to suck in Carbon besides holding the earth with their roots or reduce carbon emission which results due to burning of coal, mineral oil and its products etc.


India is a country with diverse culture, speak different languages, living in different regions, have different castes and creed, have different religions and following their faiths and beliefs. Indian Constitution gives equal rights to every citizen without discrimination. Here the legislatures and judiciary have their sphere of duties and responsibilities/accountability clearly assignedd. While I  want that my religious belief should not be curbed in any way, then, I also should let others follow and practice their beliefs without interference from others.  The law enforcement agencies should make sincere efforts that those who transgress others freedom of expression or freedom to profess their beliefs are dealt with under the laws of land.


It is strange to know where our Indian Currency is going and from where Crypto Currency is coming to India.   Here the hand of our neighbor is discernible. Although Chinese Government has put blanket ban on Crypto Currency yet have more of Crypto Currency? There has been biggest financial fraud, the common man is being lured into the trap for being rich very soon. The loan sharks who are giving loans to the gullible people at high rate of interest as a result such people have lost much of their cash and in some cases committed suicides when they lost their money. Almost all the transactions are being done secretly and dealing in anonymity (off chain transactions to escape the hands of laws).  There is no record of transactions so done. The reason people deal in crypto currency is the absence of block chain is farfetched.  There is no due diligence adopted therefore it is dangerous transaction since more often than not the transactions cannot be detected. RBI and law enforcement agencies should intervene otherwise it would be too late. In this 75 INDEPENDENCE, we should not let our legitimate money be swindled out of India to countries inimical to Indian interests. This is in fact hybrid war against India. Crypto helps nefarious and anti social/ anti national activities. Road to prosperity is through hard work and not through questionable channels. Beware of Crypto Currency Indians should realize this fact.


It is undisputed fact that India has border concerns with its two immediate neighbours. Both are doing everything to needle India though Indian armed forces are ever ready to meet the challenges of both the neighbours yet we have to learn lessons from Chinese violent reaction after the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. China has sovereignty claims on the territories of its neighbours including India. It has amassed a massive forces against us in Ladakh region and other vulnerable points. We have to be ready for any eventuality on LOC and LAC as both these countries remain hostile to India.


Heavy monsoon rains have resulted in deaths and destruction and the  standing crops have been destroyed in many parts of India. Most of the rivers are flowing above danger mark thus inundating the areas in their vicinity. The states severely affected in the North are Bihar, U.P., Uttaranchal; North-Eastern states, Maharashtra (Mumbai particularly). In the South, Karnataka and Kerala have been severely affected. Immediate steps, on war footing, should be taken to safeguard the lives and properties everywhere. I want all the states adversely affected by current floods should be given succor in whatever necessary.


It is expected that Indian economy is projected to grow by 7.5 per cent or even more in the current financial year despite negative effects of economic southward slide due to lockdowns created by Coronavirus. But rising inflationary trends and rising commodity prices along with situation which is developing with ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine for which there is no possibility of ending  even after more than 150 days is a huge cause of concern.  The surging prices of oils (mineral and edible) too globally is a cause of concern. India needs to take care of economic health of our country. In order to keep our economy on an even keel, we have to take care of balanced growth of Primary Sector (Agriculture), the economy Secondary Sector (Industry) and Tertiary Sector (Goods and services) to meet our domestic needs and even export the goods and services for earning foreign exchange. While other countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other countries are reeling under threat of external debits, Indian economy have weathered heavy storm due to Covid pandemic but still we have to make efforts to stabilize our economic health.


We are aware of the sincere efforts of the Government to unearth ill gotten unaccountable wealth through ED, CBI and other law enforcement agencies. The mountains of hard cash, precious metals and other properties hidden have been found by ED in different parts of India and even the politicians are not immune from the heat of the law. All should be accountable for their unethical acts and dealt with according to the indiscretion/transgression committed. One of the impediments which is eating into the very vitals of our society is the hydra-headed corruption. We are aware of the scamps and corrupt practices that were used in allotting coal blocks, use of middleman in defence purchases, and currently, even the Judiciary has come under attack with some people tarnishing its image. I want a corruption free society where merit and fairplay are given more credence. Stringent laws should be made and enforced so that corruption is eradicated from the society.


