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A life bereft of problem is a life bereft of creativity,
No problem to solve means nothing in life to look for,
Life in essence, is a continuous journey with a lot of activity,
Every step of the ladder of the life which counts,
Sometimes we slip but zeal to step up must not cease.
Mathematic problems can be made easy and solved
With the time-tested formulae, times without number,
But daily life problems have no laid down forms or norms.
Problem like Picador fight has to b resorted to
To weaken the problem into pieces
Peacemeal resolution brings ease and peace
Evincing of recovery if bogged down
By the pestering and knotty problem at hand,
Problem, if left unresolved, becomes a pestering sore,
Resulting in resentment festered in mind and spirit.
Nature of problem is contagious like flue,
If left to itself, unattended and untackled,
It adds on and piles up by making kinship
With similar other stonewalling maladies
Becoming unwieldy and finally macabre ghost
Haunting day and day out.
When confronted with problem
Faith in our Creator and in our inner resolve is a must
Tackle it with a sculptor’s touch
Who chisels the uneven lump of marble into fine statue.



Sincerity of purpose is one of the best positive qualities of an individual. Sincere dealings may be in our homes, in our workplace, in our day to day dealings with our peer groups, with formal and informal interactions, etc. If we are sincere in our actions then we need not care about the results of our actions. Sincere actions are self-rewarding and can be attested at all situations.

A sincere person always thinks the welfare of others over his own. The prime-movers for this fellow are uprightness and honesty attached. Temptations have no place in his / her scheme of things. In fact that person is flawless in his behaviour and is self-realized one. Similarly, that person gives more credence to others’ needs and aspirations rather than his / her own needs.

A person whose work ethics is cemented with sincerity as one of the main constituents will never aim for result of his actions. To act is his religion and then forget everything.

There are some people who have selfish motives as a prime -movers in getting jobs done through other means than legitimate. Much of the corruption that pervades in the society today is due to self-centred approach that we adopt in our lives. We attach too much emphasis on ‘I, my, me’ and less of ‘ours’.

A sincere person have the following characteristics that guide him / her in life:-

• Action Oriented Policy in life. A sincere person never confines himself to theory, he / she believes in action that too positive actions with good implications / bearings on the society in general.

• Sincerity Helps in Self Realization. By adopting sincere approach in life, that person never is misled and follows principles which purify his body off negativities thus paving the way to tap reservoir of latent energy dormant in the system.

• Honest and Sincere Approach. That person never puts off things because sincere one has his priorities fixed. His approach may be enmeshed with some unpredictable difficulties initially yet ultimately will always be vindicated.

• Ready for Action when Action is Really Needed. Honest and sincere person never procrastinates if there is a need of a help to be rendered.

• Sincere person never aspire for material possessions, rather, whatever he ekes through his present capabilities that person is satisfied.

• Greed, rancour, selfish motive does not touch such person in any way.

• Sincere person does not aspire for self-respect but respect follows the person due to positive approach in life.
• Quality of Equanimity. A sincere person always baths in peace both in bad and good situations.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled SINCERITY, kindly go through and offer your comments. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to go further.


Truth  whilst properly clothed is sincerity,
Its ingredients are godliness, realism and purity,
Sincere person is married to piety,
Who, for truth’s sake, will sacrifice everything,
To keep a word he gives without misgiving,
Also, is the one who for truth’s sake,
Will never compromise on ideas he holds dear,
That is why he is held dear by others everywhere,
And by extension our Creator Loves Sincere the Most ever and ever.

Greed touches him not,
Swayed by any external influences naught,
Hot and cold, happiness and sadness has do not touch,
Maintains equanimity in situations all,
Showiness trembles where he ventures,
Spreads fragrance by his presence.

His actions and reactions exhibit harmony,
Rational are his emotions with no tinge of vanity,
Passionately he wins every being with his sugariness,
He gives words and sticks to these,
That is why his words are trusted by low and highs,
Consciously, he is his own master to the area he surveys,
Is not dictated by anyone crossing his ways,
Believes in the dictum, ‘charity begins at home’.

Cleanses his conscious daily like one brooms a room,
Sermons others not,
But follows high-quality principles without qualms,
His best deeds are the ones which are loved by others,
Divorced from inner conflicts,
His body and soul work in tandem,
For a cause held dear by his conscience,
Rich in integrity and abundant in intelligence,
Holds his head high in the comity of people,
With patience and tolerance plentiful,
His sincerity is an open book with little secrecy,
Easily to be read by anybody who tries,
Abundance in essential sincerity, physical sincerity and spiritual sincerity,
He is more near to ONE ABOVE than anyone could ever conjecture.

