At times, we are not satisfied with the result of our action. We are dismayed that the efforts we’ve put in are not in accordance  with the result we have achieved ultimately. This may be due to the fact that our focus is more on the outcome than our efforts while putting our efforts to fructify our mission? Factually, this is contrary to what is enshrined in Bhagwad Gita; which proclaims that we have to relish the act more and ignore the outcome. Putting more reliance on ‘outcome’ is synonym with the maxim: Counting your chicken before they hatch.


If we are more concerned about the future ultimate results and concentrate less on our efforts at the present moment, then at every step, we shall be feeling miserable and bereft of self-assurance – apprehensive or self-doubting at every step. Our efforts would be less rewarding, if at all we achieve something!  Perfunctory work, done in haste and without application of mind, gives out doubtful results, it is not a rocket science to understand.


To truly enjoy our work, we have to out-rightly go about it with all our mental power, of course, not disregarding our sensitivities (heart). To get lost in the outcome rather than enjoying the action or karma, it is essential that have positive attitude.


Attitude means our approach to fructify an effort, outlook or point of view, bearing, behavior pattern or frame of mind. With positive mind, we can accomplish what we want given the appropriate opportunity and right situation. Right or positive attitude gives us confidence and will to perform optimally even in adverse situation.


The constituents of positive attitude are right and productive thinking and action thereof, therefore, ultimate result would be positive as positive attitude results in positive outcome. Positive attitude carries with it optimism hence there would not be any off-putting eventuality. With optimism as the hallmark, there is most favorable echo-system/stimulus of motivation and inspiration all through our journey of getting things done creatively. If such a positive atmosphere prevails there is always a wave of go-getter frame of mind with encouragement for an individual to perform at every step.    


When a job is done with a positive frame of mind then failure or success hardly matter. Failure is taken as an opportunity to excel. Failure is considered as a springboard for success, in fact a blessing in disguise for mission achievement. We are inspired to go on despite any hurdle besides no roadblocks can stop our further march. But we should recognize with open arms this opportunity (failure) as a flicker of light in the dark clouds which will bring us success in the long run.


In essence, when are in the positive and constructive frame of mind, we are enthused to take steps or even take risk to accomplish our task with smile all the way. And the task in hand is taken as a runaway victory and not a scary challenge.  It has been observed that when we take exhibit positive attitude, we are on the seventh-heaven. In such an positive environment, no task is considered impossible. Furthermore, while we are joyously performing our task, there is always a presence of Supreme Soul guiding us at every step. In such environ, self-trust/self-assurance is generated making our task easier to attain.


It has been experienced that when we possesses all the traits of positive attitude then we recognize and accept our position as proceeding to achieve our targets come what may. Meaning, no hurdle is enough to put us off on anything under the sun. It is also a fact that with positive attitude, we possess positive habits, right mode of behavior, empathy, understanding,  simplicity along with huge amount of humility. With these optimism, nothing can come in our way to achieve our goal. But with all these characteristics, we should not lured into egocentric tendencies!


Importantly, when we have huge amount of humility then, sure enough, we take pride in our own self – we consider ourselves important. In  other words, we consider ourselves as a unit of soul which is not apart from Super Soul. While we consider ourselves part of His Scheme of Advocacy then, we cannot think our others apart from Him.


It has been observed that with positive attitude, we can achieve much in order to accrue benefits for self and for those who are dependents on us. If we are only aspiring and working for self-goal achievement, then, we are living and working only for self appeasement. In our scheme of things, we disregard the needs of others around us. I should say, we are not living altruistically. This animal-like existence takes away or cut-short everything which we have achieved or attained living a spiritual way of living. Although we can self-pat ourselves for achievements yet such achievements will not be registered as righteous ones which may accrue us Karmic Credit Points (KCP). It should always be kept in mind that every Karmic act of ours is being observed by the Supreme Being, therefore, our reward will follow In proportion to the service (Seva) to render to the needy.

Conclusively, it can be said that those who have positive attitude may or may not have acquired worldly possessions but such individuals have treasure-trove of self-assurance, will to excel despite hurdles besides they remain connected with their roots and the Creator. Along with this, a person with positive frame of mind is sociable. Adaptive to change, self-less, compassionate, ego-less and always connected with SUPREME SOUL.