Coronavirus pandemic is raising its head again. All should have vaccination while observing all the Covid related norms so as to keep ourselves protected from the vicious infection. We should always be ready to meet the challenges of health hazards posed by the virulent virus. If we do not follow coronavvirus related protocols for safety of our people, we can be engulfed by this disease again. We should ensure that almost all are vaccinated to attain herd immunity. Besides, we should also follow social distancing, wear face masks while in the crowd, keep ourselves sanitized besides keeping our surrounding near and clean.


It is an undisputed fact that we choose our representatives so that they represent us in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and solve our problems by legislating new bills through discussions and dialogue. I want my elected representatives to present a fine example so that our future generation learns from them how best to legislate while they enter the political arena.  


After the abrogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of state into two UTs, it is in the fitness of things to usher in all round progress of all the three regions (Srinagar, Jammu and Ladakh) without any bias whatsoever. But presently the killing of labor and Kashmiri Pandits in the Valley has again worsened the situation there.  Government should do everything to bring peace and prosperity in J&K.


It is a fact that respect is earned by our day to day behavior and demeanor. We have to earn our respect. It is not given to us on the platter for nothing. If I want that others should respect me, it is essential that I respect others. One who knows how to maintain self-respect knows the need of respecting others on the basis of quid pro quo. It is synonymous with: Charity begins at home. Even a small child will respond with respect if I treat that child well.


We are aware that some parties are promising freebees to the people in the form of free electricity, free water, free bus rides etc. if  these freebees (ReVerues) are distributed only to those who are living below poverty line then it is good for uplifting those who live at the lowest strata of society but giving these to those who have propensity to pay is not good for the economic health of the country.


The insensitivity and callousness that we show towards road accident victims is really pathetic. Our heart should feel pain when anybody is in pain. In order to get respect, we should respect others since it is based on reciprocity.


Previously the Varnas or caste system was on the basis of professions which the people followed. Now everybody is free to profess his/her profession, therefore, there should not be any need to give more credence to narrow thinking based on caste, creed and other considerations. Recent happenings in some parts of India are the blots on the society as a whole wherein the Dalits are beaten up mercilessly either by cow protection vigilantes or cold-shouldered even by the law enforcement agencies when approached by them for action. These incidences also echoed in the Parliament and all expressed their anguished on the sordid incidents.


It is a sad commentary that we are forgetting the traditional modes of behavior. The values which our forefathers attached to family and our cultural modes of behavior is being forgotten and in its place, narrow regional considerations are being given credence knowing fully well that these are neither beneficial to anybody in the society. I would like my countrymen to imbibe traditional values for which my Bharat is acclaimed since ages with the dictum, respect others if you want to get respect. It is never a one-sided affair. I want our offspring to imbibe the best value system.


Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister of India Shri Narinder Modi Ji at Rajghat on 2nd October 2014 has paid rich dividends and it has become a campaign to make the length and breadth of India neat and clean. Neat and clean India is healthy India and healthy India is free from diseases. I wish that this mission succeeds by the participation of all so as to ensure cleanliness all around.


Education of the masses is one of the important factors for the overall health of the country. Care ought to be exercised that students are taught the skills along with the general education so that they ‘earn while they learn’. Our youth should be trained in right skill so that they are able to earn while they learn, of couse in accordance with their capability. New Education Policy advocated by the Ministry of Education is in right direction; keeping in view the availability of rich in Human Resource in our country. We have to exploit this rich resource for our own benefit. This is also important to avoid brain drain which is presently happening. Our IITs and IIMs are churning out technocrats and management professionals of the highest calibre. Their talents should never go waste. Let our Government come forward in absorbing these talents for garnering benefits for our country.


It is high time we respect our women folks. The Divine Trinity has his female counterpart; Saraswati (learning) – Lord Barmha, Lakshmi (wealth) – Lord Vishnu and Parvati (power) – Lord Shiva. All the rituals, especially auspicious ones, are incomplete without women being part of it all. Disrespecting women was construed as the disrespecting the God. All the relationships – mother, wife, daughter, sister, etc are essential for us all. In olden times these relations were considered very reverential. Without these, what is the status of the father in relation to mother, wife in relation to husband, daughter in relation to son, sister in relation to brother etc. A woman was supposed to be the manifestation of Goddess/Shakti and the male was supposed to be incomplete without the female (Shakti) with him. Lord Shiva is incomplete with His Shakti (Goddess Parvati) that is why it is called SHIVSHAKTI.

Even in Ramayana times, women used to choose their suitors – Maan Sita chose Lord Rama after he broke the Dhanush of Lord Shiva in a sacred ceremony called soBmbar. Even in Mahabharata Dropati chose Arjuna in a sobmbar.