Harbans Khajuria





We have to perform our multifarious functions in our lives. Axiomatically, it is not that we always meet with success in our endeavours. More often than not, we may have to weather many a storms while accomplishing tasks. Wise people just continue transacting their assigned tasks without let or hindrance. Failure at some point of time or other does not shake their resolve to continue still further. One failure is a stepping stone for these fellows to make still more efforts to fructify their efforts. Such people are the example, for others to follow.


Life is not a bed of roses always. Sometimes, we act but our actions are not as successful as ought to be. In other times, a little effort bears fruits for us. It is a travesty of face in our lives which should never be forgotten. It has also been seen that while we fail, we lose confidence altogether. People with strong determination do not lose heart, but make concerted efforts to catch up and with the grace of Almighty God come out unscathed.


It has also been experienced that some people just lose themselves while facing adverse results and go to the limit of committing the sin of self-destruction by adopting shortcuts of forgetting their worries by falling into the prey / trap of various addictions. These shortcuts to forget the worries just compound their worries. Such people ultimately end up losing their everything under the sun including their families, friend circle and other well-wishers still further. Losing our love ones, due to our faults means losing every hope to live tranquilly. For such people, JOURNEY OF LIFE just ends partly due to their internal conflicts and partly due to external factors beyond their control.


Following aspects need to be kept in mind while travelling the bumpy paths of our life’s JOURNEY ahead:-


  • End of Road is not the End of Journey. It should never be forgotten that one failure in life should not deter us to continue still further till we become successful ultimately.


  • Self-Realization. A self-realized person is the one who knows his / her stronger and weaker areas. That person dives deep / delves in his / her internal self and exploits the reservoir of huge energy dormant in their system. This sort of a person maintains equanimity in weal and woe.


  • Faith in our Creator. Whenever an adverse situation knocks our door, we ought to seek our Creator assistance. With right attitude and sincerity at our command, He will surely steer clear of boat. Also, faith in Him creates faith in ourselves.


  • Self-Discipline. A person who does not have discipline in his / her life just is not able to go ahead in the Journey of Life. That person curses his fate for every adversity that befalls him / her but never introspects that that situation is his / her own creation. Nobody should be held responsible for our state of affairs. Self-disciplined individual just passes the tests of time in his Journey ahead without any hurdles.


  • Challenges ought to be Challenged. We have the shining example of our young cricketer YUVI who defied / challenged even as debilitating disease as cancer with his personal resolve and confidence in himself and his Creator. On the other hands, if we just acquiesce to challenges that come in the journey of our lives, we just lose heart to go further and end our journey of life. Face the life with a Courage:



When people are falling like nine-pins around ye unsung

Muster courage to hold on till the last drop

For somebody is required to pick up the fallen pals.


When ye fathom you are right

But hard-boiled truth dawns, you are otherwise

Accept that truth with courage

And put your ‘right’ to tests

Thou not stand on ceremony

It will inevitably isolate you from the rests.


When encircled in the web of uncertainty

In us, a part of overall order of things

Have courage to accept to accept the good words

Of anybody betwixt

Embrace that rightly to free thee out of a fix.


Whilst travelling in unknown land

Finding your fellow being in tattered attire and in pain

Muster courage to know his state

Mitigate his suffering – if you can

If not, few kind words will cost though nothing.


O, Lord, shower thy blessings, we are in dire need

So that we are courageous to blot out

Disparity from humanity based on caste, colour and creed.


  • Life’s Journey is based on the Principle of Jointmanship. In our life’s journey ahead, we just whine that our of point of view has not been given credence. Imagine, are we accommodating others’ point of view? Our views are dearest to us while expecting much from others. Others needs and aspirations have no place in our scheme of things. It should never be forgotten that fastidious ones are isolated. Much of our differences in day to day lives; in our homes, amongst our peer group, society in general are due to this reason. If we want to make the journey of our life smooth, we shall have to be accommodative. It has to be a jointmanship venture. Hackneyed sermons have to be discarded.


With this intension in mind, I have written a poem titled LIFE’S JOURNEY, kindly go through. I solicit your comments because your points make indelible impact on me and motivate me to go on.










