Nirjala Ekadashi is being celebrated on 31st May 2023.  It is the most sacred day. NIRJAL (Remaining without intake of water) EKADASHI is known to have immense significance of all the Ekadshis put together. It is said that keeping fast today with penance and prayers which accompany with the fast gives the bounties of  Lord Vishnu. Keeping fast today is equivalent to 24 fasts. Today.  we worship the God of evolution; Lord Vishnu. If we fast on this day by doing all the good Karmic deeds including charities to the needy people, then, the graces of Lord Vishnu remains on us or good.


Legend have it that all the four bothers of Pandavas (Yudhrishtra, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul and Sehdeva) including their mother Kunti were instructed by Rishi Ved Vayasa (The author of Epic Mahabharta) to keep fast today by observance of all the rituals. Rishi Vayasa mentioned that those who fast on this day get the privileges and bounties of LORD VISHNU AND LORDESS LAKSHMI. The fast could also make them the candidate for Heaven at the Lotus Feet of LORD VISHNU. All could resist the temptation of eating except Bhima (with his big bulk). He could not resist his hunger and keeping fast was not possible for him. But Rishi Vayasa prevailed upon Bhima to keep fast on this particula day; which he did and thus got the blessings of LORD VISHNU and Lordess Lakshmi. Bhima kept fast by observing all the conditions for the fast today and got the blessings of the benevolent Lord VISHNU  SHRI HARI. IT IS ALSO TERMED AS BHIM SENI EKADASHI.


Vishnu Gyatri Mantri could also be recited for getting the bounties of the Lord. Or OM NAMON BHAGWATE VASU DEV AYE NAMON. Including the following PRAYER.

Om jaya Jagadīśha hare

Swami Jai Jagdish hare

Bhakta janoṅ ke saṅkat

Dās janoṅ ke saṅkat

Kṣaṇa meṅ dūr kare

Om jai Jagadīśh hare

Jo dhyāve phal  pāve

Dukh binase mana kā

Swāmī dukh binase man kā

Sukha samptī ghara āve

Sukha sampatī ghara āve

Kaṣṭa miṭe tana kā

Om jaya Jagadīśa hare……………….


On Ekadashi day, a devotee does not take food. Takes fruits and milk that too in a limited quantity. Food habits differ from one area to another. I and my wife endeavoured to keep purity in thoughts and deeds. The purpose is to keep purity  in thoughts,  body and soul. The next day on 6th June 2017, there was a Preeti Bhoj or Lungar or community feast which was the culmination of Ekadashi Fast.

Nirjal (without intake of water) Ekadshi is the day when the devotees observe  fast without taking not even a drop of water for the entire day. It is the day when the devotees go the temples and worship Lord Vishnu with purity in mind and body. Observance of fast is accompanied with giving charities in the form of food items and juices to the people. As this fast falls in summer season, people distribute cold drinks.


Relevance of  Ekadashi occurs on the eleventh day of the lunar cycle (both full and new moon)  It happens twice in a month according to Hindu Calendar – the waxing phase or Shukla Paksha and fading moon called Krishna Paksha. There are 24 Ekadashis in a Calendar year and there are two more Ekadashis that take place in a lunar leap year. Ekdashi Day is considered as the most spiritual event when strict fasting is observed from early morning to the next day morning.

Ekadashi is one of the prominent occasions which if observed with detachment and as per prescribed rituals helps in cleansing our sins as well as the sins of our nears and dears. Ekadashi Moksha (Moksha means liberation) is a most special and most auspicious occasion. On this day Lord Krishna (Vishu’s  Incarnation – Avtara) delivered His Bhagwad Gita recital to Dhanushdhari Arjuna when both the armies of Pandvas and Kauravas were facing each others in Kurukeshtra battle field. Every specific activities performed on this day has its own significance and benefits accrued to us provided the fasting is observed strictly in accordance with scriptural norms.



In Satya Yuga, Lord Vishnu had a long-drawn-out battle with demon named Mura. Due to the protracted battle, Lond Vishnu got tired as a result of which He tiredness he went to sleep. Mura was waiting for this occasion. He pounced on Lord Vishnu for killing Him. Then a damsel appeared from the body of Lord Vishnu who fought a pitched battle with Mura and killed him. She was actually Mahashakti who appeared  on 11th day of fading moon thus Lord Vishnu named her Ekadashi.  He also bestowed her the boon that whosoever fasts on this day would be free off the sins and also will have moksha  finally.


The religious rituals, given in the sacred Pranas / Vedic scriptures, and also referred to as Hari’s Day. their strict observance thereof helps the devotees in many ways than body, one. 

  • Observance of fast cleanses our body, mind and soul.
  • It helps alleviating us in spiritual ladder.
  • Its strict observance can help us attain Moksha or Liberation from pangs of birth and deaths.
  • It can transform our Kukarma (Bad Karma) into good Karmas thus paving the way for an aspirant to attain the traits of detachment, the mention of which has been amply made in Bhagwad Gita. Action performed without consideration the fruits or results of that action could help us attain Liberation.
  • Anybody observing the Ekadashi with all the focus at his/her command could remove that person’s sufferings.
  • As this day is termed as the Lord Hari’s day, its observance could alleviate the sufferings of an individual.
  • While the body and mind is cleansed, it is possible to ward off from the three sins: lust, greed and anger.
  • Fasting on this auspicious day is bereft of any external pressures. This day passes both in peace and harmony including inculcation of good habits.
  • As the people who fast keep away from solid grain foods and take light diet consisting of milk products, dry fruits and fruits, we feel light and our digestive system too works wonders as it provides due rest to our system thus keeps our health in fine fettle. Healthy eating even for a day fortnightly can repair our system.
  • As we are aware, the gravitational pull of the moon influences the oceans in the form of high and low tides hence Intake of less food items and more of liquid Ekadashi Day helps in influencing us biologically too. It has been practically observed by the proponents who fast sincerely – the diseases like blood pressure, insomnia, depression, gastric problems etc could be cured with fasting. Observance of such fasts have obviously helped me in maintaining good health and wellness.
  • While we fast on this day, we also meditate thus not only helping us spiritually but also enhancing the chances of connectivity with God.
  • It has also been felt that the benefits of Ekadashi fasting and all the purity and sincerity observed on this day to the individual concerned but also to his/her family members.
  • Ekadashi fasting helps in self awareness simply because of individual observance of fast strictly in accordance with scriptures since self realization results from self-disciplinary efforts.
  • Self awareness resulting from strict observing converts conviction into practical experience.
  • We learn how to control our unethical desires and lead a life full of compassion.
  • Canvas of our spirituality enhances with the observance of Ekadashi Fast.