Our liking or disliking
Differ as men differ
An idea may be useful anathema
A thing may be useless for some
But useful for some others
Some may be lured to drugs
And become addictive
Despite knowing
That drugs are useless
For our body metabolism
The utility of thoughts
Or actions thereof
Is individualistic in nature
Some thoughts
And actions
Create toxic affects
Adversely affecting the person concerned
And their relations
As a consequence
The usefulness
Or uselessness
Too depends
On our body system
One man’s food
May turn out to be
Another man’s poison.


Factually, our liking or disliking differ. It is individualistic in nature. The Roman Poet and Philosopher has rightly coined the expression: What is food for one man may be bitter poison to others. Liking and disliking of a person depends on the choice or preference of that person concerned. It is personal choice of a person. Or it could be said: ‘One man’s meat may be poison for others’ because of indigestive nature of meat for the person concerned.

One thing which is useful for one person may or may not be useful for other person. Also, a thing which is useless for a person may or may not be useless for others. It may be individual’s choice due to medical condition of a person or may be due to obsession for a thing. Those who are lured and then addicted to drugs despite knowing fully well that drugs are harmful for the body and mind of an individual.

The utility of a thought and action could be gauged or measured by the utility it can offer to the person(s) concerned. There are things which are useful for some but not considered of any utility for others.

While in actual life,  there are thoughts, actions or things which are considered useful in one way by some individuals but considered useless in by other individuals. Food is very useful for us all since it gives us energy to sustain our body besides it keeps us healthy for performing our various functions. But there are food items, the eating of which may result in allergic reactions, therefore, considered unsuitable for such persons.

There are thoughts, traits and habits which we may consider as useless. For example, likings or disliking of amusement, laughter, sightseeing, natural beauties, are not useful or considered useless for some in usual sense of terms. For some, these may be a medium for giving momentary pleasure for a limited period of time, but next moment, we may forget these as dreams are forgotten! To take these as of momentary value may be considered as farfetched or wastage of time and energy by some but may have aesthetic value for others.  Therefore, liking or disliking are individual in nature.

The people who do not know the meaning and the functions of Nature (PRAKARTI), cannot and do not appreciate Nature since to appreciate a thing, we have to know about its origin and its functionality in its entirety. Similar is the case with appreciation of creative power such as appreciating art and craft, painting, poetry or any other creative instinct which only a person with love for creativity can appreciate. Pursuing creative pursuit  gives the creative person intrinsic satiety which is more than monetary gains.

Similar is the case with those who do not know the value of spirituality. For them spiritual oriented life has no utility.

Then, we give too much credence to money power but money has use for only those people who can utilize the money.  With money, we can purchase comforts of life but cannot utilize these comforts to give us sound sleep due to body ailments. With money, we can purchase choicest food items but if our digestive system is not working well, then, these food items are of no use for us. In other words, the power of money could become a burden, since money has to be kept in safe keeping. No utility means an unnecessary burden.



Divinity means goodness or Godlike. It is complete, overflowing; overawing force with has deep connection with Supreme God. It is Godly.

An aphorism: To err is human, to forgive divine which means we humans make mistakes yet it is a divine trait to forgive our mistakes. Only those persons who are have goodness in them can forgive others.

In essence, divinity refers to the trait or quality or nature with righteousness or uprightness. Virtuous one follows a righteous path, path of truth and reality. It is attainment of God Consciousness in physical manifestation. This quality is attained by following virtuous thought and virtuous action (Karma). Such a person attains knowledge and uses this knowledge thus becomes a person with sufficient wisdom to distinguish between wrong and right. Such a person transmits the right message – the message of goodness, compassion and uprightness.

A person attains the quality of goodness when he attains self-awareness or self-realization, then through self effort, he spreads the message of wellness/righteousness bereft of any ego attached. The person with virtuous mindset attains compassion, simplicity and humility as the prime qualities. He considers knowledge and action thereof as one. Knowledge without action remains paper oriented. We have the example of Demon King Ravana who had immense knowledge of Vedas but he did not use that knowledge sensibly. We know the consequence of non-use of knowledge!

Divinity is expressed in various forms and manifestations such as:


A person with divine traits posses the beauty in his thoughts, grace & poise, and actions which attract other people to such a person. His poise and equanimity exudes self-assurance and simplicity.


