The occupation we take depends on our qualifications and expertise we attain based on our experience and knowledge we gain over a period of time. When we take up a job, we’ve to keep our ears and eyes open since we’ve to be totally aware of the work for which we’re employed. It may be through interaction with office colleagues, take the advice of the seniors in the chain of command who are accessible while taking into the position on which we’re functioning. Care ought to be exercised that nothing should be done to break the rules or antagonize anybody at any stage of service and especially in the initial stage of our service. For this, never act in a manner which may be construed as insubordination. Doing so would amount to stopping the wheels of our growth in the organization. It should never be forgotten that there is no substitute to hard word and persistence despite some pin-pricks here and there.


In all fairness, those who are elected by the electorates in order to execute variety of public work services should always bear in mind that their job is to be fully aware of their responsibilities towards their electorates. For this, they have to be familiar with their various official functionaries (Their designations/appointments, including their contact details, work for which they are employed in order to execute the work services. proper Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to be devised for every employees (Skilled, semi skilled and non skilled) along with working hours assigned jointly and shift work timings according to the need of the organization. Thorough care ought to be exercised that monitoring of work services is done with precision so as to provide extra workforce and material required for the execution of job at hand. To ensure proper execution, accountability or answerability for the work services to be done should be followed up properly.

In essence, the organizational head is responsible for ultimate outcome or fructification of job at hand. To quote an example, a few days back, the MCD department took out a huge amount of sewage (biodegradable pollutants) from the sewerage system but these pollutants were left out in the open near the outlet cover itself at many places near the houses of residents. This resulted in too much of disgusting stench besides being a breeding ground for harmful insects, flies and mosquitoes; which  becoming a cause for various diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikungunia etc. 

Earlier on, the MCD at Hari Nagar (New Delhi) authorities that be, let the toxic sewage near the outlet for the elements like rain etc. to spread the rot. But this time, I rang up the Counselor (Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ladi through Mr. Pardeep Chadha) of the area to get the toxic waste removed and provide relief to the residents of area from the nasty smell. It is a matter of pleasant surprise, for a change, the MCD employees concerned removed the toxic waste without much wastage of time; in fact a commendable job by any reckoning. This sort of example setting not only helps in keeping the area neat and clean but also save the residents  from dangerous diseases.


Trust should be a guiding factor in everything under the sun. If a person is feeling wanting in experience he/she take the assistance of other(s) the organization. By doing so, trustworthiness and dependency enhances thereby making it easier for the organization to get more productivity along with creating a appropriate environment in the organization.


If all the employees of an organization perform their assigned duties/tasks by focusing on the assigned duties rather than being overly concerned about the outcome, then, certainly our mission accomplishment would be fructified as desired.  This would also be in sync with Lord Krishana’s advice to Prince Arjuna: To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive; neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction.


It has been observed, more the trust amongst the employees, more would be integrity and would be loyal to the organization. Having unquestionable integrity of its employees, more loyalty towards the org. would be there. These combine for overall production for the organization.


We are aware that there are employees in the organization who showcase their utter disregard to ethics bordering on hypocrisy and superficiality to please others without contributing for the upward growth of their organization. Their main agenda is to tom-tom their working style as though they are the only ones who are the performers and others are the shirkers. Contrarily, there are the real performers who work rather discreetly but give out optimum results eventually. They are the veritable cream of any organization. 


Loyalty towards the organization enhances the cooperation between the staff and the organizational head. The fellow feeling, caring and sharing each others happiness and sorrows along with cooperation bind all the employees for overall good of the organization.


For overall good of the organization, it is in the interest of both the organization and the employees that they are enjoying good health and wellness since when they are enjoying good health, they can contribute more for the organization.


The organizations where safety norms are taken care and precautions are given primacy, the employees get attached to the organizations concerned. While there is any medial emergency, the employees get medical help on priority from the organizational heads and funds too are paid for any incident.


When there is no discrimination in any form then the feeling of compassionate and supportive feelings grow. The feeling of healthy cooperation, fellow feeling, emotional attachment, positive attitude, unquestionable integrity create a healthy environment in the organization thus contributing for the overall good of the organization and also productivity as a final outcome.


An organization wherein there is discipline; the organizational heads understand their subordinates, the subordinates’ needs are met dispassionately, the orders are obeyed without any reservation, besides the members of management are accessible to discuss the problems of their employees. In such a scenario, all the functions are performed without any reservation. There is no misapprehension or confusion amongst the employees and the management. Also, there is orderliness amongst the employees and the management then everything is regulated with precision. Lack of proper control, lack of cohesiveness and lack of obedience to the organizational head make the employees less productive thereby putting the future of organization under clout. Therefore, discipline is pre-requisite for overall good of the organization.


Those organizations wherein not only the employees interests are protected including provision of insurance cover for self and their family members including providing funds for schooling of their children, the employees are given adequate incentive/compensation for working overtime, etc. In such a positive environment, the employees first priority becomes to work for the organization which takes care of their overall wellness. In such a happy atmosphere, nobody can stop the growth and development of such organization to go NORTHWARD.


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