Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara was born on 599 BC and died in 510 BC. It is also mentioned in Kalpa Sutra that he was born between 1375 – 1400 CE in a family of a Kshtriya in present day Bihar. His birthday is mentioned as Mahavir Jyanti.

While the world at large is passing through difficult times due to critical situation created by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, till such time no vaccine or medicine is found by our scientists, it is the sincerest prayers to our God who can deliver us from this critical juncture. He can bestow us forbearance and will to survive by providing us HIS ETERNAL GRACES so that nobody departs for good from his/her dear one.

I pray to Lord Mahavira who got his Omniscience – Kevala Jnana or eternal knowledge after undergoing extreme penance may bestow the humanity wellness, peace and prosperity and rid the humanity from the scourge. I want to see happiness and joy on the faces of all along with self belief and belief on God.



Mahavira also known as Vardhamana
He is regarded as the 24th Tirthankaras
A spiritual successor of 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanatha
Born in the early part of 5th century BC
Into a family of Kshtriya Gotra
In present day Bihar
His birth is celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti
And his Nirvana or Moksha is observed by Jains as Diwali
It is mentioend that he was born on 599 BC & died in 510 BC
Vide Kalpa Sutra his birth is mentioned as between 1375 – 1400 CE
Vira Nirvana Samvat era began in 527 BC
With Nirvana of Mahavira at Pavapuri in Bihar
Which is considered a holy place of Jains
Opinion may differ from person to person
But his preaching are second to none.
In spiritual knowledge and awakening
For 12 long years
He lived a life of renunciation
And attained omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Or eternal knowledge
Knowhow which could be universal in nature
Subsequently be got moksha – moksha
In 6th century BC
Mahavira taught about Jainism and is considered to be the contemporary of Buddha.
Mahavira also known as Vardhamana
Was the 24th Tirthankara
Meaning a savior and a well known Spiritual Preacher
Who made significant efforts in reviving Jainism
With his spiritual and ethical teachings of tirthankaras
The base of which was laid in Pre-Vedic era
He left his home while he was about 30 years
And became a true ascetic in true sense of terms
Followed severest Bhakti Marga
In the form of severest penance – Bhakti
For his spiritual awakening
And enlightenment
Due to which he attained Omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Finally attained Nirvana or liberation – Moksha
At the age of seventy two.
His teachings included non-violence – ahemsa
Truth, what is right and what is wrong – satya & Astya
The importance of non-attachment – Aparigraha
Taught about chastity – Brahmacharya
Thence numerous realities – Anekantavda
All his teachings are codified in – Jain Agamas
His earliest known historical signs at Mathura
Mahavira is known variously
Such as Samana, Nayaputta, Brahmham, Bhagwan and Muni
Mahavira’s childhood name was Vardhamana
As per text Digambara Uttarapuranna
Mahavira was born in Kundgrama
In the Kingdom of the Videhas
The one who grows in stature and worth
And helps others too to grow all around.
In the Kalpasutras in Bihar
Lived as severest ascetic life for 12 years
Then preached Jain philosophy for 30 years
He is termed as the great hero – Mahavira
He faced all the ups and downs of his life with unmatched stamina
In the traditions of Svetambara
In the early Budhist Suttas
He is called as worthy one – Araha
In Vedas he is known as devoid of love and hate Sramana
But truth stands out that he preached Jainism philosophy
Tirthankara means savior or spiritual preacher
Svetambara texts mention his birth on 13th Day of 599 BC
At Kundagrama as his place of birth
In the month of Chaitra
In the Vira Nirvana Samvat calendar era
Which falls in the month of March-April
Lets adopt his noble teachings in our life
For making it sublime and purposeful
With love flowing for everybody
And hate none
With non-use of force
While living a life suffusing with truthfulness
Not overly attached to the worldly possessions
Or not stealing what is not ours.

The five vows or principles are observed by the Jains:-

  1. Non-violence (Ahimsa). It is opned that every living being has sanctity and respect. This applies to actions, speech and thoughts.
  2. Truthfulness (Satya). It applied to individual and for others.
  3. Chastity (Brahmacharya). It is believed that abstinence from sex and sensual pleasure for all faithfuls.
  4. Non-Attachment (Apangraha. An attitude of non-attachmet to the fruits of our action while following a disciplined  life.
  5. Compassion (Dyaluta). We should be compassionate to all including animals.  

