What should be done for love to be lasting?

You love somebody earnestly when there is no confusion in the relationship, no suspicion in the relationship and your mental cues say you have a person of your choice. Nothing should be there to suggest that you have made even an iota of mistake in choosing that partner of yours. It is also not mere listening to your partner but following you and vice versa. The other partner should really be understanding your viewpoint and you intend also listen to that person and follow his / counsel as need demands. That relationship can be termed as lasting and worth ‘falling in love with.

For the love to be lasting, we’ve to make positive adjustments some of which are enumerated below:-

  1. Be understanding the partner as you understand yourself.
  2. Deal with your partner as you want him/her to deal with you.
  3. Make your life simple by following a simple lifestyle. Complex lifestyle brings in its wake intractable complex problems
  4. Have less or no expectations from others because having more expectations leads to differences which cannot be plugged easily. Less expectations means no grudges when these are not met and the relationship remains in tact.
  5. Never feel jealousy .when the other party is more successful than yourself but praise him/her achievements.
  6. Whenever there is a difference of opinion, it should be sorted out without much delay   lest the simmering discontent snow-walls into a biggest controversy thus spoiling relationship.
  7. Being humans, we are subject to commit mistakes. We should be open in accepting our mistakes and conduct ourselves clear thereafter.
  8. Forgetting and forgiving should be followed in life threadbare.
  9. The chasm of differences increase when small things are not settled. It is like a flicker of flame which can engulf and spoil our happy life.
  10. Lead a God speed in any endeavour; in active partnership of our Lord.

   11.Adage:  Love begets love should never be forgotten and made guiding force in  our  relationship. If we reciprocate love, it will surely be a permanent one.

  1. Love is a magnetism which attracts more love and hate works as its corrosion.
  2. Avoid cold behavior – create warmth in the relationship. Cold behaviour leads to breaking of relationship.
  3. Love is a mind game initially but it should be made a soul game in due course of time.