Every one navigates the part of distance in life,

As apportioned by our CREATOR, 

Some fail to negotiate even an inch,

And merge with Him earlier than expected,

Some are stuck amidst pain plentiful,

Some exit without succour from any quarter,

Some lay a hand on margins and perish,

Some are left asunder by the whirlwinds of chance,

Some swayed by the unwieldy winds of time,

Time, which does not wait for mighty or light,



Some go in circles whole of their life span,

Confusion writ large on their faces with weary pain,

Remain back-pedaling from where started with little gain.


Lively are those who defy hurdles and act,

And overcome their tasks,

With a missionary zeal,

To strike the goal post of life,

With a bang in style.



Life befriend those,

Who do not stop the life’s journey,

When meeting with bumpy ride,

They dare take the bull of life by the horns,

And win the day with stumbling blocks galore,

They make the bumpy road blocks as their stepping stone,

And win laurels against all odds,

For a journey ahead –  acting here and now,


Life’ Journey covered yesterday,

Will add up today’s one,

And make difference in your journey ahead,

The one where you set your foot presently this moment,

Yesterday’s endeavours will add up in today’s actions,

And will benefit tide over tomorrow’s travels

And provide thee a giant stride ahead with pride.






In life we come across people who know how their bread could better be buttered. They may even steal / borrow / forcibly take the butter from somebody else to put on their bread thus leaving the hapless owner hungry!
There are people who are bedevilled with excessive lust, greed and anger. These three negative traits come in the way of imbibing divine qualities like LOVE, TRUTH, GOODNESS et al. Nearness to these negative qualities takes us farthest from ULTIMATE TRUTH: GOD.
Whenever man is tempted to take something which legitimately is not his, it is called covetousness due to his selfish nature. He is carried away by his own impulses without caring for others. By doing so, he injures the society for his own wellbeing. In his views, his self-existence is more than the existence of others. A person with selfish motives always considers his interests uppermost and for getting those interests satisfied he would go all out, taking others’ lives even! Is this not happening every day? He transgresses codes of human behaviour, which regulates the behaviour of humans. No power of reason can transform his self-centred approach for aggrandisement of his desires. He is carried away by his own impulses and temptations without carrying for the society at large. In other words, it could be said that for getting his selfish ends fulfilled, that persons adopts all sorts of means / stratagems in his command.
In our daily lives, we are witness to selfishness vividly:-
• Family Members working at cross purposes to garner cheap points bordering on selfish motives browbeating others in the bargain.

• SOCIAL MEDIA working with the sole aim of enhancing TRP at any cost without thinking about the consequences of the scoops on the hapless victim if the story is incorrect.

• SOME PRESENT DAY CRICKETERS spoiling the gentlemen’s game by their greed not just bordering on selfishness but immorality; from any source!

• Some religious priests following baser selfish methods to earn name and fame for themselves, sometimes going against the teachings of religious philosophy.

Need of the hour is to quaff the nectar of selflessness from Divine cup. Selflessness qualities which are good for self and for the society at large are to be adopted in our daily lives. Efforts should also be made to shun demon like, baser selfish qualities. It is the conscience which should be made responsible to be on the guard for maintaining and imbibing selfless attitudes for our personal gain spiritually.
A class beyond others,
Whose reflection in the mirror of life,
Exhibit vividly classy clear image,
Without blur or blot,
With ease, we grasp their selflessness,
Deeply ingrained in them is greatness in immense measure,
They mix with the surrounding so easily,
That even the sturdy bestow them their coveted place,
Will jump to action when his men need – without demur,
Ever full of verve and dynamism,
To lead the battle of life from front,
Selflessness is the service they render for others,
Without exception without expectation,
Not by exertion of pressure at command,
But by gentle persuasion,
Service with a smile with nil expectation,
They are responsible for critical work of the day,
Together with his men they accomplish the job at hand,
Use heart and soul to lead their mind,
Selfless feel the people’s pulse fully,
What they actually need the most,
They take credit or discredit,
What their men do or not do,
They are where the action is,
Not at a place where rewards are disbursed,
Listen to what your men want from them,
Not what you require from them,
Those who work for us deserve our the best,
Heart and soul put together helps to lead from the front,
Being selfless is hardest task, tough call,
Never say die for anything under the sun,

Weaklings are the faint in heats,
Selfish spurn challenges,
Wanting reward for doing little,
Deception is their hallmark,
To take credits for others laurels,
Without accepting any blame for wrong doing,

Harbans Khajuria



When a good thought germinates in the mind of a person, he ought to analyse that thought threadbare, go its finer points, its drawbacks, implication on others etc. The second step is to make that the author of the thought should make the applicable in his own day to day affairs. Having done that, he ought to put that thought in public domain. Thought to be good or bad can be gauzed by the applicability by the general public under different sets of contingencies.