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Ask not what and how much knowledge you possess
But how much such knowledge is transferred to others
In order to eliminate the ignorance from within our people.

Ask not what you actually need from others to satiate your prerequisite
But ask what you can give to others to satisfy their requirements
In order to alleviate their state of affairs.

Ask not what makes you hugely motivated to pursue righteous path
But ask yourself how you can motivate others to follow virtuous path
Since when you motivate others, you’re yourself at the pinnacle of motivation.

Ask not what other’s faith they profess
But ask what you can do to let them follow their faith freely without let and hindrance
Without raising any artificial hurdles.

Ask not what we craze for ourselves
But ask what you give others to satiate their desires
Since in their desire fulfilment lies our own righteousness.

Ask not what you wish for, but ask what the deprived ones want for themselves
Since in their joy, there lies your own happiness
Since our generosity is a symbol of our own goodness.

Ask not what you preach others, but ask whether you follow others preaching
According to the need of the hour
Since it is easy to preach but hard to follow to the letter and spirit.

Ask not what you do in order to eke out a living
But ask your own self whether you adopt honest means to eke out a living
Since our earnestness in our earning is hidden our own honesty and truthfulness.

Ask not what you crave for
But ask what you can do to fulfill others desires
Since by so doing you’ll showcase your honesty of purpose.

Ask not what you can do to uplift your strength of mind
But ask how you can do so by lifting their spirits
Since in the uplifting others spiritually lies our own wellness.

Ask not how much disciplined you are in life
But ask how much you enthuse others to be disciplined in life
Since discipline shapes our character for a virtuous living.

Ask not how much enlightened and forward looking you are
But ask how you spread enlightenment to others
Since enlightened souls are gifts of Almighty God.

Ask not how focused mind you are
But ask your own self how you assist others to act with a focused mind
Since a wavering mind makes us worthless being.

Ask not how much humble you are
But ask yourself how much humility you showcase on all occasions
Since humility is a trait of goodness.






He punishes for the sins without discrimination. For his rich or poor are same in this respect.

Vedic Mahamantra for Shanidev is given below:-

‘Om nilanjan samabhasam, Raviputram Yamagrajan.
Chhaya martand Sambhutum
Tamn namami shanishwaram.’
It emphasizes that those who suffer for a prolonged period of time should pray sincerely; keeping our body and mind pure. They could be relieved of all the problems persisting in an individual’s life.

Today is the most pious day of LORD SHANI DEV’S JYANTI. Shani Dev Ji is considered to be the Lord of providing justice for our good and bad Karmas. He is the Lord of Karma or Justice. He keeps tab on all our deeds. Nobody can escape His justice bestowing Nature. Even Trinity (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma) could not escape His justice giving Nature. It is also termed as the Shani Amavasya. Shani Jyanti is the most important day when special prayers and Havans (Sanctified Fire ) to invoke Him, are conducted to earn His blessings
Lord Shani Dev Ji is the son of Sun God (Surya Dev Ji) and mother Chhaya Devi. He is the personification of Planet Saturn. We celebrate Shani Jayanti on yeshtha Amayasya Titi which fall on today itself

Lord Shani Dev is estranged son of Sun God. He embodies the planet (Graha). He plays a significant role in the lives of people. Nobody can escape from the Karmic deeds he/she performs – it is said, he keeps his (tedi eye – tilted eye) a sharp eye on everybody’s deeds or misdeeds. He is the deity who favours those are empathetic towards others needs.

It is on every Saturdays that the devotees worship Him, of course with some rituals, but with full fondest love and devotion – with purity in the body and mind. His sincere prayers cannot go unanswered. It is the day specially dedicated for Lord Shani Dev Ji.

Lord Shani Dev Ji’s bounties are required more at the present times than ever since everybody is facing hardship due to Covid-19 pandemic. The continuous lockdowns has resulted in job losses and business losses. There is anxieties about the health and wellness of everybody. Therefore, His blessings are of special significance.
While negotiating the ups and downs of our lives, we come across problems, these problems could be due to our own mistakes or partly destined. When we are unable to solve those problems, we have to believe on faith healing. If nothing works, our Creator’s healing touch works wonders.

Amongst the trinities; Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are assigned the duties of Creation, Operation/Evolution and Destruction respectively. Lord Shanidev is responsible for punishing for our sins in this life itself. He does not pardon for our faults. Not only the humans even the Gods cannot escape His wrath. He is one of the 9 sons of Lord Sun (Surya). He also gives us rewards for our good deeds. His blessings are sought after. He is black in colour and even the colour of his robe is black. The other son is Yama whose responsibility is to take the Souls to their proper place after death in accordance with their Karma.


There is verifiable legend about the existence of Lord Shani Dev. It is said that about 350 years back, there was a heavy rain. Pananala was flooded. Villagers saw a huge stone like thing, made up of iron and stone entangled with the berry tree. This had come in the floods. The villagers, out of curiosity, poked a stick at the stone. To their utter surprise, blood started oozing from the rock hard stone.

At night one of a village devotee had a dream. Shanidev told him to pick the idol from the place but it should be done only by those who are related as maternal uncle and nephew. People tried their level best to lift the idol of Shanidev but in vain. Finally, it was decided that it ought to be installed at the place where it was found after floods. A quadrangular terrace was made since it was observed that buried portion of the idol was more than the exposed one. No shelter was made because of Shanidev’s wishes.