The following are his teachings:-

  • Non-use of force (Ahimsa) while getting something done.
  • Following truth (Satya).
  • Opposing untruth (Asatya) in any event.
  • Following a life of chastity (Brahmacharya).
  • We should follow a life of non-attachment to the fruits of our action (Aparigraha).
  • There are multi-dimensional realities (Anekatavada) to reach the truth.
  • Remain fearless in hardships and in calamities that is why he is called as Tirthankara.
  • Knowledge which is universal is based on truth should be followed.
  • All humans undergo several reincarnations according to our karma therefore we should perform right karma.
  • It is believed that soul exists an is eternal i.e. does not die as the body dies – a principle which is being followed in Hinduism.
  • Karma includes actions and intent. The effects of good karma and bad karma.
  • The goal of spiritual practice to liberate the jiva from the karmic accumulation and enter the realm of the Siddhas and finally liberation after one attains total detachment from the worldly possessions or for that matter anything after following a life of self-restraint.
  • He taught about many sided realities and truth and reality are complex. Reality could be experienced. Onne can experience the truth of taste but cannot fully express that taste through language. Spiritual truths are also very complex. These could be experienced through self effort and right karma.
  • Jainism believes in plurality of humans and freedom of belief.
  • The significance of following the five principles is to achieve spiritual peace for better rebirth or reincarnation or liberation after following highly spiritual life. The Mahavira also put emphasis on restraint and be compassionate to other creatures as well. In other words, the life of self-discipline is of paramount importance. The cleaning of sould leads to spiritual development based on supreme moral virtue.
  • The five vows (Vrtas) which Mahavira Preached are enumerated as under:-
  • Ahimsa (Non-violence). Mahavira preached to maintain sanctity and dignity of all in the spirit of Ahimsa – without force or intimidation. It should be in action, speech and thought.Satya (Truthfulness). He stressed about being truthful in thoughts and actions.
  • Asteya (Non-stealing). Nobody should steal what is not ours.
  • Brahmacharya (Chastity).He taught abstinence from sex and sensual pleasures for monks and faithfulness to one’s partner for householders.
  • Aparigaha (Non-attachment). An attitude of non-attachment to property or worldly possessions should not be given much credence by the mendicants.




Evidently, it has been observed that the Covid-19 is proving very destructive for the humanity as a whole. It has been infecting people who are not observing lockdown conditions or are not adopting safety norms devised by W.H.O. and medical community of respective countries. This lockdown could be successful only with the active participation of general masses. If a single person breaks the norms, that person could become a spreader for becoming reason for infecting thousands people.  But it is unfortunate that some people with unethical and irreligious thoughts (Dooshak soch) are putting at naught all the efforts put in by the Government, medical and paramedical staff besides the law enforcement agencies/police staff. Such negative oriented people should realize that Corona does not differentiate between communities or religion. It could infect anybody anywhere.

Indian Prime Minister appealed to more than 130 crore countrymen to raise the Collective Consciousness of the people. According to him, this could be done by putting on a light (torch light, earthen wick or a candle or light from a mobile) after putting off the electric light at 9 PM on 5th April 2020 (Sunday) and that too for 9 minutes only. By so doing, the PM of India wants that all of us should exhibit that we shall fight this dangerous virus collectively. This collective consciousness will generate positive thoughts and will certainly do a heaven of difference for our wellness.This positively oriented thought percept will help in generating self-belief and will bestow positive expectations at this atmosphere of highly surcharged environment created by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic – deadly virus.

The following wisdom suffusing holy thoughts from Sri Granth Sahib are apt and most relevant:

When one’s light merges into the Light, and one’s intuitive consciousness is joined with the Intuitive Consciousness, then one’s cruel and violent instincts and egotism depart, and skepticism and sorrow are taken away. The Lord abides within the mind of the Gurmukh, who merges in the Lord’s Union…”

I have not been able to write any other topic since the COVID-19 infection has been raising havoc round the world and I am hugely saddened by the deaths due to this virulent infection, therefore, this poem. I am also dismayed by some people’s irrational thoughts.