Contrarily, if an incipient thought after taking birth, is not examined properly before it is put in public domain, sure enough, that thought will die a slow death. That thought will not get the status of ‘immortality’ and with it the author of that thought will have to bury that thought in the deep but should not be disheartened. Another thought may spring forth with deeper meaning than the former one and it may be people may receive that thought with open arms.

It ought also be released that failure of the thought to click is not the failings of the father of the thought may be sometimes, the people may not have appraised the thought thinking; ‘Who cares, Why me only, What I shall get by generating new ideas out of the thought, etc’.

Axiomatically, if we see a positive thought and make it applicable in our dealings with others to remove our scepticisms, negativities and un-doings will just evaporate in the thin air because the concerned thought percept may be due to the concerted efforts of the person concerned, earned out of internal cues and perseverance.

With this idea in mind, I have penned down a poem titled, ‘THOUGHT’. Do appraise and comment.


Thinking lingers till soul in the body remains,
It breaths its last only with demise of a being,
Reflection of our thoughts is always in our way of thinking,
And even our outlook on life is affected by our thoughts,
Innate thoughts from deep recesses of our heart are seeds for positive ideas,

With our thoughts, we can traverse to any annals of history,
A past, unrecorded by any historian,
Could take to unexplored dark recesses of ocean,
Where numerous unexplored histories are veiled,
And hidden from the gaze of the marauding invaders,
Somewhere ship wrecks, somewhere bodies,
Time rotten and eaten by the elements beneath,
Telling their stories of what went wrong where,

Our thoughts are our makers or breakers,
Life’s success story moves with the movement of thoughts,
Dynamic thought could generate vibrant thought processes,
Positive thoughts can build the edifice of our success,
Negative thoughts will ditch without doubt,
Life’s story starts with thought that thou stimulate,

Mind is the mother of our thoughts,
It sows the seeds of thoughts,
Which germinate to become plantlet,
Little by little our thinking cap makes a composite thought,
A fruit tree which if used thoughtfully give good harvest of sweet fruit,

‘Thinking seed’ determines how we solve our vexing problems,
By breaking down of problem into shreds for easy solution,
Quality seed for sowing,
Will create quality plant’s growth,
Mind is trained as we process the thoughts slowly but surely,
Success will follow without doubt if thoughts are peppered well with expertise,
Success depends upon the excellence of thought you create in you being,
We create volume of thoughts in our being,
Bombardment of thoughts results from all directions doubtlessly,

How you control those thought,
And put to productive use for optimum gain is a heady potion,
With positive thought you see bright ray of light at the end of the tunnel,
You see a problem half fulfilled,
Rather than half undone,
A positive thought spurs you to fight on,
And devise strategies for a optimum solution,

Action plans for processing of thoughts is a crying need,
Measure of control has to be on our volume of thoughts,
To control thought endurance and patience is required in sufficient measure,
Truly thoughts are product of your own thinking and making,
Help in taking your boat to shore,
Will surely have effect on your life cycle,
Good mature thoughts are equivalent to good manure which we give to the plants,
For their growth and well-being.



Mother Earth has been very kind to us in providing us everything from birth till death. It has on its crust trees, birds, forest cover and everything; lofty and majestic mountains, vast sea, water reservoirs, mesmerizing scenic beauties, flora and fauna, animal world and what not. All these add to our sustenance in our daily lives.

Mother Earth contains all sorts of mineral wealth which is helpful for further growth and development of the countries. But exploitation of the mineral wealth has also got a limit. We are cutting trees indiscriminately affecting the eco system. Industrial wastes are being thrown in the rivers polluting the water. We spew dangerous gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmospheric balance. Not only this even teh Antarctic Continent is being adversely affected by the acts of us humans.

By our acts of omission and commission, we are doing everything to spoil the balance of the nature which is causing negative results implications to our next generations.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem, MOTHER EARTH. Kindly go through and comment.