On the mental plane, a person with honesty and integrity attains wisdom through experimentation of his attained knowledge. He spreads the fragrance of righteous knowledge in order to dispel ignorance and darkness. ‘The mind is restless and difficult to restrain but it is subdued by practice: Bhgwad Gita.


This plane is related to our body. We’ve to keep our body neat and clean, take balanced diet and keep it in sound health since if we are healthy we can perform all our body functions properly including use of our mental faculties productively for optimum results both for the individual concerned and others. Physical plane too refers to mother earth from where every other thing germinate for our sustenance.


The Truth is the basis of everything. A person with divinity traits follows truth even if he has to suffer while doing so. He also spreads the message of truth with single-mindedness of purpose. A truthful person requires no outside support. Truth spreads with ease and is understood easily. Strength of truth is all powering as Truth is Godly. Truth is eternal. Those who follow truth do not feel let down in any situation.


It is a significant part of plane which helps in transmitting the vital energy attained through our persistence and perseverance for spreading the message of goodness and positivity.


There is no path better than love to transmit or transfer our message. Love ignites unity in diversity; it is a soft-power which is attained through practice, patience, tolerance and endurance of highest order. We can win friendship with love, remove darkness through the light of love with ease.


A person with righteousness as an instrument of change, knows full-well that his good deeds will come to his succor in any situation and condition.


Attainment of Peace of Mind. With divinity, we get eternal peace of mind. We are balanced in all situations and conditions.

All toxicity gets removed. With spiritual mindset, all the poisonous or toxic thoughts get evaporated in thin air.

All the bad karmas get mitigated. With divine presence, all bad karmic deeds get alleviated and our karmic credit gets accentuated.

Pessimistic thoughts get dispelled. With the presence of divinity, all the pessimistic thoughts get dissolved and eliminated and dawn of goodness prevails.



The nourishment of egocentric tendencies
Are due to our miseries
Or on occasions we’re encircled in sadness
Or engulfed in worries
In such a state of mindset in prevalence
Our hurts or humiliation wounds given to us by others heal not
Rather these multiply manifold
Thus we tend not to forget these wound easily.

Whence ego evaporates in thin air
Thence-forth, the fragrance of bliss starts showering at us
We acquire balanced state of mind
By the bountiful graces of Almighty God
We tend to go deeper into each detail of happening
Learn lesson from each of these events
Thus broaden our point of view each moment
Feel joyous at every passing moment
Life seem so beautiful bereft of any worries
Of the past events
Or coming events of future
Since in such scenario
We live in the present moment
But this happens
Without the poisonous effect of ego.

Recognize the working of our ego
Just trying to forget reluctantly
Is not forgiving in its totality
There remains some aspect of hurt creep around
In our mindset
With a wafer-thin layer
Of deception to our own self
And comes forth
Sooner than later
Since repression of hurt
Is not the forgetting in its entirety
Half done forgiving
Does not amount to total forgetting
The repressed forgiving
May take some other form
Leading to more heartburns.

When we become simple in words and deeds
When we become ordinary in ordinary sense of terms
When we showcase grace and poise at all times
When we’re detached from respect & disrespect
When we learn to stay calm despite grave provocation
When we can adapt with anybody and everybody
When we work for the expansion of our soul
Then anybody can understand our sense of worth
Without flaunting it at the public places.


We tend to nourish our self-worth or self-esteem more than it is needed thereby leading to cutting off connection with others. When we have lesser friends and well-wishers, we become detached from the realities of life. When we are not knowing about the realities of existence, we tend to become more elusive, lonely and aggressive. Being aggressive, brings about physical and mental changes in us resulting in mental health problems. Mental health issues persisting for a long spell could affect us physically and mentally. We should never forget that all these negative oriented happenings take place in our life when we adopt exaggerated sense of importance in our life. Meaning, we are under the spell of ego – a negative mindset.


It could better be said, ego creates misery or unhappy situation for us. More the ego we nourish in us, more it develops. When under the spell of ego, we do not forget others, however hard we try. We rather want to pull the person concerned down to an abysmal level. We do not forget the happening due to hurt or wound which is inflicted in us which caused an adverse situation and the resultant adverse affect is not forgiving the person ultimately. Sometimes the hurt inflicted remains in our mind till the end of our existence on this planet! Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message is most relevant in this respect: Three miseries of humans are: miseries of mind, physical ailments due to bad deeds and miseries created by nature. These could be removed by God through realization of Truth by complete devotion.


