Fact remains, a fair and frank acceptance
Whence we’ve enough tolerance
Patience in abundance
With grace of all powerful Providence
Every marriage can goes on without any hindrance
Life becomes a Heaven on this beautiful Earth
When both the spouses tide over all the situations
With a lot of staying power and self-assurance in abundance.

When the grace of God is in abundance on the spouses
When spouses bank on each other in happy & not so happy days
When we respect each other’s privacy
When together we can tide over the situation with a lot of patience
When problem in the family is solved by putting head & heart & with a lot of patience
When each day becomes a day to face challenge of existence
When sharing and caring becomes a way of life in day to day life
When every difficulty becomes a cake walk
When nothing goes amiss with each other’s assistance
When each tries to remain faithful to each other hugely
When both spouses obey the seven vows taken at the time of marriage.

We tied our nuptial knot
In the on 5th November 1977
A place so beautiful, Samba in Jammu & Kashmir
I reminisce still so vividly
Whence, with the grace of God Almighty
I and my beloved wife Kamal tied the knot
Got married
On this date as today
My God!
It is 45 years ago now!
But seems as though it was only a few years ago!

Solemnized as per Hindu rites
While the whole ceremony
Took place
With lighting of sacred fire
With scented Havan Samagri
Put in the sacred fire
With sacred verses or hymns
From Vedas are chanted
I vividly remember
The marriage vows
To be fulfilled with utmost sincerity
And honesty.

First being prayer to God Almighty
To bestow both of us enough provision for our sustenance
So that we’re able to sustain ourselves and perform our duty
With good health and holistic progress.

Second vow is to prayer to our revered God
To bestow us twosome
Needed strength
And live our good or bad times together
While performing our daily duties.
Third vow by way of prayer to Omniscient God
To bestow us the blessings and graces
For our peace and prosperity
So that we live a life with harmony
With Mother Divine.

Fourth vow and prayer to the Omnipotent God
For standing by and supporting
All the members of family
In good and not so good times.

Fifth prayer to our beloved Almighty God
To grace us with children
With all the good traits
And shall together
Bring-up our children
While giving them right value system
Which are good for all the societies universally.

The sixth vow a sincere prayer to most venerated God
To bestow them good health
And keep them away from sickness
So that the twosome
Should be able to perform
Their noble and divine deeds
With the blessings of Almighty God.

Seventh one is also a sincere prayer to our Lord
Is for bestowing them the grace
For a longevity in the relationship
With love and affection galore
While standing by with each other
In good and not so good times.


All the Seven Promises echo in my ears
Even today, I learn by heart
The vows mad by both of us
We’ve tried our utmost
To live up to the vows
We had made to each other
And will try to stick to each one of these
Till our last breath
Of course, together
Graces of God Almighty.
May our Almighty God
Good health and wellness.

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  1. My heartfelt thanks to my wife – Kamal for tolerating me for 45 long years. Without you, my dearest one, I must not have been where I am presently!

    With warm regards,


  2. Congratulations on completing 45 yrs of togetherness!May Almighty bestow you both with longevity in the relationship with love & affection 💕for each other & standing by each other in good or bad times as they come in life!Have a very healthy enjoyable life ahead!Happy Anniversary dear Harbans & Kamalji🌷💕🙏

    1. Thanks a million for wishing us on our marriage anniversary. It is all due to the grace of GOD.

      Fact remains, life becomes a beautiful dream when there is understanding between the spouses.

      Thanks and regards

      grace of

      1. You are absolutely right here, Harbansji 👌Wishing you two 💕again a beautiful life ahead 🤗By the way do not forget to comment on my new blog on Roman Forum if you find it worth it 🤣🤣🤣🙏🏾

      2. Our gratitude to you for your kind and beautiful phrases in wishing a a beautiful life ahead.

        I shall visit your blog and get a glimpse of new historical place.

        Warm regards


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