We may accept it or not, a fact stands out tall and no justification is required for its accuracy. No evidence is required to prove its accurateness. Truth is based on its genuineness like 24 carat of gold. Its exactness could be proven anywhere and at anytime; you agree or disagree hardly matters. Recognize it or not, it hardly matters, a truth is truth at any space and time.

Some may depreciate or denigrate, it hardly matters, truth comes out unscathed / crystal clear anywhere and everywhere. Some of us may follow it or shuns it, hardly makes any difference, it stands apart. Teach about truth makes no difference to the truth. In essence, it remains shining like the Sun in the clear sky.

Contrarily, a falsehood reiterated umpteenth times does not become truth. It remains bogus for all times. It has no legs to stand in any event. Drumming falsehood from the highest pedestal hardly makes it truthful. A baser-mettle when gold-plated from outside does not become gold. Its outer paste peters out anytime soon.

Crying wolf, when wolf is not in sight, can deceive some for sometimes but not all at all the times. Truth will dawn one day and that day would be disastrous for the person concerned.

Rallying behind a corrupt politician will influence the persons concerned also change their tags since corrupt persons will not shun their corrupt paths easily. Therefore, we should be very cautious in choosing our company.

We should never get attracted by outer glitter of anything, it could be deceptive. Also, the outer expressions of a person may be false, the taste of which you will get when you interact with such a person.

False-pride on anything or everything brings our downfall finally since it is the outcome of our ego which prevents us to accept reality or truth. Accept it or reject it, we shall have to bear the brunt of our false-pride. It is like a false-alarm well to remind us that something not honky-dory in this.


Follow it or not hardly matter
it shines bereft of any following.

You agree or disagree on its existence
It continues to remain as shining example.

Truth is eternal and flawless
Finding fault with it amounts to reckless thinking.

Accept it or not, no problem
It has to be accepted one day.

Suspect it on your own peril
Since it is beyond the realm of distrust.

Its genuineness cannot be disputed
it is as pure as 24 carat gold.

Appreciate truth or not hardly makes difference
Since it needs no approbation of anybody however powerful.

Truth is essence of everything around
It requires nobody’s support.

Showcase truth or not
It reveals its luster anyhow.

Accept reality or not
Makes little difference, truth has to be accepted anyhow.

Truth is the vital force as our Soul
Which binds us with our common Supreme Soul.

Births & deaths are two realities
For which there is no dispute whatsoever.

While we were born we brought nothing with us
And when we leave this earth we shall not take anything is undisputed truth.

Knowledge dispels ignorance is a truth
Some accept or dispute this makes hardly any difference.

Five elements, ego & gross senses govern our body
Is a natural truth nobody disputes.

Health is a wealth
Is proven fact, there is nothing to dispute it.

Falsehood remains falsehood
Accept it or not hardly makes any difference.



I am of the firm belief that a simple person has the capability of moving around unhindered with candor. The person concerned need not  worry about losing his/her self esteem because his definition of it all is very practical in nature. A simple person has nothing to lose if somebody rebukes him/her at a public place or while that person is immersed in His naam.

In his scheme of things, self esteem or self respect is lost only when a person tells lies, makes false promises and fails to fulfill, feels jealous, angry on small things, is sluggish, hunger for sex beyond his/her marriage, steals somebody’s possessions, possesses ego for intelligence, ego for material possession and ego for spiritualistic attainments, becomes judgemental, foot-dragging man, acts holier than thou and his demeanor remains toxic and makes compromises for earning name and fame.


  1. Ego does not touch a simple person. Ego based on intelligence, wealth and status can hardly touch a simple soul since that person knows that these things are transitory in nature.
  1. Knows the realities or nuisances of life. A simple soul knows the complexities of day to day activities. When somebody points a finger this soul does not feel let down but turns inwards in order to know whether something is lacking which prompted somebody to do so. If no response, then nothing to be done if some self flaws are there then thank the person and make peace with self.
  1. Reducing needs. A person of simple habits, knows how to survive under adverse circumstances. Simple habits means simple needs – not asking for the moon which is difficult to be have. These needs could be met with the resource one is able to have. If there is financial stringency, adjust accordingly. No demonstration effect at all. His life is according to the old adage: cut your coat according to the cloth. No matter what is the challenge tries to adapt hisself/herself as situation demands.