Sometimes back I had the privilege of visiting Shinganapur Shani Dham. It is 70 Kms away from Shirdi in Maharashtra. It is located on Highway No. 60 in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The scenery on both the sides of the road is really enchanting from Shirdi to Shingnapur. The pomegranate gardens, the rose gardens, and sugarcane fields enliven our body, mind and soul. Almost two hours journey from Shirdi is indeed refreshing.

This village covers an area of 160 hectors. In olden times, the population of the village was very less only 20-30 huts but this village has increased manifold. There used to be only 20-30 kacha houses but now pucca houses, besides school, hotels, banks, imposing bus stand are also there. But one thing I have personally seen is that residents do not lock their houses because there is no thievery. Really surprising! It was also mentioned by the people that up till now there is no police complaint. People of this village are both spiritual and helpful and to cap it all hospitable.

There were many true stories attached to Shanidev. There was an incident of taking away a pair of bullock. The thieves took them to more than 30 kms from the village. Having got tired, they wanted to take a nap. When they got up, they found themselves at Shinganapur itself. The villagers found them but forgave them as they confessed their fault.


• It is a place where no theft, robbery happens. No complaints to the police till date.

• Nobody ever have seen ghost etc in the area.

• There is a peace and harmony amongst the people of different castes/religions.

• No cheating at this place. Quick justice of anybody resorts to this.

• No one behaves with distrust here.

• People are cooperative, hospitable and kind.

• Maan Lakshmi temple is located near Shasni dham.


• On the new moon day, people come to Shanidham for prayers and get protection for the misfortunes. He protects all from the enemies.

• Shanidev could be pleased when people pray Him with pious heart.

• He is Justice Dispenser. He does not forgive the evil doers that is why people fear Him the most.

• He loves black colour.

• He protects those who are shunned by the society.

• He is the Lord of knowledge and helps in facultgies like business related to iron, transportation etc.

• Welfare of the general masses is His priority.

• Nothing to be kept on the head while having his dharshan.

• Shanidev Ji is very kind hearted for troubled souls but purity is His important condition for his boon.



In Bhawad Gita,  it has rightly been said:  I who am the Vedic ritual, I am the sacrifice, and I am the oblation offered to the ancestors. I am the medicinal herb, and I am the Vedic mantra. I am the clarified butter, I am the fire and the act of offering. Of this universe, I am the Father; I am also the Mother, the Sustainer, and the Grandsire. I am the purifier, the goal of knowledge, the sacred syllable Om. I am the Ṛig Veda, Sāma Veda, and the Yajur Veda.

BIBLE advises mothers to train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.MOTHER THE MOST REVERED OF ALL THE RELATIONSHIPS


A most revered of all the relations
Which complements all other relations
Endures all sorts of sufferings
Without even a slightest of demur or objections.

For instance, how best the Mother Nature takes care of her creations
A finely blended analogy is the MOTHER EARTH
On whose surface life of living beings
get synergy
To grow, enjoying all the bounties of MOTHER NATURE
Air, water and sun’s energy without any bias to all
Providing succor to all birds and animals aplenty
From her bosom springs the life-giving crops
Which feed us and give us energy
Which sustains life on MOTHER EARTH

Then the mothers of all the mammals – animals, birds, ants etc
Are exceptional examples of motherhood
If you care to observe their way of living
Feeding their young ones and defending them from the predators

I was obviously inspired by the unique life of a queen ant
Which although does not have more life-span on this earth
But the Mother Nature has graced her with fine blend of motherhood
After her nuptial flight and mating get completed
The queen ant finds a nesting place
Seals the entrance for laying the eggs
Lays eggs for food of growing larvae also
These healthy eggs grow to be active workers
And bring food from outside for the queen (mother) ant
Wherein the mother ant is in total control
For taking care of everything that goes inside the nest
That should also inspire us humans
As to how a MOTHERS in general
Takes care of its


Mother Nature has graced all mammals
With the natural traits of motherhoods
A squirrel collecting its early morning feed
A crow collecting feed for its young one who cannot fly
A bitch feeding its pups even remaining without food itself
That is the strangest and most wonderful truth of Mother.

From the time of fertilization of an egg inside the womb
Paying uninterrupted attention that is required
For proper and continued feed inside the womb
With the observance of precautions in abundance
What to be taken and what to be avoided
Smoking and food & drinks having caffeine are taboo
For gestation inside her being
For a period of nine months,

That is the care she has to exercise inside her womb
Mother mothers the baby in every way most desirable
Mother uses her head and heart for taking care
More use of heart to listen to her growing child needs
Many times forgetting even her own life’s needs indeed!

I shall give my personal example of my mother
Who had a far reaching impact
She unfortunately has already left for her heavenly abode
But I reminisce cl
early the days whilst she brought me up as a small kid
Showering all the care that she could extend
Like all other mothers – who take pains in bringing up their offspring
What to feed and when
With limited recourses at the disposal
She slept on the side
Where bed-spread was moist
But protected me from getting wet
So as to bestow interrupted care and protection as a kid!
Provided me her warmth of the heavenly lap
Cuddled me with her lovely hands
I grew up
in her care and protection
I lovingly called her ‘BOBO JI’
Brimming with love – so Godly feel.

Gave rock-solid protection on me day and night
With no complaints at any point in time.
A smile from me was a blissful gift for her
My cries used to fill her heart with the deepest agony
Calming of her heartaches came
When my sobbing came to an end finally
Childish prattle of mine amused her immensely
Whilst I crawled and learned to walk
Or talk first incoherently
She felt herself on the ‘seventh-heaven, factually.
Once I was down with the severest fever
I almost was in the coma for days on end
Medical help could hardly make any difference
Everyone in the family knew
Her sincere prayers came to my rescue.

Then came the time of my schooling
I was a reluctant customer, a foot-dragger for going to school
My mom knew how best to handle me in this too!
My mother, cajoled me with eatables as the enticement or bait when required
Reprimanded me sternly whence its necessity was felt
As though she knew when a particular dose to be administered
For drawing out the ills & putting the best traits
School and then college went on smoothly under her supervision
Worth mentioning, she was not well-read, so to say
But knew all fine-points of life and how to live it with sincerity!
She exhorted me to face the facts of life squarely
Only weak-willed ones flee when confronted with difficulty.