I have quoted some of the scriptures of Holy Quran, Bible, Bhagwad Gita, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, all these are against hurting others. The current scenario of helplessness has evidently criticized one thing and that is that the humanity is living on the edge; the rich and the not so rich are same when it comes to adverse-effects of infection caused by Novel Coronovirus Pandemic.

HOLY QURAN says: And those who hurt Muslim men and women, without them doing anything (wrong), have burdened themselves with false accusation and open sin.

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

Bhagwad Gita: Forgiveness is a divine quality. Cultivate the attitude of forgiveness through spiritual transformation according to the Bhagavad Gita.

Therefore, all of us should live in harmony in an atmosphere of forget and forgive and do not show bias on the basis of religion, caste, colour, region etc. This vicious virus is not attacking any single community or society, it is attacking everybody who comes in its sphere of influence.



The spirit to fight Novel Coronavirus so deadly
Remains assiduously all times high
Credit goes to the medical community
Who are performing Yeoman’s job so very diligently
By providing medi-care at the nook and corner of the cities and towns
They are the real time covid-19 warriors
Providing medical care to those who require the most
In confines of hospital rooms
In the lanes and narrow bye-lanes
Informing people about the importance of lockdown
Along with significance of social-distancing
Besides hand-washing for personal hygiene
Time and again
We have word of thanks
For their stellar job marvelously well done.
At some places they receive huge compliments/accolades
While at some other places
So difficult to comprehend
Some amongst us resort to venting out their anger
By hurling insults or brickbats
Or even spiting at the health workers!
Or stoning even, for performing their jobs
And strangely enough, hurling of choicest abuses too!
Which the medical staff
May not have heard during their entire lifetime itself
Then even some quarantined ones misbehaved
Even resort to the audacity of spitting at their saviour
While advising them to keep observing lockdown condition
Stay home, stay healthy and stay out of harm’s way.
To keep sanity
At the hour of adversity
I pray to God for bestowing us sagacity
And tolerance to all and sundry
For ridding us of this manmade of nature’s fury
Where care and caution is only a remedy.





After performing my meditation in the morning hours, I went outside with some eatables for the birds and stray dogs. As all of us are observing lockdown, I too was doing so but my inner voice cajoled me to get up and take some eatables for the ones who were not observing lockdown at all.

The birds and other animals were moving without let or hindrance – the birds were moving from one branch to another without care and caution.

The nature creations; crows, pigeons, sparrows, etc. and animals like street dogs and cats etc. trees of various forms were doing their different functions as any other day.

The sun’s rays were bathing all the creations equally. I observed different birds, their multi-colours, from feet to the beaks.
It gave me immense satisfaction that I have come here to feed these birds and stray animals.



I happened to go to a park
While on a morning walk
With some eatables for the birds and stray animals
With silence writ large around
Due to the essential lockdown
No voices of humans heard
Children swings in the park
Were swinging but at a snail’s pace
Not by any human hand
But with the morning air which was blowing
A dog was sitting all alone
On the park chair with none around
Where people used to sit enjoying the cool air
At normal times
Has a ghost silence due to pandemic Coronavirus.
Now while the air is free from pollution
But all men perforce are sitting at their respective residences
Observing lockdown norms sincerely
So that they may not become cause of virus transmission.

Observed the play of nature and its creations
The green leaves of ashoka plant, neem tree,
Peeple and banyan amongst other trees rustling just freely
With sunlight falling on these green leaves
Which help these for performing their job so vital
Photosynthesis without any restraints
Thus channelling the energy of sunlight
Forming oxygen and carbohydrates
So vital for substance of life on this planet.
Then I turned my attention to birds
Observed the chirping of sparrows
The cawing of crows
The cooing of pigeons
The mewing of cats
The barking of a dogs
The coo-coo of cuckoos
Thus combining all music
Created by the birds
Then I introspected just deeply

No lockdown of cosmic functions
Without let or hinderance.

No lockdown of metabolic functions
We eat drink and have emotional feeling.

No lockdown of prayer
We can have connectivity with God.

No lockdown of love and affection
Deepen your love with the members of your family.

No lockdown of compassion
We should help meet others’ needs
Birds, animals or men in need.

No lockdown of internalizing
And exploit the inner reservoir of inner potentials.