Importantly, it is essential that we understand the functioning of our ego. It could deceive us many a times. What goes on in our mind, we may not comprehend in its totality. We may think, we’ve forgiven somebody but it may not be so! We may have resorted to suppression of our hurt. This hush-up work is deception in real sense of terms and may surface when we least expect to do so! It may come to fore in other form against the person concerned. It happens. We’ve to be very careful about the working of our ego. Also, Guru Nanak Devji’s message about shunning the bad traits such as ego, anger, greed, attachment. By so doing we lead a balanced life.


Basically, it is essentially to know what ego means. Our ego thrives on negative thoughts. It is a poison which sprouts on cynical scenario. It spreads fast, if it is not controlled since misery spreads fast if it is not checked and stopped altogether. This could only be stopped totally by removing the feelings of ‘I, me, my’ and replaced with ‘we, our, us’. Otherwise the ill-effects of ego will work as slow-poison and eat the vitals of our system.


What a sort of change we undergo while we visit a garden full of greenery, beds full of flowers spreading their fragrance and the visitors enjoying every moment of Natural beauties. All these bounties of Mother Nature (Prakriti) create a feeling of ecstasy, uplift our spirits resulting and heart full of elation! All these positive aspects should seep into our system so as to create such feelings while we are not in the garden in natural settings but absorb these blissful things permanently in the garden of our heart.


It is a sad paradox that we want to forgive a person who has given us hurts but our ego puts road-block. Instead we remain drumming that we’ve forgiven the person concerned. But by doing so, we give grease to our egocentric tendencies. The moment we shun ego, detached from desires, emotions, respect or disrespect, we become more humble, possess complete grace in speech and action thereof, when every activity of ours showcases our simplicity and poise then we become magnetic force which attracts others. This happens when we shower unconditional love and light.


In sum, it could be said that sooner we get detached mentality, we cannot enrich our soul. We shall be encircled by worries, unhappiness, and miseries of our own creation. Nobody else but we ourselves are responsible for our miseries. Blaming other for our miseries or passing the buck, will not lessen our worries or miseries. It will multiply till realization dawns on us that we are the product of our own thinking. None but we can change our destiny by changing our frame of mind. No excuses can save us if we do not change when positive change is a crying need.



What an amazing occasion, a holiest one at that!
To commemorate!
Than the birthday of our most revered Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj
The First Guru, the founder of Sikhism
Who travelled extensively that too during those days
When there was not much communication and connectivity
Bereft of transport facilities
Not only to all corners of India, in its entirety
But also to the foreign countries
Like Sri Lanka, China, Iraq and so many other foreign lands
And wherever he kept his lotus feet
Along with his two disciples
One Muslim named Bhai Mardana Ji
Born to Marasi couple named Badhra Ji & Lakkho Ji
And the other one a Hindu named Bhai Bala Ji
Both being the longtime disciples of Guru Ji
They spread the Divine Message so brilliantly
Related to light and love without bias to the humanity
And against the ritualistic customs
Rampant during those days, so expansively
Besides having discourses and interactions
With Saints and Sufis of all shades
And presented his perspective
Giving all the reasoning and logics
And changed the eco-system wherever he put his Lotus Feet.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, our most revered Guru Ji
An embodiment of Supreme Being
A harbinger of deliverance
From our pains and sufferings
Through His gems of preaching
A Messiah who made a huge difference
In our viewpoints on spiritual values
And showed a clear cut path to the humans
By meditating on Divine Name – EK NAAM
With all the deepest devotion
Thus got rid of all pervading ignorance
With his teachings, so enlightening indeed
So simple to follow by ordinary humans even.

His birthday is celebrated as Prakash Utsav or Guru Purb
In essence, life is a festival (Utsav or Purb) of highest order
A Day of immense value for us all
For self-realization through love, faith and total devotion
Besides rendering assistance to the fellow beings without any expectation
And gain knowledge about the Divine Truth for our liberation
By realization of Divine within
By union with the Divine
And attain Divine Peace within
Which is the sole purpose of humans
Thus realize the aim of Guru Granth Sahib.

Guru Ji while on this beautiful planet
Helped alter the lives of millions with his equanimity and wisdom
His preaching have created wide-ranging positive effects on masses.