I felt her omnipresence whenever some of my chums offered any allurement
Desisted from any of these fearing, in the bargain, matching punishment
From my mom who could read my face and mind with ease
Telling lies with her never succeeded
Telling truth and get pardoned was only way out.

Thence I got my employment
Far away from my loving mother and lovely home
A home (not house) which did not have many material comforts
But was brimming with love and care for everyone.
I used to visit my mom only once on weekends
Once on a visit to home – reached late at night
To my utter dismay and consequent pain
She was down with cold and fever
This had taken the toll on her health despite medicare
There were others in the home to care for her
In the morn the next day
While the Sun rose from the eastern horizon
She intended to take breakfast in the sun – outside on the cot
After light b’fast, she desired to keep her head in my lap!

How fortunate I had been I thanked my God
The one who had provided warmth to me in her heavenly lap
Wanted to keep her head in my lap
Having done thus she felt completely relaxed
As though bidding her final farewell
This peaceful act was not an ordinary one
It was an eternal peace – so solemn
A final adieu from her to us all
My honest confession, all the traits in me are due to my loving mother
All negativism are earned by me from my own mistakes
Although she is mixed with (Five Gross physical elements) PANCH BHUTAS
Yet she resides in my heart for good with the grace of Almighty God.
And guides me when hugely required
Through her value system which she has imparted.


IN MAHABHARTA BHISHMA said: The mother is the panacea for all kinds of calamities. The existence of the mother invests one with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection.

The Mother, truthfully, is one of the noblest relationships who understands her offspring because she is graced with soft emotions which could attract even the person with brute mentality thus could have far-reaching influence.

It is a gospel truth that in the household husband is the head and the mother the heart and when head and heart combine they make the huge difference both to the children and the home as a whole. Eternal peace and tranquility in the household happen when emotions of the heart are respected by all in the family. All the important decisions which have far-reaching implications for the future of the children should be taken with an active participation of mother and father. By so doing, not only the natural say of the mother will be respected but also there would be peace and harmony in the household. The training in value system imparted by the mother remains with us throughout our life.

It should never be forgotten that mother provides the first lesson to her child – what to be done and what to be shunned. This first lesson is the foundation on which the edifice of future education of the child is built. Profuse praise of the child along with necessary punishment commensurate with fault will do a lot of good to the child.

There are many mothers who are not adequately educated but they understand their children better because they use their instinct rather than knowledge. Mere rebuking children will not do – a soft approach can deliver much. If nothing works then a pep-talk on the need of education by the mother can also do wonders. If this also does not work then the help of the experts in the field could be attained. This should be done after a thorough research. The purpose is to follow all norms which may help the child in acquiring knowledge besides character building.

SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB says: A mother does not keep note of the transgressions of her son. O God, I am Your son. Why don’t You destroy my sins?

The mother should keep track of following aspects in mind in order to know and adopt remedial measures /take corrective steps for child’s improvement:-

• The company the child is following while schooling. It should be done with discretion without letting the child know.

• The progress of the child to be recorded. The mother should keep a tab of the child’s progress in all fields :

Progress on: health, education, mixing with other children, respect for all, curbing egoistic tendencies (words or sentences usage like I did it, it is due to me, my contribution made it possible etc), how to face diverse situation with courage, infusing feeling of commitment, spiritual bent of mind, games and sports, positive habit building, learning to obey the orders of elders including teachers etc.

Holy Quran enunciates: We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth.

• Best use of internet facilities. Whenever a child is sitting on the computer, the mother should monitor as to what the child is browsing. Corrective steps to be initiated if the child is lead astray.

• How best to keep a healthy balance between the household chores and the monitoring child’s progress.

• Sometimes what is learned has to be unlearned. Here care and caution are required.

• Kindle a spirit of understanding and respecting others’ privacy in the child.

• Appropriate appreciation and punishment whenever required should be made for growth of the child.

Finally, from the above, it is evident that to look after a child is a whole-time job. If quality time is not given by the mother, the child may be lead astray and lose the moorings for a healthy and upward march in life and a MOTHER knows it all.

An important note: excessive indulgence (mou Mamta) by the mother can also spoil the balanced development in the child. Meaning, if a mother sweeps the mistakes of the child under the carpet then, sure enough, the child will grow up to be a spoilt one. So an objective approach is: admonishing when required and shower love, when called for, will do a lot of good for the all-round development of the child.

Following goes well with Mother:

• The mother’s love is all-encompassing.
• The mother teaches us the first lesson in the value system.
• The mother ‘s graces save us from all the ill-omens.
• The mother is the embodiment of suffering.
• The mother mothers us when we are not able to do anything on our own.
• The mother gives us what other relations cannot.
• We are part and parcel of our mother.



It is being celebrated today. Laughter impacts us physically and mentally. Laughing alone, seemingly looks odd but when laughter in congregation is done, it makes huge difference. It generates fellow feeling, creates positive environment besides impacting our health and wellness. In other words, laughter can improve our cardiac functioning, helps appropriately to improve our belly muscles, and improves our immune system by activating our T-Cells dormant in our body structure. Besides, when we resort to laughter in a group, we multiply our friends circle. To top it all, laughter removes the cause of our stress and strain from our system thus living a life with joy in profusion.  

Laughter can create positive environment with positive sense of happiness as a result of which creating endorphins; a natural pain killer or reliever.

 It has been rightly mentioned in Solitude by a reputed poet, When we weep, we weep alone but when we laugh, the world will laugh with us. Then why not to adopt and make LAUGHTER’ as a habit and alleviate and enhance our body metabolism to a level which improves our wellbeing to live happily and with sound health and wellness; a state of holistic growth and development.

Factually, if laughter bestows us overall wellness/wellbeing including friendship between total strangers, then, why not make laughter a part and parcel of our existence!