No lockdown on our hope
This hope can bestow us positivity
To remain hopeful in any situations and conditions.

I sincerely pray to all my love ones
To observe lockdown
So that this Pandemic Coronavirus
Is not transmitted from person to person.




From the account of his life, it is evident that Lord Rama was the epitome of righteousness and virtuosity – a Maryada Purshotam. He was the best ruler who looked after his subjects compassionately. He and his brothers were imparted value system under the guidance of spiritually oriented Gurus. This may be in undiluted value system, use of weapons such as archery etc. under the guidance of religious Gurus in the hermitage with strict discipline and compliance wherein every disciple was given individual attention.


That is the discipline the general people should have for ridding ourselves from the virulent virus which has engulfed our society. Our sincerest prayer this birth anniversary would be to bestow immunity all our communities from this Pandemic Coronavirus. May Lord Rama’s blessings remain on all of us.


When Coronavirus is playing its death dance
Attacking the vulnerable ones with vengeance
Who come in contact with each other without any protection
When people are observing lockdown condition
Observing distance from each other while outside the residences
If and when it is inescapable to go out in emergent contingencies
When we’ve to celebrate Ram Navami after fasts’ observing
Despite situation created by Covid-19 – so very trying
Yet we’ve to think more about life and living
Rather than getting swayed by the current of coronavirus
Defeat the mindset so negative
And create conditions appropriate all around by helping the needy
Thus learning from the life of Lord Ram
Who was the embodiment of righteousness & virtuosity – Maryada Purshotam
With most adorable traits with immense prowess, full of idealism
The Avtara (Incarnate) of Lord Vishnu – the one who stood for Truth
A reservoir of humility with simplicity in abundance
Tolerance, harmony and elderly reverence
That every offspring should possess in profusion
Along with the respect for the elderly and parents
The traits which Lord Rama had in sufficiency
He left for 14 years exile, leaving everything and everybody
Most dear ones too in Ayodhya
When his father King Dashratha of Ayodhya
Was constrained to act on the promises made in the past
To his wife Kakai – mother of Shri Bharata
And step-mother of Lord Shri Rama
Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life once
By putting her own life in danger
Consequently, extracting two promises for fulfilling
At a time and occasion of her own choosing,
Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,
In making Queen Kakai realize the promises
First promise being crown for her son Shri Bharata
And 14 years in exile for Shri Rama.
Shri Ramji, as expected, accepted exile for fourteen long years
And that too without slightest demur
He embraced the life simplest in the forest
Accompanied with Sitaji – the consort of Lord Shri Rama
With brother Lakshmana too accompanied Shri Rama
Living on the fruits and herbs that existed there in forests.

Truly speaking, the crux of a lesson for today’s younger generation
Is to respect and obey the orders of the parents
Who want our wellness in all situations and conditions.

Lord Rama had the knowledge of Vedas
And being the fondest Bhaktas of Lord Shiva
The knowledge he had had thus attained from his Gurus and parents.

Ram Navami should establish a kingdom of love for all of us in abundance
Overflowing with peace, full of tolerance, a feeling of goodwill for all
A kingdom of love for everyone
Factually leaving none
For it is a celebration for destruction of virus
In the form of Novel Coronavirus
Which could only be done
With self-discipline
By keeping distance
Along with observance of home quarantine
Then we should be able to defeat the virus from spreading
Pray do not be super-spreader of virus so virulent
But be super-spreader of message as to how to contain the virus
Our true celebration of Ram Ravami
Would be to spread positive messages
For containing the virus and destroying it altogether.

In essence, our God is very compassionate. He comes to the rescue of the commoners whenever they are engulfed and surrounded with evil in one form of other. Lord Vishnu, in one of his incarnations (7th Incarnation) as Rama took birth as Rama, the son of King Dashratha and Mata Kaushlaya. His birth was necessitated because the demons during that period of time did not allow the hermits or sadhus to perform their Yajnas or Havan and defiled their rituals.

Rama is the seventh incarnation (Avtar) of Lord Vishiu and Ram Navami marks the birth of Lord Rama. It falls on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chatra in the year 5114 BC. This year, Ram Navami is being celebrated on 2nd April 2020 in the environment of National lockdown dueto Novel Coronavirus.  Despite being concerned about their love ones, the devotees break their fasts which they have observed during Navratri.

