The nourishment of egocentric tendencies
Are due to our miseries
Or on occasions we’re encircled in sadness
Or engulfed in worries
In such a state of mindset in prevalence
Our hurts or humiliation wounds given to us by others heal not
Rather these multiply manifold
Thus we tend not to forget these wound easily.

Whence ego evaporates in thin air
Thence-forth, the fragrance of bliss starts showering at us
We acquire balanced state of mind
By the bountiful graces of Almighty God
We tend to go deeper into each detail of happening
Learn lesson from each of these events
Thus broaden our point of view each moment
Feel joyous at every passing moment
Life seem so beautiful bereft of any worries
Of the past events
Or coming events of future
Since in such scenario
We live in the present moment
But this happens
Without the poisonous effect of ego.

Recognize the working of our ego
Just trying to forget reluctantly
Is not forgiving in its totality
There remains some aspect of hurt creep around
In our mindset
With a wafer-thin layer
Of deception to our own self
And comes forth
Sooner than later
Since repression of hurt
Is not the forgetting in its entirety
Half done forgiving
Does not amount to total forgetting
The repressed forgiving
May take some other form
Leading to more heartburns.

When we become simple in words and deeds
When we become ordinary in ordinary sense of terms
When we showcase grace and poise at all times
When we’re detached from respect & disrespect
When we learn to stay calm despite grave provocation
When we can adapt with anybody and everybody
When we work for the expansion of our soul
Then anybody can understand our sense of worth
Without flaunting it at the public places.


We tend to nourish our self-worth or self-esteem more than it is needed thereby leading to cutting off connection with others. When we have lesser friends and well-wishers, we become detached from the realities of life. When we are not knowing about the realities of existence, we tend to become more elusive, lonely and aggressive. Being aggressive, brings about physical and mental changes in us resulting in mental health problems. Mental health issues persisting for a long spell could affect us physically and mentally. We should never forget that all these negative oriented happenings take place in our life when we adopt exaggerated sense of importance in our life. Meaning, we are under the spell of ego – a negative mindset.


It could better be said, ego creates misery or unhappy situation for us. More the ego we nourish in us, more it develops. When under the spell of ego, we do not forget others, however hard we try. We rather want to pull the person concerned down to an abysmal level. We do not forget the happening due to hurt or wound which is inflicted in us which caused an adverse situation and the resultant adverse affect is not forgiving the person ultimately. Sometimes the hurt inflicted remains in our mind till the end of our existence on this planet! Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s message is most relevant in this respect: Three miseries of humans are: miseries of mind, physical ailments due to bad deeds and miseries created by nature. These could be removed by God through realization of Truth by complete devotion.


Importantly, it is essential that we understand the functioning of our ego. It could deceive us many a times. What goes on in our mind, we may not comprehend in its totality. We may think, we’ve forgiven somebody but it may not be so! We may have resorted to suppression of our hurt. This hush-up work is deception in real sense of terms and may surface when we least expect to do so! It may come to fore in other form against the person concerned. It happens. We’ve to be very careful about the working of our ego. Also, Guru Nanak Devji’s message about shunning the bad traits such as ego, anger, greed, attachment. By so doing we lead a balanced life.


Basically, it is essentially to know what ego means. Our ego thrives on negative thoughts. It is a poison which sprouts on cynical scenario. It spreads fast, if it is not controlled since misery spreads fast if it is not checked and stopped altogether. This could only be stopped totally by removing the feelings of ‘I, me, my’ and replaced with ‘we, our, us’. Otherwise the ill-effects of ego will work as slow-poison and eat the vitals of our system.


What a sort of change we undergo while we visit a garden full of greenery, beds full of flowers spreading their fragrance and the visitors enjoying every moment of Natural beauties. All these bounties of Mother Nature (Prakriti) create a feeling of ecstasy, uplift our spirits resulting and heart full of elation! All these positive aspects should seep into our system so as to create such feelings while we are not in the garden in natural settings but absorb these blissful things permanently in the garden of our heart.


It is a sad paradox that we want to forgive a person who has given us hurts but our ego puts road-block. Instead we remain drumming that we’ve forgiven the person concerned. But by doing so, we give grease to our egocentric tendencies. The moment we shun ego, detached from desires, emotions, respect or disrespect, we become more humble, possess complete grace in speech and action thereof, when every activity of ours showcases our simplicity and poise then we become magnetic force which attracts others. This happens when we shower unconditional love and light.


In sum, it could be said that sooner we get detached mentality, we cannot enrich our soul. We shall be encircled by worries, unhappiness, and miseries of our own creation. Nobody else but we ourselves are responsible for our miseries. Blaming other for our miseries or passing the buck, will not lessen our worries or miseries. It will multiply till realization dawns on us that we are the product of our own thinking. None but we can change our destiny by changing our frame of mind. No excuses can save us if we do not change when positive change is a crying need.

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  1. Our ego is responsible for all our woes and hurts, worries, disappointments. Happiness, on the other hand lifts our spirits.

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