For our general happiness and wellness
On everyday basis
We need to transact odd things
Different from what we’re routinely doing
Sometimes crazy
Seemingly flimsy
In order to bring out smile and resultant happiness for us
From such act, seemingly so innocuous.
While we laugh alone
At something or somebody
Our act of laughing may be rather self-seeking
And when we create laughter
Rather together
We change not only the mindset
But also the environment around us
Since this act of our spreads fast
Dissolving frowns
And even ill intends
Since its purpose is to multiply laughter
Plentiful, with comedy & love so overflowing.

Laughter together
With friends or total strangers
Can cement fellow feeling
While dissolving
Bitterness and unpleasant feeling, if prevailing.

Creation of appropriate environment through group laughter
Can create positive sense of happiness
Thus generating or releasing endorphins
Which are pain killers created by Mother Nature
Including T-Cells so dormant in our body structure
Thus warding off sickness
Thru improvement of body immune system
Then those who cannot exercise optimally
Laughter can provide physical activity
Thus improving the condition of our cardiac wellbeing
Along with toning our stomach muscles
Alleviate our stress hormones levels
And reduce the blood pressure
Which bedevils our body system.



Started his earthy journey in the year 563 B.C. to King Sudhodhana & Queen Maya
His birth name was Sidharatha
Born in Lumbini in the Kingdom of Kapilavastu in Nepal
Wherein he had his  upbringing
With love and affection profusely overflowing
From childhood itself, he was surcharged with emotions.

He used to feel much pain
When he saw people in utter pain
Hence the King kept him at his aloof in residence
Profuse with a lot of opulence
And all the comforts which a person needs for existence.

Prince Sidhartha was married to princess Yasodhara
So that his son remains busy in the palace life itself
Just cut off from the outside existence
Filled with pain and sufferings
As his father wanted him to be the king and rule his kingdom after him
But the seers predicted that Sidharatha would be spiritual oriented.

A Buddha – is the most enlightened one
The one who possesses Bodhi
An unparalleled perspicacity
An ideal state attained through spiritual orientation
With scholarly and ethical perfection
Who would transform others’ lives with all his realizations
But what is destined will surely happen.

One day he saw the outside life with pain in abundance
With sickness, oldage and finally death
He also saw a monk just wandering about
He wished to be a monk too
For understanding the real meaning of life in real sense
He ultimately left the comforts of the palace
Did strictest penance

For six long years.

While meditating under a Bodhi tree
In Bodhgaya in present day Bihar
With single minded meditative trance
Without taking anything for days on end.
He wanted to know the cause of human sufferings

Which is commonly seen  

Removing ignorance can remove sufferings
He faced many a hurdles during his meditation so severest
Ultimately he attained enlightenment
And became Buddha – the one suffusing with immense wisdom.

Got what he aspired for in case of human existence
As prophesied by the seers!


It is significant to note that from the childhood itself, he was very emotionally oriented and used to get emotional on small pretexts. The seers predicted that one day he will become Bhuddha. But the King wanted to see him as a great king. With this point in mind, he told his wife to keep him away from miseries of life and  provided him all the comforts within the four walls of the palaces. With this point in view, the King Sadodna kept him away from the lives of common people and the hard lives that they lived.

At the age of sixteen, Prince Sidhartha was married to princess Yasodhara. The king provided all the comforts in the palace so that his son may remain engrossed in the ways of the world and never leave the palace. But a person who is destined to become a great Buddha cannot be kept aloof in the comforts of the palaces.

Therefore, one day, finding time he went outside and saw for himself the life outside his palace. Not only one, he made three trips in which he saw sickness, old age and death. On the fourth trip outside his palace, he saw a wandering monk. He determined to be like him. Therefore, he determined to leave everything including his nears and dears. He got his hair cut, changed his clothes and subsequently called himself Gautama. He wanted to know as to how to remove the suffering from our midst. For this purpose, he went to different sages and wise preachers. But none could alleviate or satiate his doubts.

Importantly, in order to find the cause of sufferings for a period of six years, he practiced strict penance in which he took fruits, leaves and root of the trees. Many a times he remained hungry for days on end. But he could not get what he wanted. Then again he began eating health giving food in order to get what he actually wanted.

Factually, it has rightly been said that for a determined man everything is possible. Therefore, while he was sitting under the Bodhi tree (In Bodhgaya) in meditation, he determined that he will not get up from this spot until he got satisfactory answer to his prayers. It has rightly been observed that whenever we are in quest for a truth, we have to surmount so many hurdles. In order to get pure gold, it has to undergo different processes, therefore, he too had to go through tests. Subsequently during the night Mara (an evil soul) visited him and threw different temptations to him but Gautama came over every temptation with his virtue. Finally, he realized the cause of suffering. Thus he became Buddha as destined and prophesied by sages. 

After he got answers to his strict penance in the form of enlightenment, he went to Deer Park in the city of Benares and shared his enlightenment with five holy monks who understood him and thus became his disciples. Thus the journey for teaching Bhudhist teaching started. For a long period of 45 years, he travelled far and wide to preach his dharma. During this period he along with his disciplines faced many hardships but they did not tarry from their path of spreading true teachings. There was sobriety and piety in his speech which attracted his audience immensely.

It was during the reign of King Ashoka was Bhuddism spread from India to other countries as well.

There is a famous story about Gautama, during his preaching trip, he found one monk down with contagious disease. He washed the monk thoroughly and rebuked the other monks as to why they were not taking care of his brother monk who was suffering in pain.

Buddha taught that everyone of us could imbibe Buddha nature and teachings and become Bhuddha himself/herself. He also preached that we should know our ordinary nature which include our fear, anger and jealousy. But our true nature include pure, wise and perfect. We have to discard our ordinary nature nd know our true nature. This termed as Bhuddha Nature.



Matter turns into energy and energy turns into matter. We are born of our parents and our children are born out of us. If we harm others, in turn, we would also be harmed ultimately.

  • Everything changes. Nothing remains static, everything changes. Our like is like a river whose current goes on and on. It does not change. Sometimes it is smooth and the other places its current is swift. The current also passes through hurdles in the form of rocks etc. Anything could happen at any time.
  • Law of cause and effect. The third truth is that there are continue changes taking due to law of cause and effect – which is governed by our Karmic deeds and misdeeds. Everything happens to us due to our own Karma. If we are doing good to others, the good things would be done to us too and vice versa.