Sita Devi is described as the daughter of Prithvi (the Earth) because she was found in a pot by Mithla King Janaka while ploughing the fields. She was brought up by the king. Janaka.

He had other three younger brothers, Bharat, Lakshmana and Shatrughan. After killing the demons on the invitation of Maharishi Vishwaitra, he took them to a Swayambar where it was decided that the one who breaks the bow of Lord Shiva would get the hand of Sita Ji. Lord Rama broke the bow easily thereby triggering the anger of Parushuram who realized his folly after he came to know about Rama being the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu (He himself was one of the Avtars of Lord Vishnu).  

Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya with his consort Sita Ji. There were huge celebrations in whole of Ayodhya. King Dashratha wanted to hand over the reign of his king to Lord Rama, being his elder son. Thereafter, on the instigation of Manthra, Kaikayi reminded Dahratha of his promise to him. She wanted the reigns of Ayodhya to be handed over to her son Bharat and send Rama to 14 years exile to jungles.  Sita and brother Lakshmana accompanied Lord Rama.

Lord Rama, Sita along with brother Lakshmana started their exile life, living in jungles, eating what is available in the jungle in the form of herbs and fruits. Then one day Sharupnakha, the sister of Demon King Ravana happened to come to their place. She misbehaved with Sita Maa thereupon Lakshmana cut her nose. On knowing about the episode, King Ravana wanted to teach Lord Rama a lesson. He with utter deception abducted Sita Maa and brought her to his Golden Lanka. A battle ensued in which the Demon King Ravana along with his brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnatha were killed. This way, Lord Rama finished the evil represented by Demon King Ravana. In this battle Lord Hanuman Ji along with his army.

After the battle was over, Lord Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka (who told the weak point of Ravana) which helped Lord Rama to kill Demon King Ravana.

Shri Rama, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuma and Trijata returned back to Ayodhya and first time Dipawali was celebrated. After 14 years of exile during which he killed many demons and thereby the evil which they represented.


People also take out processions, carrying the statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha etc accompanied with the chants of songs and dances and immersed in the water. After immersion of statues, the devotees pray to Maa Durga for blessing them with her bounties for the entire year.




The renowned embodiment of righteousness & virtuosity – Maryada Purshotam

With most adorable traits with immense prowess full of idealism

The Avtara of Lord Vishnu – the one who stood for Truth

A reservoir of humility with simplicity in abundance

Tolerance, harmony and elderly reverence

That an offspring should profusely be having

For the parents the most adoring.

Lord Rama left for exile, leaving everything and everybody

Most dear ones too in Ayodhya,

When his father King Dashratha of Ayodhya

Is constrained to act on the promises made in the past

To his wife Kakai – mother of Shri Bharata

And step-mother of Lord Shri Rama

Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life once,

By putting her own life in danger,

Consequently, extracting two promises for fulfilling

At a time and occasion of her own choosing,

Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,

In making Queen Kakai realize the promises,

Crown for her son Shri Bharata

And 14 years in exile for Shri Rama.

Shri Ramji, as expected, accepted exile for fourteen long years.

And that too without slightest demur,

He embraced the life simplest in the forest,

Subsisting on the fruits and herbs that existed there,

Truly speaking, that is the crux of a lesson for today’s younger generation,

Maa Sitaji the consort of Shri Rama

With brother Lakshmana too accompanied Shri Rama.