On the Gurupurb Day
Diwan starts early in the morning hours
With holiest Asa-di-Var
Along with hymns from Guru Granth Sahib are sung with utmost devotion
Followed by discourses and prayers (Ardas)
And finally Prashad as Langar in lines (Pangat)
By the devout (Sangat)
Served to all without bias
People share Langar eatables with great reverence
And make this day; a day to reminisce
On the most auspicious full moon day – Pooranmashi.

At a village named Rai-Bhoi-Di-Talwandi
Now known as Nanakana Sahib
In the month of Kartik
15th day of April in the year 1469
When our most revered Baba Nanak Ji was born
To father Baba Kalu & Mother Tripta
No one but our beloved Akalpurakh (God)
Knew his observable mission for this Special Messenger
Of spreading ‘EK NAAM’S’ pious Message
And that such a person will make huge difference
For causes most dear to the society in general
Indeed a Shining Star on the horizon was born!

Of the Sikhs & the ones who believe in (Khalas) purity
Way of living now or in future with certainty
Gurupurb lasts for three days
A pious Akhand Path in all Gurudwaras
With organization of Nagar Kirtan
Procession (Kirtni Jatha) is led by Pious Fives
(Panj Piyaras – the Beloved Ones)
With Holiest Sri Guru Granth Sahib kept on the Palanquin
Hymns from It purifies the environs the most
Spreading Its Message – the most fragrant
Far and wide making the gentry mesmerized!
Gatka Parties displaying their artistry
With their traditional weapons.

Babaji – the most benevolent of all
Our earnest prayer to Thee our beloved One
Let the spirit of this day
Remain echoing in our memory
Spreading Thy Universal Message
Of Uniting the Humans without bias
And ridding society of all ills and malice
Engendering brotherly feelings amongst all
And make our life sublime at all times.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on 15th April 1469 at Rai Bhoi-di-Talwandi of Shekhopura, presently in Pakistan. He was married to Sulakhani the daughter of Mool Chand of Pakhoke Randhawe village of Gurdaspur and had two sons named Shri Chand and Lakhmi Das.

The Supreme Lord sends His Messengers to this earth to spread His Message so that such Messengers interact with the masses in their own languages and make huge difference with their discourses to the world at large thus change their lives. Their teachings are so relevant that there is a definitive imprint of teachings on the psyche of people. This is why the far reaching influence of these Messengers remain permanently in the minds of the people. Those sincere devotees who have attained the certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision and could transform others lives from negative thoughts to positive ones. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message to the humanity has an eternal imprint on the psyche of the people.

Guru Nanak Gurpurb also called Guru Nanak Prakash Utsav or Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm by all those who know about Guru Nanak Dev’s contribution to the humanity with His preaching.
On this day Prabhat Pheris (early morning processions or congregations) are taken from the Gurdwaras in the early morning itself and cover almost all the lanes and by-lanes in the vicinity. People sing hymns in His glory in this procession. There is an air of tranquility in the environs around these processions.

This is the holiest day in the history of Sikhism. It is celebrated not only by Sikhs but also by all those who believe in His Holy Words. Akhand Path, non-stop recitation from Guru Granth Sahibji, Asa Di Var (Collection of 24 Stanzas written by the revered Guruji). Gurdwaras are specially decorated tastefully on this occasion.

Devout pay respectful tributes to Sri Guru Nanak Devji and remember His contributions for the spiritual upliftment of the common masses and rid them from unnecessary rituals that prevailed.

Equality of all the faiths and religions is a reality. His disciples were from all castes and creeds.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji defines the traits of Divine Lord as: There is but One all-embracing and all-powerful Divinity, who manifests Himself first in the shape of all sacred words and then through the whole created Universe – Ik Onkar Sat Naam, Kartaa Purakh Nibhou Nirveir Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Saibha Bhaug Gur Parsaad. This is also termed as the Mool Mantra.

Divine Lord also is: The One who was real and self-existent before all Creations, who was real through all ages (Yugas), who is real and true now and who shall be true and self-existent for all times to come. (Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Heibhee Sach Hanak Hosee bhee Sach).


History is the guide to tell us that during this period many of the spiritualistic, cultural and progressive ideas came to the fore and fructified owing to the proactive role of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. These ideas are very much relevant for us to follow and get experiences in our lives. One thing unique in these ideas is that these are practical in nature and realistic; not based on mysticism and ritualistic. In many of His thoughts and deeds, during His journey to various parts of India and even in foreign lands, sheds light on His unstinted and clear philosophy that AKALPURAKH – SAT NAAM SRI WAHE GURU is the only TRUTH, a Truth which could be proved anywhere anytime.


