Ganesha Chaturithi – The Birth Day Of Veghana-Harta (Obstacle-Averter) & Vegana-Karta (Obstacle-Creator For Evil Doers)

Ganesha Chaturithi – The Birth Day Of Veghana-Harta (Obstacle-Averter) & Vegana-Karta (Obstacle-Creator For Evil Doers)


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India is rightly said to be the land of festivals. It may be Janamashtmi, Ramnaumi, Shivaratri, Eid, Good Friday, Diwali, Dussehra, Prakash Diwas of Sikh Gurus, we celebrate these festivals with utmost fervor and total involvement; forgetting the worries we confront. All the communities, without any discrimination, participate in these festivals with utmost fervor and enthusiasm.


Before delving as to why we celebrate Ganesh Chatruti, it is essential that we should know the circumstances and how life was infused in a lifeless creation by Lordess Parvti.

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha, which falls between 19th  August to 20th September He is the most loved son of Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvati. The devotees’ firm belief is that on this day, he bestows his blessings on us with his presence and showers his bounties (shuvta) on us as he is the Lord of prosperity, unlimited wisdom, and a trouble shooter to the core.

The Ganesha’s birthday is celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar  month of Bhaadrapada starting with the Shukla Chaturthi – 4th day of the waxing moon period till 14th day of waxing of moon. There is a celebration of ten days for which exhaustive preparations are made before hand. This includes; procuring of lovely idol of Lord Ganesha, preparation of eatable, especially modaks for friends and relatives, some install Ganesha Idol on this day. This festival is celebrated in almost all the parts of India. Even in foreign countries like Canada, USA, UK etc where Indians are there, this festival is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm.

How the Birthday of Lord Ganesha came about?

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayak Chaturthi or Vinayaka ...

Legend has it that Lordess Parvati created Ganesha out of sandalwood paste which was applied on Her body before taking bath. She was impressed by her own creation which ignited her curiosity of breathing / infusing life into that creation. Low and behold, the creation of Maan Parvati came to life!

Subsequently, She told him to guard the entrance of the bathroom and ordered him not to allow anybody enter it while she took bath. All this transpired when Shiva had gone somewhere. When He returned back, Ganesha, standing guard, did not allow Him to enter. On asking who he was. Ganesha replied that he was Ganesha the son of Maan Parvati.

Lord Shiva sent His Ganas to teach the child first lesson in mannerism. As Ganesha was created by Shakti, he was very powerful besides being obedient to the core. Indira and his army of demigods too used their power to overpower Ganesha but in vain.

Now it was the turn of Narda with Saptarishis came for persuading the child for allowing Lord Shiva but it was also a futile exercise. All this infuriated Lord Shiva still further. Out of anger, He severed the head of Ganesha. When Maan Parvati came out after Her bath, she found the severed head from the body of her creation. This scene enraged her immensely. Observing her state, Lord Shiva promised to bring back to life their son. For this purpose, the demigods went in search of the person facing north. They could not find any humans. They could find only bring the elephant’s head which was fixed on the headless body. Ganesha came back to life instantly through the supernatural powers of Lord Shiva.

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Modhak (dumpling made out of grinded rice, mixed with sugar, jugglery, fruits etc) is the choicest eatable of Lord Ganesha.


Previously, only Hindus used to participate in the festivities but presently there is a community participation in this festival. There is enactment of concerts; discourses based on intellectual/spirituality related topics, skits, folk dances etc. Dahi Handi competition is another interesting and much awaited by the participants. Here prizes are also given. People of all castes, religions and colour participate in these festivities and this becomes a fertile ground for national integration and engenders understanding between different communities.      All these activities have twofold benefit. Firstly, it enhances unity in diversity and secondly it ensures completive fervor between people.


As Lord Ganesh is embodiment of good tidings, people start their new businesses on this auspicious day so as to have His blessings for the success.


