He punishes for the sins without discrimination. For his rich or poor are same in this respect.

Vedic Mahamantra for Shanidev is given below:-

‘Om nilanjan samabhasam, Raviputram Yamagrajan.
Chhaya martand Sambhutum
Tamn namami shanishwaram.’
It emphasizes that those who suffer for a prolonged period of time should pray sincerely; keeping our body and mind pure. They could be relieved of all the problems persisting in an individual’s life.

Today is the most pious day of LORD SHANI DEV’S JYANTI. Shani Dev Ji is considered to be the Lord of providing justice for our good and bad Karmas. He is the Lord of Karma or Justice. He keeps tab on all our deeds. Nobody can escape His justice bestowing Nature. Even Trinity (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma) could not escape His justice giving Nature. It is also termed as the Shani Amavasya. Shani Jyanti is the most important day when special prayers and Havans (Sanctified Fire ) to invoke Him, are conducted to earn His blessings
Lord Shani Dev Ji is the son of Sun God (Surya Dev Ji) and mother Chhaya Devi. He is the personification of Planet Saturn. We celebrate Shani Jayanti on yeshtha Amayasya Titi which fall on today itself

Lord Shani Dev is estranged son of Sun God. He embodies the planet (Graha). He plays a significant role in the lives of people. Nobody can escape from the Karmic deeds he/she performs – it is said, he keeps his (tedi eye – tilted eye) a sharp eye on everybody’s deeds or misdeeds. He is the deity who favours those are empathetic towards others needs.

It is on every Saturdays that the devotees worship Him, of course with some rituals, but with full fondest love and devotion – with purity in the body and mind. His sincere prayers cannot go unanswered. It is the day specially dedicated for Lord Shani Dev Ji.

Lord Shani Dev Ji’s bounties are required more at the present times than ever since everybody is facing hardship due to Covid-19 pandemic. The continuous lockdowns has resulted in job losses and business losses. There is anxieties about the health and wellness of everybody. Therefore, His blessings are of special significance.
While negotiating the ups and downs of our lives, we come across problems, these problems could be due to our own mistakes or partly destined. When we are unable to solve those problems, we have to believe on faith healing. If nothing works, our Creator’s healing touch works wonders.

Amongst the trinities; Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are assigned the duties of Creation, Operation/Evolution and Destruction respectively. Lord Shanidev is responsible for punishing for our sins in this life itself. He does not pardon for our faults. Not only the humans even the Gods cannot escape His wrath. He is one of the 9 sons of Lord Sun (Surya). He also gives us rewards for our good deeds. His blessings are sought after. He is black in colour and even the colour of his robe is black. The other son is Yama whose responsibility is to take the Souls to their proper place after death in accordance with their Karma.


There is verifiable legend about the existence of Lord Shani Dev. It is said that about 350 years back, there was a heavy rain. Pananala was flooded. Villagers saw a huge stone like thing, made up of iron and stone entangled with the berry tree. This had come in the floods. The villagers, out of curiosity, poked a stick at the stone. To their utter surprise, blood started oozing from the rock hard stone.

At night one of a village devotee had a dream. Shanidev told him to pick the idol from the place but it should be done only by those who are related as maternal uncle and nephew. People tried their level best to lift the idol of Shanidev but in vain. Finally, it was decided that it ought to be installed at the place where it was found after floods. A quadrangular terrace was made since it was observed that buried portion of the idol was more than the exposed one. No shelter was made because of Shanidev’s wishes.

Sometimes back I had the privilege of visiting Shinganapur Shani Dham. It is 70 Kms away from Shirdi in Maharashtra. It is located on Highway No. 60 in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The scenery on both the sides of the road is really enchanting from Shirdi to Shingnapur. The pomegranate gardens, the rose gardens, and sugarcane fields enliven our body, mind and soul. Almost two hours journey from Shirdi is indeed refreshing.

This village covers an area of 160 hectors. In olden times, the population of the village was very less only 20-30 huts but this village has increased manifold. There used to be only 20-30 kacha houses but now pucca houses, besides school, hotels, banks, imposing bus stand are also there. But one thing I have personally seen is that residents do not lock their houses because there is no thievery. Really surprising! It was also mentioned by the people that up till now there is no police complaint. People of this village are both spiritual and helpful and to cap it all hospitable.

There were many true stories attached to Shanidev. There was an incident of taking away a pair of bullock. The thieves took them to more than 30 kms from the village. Having got tired, they wanted to take a nap. When they got up, they found themselves at Shinganapur itself. The villagers found them but forgave them as they confessed their fault.


• It is a place where no theft, robbery happens. No complaints to the police till date.

• Nobody ever have seen ghost etc in the area.

• There is a peace and harmony amongst the people of different castes/religions.

• No cheating at this place. Quick justice of anybody resorts to this.

• No one behaves with distrust here.

• People are cooperative, hospitable and kind.

• Maan Lakshmi temple is located near Shasni dham.


• On the new moon day, people come to Shanidham for prayers and get protection for the misfortunes. He protects all from the enemies.

• Shanidev could be pleased when people pray Him with pious heart.

• He is Justice Dispenser. He does not forgive the evil doers that is why people fear Him the most.

• He loves black colour.

• He protects those who are shunned by the society.

• He is the Lord of knowledge and helps in facultgies like business related to iron, transportation etc.

• Welfare of the general masses is His priority.

• Nothing to be kept on the head while having his dharshan.

• Shanidev Ji is very kind hearted for troubled souls but purity is His important condition for his boon.


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