By our acts of not caring,

What we do to the Mother Earth so dear?

Which bestows us with all sorts of gifts,

Which sustain us from time we become flesh & blood,

Till time this body sustains us not,

With no expectation in return gift from us selfish humans,

We leave litters around,

After partying & feasting at the mountain site so enchanting,

With fragrance of natural flowers just intoxicating,

Making the environs heady,

Adding splendour are the flora and fauna,

But the left over litters just spoil the virginity of mountain spot,

With spread of odour of leftovers of the people partaking foodstuff,

Stench also stenches the act of these people,

Who spoilt the place with their profane acts.

Left out road side old vehicle parts,

Wait till eternity for the people to pick these up,

Nobody ever comes to do this solemn act,

Till elements like winds and rains mix these in the Mother Earth itself!

Vehicle repair workshop just line up the roadsides,

Blackening the area with grease and what not,

Generating a shabby look around,

Green cover is being denuded,
For habitats for increased numbers,
And cultivation of food for multitudes,
Thus multiplying the adverse implications,
To the eco system,
Causing blizzards and change of climates.

Plundering the earth of the mineral wealth,
In the form of crude oil,
Precious metals, stones and coal,
Leaving the earth bereft of natural resources,
Thus misbalancing the internal fabric of the earth,
Which too comes out & reacts most violently,
Causing earthquakes of huge intensity,
Spreading deaths and destruction all around hugely.

Spewing of gases so poisonous,
To the sky above,
Enlarging the black-hole,
Impacting us by harmful sun rays.

My humble please to us all,

Have some pity to the Mother Earth,

Not for us but AT LEAST for our coming generations,

If at all?

Harbans Khajuria



The main question is, whether any irrational argument could be won by anybody?

It is rightly been said that a sagacious person will prefer discussion over argument for that person knows that nobody can win an argument. It goes on and on. The end result of an argument is end of friendship / intimacy. It starts over a petty thing and slanging match just goes on nonstop. Neither side concedes defeat. Sometimes it leads to acrimony and bad blood. Arguments between the spouses, over small matter, just snowballs into a biggest flare up, occasionally breaking up the fabric of the household. A well-knit house alas! just breaks up.

Arguments for a seat in the bus goes on till after the journey to the destined place just ends and the poor chair just stares at the faces of the argumentative parties. Arguments over trifles results in fights resulting in disproportional consequences is seen every other day.

Arguments are the negative traits of not only humans but also that of the animal world. In fact, it can better be termed as animal like trait which unfortunately none wins finally. We must have witnessed the snarls between the two dogs over the possession of a bitch which just looks on helplessly. In this fight both the dogs just fight it out resulting in blood bath on both sides. Here too there is no perceptible winner!


Internal Strife spun out of control,

Incident which ought to have been swept under the carpet,

Has gone to the public domain,

Takes untold toll on both sides through fruitless arguments,

Starts from soft tinkering with words,

Over matter so trifling,

To a full fight resulting.

Spreading like fire untamed,

Engulfing even luckless around.

Arguments on a matter in the household,

Between spouses on a matter so insignificant,

Not controlled in time goes hurting,

To the wellbeing of home well knit.

Disagreeing with interviewer,

And sticking to the points stubbornly,

Thus burning the very bridge,

Which could have made him to cross over,
For cornering a lifelong career.

Just not budging even an inch,

Arguments with a person unknown,

Even Universal Truth so widely agreed,

Is not agreeable to the fellow in question!

Arguments with fastidious one is a waste of time,

Who knows only how an argument could be won anyhow!

Loses friends in hordes,

And earns enemies in the bargain,

While in power the ‘chair’ speaks for that fellow,

But when out of it,

Persons suffered at his hands take control,

And you can fathom what would be his fate,

For by-product of hate is only further hate,

That person realizes the consequence of his folly but too late,

He faces music of his own making now.




Disappointingly, it has been seen that we remain insensitive to certain incidences which actually should have moved us and our conscience must have stirred us into meaningful action. Take for instance a road side accident, it is seen the victim, more often than not, remains just bleeding till death. Leaving dependents to the mercies of time.

We have no respect for our elders / older members of the society. The care and protection that these hapless beings should get from own kith and kin is woefully missing. Cases abound, where the offspring just drop them in the old age homes like the used diapers! It is a pity.