In other words, those who want to subjugate women and refuse to give their proper place, they are hypocrites. A simple question: CAN THIS PROCREATION and raising of new GENERATION possible without women? Men and women are the equal partners and ought to be taken as such. It is, therefore my fond hope that women are given their right place and it should be our m9ission to protect the ‘girl child’.


For this to happen, it is a important that we are economically stable, politically mature, militarily self-sufficient, a country whose opinion is taken with a pinch of salt diplomatically. I want my countrymen to help the needy when it is mostly needed.


We are proud of our space scientist for their stellar efforts.  DRDO should also endeavor to chip in so that we may not have to rely on foreign countries for meeting our defence needs. Wish that our R&D matches with best in the world so that we do not be dependent on others for our defence needs or any other crucial needs.


The Government should take care of the health and well-being of the people in general. The hospitals should have adequate stock of medicines besides doctors and other para-medical staff to provide medicare to our citizenry. The private hospitals too should be within the reach of the general public for seeking medical care. Medical insurance should also cater to the needs of the general public.


It should be our endeavor to respect the dependents of those who laid down their lives for the freedom of our country. Not only freedom fighters but those who lay down their lives to protect the hard earned freedom. We remember our heroes only when some unsavory incident of terrorist happens but soon thereafter we woefully forget their valor and supreme sacrifices.


I would like all people with unquestionable integrity for upholding the unity and solidarity of India. This is the most essential asset for an individual. If it is in suspect then the very existence of ours is in doubt and a life with doubt is fraught with impediments.


India has diverse cultural modes. Its different religions, castes, creeds, belief systems, languages etc. If we respect each others’ modes of behavior, then there would be cohesion and brotherhood amongst our countrymen. When we are united, then no power can subjugate us. For this to happen in the real sense of terms, it is important that we respect each other rights.


One of my fondest wishes is that India may become progressive but with spiritualistic outlook, where people are awakened morally, culturally, aesthetically, progressive and more compassionate. Also keeping all along in that progress – leaving none while following a life of morality and fair-play.


Due to one reason of the other, the industrial development of our country remains almost stagnant or is below par. This is due to lack of resources. A country whose markets are being exploited by foreigners remains industrial backward is really bad. People buy and use Chinese made goods at cheaper rates without any guarantee of their use. Can India not manufacture the same goods for their own people and exploit the gigantic market – benefiting the industry and the people both. The profit earned by the owners of the industry could then be pumped for more production and increasing their capacities.


Due to beggaries of monsoon, the agricultural production remains uncertain. The fear of scanty rain results in an increase in prices of food item/vegetables etc creating food inflation. This is especially so in rainy season. The prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. The people do feel a pinch.

• If water management is properly done, then, the deficit created by the scarcity of rain could be bridged.

  • Ensure vaccination for all so as to attain herd immunity for good health and wellness of my countrymen.
  • Due to change in climate due to carbon emission, temperature has soared which has resulted in wild fires at many places and rains and cloud bursts at many place due to which there are floods at many places in many states of the union. There is a need to minimize carbon emission.
  • More emphasis should be given to games and sports so that we win more medals in the international arena.

• The Government’s project/ plan of connecting major rivers could do wonders in this regard. This would also help in reducing flood related deaths and destruction.

• Due to the persistent use of water for drinking, in agriculture, industry etc, the scenario of ground water available would be grim in near future. Maximum attention need to be given to the precious water resources so that this resource is not depleted.

• Pollution to be tackled on the war footings.

Infrastructure Development ought to be a continuous process.

• Imports / Export Policies oriented for improvement of imports and exports. More exports mean more foreign currency for the country. The more foreign currency could reduce the budget deficit which has become a number one headache for the country.

• Foreign Exchange Reserve to be replenished so as to meet unforeseen contingencies.

• Fiscal Policies revised as per the need of the hour so that the current rate/value of rupee does not fall as is being happened presently.

• IT Sector to be given the boost. India is potentially a soft power giant. But we have to exploit this resource to the hilt as is being done by other countries. Our IT experts are proving their mettle in other countries. We are thus losing our human resources and also the benefits which our country ought to have garnered.

• It should never be forgotten that other countries too are improving in the IT sector. It is a must that this Sector should be given more incentive so that it improves further and earns much needed Foreign Exchange for the country.

The above are some of our wish-list which every right-thinking Indian would like to have for the overall development of the Bharat of our dream.