 From the above, it is evident that this auspicious day of Ganesh Chatruthi is celebrated for ensuring cohesion / unity between all the communities, encourage non-discriminatory ideas/ideals besides getting opportunity to celebrate the auspicious occasion imbibing spiritual onward march and finally to get Lord Ganesh’s  bounties of unlimited intelligence and wisdom.

God Ganesha, Vinayaka, Ganapati







 Information about | Story of Lord Shri Shani Dev

Shinganapur is 70 Kms away from Shirdi. It is located on Highway No. 60 in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra. The scenery on both the sides of the road is really enchanting from Shirdi to Shingnapur. The pomegranate gardens, the rose gardens, and sugarcane fields enliven our body, mind and soul. Almost two hours journey from Shirdi is indeed refreshing.


This village covers an area of 160 hectors. In olden times, the population of the village was very less only 20-30 huts but this village has increased manifold. There used to be only 20-30 kacha houses but now pucca houses, besides school, hotels, banks, imposing bus stand are also there. But one thing I have personally seen is that residents do not lock their houses because there is no thievery. Really surprising! It was also mentioned by the people that up till now there is no police complaint. People of this village are both spiritual and helpful and to cap it all hospitable.




There is verifiable legend about the existence of Lord Shanidev. It is said that about 350 years back, there was a heavy rain. Pananala was flooded. Villagers saw a huge stone like thing, made up of iron and stone entangled with the berry tree. This had come in the floods. The villagers, out of curiosity, poked a stick at the stone. To their utter surprise, blood started oozing from the rock hard stone.


At night one of a village devotee had a dream. Shanidev told him to pick the idol from the place but it should be done only by those who are related as maternal uncle and nephew. People tried their level best to lift the idol of Shanidev but in vain. Finally, it was decided that it ought to be installed at the place where it was found after floods. A quadrangular terrace was made since it was observed that buried portion of the idol was more than the exposed one. No shelter was made because of Shanidev’s wishes.



  • He punishes for the sins without discrimination. For his rich or poor are same in this respect.
  • Vedic Mahamantra for Shanidev is given below:-

‘Om nilanjan samabhasam, Raviputram Yamagrajan.

Chhaya martand Sambhutum

Tamn namami shanishwaram.’

It emphasizes that those who suffer for a prolonged period of time should pray sincerely; keeping our body and mind pure.

  • On the new moon day, people come to Shanidham for prayers and get protection for the misfortunes. He protects all from the enemies.
  • Shanidev could be pleased when people pray Him with pious heart.
  • He is Justice Dispenser. He does not forgive the evil doers that is why people fear Him the most.
  • He loves black colour.
  • He protects those who are shunned by the society.
  • He is the Lord of knowledge and helps in facultgies like business related to iron, transportation etc.
  • Welfare of the general masses is His priority.
  • Nothing to be kept on the head while having his dharshan.
  • Shanidev is very kind hearted for troubled souls but purity is His important condition for his boon.


There were many true stories attached to Shanidev. There was an incident of taking away a pair of bullock. The thieves took them to more than 30 kms from the village. Having got tired, they wanted to take a nap. When they got up, they found themselves at Shinganapur itself. The villagers found them but forgave them as they confessed their fault.




  • It is a place where no theft, robbery happens. No complaints to the police till date.
  • Nobody ever have seen ghost etc in the area.
  • There is a peace and harmony amongst the people of different castes/religions.
  • No cheating at this place. Quick justice of anybody resorts to this.
  • No one behaves with distrust here.
  • People are cooperative, hospitable and kind.
  • Maan Lakshmi temple is located near Shasni dham.




While negotiating the ups and downs of our lives, we come across problems, these problems could be due to our own mistakes or partly destined. When we are unable to solve those problems, we have to believe on faith healing. If nothing works, our Creator’s healing touch works wonders.