(a) There is suffering. Which is common to all.

(b) Cause of suffering. We are the cause of our suffering.

(c) The end of suffering. One should enlighten oneself by removing ignorance.

(d) The path to the end of suffering. This is by adopting Noble eight path – middle path which constitutes:

  • Right view. See through the eyes of the Buddha (With wisdom and compassion).
  • Right thought. Clear and right thoughts makes huge difference.
  • Right speech.
  • Right conduct.
  • Right livelihood.
  • Right effort.
  • Right mindedness – goodwill towards others.
  • Right concentration. Focusing one right thought at a time.

Buddha breathed his last around 486 BC at the age of eighty but his preaching are most relevant and followed round the globe.

From the life of Gautama Buddha we can adopt the following things in our lives:-

  • Right action leads to right results.
  • If we be good to others, others will be good to us.
  • If we make right and sincere efforts, we would be successful in our efforts.
  • Our sufferings are due to our own Karmic deeds or misdeeds.
  • We should focus on good deeds.
  • We should cultivate good mannerism and conduct for successful living.
  • We should use right words during our conversation with others.
  • We should always act with wisdom and foresightedness.
  • Right action should follow right thought.
  • We should never adopt corrupt ways in earning our livelihood.
  • Our ignorance is the cause of our suffering, remove the ignorance and all our sufferings will stop.
  • Nothing is destroyed in nature should always be kept in mind.
  • Change is the ways of nature. Everything under the sun changes should never be forgotten.
  • As you sow so shall you reap should never be forgotten.
  • Nothing is lost in the nature should never be forgotten.
  • Right attitude leads to right results.

May his teachings remain etched in our heart and remain guiding us to make our life sublime, peaceful, purposeful along with living righteously.



In Bhagwad Gita, it has been rightly said: Perform your prescribed duty, for action is better than inaction. A man cannot even maintain his physical body without work.



A resolution was passed in 1889 by the Marxist International Socialist Congress in which it was decided that the workers should not be made to work for more than eight hours a day. Thereafter, it became an annual feature to celebrate 1st May as the Labour Day.

In essence, in order that the labour class works conscientiously and to their full potential, it is most significant that their rights are protected to a maximum extent through:


A day most memorable
While we pay glowing tributes to class so respectable
A class which stands apart
For definite contribution to the society at large
Without whom no community can move ahead.

To a tribe set apart
Our warm salutation
Originated from the deep recesses of our heart
To this special class so very significant.

Our grateful thanks to this special class of hard workers
Who are putting in their expertise in a most daunting way
In the varieties of industries
Farms and factories.

This labour class is the one who performs
Manual work most efficiently
Working physically so effectively
By working manually where our whole body is involved to fructify
The work assigned and done loyally
With honesty and sincerity
Along with utmost discipline, punctuality and regularity
Becoming excellent factor of production significantly
Involved to tilt the scale of production meaningfully.

In order that our labour class gets benefit due to them
From the work they perform so very efficiently
Formal Labour Laws are devised accordingly
Through legislation
With active participation of trade unions
and the organizations
Which are formalized by the Government concerned
Where the rights of the labour classes
Along with the duties of the management
Are codified to be followed to the letter and spirit
For the overall benefits of workers
As the wages for the employed labour
And the organizations concerned
Puts in their capital to start the venture for more production.

There are certain impediments which are presently observed
With the automation and computerization
Including the e-communication as a recent phenomenon
Wherein more reliance is placed on machine in place of workforce
Thus replacing manual labour to a maximum extent.

Laws are formulized tellingly
To save the interests of the labour class effectively
Involved in the industries
Or any other ventures such as working in the fields
Involved in ploughing, sowing, watering plants
Removing weeds, harvesting the crops
Picking of fruits from the fruit trees
And finally taking the produce – the fruits of the labour
To the market places for selling the produce.

Then, it could be making of furniture
For use in offices and in our homes
Or construction of buildings
In other words, you mention anything or everything
The contribution of working class is most significant.

It may be unskilled work
Semi-skilled work
Or skilled work
Which involves labour work
As the means to fructify the work.

There may be sometimes
Conflict of interests
Between the labour class and the organization
Which could be sorted out amicably
Tripartite consultation formally
By association or participation of workers
Owners and the Government agencies.

1st May is construed as the Labour Day
When we renew our promise to be fulfilled
To stick to the proposal of eight hours of work
Along with honouring the commitments
Made with the working classes who work manually.

The contribution of labour class in Covid-19 pandemic stands tall
The working class is involved in keeping our streets neat and clean
Besides performing the work related to sanitizing
The nooks and corners of the city streets so very appreciably.

Without their active participation
We could not have achieved the task of keeping
Our workplaces and streets neat and tidy
While we sit at our homes comfortably
This labour class is working punctually
As their work schedule begins starts in the early morning
And lasts till the end of the schedule of working.

Hence our profuse salutation
A most deserving one
o these most astute working class
Who with their manual work has made a huge difference
In our life at this hour of most trying situation and condition
They put on their work without caring for their own protection
Therefore they deserve our salutation.



Today, 1st May is the most remarkable and memorable day since we commemorate this day for our labour class whose contribution to the society as a whole cannot be taken lightly. The stellar contribution of labour class for the society is really unique especially so while our society faces hardships like Corona pandemic condition or any other contingencies

It is due to our labour class only that our ensurw that our streets, workplaces and other places are kept  neat and tidy while we sit at homes fearing infections, The labour class could be infected but they remain performing their assigned tasks without let or hinddrance. But for their  participation in most needed sanitation, our society would have been affected most adversely.

Lets celebrate this day most enthusiastically with the fond hope that this most significant class fortheir contribution for the society. For this to be reality, it is a must that the society takes care of this class as they take care of the society of which they cannot be taken apart.