Lord Krishna In Bhagwad Gita has rightly said that He is the Sustainer of every relationship. This relationships may be that of father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, spouse, uncle, aunt, grandparents including all other relationships connected biologically.

We become conscious about our relationship based on  true attachment we possess with each of them; considering that these are blood related relationships or biologically connected. However, it has been proved empirically that there are people from whom we get more satisfaction, get instant love and affection we can call them soul mates, not blood related! We can get brotherly or sisterly relationship without being biologically related. And the real brothers and sisters, in real life, could be blood thirsty which is travesty of fact.  


Raksha means an act of bestowing protection
Bandhan means bond in relation or connection
Herein we talk about brother/sister relation
Becomes Raksha Bandan.

Amazingly, an ordinary twine becomes the medium
Of bond between brother and sister!
Thus putting an indelible stamp to cement the relationship
Between brother and sister affection.

Rich in cultural traditions despite some upheavals
India with its wide-ranging festivals
Keeps reminding our general public
Of the importance of the festivals so sacred
Based sometimes by changed seasons
Or some blessed religious occasions
Other times based purely on human emotions
Whilst there is a need to revive relationships
And oftentime give us occasions of celebration.

The RAKSHA BANDHAN is the festival, so dearest
Where sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist
Which is held in the Hindu month of Shravan or Bhadon
Witnessed by the auspicious full moon from the Heaven
Profuse with sisterly adulation
And awe-inspiring sentiment of brotherly affection
A festival of deep bond of emotion
Wherein a brother promises protection
Of his sister from any danger unforeseen
An ultimate ‘bond of protection’ nonetheless unwritten
Yet this thread is not an ordinary twine
But solemn undertaking given.

Rakhi is not mere a knot between blood related brothers and sisters
It could be a sacred knot between neighbours
And other society members
To keep the fabric of society united and intact
To ensure communal concord.

History is replete with quite a lot of instances
Where Rajputs & Maratha queens sent Rankhis
To the Mughal kings
And won their support at the time most ccritical.

There is also a story of Alexander the Great’s spouse
Sending a Rakhi to King Porus
Which King Porus accepted with immense respect
And the promise was so fulfilled
By not harming her husband
Such is the sacred Rakhi’s bond.

Such is the power of this ordinary twine
It can keep even adversaries united.

O Thee Omnipotent and Omniscient One
Knot the world community with Thy Holy Thread
So that all live in peace and concord.



(An Ordinary Twine which Unites Souls)



The word Raksha means an act of protection and Bandhan means a bond relation/connection/tie/bond/association. Taken together the two words means a relation which ensures/bestows protection. Raksha Bandhan, in other words is a bond between brother and sister for bestowing protection to the sister whenever contingency arises – a sacred pledge that (brother will fulfill the promise of protection come what may. In return, the sister prays to Almighty God for his brother’s prosperity and good health.

We Indians, like many in other countries of world, are fortunate to have different festivals which we celebrate with religious fervor and devotion. Festivals may be different but there is a commonality of feelings which springs out during these festivals; indeed amazing. That is the beauty which binds us together with a common Thread of Love and Care for each other.


The brother-sister relationship is really very sensitive one. When brother and sister are biologically connected then they grow up together under the same roof and the parents make them understand the importance of brother-sister relationship. As the sister, after she grows up, has to leave the home and hearth of her parents, Rakhi Thread becomes a link between brother and sister to remind each other that there exists somebody to care for him/her. It is, in other words, an emotional bond/link which brings forth the memories of the past days when both brother and sister had lived and brought up together. To say the least, I opine, sisterly love is next to the motherly love. A simple woven thread, self made or purchased from market with great reverence cements relationship even further between brother and sister.


Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival which highlights the importance of brother-sister relationship. Here, brother-sister may be related or biologically unrelated. In some parts of India it is simply called Rakhi festival or Rakhi Purnima (falling on full moon). Indian being a multi-cultural society, not only Hindus, it is celebrated by Sikhs, Jains etc. The sister ties a (Rakhi thread) sacred thread on the wrist of her brother and the brother in turn gives a solemn pledge or promise to the sister to come to her succor at any unforeseen eventualities. A promise which is formalized on RAKHI PURNIMA DAY. This festival falls on full moon day (Shravan Poornima) and that is why it is also called as Raksha Poornima.