  • Amongst the trinities; Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are assigned the duties of Creation, Operation/Evolution and Destruction respectively. Lord Shanidev is responsible for punishing for our sins in this life itself. He does not pardon for our faults. Not only the humans even the Gods cannot escape His wrath. He is one of the 9 sons of Lord Sun (Surya). He also gives us rewards for our good deeds. His blessings are sought after. He is black in colour and even the colour of his robe is black. The other son is Yama whose responsibility is to take the Souls to their proper place after death in accordance with their Karma.





Axiomatically, it can be said that our Creator’s acts are unpredictable. How this earth was created, how organism evolved into living being, which came first an egg or its sibling, the purpose behind our life, why difference between humans and animals is created, why humans are endowed with intelligence, and other mysterious things which are created? For these and other things we have different explanations but nobody has scientifically proven version.
It is also observed that births and deaths are controlled by Him only. Nobody can predict these; how, where and what exactly would be the time of our demise. Nature can bring about tsunami, earthquake, or other incidences whose predictions are just not possible.

Even the most invaluable gifts, without which our survival is not possible even for a moment, viz; water, air and sun light are provided for by Mother Nature free without any bias; humans, animals, plants, etc! Mother Nature granted us the gifts of seasons and bestows us the pleasure of enjoying the life with varieties of bounties like different crops, fruits, fragrance of different beautiful flowers, etc, in various seasons. Even plants are provided with sun light to covert energy for itself and for humans by the process of photosynthesis. All the organism are provided for adequately to live a life.

The universe and what it has, the galaxies, how these were created ? Void between sun, moon, earth, satellites, and other stars etc. Can we hazard a guess how these were created?

Even our body, which we nurture with every possible means at our disposal, cannot be fully understood. HOW COME, all the humans are having the same color of flesh blood, functions of our heart, lungs, lever, etc. Mind and senses its functions is really mysterious. Where we go after our death? Is it a mechanical living or do we take rebirths, do humans take births as humans or not? What is moksha? Is it possible really? Even we do not fathom how we fathom the dreams we dream while sleeping! How can we call ourselves knowing everything when we do not understand our own selves?

The above are my own perceptions, if knowledgeable ones could throw light it would be our pleasure enriching our knowledge.


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According to research, individuals within the United States report being the happiest in their forties?

According to research, individuals within the United States report being the happiest in their forties. Do you agree or disagree with this research and why?
1 day ago
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Harbans Lal

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The research findings may be right. But it has been observed that satisfaction level is individualistic. A person with
everything to meet its needs is still unsatisfied but a person who works hard and just earns for his day’s living may be more satisfied. Research works on some set of hypothesis. It does not go into the nitty gritty of the person to be examined in its totality.


Pl go through my blog
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The more you drink to forget, the more happy you are.
1 day ago
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My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me….

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My best friend’s boyfriend misbehaved with me….

I recently went to a party which a lot of my friends including my best friend and her boyfriend were.
They have been together for about a year and a half and really love each other and are a great couple, or so it seemed to me. I have become pretty good friends with her boyfriend and we have always gotten along like a house on fire, but in a completely platonic way.
Well at this party everyone was fairly drunk, my friend went to bed around 2 or 3am and I stayed up the whole night with the rest of the people who were awake. Eventually her boyfriend and I were the last ones still up as everyone else had crashed at like 5am.
We were just talking about random stuff as usual and looking at things on my phone when he started to become very flirtatious. I guess its weird but he is really friendly to me all the time and its not unusual to hug goodbye etc. so when we were sitting with his arm around me it wasn’t altogether weird to me at first. Then he started complimenting me a lot and I could tell he was hitting on me.
Ok this is where things come in to confusing territory for me.
He started being really touchy, like stroking my arm and touching my hand and stuff. Then he sort of put his hand just at the top of my top I was wearing and like really slowly and sneakily touched my boob like really gently (just the top nothing inside my bra).
I didn’t say anything and I let this go on for like a good 10 seconds and then I just gently guided his hand out of my top. His hand was only like just under my collar sort of thing not fully up my top. I didn’t say anything but I think he received the message because he didn’t try anything more.
Then I noticed he had a hard on in his jeans o_O which I guess just confirmed it was definitely sexual for him (if that wasn’t already obvious).
So after I had basically wordlessly removed his hand we sat there in silence still with his arm around my shoulder for a few minutes. Then he got up said goodnight and covered me in a blanket and went upstairs to where my friend was sleeping.
So thats what happened, basically not much physical really happened but there was a moment of attraction between us. I have always had a bit of a crush on this guy just in the way that I would like to meet someone like him. I would never in a million years EVER try and steal him away from my friend I value her friendship far more than any else.
Where do you think I stand morally, have I done the wrong thing by my friends? I honestly don’t know but I feel really guilty about this whole thing.
I don’t think I should tell her because I think it would destroy their relationship and I honestly think he is a good honest guy who just had a lapse of judgement as I did. They are happy together and I don’t want that ruined so I can feel better or less guilty or whatever.
Please give me your take on the situation, I’m desperate for some advice.
Thankyou 🙂
Harbans Lalby Harbans Lal

