It is being celebrated today. Laughter impacts us physically and mentally. Laughing alone, seemingly looks odd but when laughter in congregation is done, it makes huge difference. It generates fellow feeling, creates positive environment besides impacting our health and wellness. In other words, laughter can improve our cardiac functioning, helps appropriately to improve our belly muscles, and improves our immune system by activating our T-Cells dormant in our body structure. Besides, when we resort to laughter in a group, we multiply our friends circle. To top it all, laughter removes the cause of our stress and strain from our system thus living a life with joy in profusion.  

Laughter can create positive environment with positive sense of happiness as a result of which creating endorphins; a natural pain killer or reliever.

 It has been rightly mentioned in Solitude by a reputed poet, When we weep, we weep alone but when we laugh, the world will laugh with us. Then why not to adopt and make LAUGHTER’ as a habit and alleviate and enhance our body metabolism to a level which improves our wellbeing to live happily and with sound health and wellness; a state of holistic growth and development.

Factually, if laughter bestows us overall wellness/wellbeing including friendship between total strangers, then, why not make laughter a part and parcel of our existence!


For our general happiness and wellness
On everyday basis
We need to transact odd things
Different from what we’re routinely doing
Sometimes crazy
Seemingly flimsy
In order to bring out smile and resultant happiness for us
From such act, seemingly so innocuous.
While we laugh alone
At something or somebody
Our act of laughing may be rather self-seeking
And when we create laughter
Rather together
We change not only the mindset
But also the environment around us
Since this act of our spreads fast
Dissolving frowns
And even ill intends
Since its purpose is to multiply laughter
Plentiful, with comedy & love so overflowing.

Laughter together
With friends or total strangers
Can cement fellow feeling
While dissolving
Bitterness and unpleasant feeling, if prevailing.

Creation of appropriate environment through group laughter
Can create positive sense of happiness
Thus generating or releasing endorphins
Which are pain killers created by Mother Nature
Including T-Cells so dormant in our body structure
Thus warding off sickness
Thru improvement of body immune system
Then those who cannot exercise optimally
Laughter can provide physical activity
Thus improving the condition of our cardiac wellbeing
Along with toning our stomach muscles
Alleviate our stress hormones levels
And reduce the blood pressure
Which bedevils our body system.


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