Our hunger for more material possessions has become insatiable. We are prone to compare our status with others and do anything under the sun to get to that level and in the process even going to any extreme including getting the person concerned done away with to reach that coveted status.

Then there are the cases of child abuse happening every other day. Such is the insensitivity in these cases that despite adverse publicity and impending severe punishment, if caught, these cases are on the increase.

Alas! While becoming a party to these extreme incidents, we forget even our origin; we do not remember what we had brought when we came to this world and what we shall be taking when departing it!
Where our society is going, why so much insensitivity, I fathom not. All this insensibility! create bad karma and God give us sagacity to become sensitive so that we remain alive to the needs of the needy. People should understand that by resorting to this negative tendency, they are creating a bad karma which would be dealt with by our CREATOR.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled INSENSITIVITY. Please go through and comment.


In daily life we have become just mindless,
What happens to our fellow beings,
Is not their business at all.
A road side victim of accident so severe,
Groaning in relentless pain,
Just remains bleeding without succor,
Oozes blood from body,
Till turning white in the face,
And finally face unpredictable end,
Leaving him painless forever,
But leaving behind his kin dependent,
At the mercy of volatile ‘time’.

Old parents with their body parts,
Immobilized due to age,
Who for their sake,
Had weathered many a storms,
Had sweat for them,
Nursed them, nurtured them,
So that they could earn their livelihood with dignity,
Just leave these hapless in indignity,
To the beggaries of climes,
And themselves living in comforts of homes,
Made by the elders bricks by bricks,
And themselves cooling their heels,
In the far corner of a colony,
In a home for destitute.

Blood relatives turning against each other,
For acquiring riches,
A legacy of the past,
Go to the extent of scheming for doing away,
For taking away what is not theirs!
The insensitivity has crossed all limits,
The dehumanized humans,
Amongst us go to the extent,
Of sexually brutalizing,
The kids so small,
That it makes even a most hardened murderer!
Look small,
Why this insensitivity,
But hearts of ours stirs naught,
Because we have become sense proof.
Is it not?
O GOD above,
Be merciful as ever,
Bestow sensitivity in plenty,
To the humans created by you.



In our day to day lives, we have been assigned a variety of functions. In the workplace, our charter of duties is well codified. We have no alternative but to work as per these assigned duties. If due to any reason, we are not able to live up to the expectations of our employers in transacting our enunciated duties, we are in for trouble. The result may be in the form of Warnings, Explanations, if that is also not agreed to / not accepted, Inquiry and final decision on our career. Losing career during these days of depression /deceleration / slump in business is not a rocket science to be understood!
Losing job means, losing means of livelihood, losing an opportunity to feed those dependent on you.
Similar is the case when we do not shoulder our responsibilities as a responsible member of the family. Be it elder of the family, offspring or any other relation(s) on whose shoulders the very existence of the family goes on. If one member acts with irresponsibility, that person is convinced or coerced to act as per the set cultural mores of the family. If that person just does not listen, then, result is anybody guess. It is similar to the fence eating away the crop itself!
Interestingly, just think, when a single member, the bread-winner exhibits inaction in his duties as a responsible member of the household? In this type of scenario, God is the protector of that household. The person concerned will be in troubled waters thus affecting the very fabric and survival of that family. This family is just standing on the termite eaten pillar with no life left. It can totter anytime under its own weight and in the process give pain to the entire household.
In the same way, inaction in our forward journey in spiritual aspects will lead us just nowhere here on this earth and even after death and subsequent rebirth, we will face a troubled future because of our karmas.
With this intention in view, I have written a poem titled,

“Inaction speaks more than action”

Certain duties towards the fellows of our own,

You certainly have to sweat for from morn till evening,

In the process withstanding anguish and pain,

Taunts and flaunts, et al

Act you must,

So that you stand to gain,

In your status as time passes on,

Inaction in performance of your duties assigned,

Is like a slow poison,

Which nobody wants taking,

Resulting in eating away your job you got so hard,

And with it all that is cherished.

Likewise inaction in the family of your own,

Will make you lethargy and,

Finally your own dear ones,

Will inwardly call you a person with guts,

But gutless in action.

Inaction in spiritual upward march,

Leads to directionless life on the soil here,

And after earth’s sojourn,

A troubled birth next.

