Our liking or disliking
Differ as men differ
An idea may be useful anathema
A thing may be useless for some
But useful for some others
Some may be lured to drugs
And become addictive
Despite knowing
That drugs are useless
For our body metabolism
The utility of thoughts
Or actions thereof
Is individualistic in nature
Some thoughts
And actions
Create toxic affects
Adversely affecting the person concerned
And their relations
As a consequence
The usefulness
Or uselessness
Too depends
On our body system
One man’s food
May turn out to be
Another man’s poison.


Factually, our liking or disliking differ. It is individualistic in nature. The Roman Poet and Philosopher has rightly coined the expression: What is food for one man may be bitter poison to others. Liking and disliking of a person depends on the choice or preference of that person concerned. It is personal choice of a person. Or it could be said: ‘One man’s meat may be poison for others’ because of indigestive nature of meat for the person concerned.

One thing which is useful for one person may or may not be useful for other person. Also, a thing which is useless for a person may or may not be useless for others. It may be individual’s choice due to medical condition of a person or may be due to obsession for a thing. Those who are lured and then addicted to drugs despite knowing fully well that drugs are harmful for the body and mind of an individual.

The utility of a thought and action could be gauged or measured by the utility it can offer to the person(s) concerned. There are things which are useful for some but not considered of any utility for others.

While in actual life,  there are thoughts, actions or things which are considered useful in one way by some individuals but considered useless in by other individuals. Food is very useful for us all since it gives us energy to sustain our body besides it keeps us healthy for performing our various functions. But there are food items, the eating of which may result in allergic reactions, therefore, considered unsuitable for such persons.

There are thoughts, traits and habits which we may consider as useless. For example, likings or disliking of amusement, laughter, sightseeing, natural beauties, are not useful or considered useless for some in usual sense of terms. For some, these may be a medium for giving momentary pleasure for a limited period of time, but next moment, we may forget these as dreams are forgotten! To take these as of momentary value may be considered as farfetched or wastage of time and energy by some but may have aesthetic value for others.  Therefore, liking or disliking are individual in nature.

The people who do not know the meaning and the functions of Nature (PRAKARTI), cannot and do not appreciate Nature since to appreciate a thing, we have to know about its origin and its functionality in its entirety. Similar is the case with appreciation of creative power such as appreciating art and craft, painting, poetry or any other creative instinct which only a person with love for creativity can appreciate. Pursuing creative pursuit  gives the creative person intrinsic satiety which is more than monetary gains.

Similar is the case with those who do not know the value of spirituality. For them spiritual oriented life has no utility.

Then, we give too much credence to money power but money has use for only those people who can utilize the money.  With money, we can purchase comforts of life but cannot utilize these comforts to give us sound sleep due to body ailments. With money, we can purchase choicest food items but if our digestive system is not working well, then, these food items are of no use for us. In other words, the power of money could become a burden, since money has to be kept in safe keeping. No utility means an unnecessary burden.

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