The universal message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji was to reach a common understanding through dialogue and carry all along by understanding others viewpoints too without imposing his viewpoints on others. These messages are more relevant than ever because of wars and animosity taking place in many parts of world.

  • Three miseries of humans are: miseries of mind, physical ailments due to bad deeds and miseries created by nature. These could be removed by God through realization of Truth by complete devotion.
  • The human body is made of five elements; air, water, fire, earth and sky and within subtle body lives mind which remains in perpetual instability. The body consists of nine outlets and there is also the tenth one which is attained through intense meditation on Divine Naam. This way ego is destroyed and man merges with Divine.
  • The old dogmas and unnecessary rituals prevailing amongst the masses gave place to progressive ideas. Service (Seva) and prayers (Simran) should be given more credence.
  • The Divine pervades within the body which is termed as Soul (Atma). It enables the body to perform its functions. This Divine Power pervades in the Universe called as Universal Soul.
  • He propagated the idea of goodwill and welbeing of all without any discrimination – for him all are the creations of Akalpurakh and therefore there should not be any difference on the basis of religion or caste or creed.
  • The God is the Divine Husband of Creation and all creatures are His brides to whom He looks after without any discrimination.
  • He taught that everybody should be truthful in words and deeds in their lives and face the situations and conditions.
  • His preaching resulted in the intellectual and spiritual renaissance of the masses in general.
  • Humanism was given more credence with the idea that human beings are considered good or bad according to the deeds one performs and not on the basis of birth, caste or colour or region.
  • Religion should create harmony and not dissensions and hurdles in the path of masses.
  • Complete surrender to the will of God for the spiritual forward march should be pursued.

    He taught the philosophy of ONE GOD – EK NAAM.
  • Bad traits such as ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust should be shunned from our midst in order to lead a balanced life


  • We should always be in the quest/pursuit of knowledge for our enlightenment. Knowledge helps us to attain salvation too.
  • The Holy Gurbani is a sacred treasure and has universal appeal, every verse (Shloka) while recited suffuses and fills with fragrance in the environment it is spoken and cures the illness of our body, mind and soul. Almost all the prayers are for the praise of our Akalpurakh in one form or other.
  • For Example: Gun Biant Kimat Nahi Pae!! Nanak Jis Bhavai! Tis Lae Malae!
  • Endless are His virtuous qualities; His worth cannot be appraised. O Nanak, one who pleases Him is united with Him.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s premise was that those who do not know the true meaning of scriptures, cannot differentiate between good and bad; are steeped in egocentric pursuits. These people are truly the ignorant ones. There is no exaggeration in saying that main thrust of Guru Ki Bani is to remove ignorance, superstition and complex customs bedeviling the masses This also helped in spreading the message of goodwill besides engendering brotherly feelings amongst them without any distinction. Guru Nanak’s stellar contribution is for the wellness of the humanity as a whole and for the spread of this message, He traveled length and breadth of our country and abroad.


All the incarnations Messengers of God suffered while they were living on this earth because people at that time could not understand them. Such incarnations suffered so that we may learn the lesson for a peaceful co-existence between all humans:


While pains and sufferings are, in essence, part and parcel of our life but when it is inflicted by our own brethren then it is more painful. What has been happening around the world now is nothing but painful. Guru Nanak has himself mentioned this “Unto whom should I tie up and give the bundle of my pains? The whole world is suffering from pain and suffering. Wherever I see loads of pain and suffering – NANAK DUKHYA SAAB SANSAR.


Guru Nanak traverses lengths and breadths of India and in the foreign lands, so he mentioned about the ‘pain across the globe. This pain and suffering could be ameliorated through meditation, he mentioned. “Remembering Him in meditation, a profound peace is obtained. Oaub and suffering will not touch you at all – remain in the sanctuary of God and no pain and suffering will ever touch you at all.

All the humans are our Creator’s creations but they are born under different circumstances and different conditions and different locations. But from the same LIGHT, we are created. Then why people we interpret scriptural inscription differently. It really pains me immensely.