  2. Simple prayers. A simple person connects with our Creator with simple but sincere prayer. It is not through long winded mantras or prayers of which the person concerned does not know the meaning even! A simple AUM NAAM is sufficient to connect with the Creator. He / she is always of the opinion that our Allaha/Lord/Bhagwan/Waheguru could be connected at anytime or any place, need is the utmost sincerity. That person also is aware that He does not require our costly offerings. A simple person simply surrenders himself completely to Him. Is there anything more to offer than this?
  1. Knows his limitations & strengths. A simple soul knows his limitations and strength acts accordingly.
  1. Simple life. A simple person lives a most penny-wise, hardly overindulges in anything, desists from borrowing to the extent possible, cuts his requirements according to the resources he is having rather tries to meet others’ need, as and when required, from the resources he is having.
  1. Never forgets roots. A simple man is the one who never forgets his origin even though that person might have acquired some status due to his hard work and graces of our Creator.
  1. Simple expressions. He expresses his ideas in simple language which is easily understood and never showcases his intelligence when not required. This may be written or spoken words. He speaks in measured tone and expression.
  1. Quality of life. The measure of life, according to a simple person is based on the quality of life and not the number or quantity of years one lives. Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 Jan 1863 and died on 4 Jul 1902 but his thoughts are still relevant and respected by right thinking people. His philosophy in life were unique: to have complete faith in God, perseverance, patience and purity are most important in life, our thinking make difference(positive thinking leads us to success and negative thinking takes us to ignorance and hence failure) and weakness is the main cause of our miseries among others.
  1. Credence to creativity in life. A simple soul makes sincere effort to draw out his inner potentials and creates something which others emulate.
  2. Detachment from the fruits of action. A simple person endeavours sincerely but does not attatch too much attention to the fruits of his actions. He maintain equanimity both in success and failure.
  3. Time management. A simple person manages his time judiciously after making allowance for the time when some respite is also required.
  1. Self reliance is the goal. To the extent possible, he lives a life of economic prudence and hence is not burdened with debits.
  1. Be a part of solution but not a part of problem. He does not make matters complicated rather he wants to be a part of a solution of a pestering problem.
  1. Middle-of-the-road attitude. He always treads with caution lest any controversy is created hence adopts middle course for resolving any contentious issues.
  1. Raise the awareness. A simple person knows the laws governing the nitty gritty to know about raising awareness concerning self in that being karma yogi rather than living in make belief world, about environs in which a person lives including all the concerns like relationship with his fellow beings, living with an understanding about the main purpose of our existence and our duties to address the issues confronting humankind.
  2. Never roused into anger. A simple person is known for his simplicity and sincerity and lives a life which is God oriented. He is so much self composed that he cannot be aroused into anger by anybody at any situation whatsoever. Nothing can turn him to toxic behavior.
  3. Easier and simple to understand. He is approachable and could conveys his ideas in the most plausible manner which could make even a person with normal intelligence could follow and understand.
  4. Manages his recourses judiciously. Spends available resources, earned earnestly besides keeps something for rainy days. He never takes loan from others thereby put himself in unexpected burden for himself and the members of his family from where it is difficult to comd out.
  5. Pockets even insult for a cause or while  following truth – being truthful to the core. He believes in the saying; if you do not tell the truth then somebody else would be telling the truth for you.

 Respects the Laws of the Land and Natural Laws. Being gentle to the core, he works within the confines of laws of land and also natural laws besides respecting those norms of behavior which are dear to the society in general.

Some of the examples of great personalities who followed the norms of simplicity throughout their lives.

The former President, the recipient of highest civilian award Bharat Ratana, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is rightly said to be the father of nuclear programme of India, the missile man who loved children besides impeccable/unquestionable integrity, a scientist and a personage with a humane touch. He was the rightful example of following simple life

He was the epitome of simplicity and humility besides the following principles which he cherished:-

  • No love for worldly possessions. He came to Rashtriya Bhawan with two suit cases and mentioned that he will go back with these two after relinquishing the office of President. One suit case contained two days’ requirements and the other one some books.

  • Humble background, His father rented out some boats to local fishermen and while Kalam as a child distributed newspapers to support the family and also to meet the expenditure on his studies. humble in his behavior,

  • To simple and humble person the position does not make any difference.

  • He was a muslim but he interacted with all that is why many called him Kalam Iyer.

  • Accessible. While he was President of India, he opened his doors for the common people and that is why he was called ‘The People’s President’.

  • Simple lifestyle. Had simple eating habits, One of his classmates, the Former Associate Director of Defence Research and Development Laboratories (DRDL), noticed how from college days to the days when he was the President, there were barely any changes in his lifestyle.

  • Teaching gave him immense pleasure.
    Loved children the most.


Abraham Lincoln was born in a humble surroundings and poor family. His father was a farmer and a carpenter. Abraham Lincoln had to work hard and studied by the light of the fireplace. His got his first job as a clerk in a general store. He impressed everybody with his positive attitude, endearing nature, wit and intelligence. Then due to his persistence, acumen, oneness of purpose and above all accessibility rose to be the President of America.

  • Due to his untiring hard work, he is famously called the missile-man of India. This name has not been achieved easily. Much of persistence and hard work have gone into it.

  • A hardworking. Dr. Kalam once said in a speech that if one wants to shine like the sun, one has to burn like it as well, and indeed, we know of him as a sun that shone bright with all his might, making the entire nation proud of him.

A simple person not only leaves behind the knowledge base but also a legacy which could be emulated by others for refining their own lives by learning a lesson that determined efforts cannot go answered by our Creator.