In Mahabharta epic, it is said that Lord Krishan considered Draupti as his sister and bestowed her full protection to her when Kaurava princes tried to disrobe her after Pandavas had lost everything including Queen Draupti in the gambling match. At other times of adversity too, he provided her full protection.

Earliest examples of a Rakhi Bandhan prayer is found in VISHNU PURAN: a prayer that Yasoda sung while tying a sacred Rakhi lucky charm on Krishna’s wrist. May the Lord of all beings protect you,

May the One who creates, preserves and dissolves life protect thee.         


Historically legend has it that Rajput queens used to send rakhi threads (a scared thread) to other neighbouring rulers in order to showcase their linkage or relationship and establish a bond of relationship and spread brotherly feeling amongst the neighbourhood and avoid bloodletting on small pretext or misunderstanding of any nature.


There is a legend, Lord Ganesha had two sons named Shubh and Labh. While Ganesh’s sister came to tie a Rakhi around the wrist of Ganesh, his sons became disappointed. They wanted a sister too. Then Narda Muni came and persuaded Lord Ganesha for the same and thus created a daughter by the name of Santoshi Maa by the divine flame emerging from wives named Ridhi and Sidhi who tied Rakhi on the wrists of her brothers Shubh and Labh.


There is also a legend in Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana that after Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from demon king Bali, he requested Lord Vishnu along with Maa Lakshmi to stay in his palace. This was not liked by Goddess Lakshmi. She had a plan. She tied a Rakhi around the wrist of King Bali and made him his brother. When asked for a gift she asked for the freedom of Lord VISHNU and freed from the promise to live at his palace. Demon king agreed.


There is also a legend of Yama (the lord of death) and Yamuna (river). Yama, due to pre-occupation could not visit her for 12 long years. She told Ganga for the same. Gangaji mentioned this to Lord Yama. He visited his sister thereafter. Yama was very happy to see his brother after a long time; prepared tasty food for him. On asking for a gift, she extracted a promise that he should visit her year after year. This too is connected with Rakshna Bandhan.

Some of the salient features of RAKSHA BANDHAN are given below:

• Raksha Bandhan signifies the love and affection between brother and sister – an emotional link which solidifies the relationship between the two blood-related or otherwise.

• Brother promises to protect her sister and come to her succor whenever called for besides giving a suitable gift for his sister as a token of love.


• At the time of tying the knot of sacred thread parents, grand-parents and other members of the family ritualistically gather to shower their blessings on brother-sister at a spot where sister ties knot of Rakhi to her brother and pray for their well-being and prosperity. Tying of knot of a Rakhi is done in a ceremony by lighting a earthen wick or a candle in a shallow plate. Sister applies tilak or tikka on the forehead of her brother and then ties Rakhi. The purpose of lighting a wick is for sanctification of RAKSHA BANDHAN in presence of Fire God. Brother gives her gifts and promises to protect her whenever there is a need. Subsequently, the sister prays for the wellbeing and prosperity of her brother. Some sing religious songs in connection with Rakhi festival.

• The sister prays to God for the safety and prosperity of his brother.

• A sacred thread, in the form of Rakhi thread, cements a bond between brother and sister thus establishes goodwill and emotional bond between them two.

• Most importantly, when brother-sister love is affirmed outside the biological relationship then it will enhance inter-faith cohesion and fellow feelings between different castes, religions etc. This practice persisted in the past and is prevalent now as well. Raksha Bandhan evokes feeling of love, respect, and a sense of protection and also engenders a feeling of togetherness between different religions.

• Then there is a practice of sending Rakhi threads made by the school children to the soldiers guarding the borders who could not be with their sisters because of their emergent commitments. These soldiers will naturally feel elated and emotionally suffused by this sacred gesture.

• Self made Rakhi Threads along with the sweets and gifts are sent to the orphanages for tying to the ones who were not so fortunate to have their brother tying this sacred thread. This also brings smile on their faces.

• Brothers and sisters who are geographically separated send their Rakhis by post or any other fast means along with the gifts in the form of gift cheque etc. Now-a-days, due to the progress of communication owing to net, Rakhis could even be e-Rakhied without wastage of time. What a way to exploit the fast communication! This gesture too keeps the bond of brother-sister love ever blossoming.

• The Prohits self-make Rakhis and distribute amongst their disciples who put these on their writs with fervour. This too is considered as a SARED TWINE.

May true spirit of Raksha Bandhan prevails and creates affable brotherly feelings amongst the humanity in general so that there is no feeling of hostility amongst peoples around the globe.