Prophet Mohammad suffered immensely at the hands of his opponents in Makkah and in other places like Al-Tayf and Madina who knew His exceptional intelligence and integrity. Although he was bestowed with very good business, a happy family and helpful relatives yet he preferred the path of pains and sufferings. His opponents raised every conceivable hurdle in His path but he did not care about His sufferings but wiped off the tears of downtroddens. Although like Christ, He forgave them and followed Allah ordained path for the welfare of mankind. He gave credence to compassion and kindness for the needy.


Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feelings should be there even for our enemies, Jesus was born in 7 – 2 BC and was crucified in 30-33 AD in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate. He was born in Nazareth, Galilee to Parents Marry & Joseph. During his lifetime too he had to suffer at the hands of opponents on one pretext or other.

Christ preached forgiveness and mercy. He even forgave those who harmed him immensely. No ill-feelings for anyone absolutely that is the message given:
Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have indomitable belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self-realization know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans.

His teachings are so exhaustive, yet, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our lives sublime.


 Lord Krishna – the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared on this earth as the Avtar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) more than 5,000 years ago had to put put up with so many pains and sufferings firstly at the hands of Demon King Kamsa (the most demonist of all Bhoja dynasty. Subsequently faced evils in the form of demons like Trnavarta, Bakasura, Aghasura, Dhenuksura, Pralambasura, Kesi in the form of the horse, besides serpent Kaliya to whom he forgave and finally besides serpent Kaliya to whom he forgave. So much so was he disturbed by the demons that for the safety of his subjects he had to establish his abode at Dwarka suffused with fortification etc. In Mahabharata, Lod Krishna played a stellar role in the annihilation of evil in the form of Dhritarashtra and his sons especially Duryodhana/ Though the battle between Kauravas and Pandavas took a heavy toll yet truth won and evil perpetrated and pampered by Kauravas was destroyed ultimately.


 Lord Rama an epitome of Dharma and peace. He was to be carbonated as King of Ayodhya but had to go for exile for 14 long years. During exile, he killed many demons who disturbed the hermits in their meditation. His consort Sita was abducted with deception by the demon king Ravana who represented evil. There was a ferocious battle between the two armies of Lord Rama and Ravana where the evil of Ravana was defeated.


Lord Budha who epitomized non-violence and peace throughout his life and spread his message of fair-play and tolerance through his disciples too faced many hurdles initially from his opponents while spreading the message of love and affection. Even his death is death after consuming a special delicacy offered by his generous host, the remains of which were buried.

It goes to show that our most revered ones suffered at the hands of their opponents then what we are? We should actually learn lessons out of their sufferings/sacrifices and live joyously and with empathy.


We woefully opine that we are suffering pains at the hands of our opponents (those who do not agree with our viewpoints) just conveniently forgetting the untold sufferings undergone by the Messengers of God.

Bestow us enlightenment by removing ignorance through spread of knowledge.

The world of ours is in constant struggle between good and evil.. This is due to thrusting our opinions on others forcefully and consequent struggle. Then differing people resort to disproportionate violence result in loss of precious lives. No religion recommends this.

There is a fight between the truth and falsehood. This difference may be due to the different interpretation of scriptures but the basic thrust of all religious scriptures is good of humanity as a whole without bias and feelings of compassion, empathy, cooperation, brotherhood, and goodwill to be encouraged between all humans.

There are those who are the oppressor and those who are oppressed. The oppressor should introspect about his/her origin and should never identify himself/herself different from others.

Bad things could happen to good ones. This is a fact, bad things have happened to the good people but when this injustice should stop and message of goodness that is codified in all the religious texts made applicable in letter and spirit? The sooner this happens the better for the humanity as a whole. No human loss, please.

We should never forget that we have a common Creator meaning we are commonly related to our Him. Then why bloodletting for temporary gain – aagain which pains even our Creator!

All the main scriptures exhort us for co-existing with mutual cooperation and with goodwill then why misunderstanding and killing? Where all this will lead the humanity?

Be that as it may, let’s forget our small differences and live as creation created by our ONE Creator.

The message of communal harmony that Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave should be followed by all the societies so as to remove the discriminations in the societies. He had his disciples from Hindu and Muslim – a clear message of communal harmony which is the need of the hour.



Fact remains, a fair and frank acceptance
Whence we’ve enough tolerance
Patience in abundance
With grace of all powerful Providence
Every marriage can goes on without any hindrance
Life becomes a Heaven on this beautiful Earth
When both the spouses tide over all the situations
With a lot of staying power and self-assurance in abundance.