Who despite his knowledge of Vedas and being the fondest Bhaktas of Lord Shiva

Ruined his name and fame along with the knowledge he had had thus attained

Vijaydashmi should establish a kingdom of love,

Overflowing with peace, full of tolerance, a feeling of goodwill for all,

A kingdom of love for everybody, leaving none

For it is a celebration for destruction of evil




Those who think putting others down
For the benefits of their own
Through deception
Or through human violation
Will not result in their eventual win
On individual level
As some people may think
But meet with their ultimate end
As says the law of karma
Our Karmic deeds always catches up
Both at an individual plane
Or as on nation’s plane
With high ambition
Since a person of pure mind
Orients his thoughts and actions
With the active participation
Of body, mind and positive reflections
Without forgetting
That anything
Acquired with ego gratification
Is maha-paap – a gigantic offence
This is true for a person individually
Or for a nations collectively
Who for gratification of their ambition
Subjugate the smaller nations
With the muscle power
Or money power.
The present case of pandemic coronavirus
Has proved that nobody
Can be immune
If an individual
Or a nation plays with Mother Nature
But sadely the retribution
Will perforce be borne by the offender
As a person
Or the recalcitrant nation
As nobody can escape the Karmic deeds
But woefully will engulf the other people or nations collectively
Very innocent indeed
Pass on a disease to them physically
Or adversely
Impacting their economies
Such people or group of nations
Should introspect that a bad deed done
Will will finally boomerang
As good deeds grace us with rewards w
And will certainly defend us till time indefinite
This life
And our life hereafter.


We have observed that those individuals who earn their livelihood with sincerity earn Karmic credit points for them which become buffer for such people and help them when they require the same the most. On the other hand, those who adopt shortcuts for getting their selfish ambitions fulfilled have to face the consequences ultimately. We should, therefore, remember that our thoughts and Karmic deeds thereto never leaves us rewarded or punished as the case may be.


It Is important to note that If an individual is over-ambitious and fructifies his/her desires by ulterior means or follows corrupt practices will have adverse repercussions. But if the same is done by a nation for gratification of their over-ambitious thought precept and try dominating other nations with their position in the comity of nation or due to their economic status even browbeating smaller nations and sometimes force them not to act independently. This is really a disheartening state of affairs. Such countries should not adopt irrational or illogical approach to subjugate others because their action may actions may also carry the stigma of Karma.


Essentially, it is in the fitness of things to infer that we should maintain a healthy balance in our dealings; it may be individually or collectively or between nations. This will ensure collective response between individuals or between the nations.

Mother Nature will act in sync with its laws when we as individuals or nations obey the rules of Nature otherwise the humanity as a whole will have to bear the brunt of it all.



When the situation is so catastrophic all around
When the virulent Novel Coronavirus is spreading
Its venomous tentacles unchecked
Hideously hiding at every nook and corner
Readying to pounce at the uncaring individuals
When crying need is the observance of modicum of self-discipline
By self-isolation or self-quarantine at our respective residences
Keep self-hygiene as an obligation to be adhered to the book by us
For keeping ourselves and our environs neat and clean
For our own good and for the good of our dear ones
For at least for 21 days at a stretch as told by Hon’ble Prime Minister
In this speech to the nation to control and contain this virus
Or till the scare of the Covid-19 ameliorates or dies a natural death.

When solution lies in the problem itself
Then wisdom is to follow steps to the letter and spirit
By adapting ourselves as time demands
And not to willfully flout the norms
Because solution lies in maintaining care and caution
And not getting scared from the virus
So very out of the ordinary.

When people do not realize the gravity of situation and are contravening norms
Then the laws of the land should hall them in the prison
For not caring for himself nor for others around.

When health-care facilities are stretched to the limits
It is the responsibility of citizenry in general
To spread public awareness for inculcating strength of mind
And if possible assist even the sanitation staff
In combating stumbling blocks
By self-help methods
Thus come out this piquant state.

When necessities of daily existence are also stretched to the maximum
Due to over-stocking or through panic-buying by the selfish
The black sheep amongst us
Thus putting the lives of general masses to dire straits.

When people are not observing the importance of social-distancing
And not putting face-masks
When going outside the homes
For meeting some emergent situation
Thus coming into contact with the infected ones
And becoming a cause of spreading the pandemic virus
Here the solution lies in adopting measures
Necessary for containing the virus till it dies its natural death.

When confusion bedevils at every step
And requires clarity
It is sagacious on our part
To be a part of solution
And not become a part of a huge problem
Putting the lives of people in general at risk.

Need of the hour is not to fall prey to rumor-mongering in social-media
Thus creating problem where none exists
We ought to report all such cases
To the authorities that be for remedial action
And exemplary punishment for recalcitrant
And save the common masses so hapless
Even at this hour of distress.

When cause is known to us but the solution is uncertain
Then we should try adopting the spiritual orientation
As a permanent solution
For Divine intervention
With His association
Every ill-omen will evaporate in thin air for good.