O Creator of ours,

Make us action oriented,

So that we transact everything,

With utmost sincerity,

And with the best results for us,

And our dear ones around.


Why Happiness is elusive?

Why Happiness is elusive?

It would be in the fitness of thing to know as to what is ‘happiness’. It is different for different people. Many a people whose choice is a ‘maximizer’ one, that person’s eyes are set at a higher pedestal of wellbeing. He is not satisfied if he does not get what he wants and in order to get that level of satiety, he perforce does everything that is in his power to get the same. If his efforts are fructified, well he is satisfied and feels happy. But this satisfaction is only momentarily. In my view, that person is satisfied in relation to the previous set satisfaction level. As his first want is fulfilled, his satisfaction level just takes upward swing. He sets his eyes at another level; this may be that that person has started comparing his level with others in his neighborhood. Then he sets to get his new set level fulfilled. If he gets that through his internal resources it is alright but sometimes he uses other means, may be those means are illegitimate. It may be, he may be successful in duping others to get the resources for aggrandizing his need once but it cannot be for every time. The whirlpool or cesspool of his wants has not decreased even a bit; the greed has really taken over him. And with this new found status that person becomes heady. He may have indulged in all sort of bad habits like drinking heavily, smoking, gambling and may be the worst of worst taking drugs. This is the downfall of every status. That person is not of any use to his family, to his society and finally he is his own enemy number one. He is neither here nor there. Physically afflicted with many diseases like hypertension, blood-pressure, sugar, and what not associated with unethical lifestyle. He is not able to eat his meals even properly because the different diseases inhibit him from doing so. What is the use of new found status symbol when that person is not able to eat for his body what he has earned using all sorts of means all over his life? Can his life be a happy one and is not this situation created by him only?

What is required by us to live a peaceful life. We require simple of whatever one likes; morning breakfast, lunch and dinner for the night and a few snacks if need be and what we need to drap body, some good dresses and boots for the feet. The others requirements can be taken care of if we place a limit on them – with firm resolve this far and no further attitude. Adopting right attitude without much comparing with those you come across is the answer for a permanent happiness.

Just ask those in their privacy to those who are associated with you and have acquired status, whether with everything at their beck and call are they happy? If they are honest with you, you will get a right answer.

It has also been experienced that you’re sources of wealth and how you got also counts. If you earned that legitimately, that acquired money will yield high dividends to you because that is your hard earned wealth. That sort of money when used on your children education and on their upbringing will bring you highest return. Your children will also imbibe you and your ways of living and surely not adopt some other illegitimate ways to accommodate resources and they will not disappoint you in the long run.

Secondly, happiness is also elusive also because we fritter away our latent energy on unwanted and unwarranted pursuits during our life time. We do not know much about our own self. It should never be forgotten that we are having a vast reservoir of innate power which if tapped properly can bring you high dividends in the form of concentrated work that you perform in your day to day work and finally knowing ‘self’ means knowing much about soul. We remain, in our entire life, looking after our body and its need but have just forgotten that we are basically a spirits. Body will just be mixed into dust but our spirit has remained with us from one births to another along with the deeds (karmas) and misdeeds (nishkarmas) we do.

Knowing self will also make us happy because you will running your life as per ‘God ordained speed’ and not running a ‘rat race’. That spiritual life will make much difference not only for this life but for coming ones too. You can also change your bad karmas into good ones by following the right course.

Control your desires and you will see much difference in you and your lifestyle. Set you’re your satiety level and not on the influences of others because it is you only who is responsible for your deeds and misdeeds.


A desire for moon,
A wish simply wishful only,
A hope not in the realm of fulfilling,
A desire for happiness,
A futuristic hope,
Not certain to be fulfilled,
Meaning searching a small needle,
In a disheveled haystack.
May be located or no?
Remains to be seen,
Mere desire leads thee nowhere.

Desire to seek out thy Creator,
Is fraught with doubts of highest proportion,
For desire has future connotation,
A future, nobody is sure of,
And doubt leads thee neither here nor there.

Hunger for anything,
A fervent longing for something,
Being here and now,
Meaning living in the present moment,
A real one,
Quality receptivity opens its bosom,
Shutting the hostile thoughts of future,
Wishful thinking just evaporates,
Leads thee to an objective,
Thee set for thyself,
Thus longing takes thee,
To a pedestal of highest order,
For it is thy avowed friend,
Not a fair weather friend – a mere desire.