When the grace of God is in abundance on the spouses
When spouses bank on each other in happy & not so happy days
When we respect each other’s privacy
When together we can tide over the situation with a lot of patience
When problem in the family is solved by putting head & heart & with a lot of patience
When each day becomes a day to face challenge of existence
When sharing and caring becomes a way of life in day to day life
When every difficulty becomes a cake walk
When nothing goes amiss with each other’s assistance
When each tries to remain faithful to each other hugely
When both spouses obey the seven vows taken at the time of marriage.

We tied our nuptial knot
In the on 5th November 1977
A place so beautiful, Samba in Jammu & Kashmir
I reminisce still so vividly
Whence, with the grace of God Almighty
I and my beloved wife Kamal tied the knot
Got married
On this date as today
My God!
It is 45 years ago now!
But seems as though it was only a few years ago!

Solemnized as per Hindu rites
While the whole ceremony
Took place
With lighting of sacred fire
With scented Havan Samagri
Put in the sacred fire
With sacred verses or hymns
From Vedas are chanted
I vividly remember
The marriage vows
To be fulfilled with utmost sincerity
And honesty.

First being prayer to God Almighty
To bestow both of us enough provision for our sustenance
So that we’re able to sustain ourselves and perform our duty
With good health and holistic progress.

Second vow is to prayer to our revered God
To bestow us twosome
Needed strength
And live our good or bad times together
While performing our daily duties.
Third vow by way of prayer to Omniscient God
To bestow us the blessings and graces
For our peace and prosperity
So that we live a life with harmony
With Mother Divine.

Fourth vow and prayer to the Omnipotent God
For standing by and supporting
All the members of family
In good and not so good times.

Fifth prayer to our beloved Almighty God
To grace us with children
With all the good traits
And shall together
Bring-up our children
While giving them right value system
Which are good for all the societies universally.

The sixth vow a sincere prayer to most venerated God
To bestow them good health
And keep them away from sickness
So that the twosome
Should be able to perform
Their noble and divine deeds
With the blessings of Almighty God.

Seventh one is also a sincere prayer to our Lord
Is for bestowing them the grace
For a longevity in the relationship
With love and affection galore
While standing by with each other
In good and not so good times.


All the Seven Promises echo in my ears
Even today, I learn by heart
The vows mad by both of us
We’ve tried our utmost
To live up to the vows
We had made to each other
And will try to stick to each one of these
Till our last breath
Of course, together
Graces of God Almighty.
May our Almighty God
Good health and wellness.



If you want to attain God’s connectivity
Then you’ll have to mentally be connected to spiritual light.

If you want to be self-possessed
Then you’ll have to stay calm despite provocation.

If you want to have friends
Then you’ll have to cultivate friendship.

If you want to have flowers in your garden
Then you’ll have to plant them.

If you want to get self-respect
Then you’ll have to first respect others.

If you want to be loved
Then you’ll have to love others first.

If you want to be happy always
Then you’ll have to radiate the message of happiness.

If you want to remove your ignorance
Then you’ll have to endeavor in total  sincerity to get knowledge.

If you want to have enlightenment
Then you’ll have to focus on Supernatural Being.

If you want to have sound health
Then you’ll have to take balanced diet with regular work-out.

If you want to get lasting peace of mind
Then you’ll have to learn to live in the present moment.

If you want to achieve the set goal
Then you’ll have to sweat harder.

If you want to stay cheerful ever
Then you’ll have to remain smiling from your heart.

If you want to remain truthful ever
Then you’ll have to ward-off anything and everything which is revolting.

If you want to have sound attributes
Then you’ll have to imbibe virtues of others.

If you want to remain contented always
Then you’ll have not to compare yourself with others.

If you want not to be trapped under the debris of ego-centric tendencies
Then you’ll have not to flaunt your power and pelf to ride the tide in your life.
If you want to have no superiority or inferior complex
Then you’ll have to practice acceptance, mindfulness, gratitude with a lot of humility.

If you want to attain wisdom
Then you’ll have to have utilize the attained knowledge.

If you add-up spiritual energy while keeping physical energy
Then you’ll feel lighter even in utter perplexity.

If you carry out life’s activities with head and heart

Then you’ll be more reasonable with abundant cherished values.