Essentially, it has been said whatever job we are capable of  should be performed with singleness of purpose with the aim that no work is low or high but how much you focus on the job in hand counts much. In reality, it is the spirit with which you do a job counts.We should feel proud of whatever job we are performing.LABOUR CLALSS IS THE RAY OF HOPE OF OUR SOCIETY


As the labour class has to work under most trying under hazrduous situations and conditions and if they are exposed to these conditions continuously then their immunity too would be impacted adversely. Therefore, a fixed period of work is necessary. As a corollary to this end, 8 hours work schedule is fixed. Every organization, private or governmental should work according to this work. Any organization transgressing this, should be dealt with according to the law of the land. This is most significant since exposure for long hours at this critical juncture can put the lives of this working class to the jeopardy.


For the strenuous working schedule and the hard labour they put in like cleaning the sewerages, drains, lanes and by-lanes, it is must that they are duly compensated their fruits of labour. Keeping this class away from their wages or divesting them from their legitimate wages will prove counterproductive thereby leading to disastrous consequences . Besides, it would amount to demotivating them despite their hazardous work.


For keeping them in their sound health and wellness, of necessity, it is essential that they are provided medicare through periodical medical tests more so in this testing time of Covid-19 pandemic situation wherein they have to work while others have to stay indoors observing Covid-19 norms!


While the labourers have to work under difficult conditions, it is a must that their families too are taken care  – they are provided medical assistance whenever they need, the families are compensated if and when they lose their bread winner due to the job hazards.


To ensure that when  they attain the age of superannuation, the working class are given retirement benefits including insurance cover for the retired employee and their family as well. Wherever authorized, pensionary benefited with all other pecuniary benefits such as Provident Fund, Dearness Allowance etc should accrue to them as and when due.


Amay, may Heaven’ s choicest

Abundant blessings be showered
On to you our most loved
And remain ever blessed
With the bountiful blessings of Almighty God
The One who can make huge difference to one and all.

Since your birthday
Coincides with the most auspicious day
Of  GURU PUSHYA YOG; connected
with Lord Shanidev Ji

On which we can initiate any venture, as it also has its connect with
Lord Ganesha

We remember this day for enhancement of our knowledge & wisdom thru
our know-how

For performing our Karma
And live in peace and prosperity with the grace of God.

Really a shining star of our eye
Who is learning and experiencing new things
And adding his knowhow everyday of his life
Along with rich value system
Transferred by parents with warmth in love
Which comes out of the inner recesses of heart
Generating in its wake a feeling of pride
That you’re not apart from us all
A blood relation producing warmth in our emotions.

When you smile
We smile with you
When you laugh
We laugh with you.

Your chatter captivates us
When you are in pain it pains us.

A feeling of pleasure comes on the
surface of our mind

That you’re one amongst us
Whose birthday falls today.

You will represent us in the days to

We pray to God for your happiness
Insightful knowledge
Good health and wellness
So as to cultivate sound habits, behavior and attitude.

Named variously with paramount love and

By different people closely connected
But the intention of each one remains the same
To showcase and transfer basketful of love onto you.

I further pray to Almighty God that your

May be better than today, which is our expectation
For healthy and joyful living for you our love one.




The crying need for Earth Day was felt immensely
After knowing the over-exploitation of Earth by the humans with cruelty
To meet his ends so selfishly
Thus abusing it enormously
Thereby spoiling its balance hugely.

Thus with effect from 21st April 1970 sharp
A day was fixed to honour the Mother Earth
And the concept of peace
Prosperity and of humans for their very survival
Is dovetailed with it all.

This planet of ours provides us all the resources required
Air, water, soil & fire which are most needed
Besides, the living things such as animals and plants
Which provide us food to eat –  giving us energy, most needed
Without which we cannot sustain and enhance our existence
Even for a limited period of time.

Spoiling the purity of any or many or all the natural bounties
Will spoil the balance of the Mother NatureThereby impacting the Mother Earth.

The bosom of Mother Earth contains fossil fuel
And wood from the over-ground too
Which are used for furniture and building materials
And could ultimately be used for cremation too.

Minerals and metal ores are contained below the earth’s crust

Which are used for making products most useful for us humans
As raw materials in industries
For finished products finally.
Besides, providing meaningful employment too
Which enhance our comforts in our daily lives
Thus developing, modernizing and facilitating us
To provide ease which shapes our lives.

The quality of air, water and other bounties of nature
Are pure when taken out from earth
But the way we harness these bounties
And extract them impact the entire ecosystem
And thus the quality of these extracts
Thus spoiling the sources of these natural resources
Indirectly Impacting our existence.

The way the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted globally
Tells the humanity a different sordid story
This hideous infection has not merely
Has taken human toll with its ill-effects but also impacted countries economically
And in all likelihood it is a handiwork of one Country
From where this most dangerous infection has originated
The Mother Earth is helping in absorbing the dead bodies
Either thru burial or through cremation
Without any sort of discrimination
Like any other mother on this earth
Who brings up her children with full care and caution.

Due to humans’ negative attitude
Our own dearest Mother Earth
What we do to the Mother Earth so dear
It has been revealed without doubt
Whence the humans disturb the balance of Nature
By playing with the laws of Nature
It gives birth to invisible enemies
Most hideous ones
It may be due to polluting the environs
By fires of forests and deforestation
Thus denuding the Earth CrustAnd spoiling the Eco-systemOr polluting the Water bodies
By the pollutants from the households and industries
Or through sound pollutionCreated by us so thoughtless humans
Or worst still, Alas!
May be imbalance in our eating habitsThereby deciding what to put on our plates and eat
And what we as humans should desistLeave for the elements to take care
That bats may be the possible origin
Of diseases like Ebola
And now Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
Which is having free run
Infecting the populace around
Thus having dangerous death dance globally.

The Mother Earth which bestows us with all sorts of gifts
That sustains us from time we become flesh & blood
Till time this body sustains us not.

With no expectations in return gift from us selfish humans

 Some of us use Nature’s creations
Which are harmful for our body.

We leave litters aroundAfter, partying & feasting at the mountain sites so enchanting
With fragrance of natural flowers just intoxicating
Making the environment so fascinating
Adding splendour to the scenic beauty are the flora and fauna.