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From the acount you have penned down, it is clear that the guy was upto something which would have created a sligtly different situation vis-a-vis your friend. I can honestly say that you should avoid him in future. You have been morally correct in stopping him from going any further. I fully appreciate your predicament and the way you came out of the situation.
If the two are happy together then just leave it at that and forget the incident like a bad dream and live on hereafter happily like nothing has transpired.
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Asker’s Comment:
Thanks for your help. I think you are right I should just forget it ever happened and try to avoid being alone with him in the future. They seem happy together and I want it to stay that way for my friends’ sake.


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    Where is trust in relation?
  • Skootaby Skoota

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    You definitely did nothing wrong but i would have a serious talk with your friends boyfriend.
    Tell him it was not cool and if it happens again you will tell your friend.
    just remember alcohol lowers your inhibitions and lets

What is Self Discipline……….?

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What is Self Discipline……….?

Harbans Lal by Harbans Khajuria

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There are some important aspects which are of paramount important in self discipline. But before delving on that it is important that we understand the meaning of discipline. Whatever we do transact, undertake to do, we do those without diverting our attention from the coveted path, remain committed to the chosen path, putting all our faculties at our command to action. But that action oriented path should not involve anything which is unlawful or which may infringe the others’ rights.

Self discipline is one which could be done with a single mindedness, without selfish motive, with all the principles of fair play involved into action. One following these principles should be done selflessly and devotedly. Secondly, it is important that one who follows the path of self discipline, knows his innate self. He should understand that everything starts with self and end with self. Nothing is without self. If you think you are doing something, in which others interests are also involved, just think, if the same thing is done by others, what would you think? What is not liked by you, you should not do the same thing for others too.

In sef discipline, we do not distance our self from moral principles, ethics, rationality, punctuality, take into account time and space.

In fact, self disciplined person is ego less, God loving, loved by others as he is selfless, disciplined to the core, and self realized. This quality makes him adjust with any environs in which he is thrown into.


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tks all.

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What is the best way forward for Greece now?

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What is the best way forward for Greece now?

They are on their knees ahead of this election.
What can be done to help their economy out of this rut?
What would happen if they actually left the euro and reverted to the drachma?

                        by Harbans Lal

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27 April 2011

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Reverting to drachma at this juncture when the economic down slide is at the maximum. I suggest some of the following steps which the Govt should take for shoring up its economy:-

a) World as a whole should garner resources urgently under the aegis of UNO. Strict monitoring of the resources for utilization, thus made available, should be done.

b) Available resources in the country should be taped properly both man power and natural ones.

c) Frugal living by its citizens till economy is back to rails.

d) Exploitation of tourism. Greece is a historical country. It should exploit available historical places. This will bring forein resources.

  • 1 week ago
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Asker’s Comment:

Yes, particularly part d) which will be aided by reverting back to the drachma: better exchange rates to visit a country where sunshine is pretty certain during the summer months. And exploit the rest of the country too, rather than just Athens and the islands.