But the left over litters just spoil the virginity of mountain spots
With spread of odour of leftovers of the people partaking foodstuff
Stench also leaves a scar on the act of these people
Who spoiled the place with their profane acts.

Left out road side old vehicle parts
Wait till eternity for the people to pick these up
Nobody ever comes to do this solemn actTill elements like winds and rains mix these in the Mother Earth itself – alas!

Vehicle repair workshop
 just line up the roadsides
Blackening the area
 with grease and what not
Generating a shabby look around
Green cover is being denuded
For habitats for increased numbers
And cultivation of food for multitudes
Thus multiplying the adverse implications
To the Eco-system

Causing blizzards and change of climates.
Plundering the earth of the mineral wealth
In the form of crude oilPrecious metals, stones and coal
Leaving the earth bereft of natural resources
Thus producing an imbalance to the internal fabric of the earth
Which too comes out & reacts most violently
Causing earthquakes of huge intensity
Spreading deaths and destruction all around hugely.

Spewing of gases so poisonous
To the sky above with impunity
Enlarging the black-hole and creating wide-black-hole in our health
Impacting us by most harmful sun rays.

My humble payer to all
Have some pity onto the Mother Earth
Not for us presently but AT LEAST for our coming generations,


Bhagwad Gita, too much credence is given to mother earth. It is here that water, fire, air, living beings of every kind including humans reside (of course with body, mind and intelligence. All these are originated from God Almighty.

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego—altogether these eight comprise My separated material energies. Bhagwad Gita.

Essentially, as far as our Earth is concerned, it has physical matter, solid substance along with gross objects. These are grouped in the category of the five elements (Mahabhutas) which could be termed as the cosmic substances. These are earth, air, water, fire and ether. Each one of these elements are inter-linked or associated with each other besides the space or ether or acts like a container or basket to sustain all these elements.

If these elements are spoiled by our acts of omissions and commissions as diminution of forest cover by cutting trees without planting the new ones, emission of poisonous gases in the atmosphere from the industrial units, pollution of water bodies with the affluence/wastes of industries.

Here Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is most relevant: ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.’EARTH HAS RICH SCENIC BEAUTIES WHICH SHOULD NOT BE SPOILED

It has been observed that when we do not observe the Laws of Nature and play with the Mother Nature irrationally– in our eating habits including our attitudes towards other creations (birds and animals). This Earth Day is coming at a time when globally the humanity has been facing the challenges posed by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. The virus, Covid-19 virus, is the creation of humans due to their omissions and commissions by spoiling the eco-system of the Mother Earth by their eating habits. This most dangerous virus infection is transmitted through minutest droplet particles through respiratory droplets. The virus is also transmitted through contacts with the infected person through the medium of sneezing and coughing.

For fulfillment of our ulterior and selfish motives, we are spoiling the eco-system without even a slightest thought about the consequences of our acts. Therefore need of the hour is to save the Mother Earth from the pollution which is impacting the lives of all the living beings globally.

Our benevolent God has created Earth and everything which it contains, including various seasons suiting the living world. The humans should maintain the balance of Nature by not spoiling the natural setting. All the elements of Mother Nature are beneficial for the living beings for their sustenance.

In Bible it has been mentioned: For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind. And declares to man what ae the thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness, and treads on the high places of the earth. The Lord God of hosts I His name.

We know that the most essential forms of Nature without which we cannot have our existence at all are Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air. We know that life on this earth would not be possible if any one of these forms of Nature are not available at all.

All the creations live on the earth and use air and water by our body for chemical reaction which occur in the cells of all living beings in order to sustain life. This chemical reaction is termed as metabolism. This activity ensures growth of our body and also help in reproduction. The activity of growth and development along with reproduction cannot happen without a solid earth for living beings. Then there are the living beings which live and sustain themselves in water. These are called aquatic beings.

Mother Earth has been very kind to us in providing us everything from birth till death. It has on its crust trees, birds, forest cover and everything; lofty and majestic mountains, vast sea, water reservoirs, mesmerizing scenic beauties, flora and fauna, animal world and what not. All these add to our sustenance in our daily lives.

Mother Earth contains all sorts of mineral wealth which is helpful for further growth and development of the countries. But exploitation of the mineral wealth has also got a limit. We are cutting trees indiscriminately affecting the eco system. Industrial wastes are being thrown in the rivers polluting the water. We spew dangerous gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmospheric balance. Not only this even teh Antarctic Continent is being adversely affected by the acts of us humans.

Then we have ether (the atmosphere over the earth) which is essential for the survival of the living beings. The upper air of the atmosphere has to be kept pollution-free for breathing. It has been seen that we spoil the balance of Nature by polluting the air by our own omissions and commissions.

Our earth contains flora and fauna – flora means trees and fauna means animal world. The trees are essential for us since the trees convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen (O2). Without trees and green cover, on earth, we cannot have good health and wellness. The more trees we plant, the more greenery we would be having thereby a pollution-free environs for breathing.

The fragrance of flowers on the earth crust, the fruit trees, the crops we grow on the earth give us food to eat which sustains our lives.
If air is polluted by emission of harmful gases, we will be breathing in impure air resulting in lung related diseases, if water is impure, we are constrained to take in polluted water resulting in impacting our health, if earth’s eco-system is polluted by a mix of our activities then we can imagine the health hazards besides when the whole atmosphere is polluted, it can bring about severest harms to our climate, cause lung and respiratory related diseases, exposure to polluted air can cause cancer and could in many cases impair reproductive system etc. These affected severely are children and the old people including those who are constantly exposed to pollutants.

By our acts of omission and commission, we are doing everything to spoil the balance of the nature which is causing negative results implications to our next generations.
In Bhagwad Git has rightly been said: As the earth thus becomes crowded with a corrupt population, whoever among any of the social classes shows himself to be the strongest will gain political power.

The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease, and severe anxiety.

Both Nature and Spirit (Purusha) are without beginning and end. Nature is the source of all material things whereas spirit is the source of consciousness which experiences pains and pleasure. Then we have Spirit Supreme or Lord Supreme or Supreme which directs our lives and graces us wellness.